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I was hoping for Hillary so things would get worse fast, but pulling out of Syria and hopefully Afghanistan is based. Fuck Israel.

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>pulling out of Syria and hopefully Afghanistan is based. Fuck Israel
literally this, fpbp

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Orange man bad

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i think hes great 2bh, best modern president by far.

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Don't support his protectionism in the short run but if it works long-run I'm fine with it

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Best American president of all time

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>but pulling out of Syria and hopefully Afghanistan is based.
all of these war mongering neocons wanting to constantly fight wars for isreal can suck my cock. I hope the entire Bush family burns in hell for eternity.

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He's pretty fucking gay.
Not going to lie, chief

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Meh he's a brainlet but it could of been a lot worse.

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He is dare I say, our guy.

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>unironically using words like "chief"
>not being gay

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I like him sometimes he says some mean old world shit like calling women’s dogs which I think is abit silly for a fucking president, seems he dosnt have that much awareness but then again he is old as fuck . But I do like him

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I got him elected

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Whatever you say, chief

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>calls out the Lugenpresse
>names the (((Fed)))
>doesn't want immigrants from shitholes
yes, he is /ourguy/

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bait or redditor?

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he is going to get the chair for treason
hes been a criminal all his life
hes a narcisist, evil, moronic
hes a human trafficer and child rapist. he raped his wife
hes old ugly and fat
he was given hundreds of millions of dollars and a presidency for free and he managed to fuck it up
id kill him if i could

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Yep. Forced the media to show their hand to loads of normies, ending wars, tripled my portfolio. Needs to go hard on immigration from here on.

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I don't support his politics or his office, but I support the man and the memes he generates.

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lol - you know how I can tell you have no money to your name?

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>i think hes great 2bh, best modern president by far.

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i still don't get how you can gain insights into peoples lives by their posts

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He's the least gay president since "long cock" Johnson.

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He's pretty fucking gay.
If he's liked by most people here, he's an honorary faggot by proxy

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>imagine being this delusional

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>Imagine being this angry at a guy who has done relatively nothing except write mean tweets.

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My thoughts exactly, fools believing in fake promises.

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Not as bad as people make him out to be. He's done some good things that should be applauded, although the media would never admit to it. He's also obviously an actor set in place to discredit the republican party. Also if you don't know how to profit off the Trump economy you're not gonna make it.

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literally a senile boomer conman. the average amerimutt is much dumber though so he is the perfect representation of them

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no he is a retard seriously not that any other candidates were much better it's just trump is a honest to god imbecile.

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Checked and red pilled. All of these expensive wars could have paid off everyone's mortgage. Trump sees through the status quo bullshit of the "foreign policy" experts.

Tbh, I think he should travel the world and shake hands for the next two years. Not a gay "apology tour" but fucking hearing our allies out and trying to ease pain points. Then the country will see how worthless these lifetime politicians are in the senate when they try to run things like they were originally designed to do. The president isn't supposed to be an emporor in the US. But lately he's been the only one making a bit of sense

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>id kill him if i could

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i like memes
i like orange
i like fucking porn starlets
Trump's allright

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The reports coming out about his talks between Mattis are surreal. When Trump hears his reasoning for war, he shakes his head in disbelief. And Mattis is dismayed because all the other presidents just went along. Mattis was all high and mighty when Trump called him on his bullshit

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I thought his tax cuts were good for rich people?

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what the fuck are you talking about?
trump does what is best for putin we knew this from day 0.

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You bet


I was wary given how hard reddit shilled for Mattis and sure enough he turned out to be more of the same. Sad.

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He literally campaigned on getting out of interventionist policies. People literally appreciated this sentiment before they voted, no matter how much the media spins ending unwinnable wars as a win for Putin

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I was wary given how hard reddit shilled for Mattis and sure enough he turned out to be more of the same. Sad.

>Trump sees through the status quo bullshit of the "foreign policy" experts

You bet

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Any friend of Israel is a friend of mine. Americans finally made the right choice.

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>ending unwinnable wars
no you can't end this war there is no ending this war because this war is the only thing keeping the ex-kgb regime in power in russia. it's their life line. the cold war is back and here to stay. not to mention some of the long term commie block subversive plans that are rearmed. obviously the western civilization won't just implode or collapse and obviously the west will never render a clear cut military victory over russia. so we are in an undeclared state of war and this will not change ever. if trump throws in the towel like a pussy in the name of the us that just leaves his nato allies out hanging. great for russia crap for everyone else.

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Orange fan mad

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He's unironically funnier than almost any modern comedian, I go to his twitter anytime I'm feeling down.

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Fucking hell LMAO

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I frankly don't care, whoever makes the market move the most.. up or down doesn't matter.

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I am legitimately upset that he isn't fucking the market hard enough. The only way that western youth can survive is if he manages to pop the asset bubble.

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Yes. I just wish we get a leader like him here.

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hes equating a family house to AN ENTIRE COUNTRY BORDER
is he this delusional? this is not how a president should act

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>a country is not a larger house inhabiting a large family
gas yourself kike

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now repeat after me
>we have always been at war with Eurasia

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so not only are you a racist but also an antisemite
go back to pol

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half of your family are niggers and spics and the rest are jews and mutts lmao

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>>a country is not a larger house inhabiting a large family
But it isn't. My family wouldn't let me die on the street. America does. Learn to be an individualist or just kill yourself.

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i thought it was oceania man... this shit is confusing.

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I wouldn't consider most people here my family desu.
That's exactly why I'd put a fence around my house.

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I wouldn't consider most people here my family, honestly.
That's exactly why I'd put a fence around my house.

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I love the fact that he propped up the economy for 2 years now, and if he doesn't get re-elected, which is a real possibility, it could crash the market so hard, especially if he lose to some socialist retard

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Presidents don't lose midterms. He could probably crash the economy and still win.

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>grabs women by the literal pussy
>fucks hookers then mocks them on twitter
>Incites supporters to beat up protestors at his rally
Do I support him? Do I even need to answer, anon, of course I fucking love the absolute madman

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Love the way Leftards REEEEEEEEE about colonialism & imperialism, then when the Right & even just a moderate one like Trump says "yep, no more endless war & World policeman" they REEEEEEEEE about that. Know a few leftards that clicked on that in the last couple if weeks, they're just redpilling themselves now.

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>t. Low tier glownigger psyop garbage

Just stop already. You can't spin this far enough to look good. Leftards said they wanted to end "The evil White Imperialism oppressing the PoC", so we're gonna make sure they understand that is what Trump just did. All you can do is meme them with "Nah, we need to bomb those brown people so we can maintain our wealth & stop Putin". You don't see any way that this is gonna backfire, after all the shit about helping non-Whites, the US stopping wars in the ME and ending colonialism the SJWs & MSM have been memeing? Even the most retarded normie is gonna notice that contradiction.

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Absolutely based, a true Chad with a trolls heart and the bant abilities of an exemplary shit poster. Easily the greatest figure of our time.

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>hes old ugly and fat

When these starts to be your arguments because you have nothing better, its kinda time to revise your thoughts.

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Trump is doing to America what the west should have done to America 30 years ago.

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He was on the opposing side of the rulling elite in the states. I cant say much about his politics, but the fact that he isnt one of them, kinda makes me like him. He might prove to be worse or better. But at the moment, the fact that he isnt one of them is kinda good to know.

And remember, alternative was a Clinton.

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>Just stop already.
make me nigger
>All you can do is meme them with "Nah, we need to bomb those brown people so we can maintain our wealth & stop Putin"
it's not what i said nigger

i said the cold war is not gonna end not in our lifetime and syria and irak and afghanistan was never about those countries. it's russia vs the west but the funny thing is it's about to get 4 sided, because china looks like coming to it's own power and us breaking up with the rest of the nato actually splits factions. so it all just got a hell of a lot more messy. and it suits the russians just fine as they could never in a thousand years won the war on economic terms. their shit crap corrupt state capitalist oligarchy is incapable of producing the gdp of a decent european countries with the size of a continent and the resources that come with it.

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The Democrats are going to run Joe Biden, honestly if Biden wins basically nothing will change except the US will become more globalist again.

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yes dumbass, a guy born a billionaire in Jew York is just like the average joe that is against the elites

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>The Democrats are going to run Joe Biden
> biden
> wining


that pedo would lose everything if he ever run

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yes I am sure people would never vote for a creepy old man

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Why are you on 4Chan faggot... he’s OUR guy

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Brainlet here asking a semi political question. If the feds were to reduce interest rates to zero tomorrow and if Trump ended the trade tariffs as well, what would happen to the market? Would it rocket into the stratosphere? It seems like he is the reason it’s been so high until now.

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It would boom because speculators love cheap money.

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literal kike go back to /pol/, we shill coins here not democrats.

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He's a slightly higher-IQ man than his peers, which includes former presidents. He's a caveman who's realized that smashing with the club, while effective, isn't quite as devastating as using words and distraction.

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Like him more than dislike. Trump is still too gynocentric in my opinion.

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He's part of the ruling elite though.
Not all of them agree with each other.

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Ok folks here it is: hitler is living in the blockchain, slowly gaining strength (similar to voldemort). nazis created bitcoin during WW2. hitler uploaded his mind and is currently living inside (people think he committed suicide). craig s reich realized this and is in the process of "forking"/Machtergreifunging the chain so hitler can be freed. once released, hitler can literally invade every countries computer and germany will rule the world. every node contains a piece of hitler. miners are literally hashing pieces of his body back together.

the National Bank of Germany (NBG) already knows this and is making preparations for the war will be fought on computers and over the blockchain, not on the ground. this is the "hash war". craig reich has been hand chosen as the Nazi minister/chancellor in human form. currently the jews/Rothschilds are controlling bitcoin so it is difficult for his mind to be freed.

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/biz supports him in a sense that we hope he collapse the economy, so we may benefit from our trades.

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He is not the right wing monster the media portraits him to be.
He uses a lot of government involvement in private businesses, which goes against my viewpoint.
Also the bump stock ban and stuff like that - not cool.

Other than that, he is very cool guy.

>> No.12291277

I do. For the lulz at least.

>> No.12291291

I voted for him. Don't regret it.

>> No.12291292

This is literally the greatest stock market ever if you aren't a pussy. Made six figures this year, by watching Twitter and graphs, fuck RSI btw its useless.

I just began hardcore scamming on AMZN options last few months to make most of my money. It gets pressured by literally everything, tariffs, China, US economy, Trump tweeting some reckless shit, the QQQ. Then whenever the market goes up big AMZN will go up 80 points usually. In a call option 80 is seriously a 300% run. Opposite holds true.

So while I DO lose money when I win its doubles and triples.

Obamas economy was better probably but all you had to do was hold long term call options p much and premium was higher and IV sucked.

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con man coasting on inertia

>> No.12291317

>con man coasting on inertia
That's what makes him so uniquely American though.

>> No.12291331

Fuck no. He's just a puppet too and 4chan fell for him. Literally how the fuck did 4chan fall for it I have no idea.

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File: 20 KB, 194x255, 0176b52ba54088d88577e2d1070463f4cad4eb90a50aa7b443b743036f1a91d6 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're almost all on con-men, if we're being serious.

>> No.12291339

He’s on my 49% Approval rating so I still don’t like him as a person but love what he’s currently doing.
Obama was too chicken shit to pull outta Afghanistan and Syria as well as talking to Kim Jong Un and trying to negotiate with the Saudi Arabian King. If anything he’s making Europe look like a third world shit hole then the United States.
Mostly economically.

>> No.12291367

>knowing hes on a road to destruction and wanting a crisis fast rather than dragging it for more years, making the inevitable fall much bigger and harder
based and tedpilled

>> No.12291379

Thanks, Vlad.

>> No.12291390

He’s an asshole, and exactly what America deserves. Not a war criminal yet, just a property criminal. Not the worst not the best.

>> No.12291524

it still sounds funny to say but unironically this

>> No.12291586

> Report spam
> This belongs on /pol/

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I support Donald Trump

>> No.12291611

I love him. He comes across as an actual human rather than some empty figurehead that does whatever the higher ups in the RNC/DNC tell him, like our most of our past presidents.

>> No.12291649

This. He explains his positions in a way even an idiot could understand. And that appealed to me, for whatever reason

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>you will never, ever trace out the development of consciousness throughout its various shapes and stages in history and see how it culminated into the visage of the world spirit that is Donald Trump

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Someday anon. Someday.

>> No.12291695

That's not what I meant. I mean you can follow him and actually see thoughts develop. With past Presidents, their opinions were made for them long-before they hit the podium.

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File: 389 KB, 439x439, 99F13EA3-0DC2-458C-99D0-5C3B21D269F1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

President Trump is unironicaly doing great work.

If /biz/ only knew what it is he is dismantling.

>> No.12291715

because he doesn't have any ideology or a plan. He flip flops every minute and decides things on the spot

>> No.12291907

I like that. He's willing to do whatever he thinks is best for the country, instead of what conforms to a certain ideology.

>> No.12292043

I love trump so much. He brings nothing but optimism and hope. All we need is for him to build that BBW (Big Beautiful Wall)

>> No.12292066

I supported him in the past because all the news outlets were against him, and read on the pizzagate shit, and thought how he was more better at free trade and would keep crude prices up.

Mother fuck, this guy's trade war made me lose money in the market, I don't support him. And no further evidence of pizzagate shit came out ethier, so I think I might have been blind.

>> No.12292091

he's a child with no clue what protocol or governance is. having said that, I love that he opposes the entrenched powers and is shaking things up in burger politics. he's a complete brainlet and will probably be the spark that causes the world economy to explode but it has to happen anyway so a new economic order can arise so I guess he's not that bad in that respect.

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>tfw trump completes the system of german idealism

>> No.12292806

The man's a fucking moron. Get rid him for the good of the planet.

>> No.12292923

>go back to pol

You are at pol, Scholomo.

>> No.12292930


>What are foodstamps

You must be some special kind of nigger.

>> No.12292943

No. I'm a libertarian and he is a savage and a moron.

Even when he almost does something decent, like pulling out of Syria, he never finishes it. He is also a protectionist, which is retarded from literally every logical perspective.

>> No.12292966

Protectionism is logical when the countries you trade with are not honest players. If you are dependent on another country for something they can use this against you.
Free markets are a good idea inside a country and between countries that you can trust.

>> No.12292975

>He is also a protectionist, which is retarded from literally every logical perspective.

Then why is it ok that the rest of the world have high tolls on USA exports? Much higher than USA has in return?

>> No.12292979

>He is also a protectionist, which is retarded from literally every logical perspective.
>current year+1
>being a lolberg
No wonder you're on this site, you fucking retard.

>> No.12292995

well to be fair he made like 7 other arguments before that one

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>other countries are dumb and harm their economy with tariffs so we should do it too

>> No.12293006

the wall is retarded but this is called a joke breh

>> No.12293016

The wall must be built.

>> No.12293019

Lol it's never going to happen

>> No.12293026

I think the philosophical implications of crypto are amazing, but I am a nocoiner because I always viewed it as a bubble and an investment too unknown and volatile for my tastes.

>> No.12293039

why do trumpers still call it a wall when even trump confirmed its a fence?

>> No.12293041


>Other countries are profiting of your arse so you should just spread it up more and definitely not try to change things

Nice picture of yourself there!

>> No.12293043

It sounds good. No other deep philosophical meaning or anything.

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>other countries are profiting by putting taxes on themselves

>> No.12293095


>Other countries are profiting by putting taxes on your country while you pay it dutifully.

Nice picture of yourself there

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>he doesn't even know how tariffs work
>he doesn't even know that import tariffs are paid by the importers not exporters

>> No.12293139

If he had an asian wife instead of a mountain jew perhaps. But i hope he makes a good china deal. Why did he really arrest that huawei cfo. Is he getting yellow fever?

>> No.12293142

>he doesn't even know how tariffs work

If they can't compete after tariffs then it's cheaper to just make it yourself and export it without tariffs back to the retards.

It's always profitable to keep the money flowing in your own economy. The moment it leaves due to imports you lose. Thats why you want to export (to retards wwho don't have tariffs) and not import (high tariffs to make it cheaper to produce it yourself).

Nice image of yourself! Looks exactly like you!

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