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What are some telltale traits of someone that has money but doesn't flash it?

>wears high quality fitted clothes, but never anything brand name or designer
>fit, in good shape
>never in a hurry
>drives a top trim non-luxury car (Accord Touring, Camry XSE, Mazda6 Signature, etc)
>doesn't talk about money, finances readily
>generally friendly and happy

What else?

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He owns LINK

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He shaves his dick balls and ass

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Good thread.
>owns property other than his main residence
>has hobbies, some of which may or may not be or appear to be costly
>somewhat neat and tidy

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or you know, isnt pretentious and wears a hoodie and doesnt care about your "idea" of a rich guy

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>drives a top trim non-luxury car (Accord Touring, Camry XSE, Mazda6 Signature, etc)

I grew up with parents who I didn't find out had over 4m in assets until they both passed. Dad drove his 90s buick roadmaster unto the ground and took the train to work when he could, wouldn't buy gas and took the bus instead if he felt prices were too high and "the oil companies are trying to jew me".

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I still have broke nigga habits

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Fuck's the point of having all that money if you're scrimping like a poorfag anyway?

Flex it all

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>if he felt prices were too high and "the oil companies are trying to jew me".
based dad

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How do I become this person? I have 25,000 LINK, is that enough?

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>wears a Casio
>pays with cash
>makes conversation with strangers without giving a fuck

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>Accord Touring, Camry XSE
I can't stand full leather seats...is a Honda Accord Sport and Camry SE considered top tier as well?

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>wears high quality fitted clothes, but never anything brand name or designer
>fit, in good shape
>never in a hurry
>drives a top trim non-luxury car (Accord Touring, Camry XSE, Mazda6 Signature, etc)
>doesn't talk about money, finances readily
>generally friendly and happy

>scrimping like a poorfag

oh kay

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When they buy orange juice, it's actually orange juice.

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Not gonna make it, Trayquan


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based and redpilled

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I grew up in a upper class neighborhood, most of the houses were a $million+ and this was in the 90's. Very few people drove super rich people cars, there were a lot of Lexus and BMW suvs, but I would say over half the cars were completely normal non luxury. Very few of them were fat, but it wasn't because they were eating all organic free range crap, I went over to a kids house who's dad was a CEO of a middle sized business and they would always order pizza for Friday nights. People would travel semi frequently, maybe 3 trips a year out of country. Most house I visited weren't all the up to date in terms of interior design, though they were well done, probably too much of a hassle to bother updating constantly. I did notice they all spent a lot of money on landscaping though for some reason, I suppose it's a lot more visible to your neighbors. Everyone was always pretty religious about visiting the doctor and dentist every 6 months, hair cuts once a week, that sort of thing. Really it's kinda hard to tell unless they are dressed up, I know the owner of a bank who drives a highlander and wears a tweed vest every day.

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>hair cuts once a week
What the hell?

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I knew a guy who had almost a billion dollars. He dressed sloppily, was overweight, always had disheveled hair, and had no grace or manners. But he was super nice, ridiculously high energy (I would say manic even), very high IQ, and kind of a goofball. The only way you'd know he was rich was if you went to his mansion or flew in his private jet.
As for me, I've got $400k in my portfolio which I know isn't rich but is far above most people my age (early 30s). I drive an econobox and wear hand-me-downs, never eat out, repair my own vehicles and appliances, and generally am cheap as hell. I hide my 'wealth' in every way possible because 1) I don't like gold diggers, and 2) I enjoy the simple life (doing things myself instead of paying for them to be done).

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Yeah that sounds about right, a lot of wealthy people prioritize health and experiences more than ostentatious displays of wealth

>I've got $400k in my portfolio which I know isn't rich but is far above most people my age (early 30s).
Good for you. These cucks need to realize it's not about deprivation and penny pinching like a jew, it's about learning to happier with less and living a simple less stressful life.

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Amen, brother.

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Teach me your ways
Im a broke college boi

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>living a simple less stressful life
this is my religion

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>fit, in good shape
>never in a hurry
>doesn't talk about money, finances readily
>generally friendly and happy
You don't need to be rich for this. Hell, you don't even need to be middle class.

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I know a millionaire, although it's mostly due to his own rich family hiring him.

He's a fat balding slob with zero social skills, acts very spoiled, and is very neurotic. He drives a beater car and dresses like a slob and even lives in a shitty old house from the 70s.

He spends his money on the dumbest shit imaginable and has zero concept of a budget.

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>major in something that will pay decently
>live as cheap as possible in your 20s (at home if its an option)
>funnel 75%+ of your income into index ETFs or buying single family homes to rent out
>let compound interest/rental income take care of the rest
Most people spend their money on liabilities, I by assets. I happened to be fortunate enough to really get into investing right after the 2008 crash, so my gains have been stellar. Here's a good read for you:
I'd also recommend JL Collins' 'stock series,' "Early Retirement Extreme," "Your Money or Your Life," and "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Also "Building Wealth One House At A Time" if you're into real estate.

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>drives a top trim non-luxury car (Accord Touring, Camry XSE, Mazda6 Signature, etc)
What's your definition of "has money" here, $50K?

You can drive something better than a fucking Camry without looking rich.

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ABSOLUTELY based and FIpilled.

Can't wait to FIRE and live a carefree boomer life in my mid-late 30s.

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One of my coworkers at a warehouse does this, some people just like being well groomed.

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If you say a base model 3 series or a poverty spec Merc, LMAO @ your life

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>not cutting your hair weekly

Never gonna make it

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You can get alot of free toilet paper if you use a book bag to load up on them in public bathrooms.

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>Fuck's the point of having all that money if you're scrimping like a poorfag anyway?
The jews really did a number on you didn't they?

The point of having money is to be comfortable and do what you want. If you were to all of a sudden get in a major accident and can't go to work, guess what.. you have money to pay the bills. If you want to retire early and take long vacations.. guess what.. you can. If you think the only thing to do with money is buy materialistic items or to make yourself look better you must have been a big time fucking loser in your childhood

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FUGGIN THREAD BITCHES...BIZ AND LINK A GREAT PARTNERSHIP 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I always look at a persons shoes. nice shoes = wealthy or just cares about style.
Contractors and construction is the only thing that throws it off some of those guys are loaded

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>not shaving daily

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This. Fabric for life.

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>hair cuts once a week

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This desu

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Nobody's hair grows that fast, this is just a waste of money. One haircut every two weeks sounds better.

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My boss does on every two weeks, yeah

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I would easily do it every two weeks if I could afford too. It's one of the first things people see about you and having unkempt hair makes you appear poor.

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Nice shoes means they spent money. It doesn't mean they have it.

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Some of the wealthiest people I know are absolute slobs.
You see them on the street and they literally look like bums cause they got so much money they don't give a fuck.

Those who appear to have money do not have near the amount it seems. Maybe 50k

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As I have gotten wealthier, I noticed I started caring less about people's opinions about me. Why do I give a shot if people think I should have x or dress nice? I have the freedom to not give a fuck and that can't be beat.

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i litteraly dress like a hobo (adidas sweats and a tank top and adiletten most of the time) i wear no jewlery what so ever. dont have a car and my smartphone is 5 years old i think.

if youd see me on the street you wouldnt think my bankbalance is what it is a prommise you. i do that soley for the reason that i dont want people to be nice to me because i have money. if people are dicks to you because you look like shit - they are not worth anything. i saved alot of money and bad business relations this way

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You're a type of guy that I aspire to be in about ten years. Not actually having money, but having the strength to beat the curse of it by flashing your money everywhere. Even now I try my best to hide the wealth I have because when people start knowing you have it their very perception of you changes and they may bug you for favors down the road. Probably my only weakness right now is that I give out too much money, I participate in charities, if I see a beggar I give him some change etc... but I am afraid of what may happen and how I'll change if I do get significant wealth one day.

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>major in something that will pay decently
>tfw was a party animal and had to drop school because of bad grades. twice.
>live as cheap as possible in your 20s (at home if its an option)
>tfw kicked out of home by schizo mother and cuck dad who refuses to tell her to fuck off and waits on her hand and foot
>funnel 75%+ of your income into index ETFs or buying single family homes to rent out
>tfw income used to pay basic rent and utilities until I was 28
Must be nice having a good starting point.

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>does the needful

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This was like my life in the 90s without the big houses and bmws, and we were not rich at all. Everything sucks now.

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>if people are dicks to you because you look like shit - they are not worth anything. i saved alot of money and bad business relations this way
I was about to say that sounds retarded, but now that I think about, I know several bummy-looking dudes and they're all some of the most capable, no bullshit kind of people you could ever meet.

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I once did some flooring work for a small store owner. A poorly dressed, unshaven man suddenly walked into the store to basement. I asked the store owner about it. He remarked that the man was the son of the landlady who own the whole building, and the man was just visiting the closed-off room in basement to look at his collection of antiques.

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go to bed tyrone

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Screencap your own post and read it again after you make it.

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>Contractors and construction is the only thing that throws it off some of those guys are loaded

I used to have a friend who thought of me like that. I was poor but he took advantage of me whenever he could under his delusional idea that my family was loaded but was being extremely stingy with money. Once he figured out I was actually poor, he gradually distanced himself from me.

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Thank you so much anon

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This. Don't be a retard people, being all "bling bling nigga" is how they keep you under control. There's a reason old money sneers at new money - dumbasses often blow it. Doesn't mean you can't have some nice things, but consolidation of your wealth & making it get to the point where becoming poor again is basically impossible is the name of the game.

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literally me

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Cry about it faggot

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Someone here reading Mr Money Moustache?
My nigger

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A lot of the uber rich dress pretty poorly as well. But wearing a suit is standard practice in most circles to look professional and sophisticated so I recommend a well fitted suit.

PS - https://youtu.be/FeNYjYA2lVg

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>having hair

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keep feeling sorry for yourself faggot.

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Flaunting wealth is usually a sign you don't have it, but treat yourself once in awhile... Odds are you worked your ass off for it.

>> No.12289590

Who's feeling sorry? Just pointing out that it's easy to make it when you already start with a good foundation.

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Fuck off Brule you nigger.

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>strangely doesn't complain about his lack of job and/or shitty major

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>drives a top trim non-luxury car (Accord Touring, Camry XSE, Mazda6 Signature, etc)

I allways wanted a Jaguar XJ or XF ever since I saw one in an old movie. But lately I just want comfort and want a Tesla. I accualy dont want Lambo or Bugatti even tho I allways say Im gonna get me a Bugatti. I never liked direct attention. I like attention where people just know what I am without me needing to flash it.

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lolololol "trying to jew me" based

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what city is this?

>> No.12290034

they probably just wanna walk around saying they just got a haircut
idk why the fuck else

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>clothes fit well, not necessarily a luxury brand
>never in a hurry
>car is reliable, not necessarily a luxury brand
>hates talking about personal finances, avoids the conversation at any cost.
>is afraid of telling others where they live.
>the question "What do you do?" is offensive.
>well groomed
>doesn't plan ahead as schedule is open and and travel logistics can be solved with money.
>owns tailored suits, wears on special occasions.

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i'll share one

>you don't need to increase your income to be rich, just increase what you save

easy. Even literal 5 year olds can do this.

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Define rich

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having enough wealth that you can buy 15 thai brappers and have enough to purchase a mansion to house them all.

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thats darling harbour in sydney. over her shoulder you can see the macquarie bank offices and the edge of barangaroo. she's standing on the pyrmont bridge

t. my office used to be in the background of the video lmao

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having multiple streams of income and assets that grow in value over time.

>> No.12290268

Look at their social media carefully.

>> No.12290292

Wears Jordan brand tank top dripping sweat all over the fucking stair master.

>> No.12290310

>caring about appearances going about everyday tasks
this is why you will never make it

>> No.12290550

if you are able to live off of your assets alone while doing no work you are rich

literally the only defining characteristic between the rich and upper middle class

>> No.12290554

what a fucking leech lmao

im actively trying to make sure no one around me is like this. any tell-tale signs he was a leech before he figured out you were really poor?

>> No.12290684

Yeah fuck that noise

If someone doesn't wanna be friends with me while I'm poor they sure as hell ain't buddying it up with me when I make it

>> No.12290732


never underestimate the power of compound interest, that's the only way you can truly get rich

>> No.12290781

it does grow that fast and there's nothing like a fresh cut

honestly, just shaving your hairline after a week and then getting a haircut the 2nd week is fine on a budget

but if you got it like that, every week is even better

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Rased and bedpilled

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Fuck Jannies!

>> No.12291049

Agree with all except the car.

It's really not that much more expensive to have a nice audi/bmw/vw and the extra comfort is worth it.

>> No.12291142

I've never let a friend go hungry on my watch, have let a couple close friends stay in my parents house when they went homeless, give to homeless beggars every other day, and go out of my way tor help my friends if they need anything. Even when I make it big, I'll never stop giving as I didn't make it this far on my own and /biz/ has given me ample knowledge in the short time I've been on this board so I feel obligated to pay it forward.

>> No.12291172

>He dressed sloppily, was overweight, always had disheveled hair, and had no grace or manners. But he was super nice, ridiculously high energy (I would say manic even), very high IQ, and kind of a goofball.
This will be me. Except jacked.
I always lol at people who work normie jobs and try to create the illusion of wealth by financing nice cars. I'm gonna drive my shit car until it dies.

>> No.12291182

Buying nice shit will never make you happy. What will is having unlimited time to do what you love. You know, hobbies. You have hobbies, right?

>> No.12291209

This is such a dumb statement.

Even hobbies require money.

>> No.12291215

The vast majority of hobbies are very inexpensive compared to nice houses, cars, watches, clothes, etc.

>> No.12291485

It is vastly more expensive over the life of the car. Maintenance is the real ceiling on luxury car ownership, not up front cost.

>> No.12291570

Yea you can meet some really wealthy contractors and never know it because their business suit is just cargo shorts and a tshirt.

>> No.12291806

If you hadn't neglected your schooling you still could have made it fairly easily. I don't know why you're trying to pull the "You don't know how good you guys have it" card. It doesn't work when you yourself screw up your life the most.

>> No.12291953

>any tell-tale signs he was a leech before he figured out you were really poor?

He had asked me to help him out on many things and I always helped him, but he was often reluctant to help me when I asked him for help. He had this self-entitled attitude and a cynical world view and felt that the world was against him. He even complained about his own family even though his family always gave him what he always wanted. There was some instances of him helping other people that gave me the benefit of doubt of his character, but I realized later he was just going through the motions.

>> No.12291967

you can usually see it in how someonr acts. most people with money like to be liked, but they all have a pretty robust need to do what they want, freedom of choice.

the guys i know with money, without exception, are eccentric, including myself.

in terms of eccentricity i mean deviance from normal. this is where rich, especially self made rich, has their advantage; they are not normal.

almost all self made ruch are on some sort of mental spectrum.

that said nice watch, nice shoes, has insights about different places in the world and usually know a lot about more expensive hobbies; skiing, sailing, fast cars etc.

old mo ey is easy to spot as they are all part of the wealth system, education, expensive holidays etc.

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File: 1.89 MB, 4032x1960, 20181224_161939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right but you still sound like a roastie.
>if you can't handle me at my worst...
Still, sadly, never going to make it.

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op's thread btfo

>> No.12292746

There are none, and just because you decide to wear a well fitting Gap shirt and drive a 10 year old Accord Touring doesn't mean you're a future millionaire.

>> No.12293346

going in the cinema once a week
eating out a few times a month
going to the latest concert of a "celebrity"
buying new shit every 2 month because it is now trendy

are not hobbies
There are expensive hobbies but most are pretty cheap.

and good to see more and more good old classic /biz/ threads popping up.

>> No.12293353

These are all wrong. How could you possibly be this autistic?

>> No.12293378

That guy is a yuppie queer
>me and my wife made $500k per year in silicon valley then retired, now we bike to the stores and our only splurge is this $1000 onions latte maker, we are so fabulous with money

>> No.12293381

This. I'm not going to waste decades of my life accumulating wealth just so I can live the same way I did as a 20-year old.

>> No.12293390

Why not go for a volvo it’s better quality and safer. Those rice boxes are made out of plastic and not even comfy.

>> No.12293412

Reading a physical newspaper seems to be a trait I see with all wealthy boomers.

>> No.12293431

That's literally reading yesterday's news.

>> No.12293455

It's exercise of habit. They have ironclad habits

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i know 2 people who are 'wealthy' with significant income. One has 7 motorbikes he takes race tracks all summer long (nothing else in his life is an obvious expensive habit) and the other lives very modestly and owns multiple rental properties fully paid off no mortgage.

you wouldn't know it if you ran into them walking down the street.

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The whole point of the Camry is that you take it to the shop at regular service intervals and it runs flawlessly for a decade or a quarter million miles, whichever comes first. This frees you up to worry about other things so you can grow your nut.

>> No.12293753

>going in the cinema once a week

wtf are there even enough movies to watch for that?
I haven't been to the cinema in years because there's nothing coming out that I want to watch, so sick of all the capeshit.

>> No.12293775

There are people out there celebrating cinema tuesday every week.

There are only 2-3 movies per year worth going to the cinema but try having a discussion with them how stupid and a waste of time todays movies are.

>> No.12293803

Only poor people pretending to be rich worry about or partake in the clothes/car/over the top houses bullshit.

Real UHNWI do not.

>> No.12293897

In elementary school I saw a sign in the cafeteria: cookies 10 cents a piece or three for a quarter. It blew my young mind that I could get more cookies just by buying more at once. Problem was that I only had enough money for one cookie each day.

The cookies were very good. I managed to save my money being very patient enough to save up 50 cents. Took me a week.

The following week I got 6 cookies, basically bought five and got one free! I started eating my cookies, then some nigger wanted a cookie. I was about to and then I thought that it took me a week of no cookies to do this. Amazing how fast it goes from begging and being nice to violent insults when they don't get their cookie.

Anyway this is an example of saving wealth for purpose. I later learned it was more fun to save money to make more money!

>> No.12294208

My brother-in-law makes about a million a year in his late 30s. He wears jeans and a T-shirt as often as he can. They are $200 jeans and $50 shirts, and he has a collection of $1,000 Jordans he wears to match his shirts. It's expensive clothes, but jeans and a T-shirt. He drives an Audi A6. His house is $1.5 million. His wife drives the big Lexus SUV. He's laid back as fuck and never in a bad mood. I let him pay when we play golf. He never makes me feel jealous. Acts like he got lucky with his job. He plays golf about four times a week and takes lessons on top of that. He wakes up and exercises every day at 5:30. He doesn't drink much. He smokes a lot of weed.

>> No.12294246

This is the correct way to enjoy your success, don’t be a flashy nigger with lambos and Rolex’s but if you want to wear nice clothes and not look like a fucking peasant NEET like the rest of the Jews on this board would do if they had millions than by all means do so. Set up some passive income and enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of hoarding every penny like a kike.

>> No.12294287

based and pilled

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File: 168 KB, 1200x675, 10723_2016_Optima_SXL_2_0_turbo[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is a Kia Optima EX a stealth wealth car?

>> No.12294440

Yeah I totally agree, but how do you tell a friend from a friend-larping leech like >>12288972 >>12291953 had. I have 3 really close buddies for whom I would move heaven and earth, but I wouldn't want to be THAT guy at parties with semi-friends and acquaintances buying drinks all the time and financing common activities. I mean I get that once you get rich some people think they're too poor for your hobbies and they distance themselves, but I like and enjoy in the simple things as I was raised in the countryside.

>> No.12294745

Scholarships are there for those who don't.

>> No.12294783

>dont fall for the alcohol jew
>dont fall for the drug jew
>dont fall for the credit jew

>> No.12294784

This. Most of my habits are the same but I can finally afford to always the dankest OJ.

Thanks Dero

>> No.12294806

Stinger is the real sleeper

>> No.12295738

>quicker Janny, shine the shoes real good, they ain't gonna shine themselves

>> No.12295851

Cut my own hair weekly with 50 buzzer

>> No.12296366

Good shoes can also be an investment. Fuck the assholes that determined paki sweatshop crap that needs replacement 2x a year should be the norm.

>> No.12296637


>> No.12296670

I dont think there's any true way of telling. My grandparents owned a chain of pharmacies and they would wear clothes from thrift stores and drove the same buick for over 20 years. My cousin on the other hand drives a ferrari, lives in palm springs and is constantly ballin out everywhere he goes. Both have similar wealth (my cousin might have a bit more, but I have no clue about their residual incomes, just what they sold their businesses for), but live entirely different lifestyles.

>> No.12296725

if you cant handle me at my homeless schizophrenic asocial neet, you dont deserve me at my rich asocial schizophrenic hermit

>> No.12296728


>> No.12296767

leave them nice flowers

>> No.12296772

This is me (minus the car because why would I drive myself) and I make $20k a year.

Get an imagination.

>> No.12297469

Sounds like a narcissist

>> No.12297767


>> No.12297995

>Reading a physical newspaper seems to be a trait I see with all wealthy boomers.

>paying to read fake news propaganda

>> No.12298026

The two most powerful forces in the Universe given enough time are entropy and compound interest.

>> No.12298052


i'm about halfway toward early retirement and have about $360K in the market working for me pulling in about 20K in passive income per year. Another 10 years and I'll be FI and do what I want instead of what I need to.

>> No.12298143

Yeah cos they're fucking old.

>> No.12298145

This. I have a 2016 Honda Civic that I leased. I will more than likely be buying it when my lease is up in September as it is in incredible shape and only has 11k miles on it. I can easily get another decade out of it if not more.