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Every time I uninstall them I end up installing them again. Should I kms?

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>he fell for the women meme

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Can't lose money on women if you only trade with free money given to you by exchanges for signing up.
The new exchange gives you $25 for signing up and me $25 for referring you using the link below:

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I live in an area of about 100,000 people max. I can't imagine putting my face and name out there in this environment.

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>install tinder
>match with girls I actually find attractive and interesting
>put a ton of effort into messaging them
>they don't respond to me
>get frustrated and delete the app
>loneliness overcomes frustration
>re-install the app

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use bumble. you can give them the taste of their own medicine

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Just use grindr

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>just give up and suck dicks

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use bumble u idiot

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Bumble is even worse. There's no worse feeling than watching those little fucking circles expire when they don't message you. It's also degrading as fuck when I match with one I really wanna talk to and I even use the extend thing and they STILL don't message :(

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Banged a lot of girls from okcupid. Recommended

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I've been thinking about trying okc again. Any tips for making a not-shit profile?

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>open tinder for the 183662th time today
>see bubble on top right, tap

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heres your portfolio should look like

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Don’t go too hard on it. Make it simple, some light humor, but some sophistication. Def don’t write paragraphs. Then pictures try to put ones with you out and if you have traveled then those are the best. No selfies.

Then from there it’s a numbers game

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>tfw literally anitsocial autism and dated long enough to find out i get nothing out of dating and enjoy being alone

the thought of growing old with no family of my own sounds like it'll be boring, but other than that, i can't say i care too much.

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>Installed OKC some time in 2017
>still waiting for first match
tfw bots dont even match with you

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If you aren't >8/10 then it's literally a waste of time, even if you somehow do get a match they will probably not pay any attention because they are thots with hundreds of orbiters on Instagram and inflated egos
And it's not incel rambling it's literally statistically true

Fuck this gay earth
Forget the JQ we need a final solution to the girlfriend question

It comes in waves, sometimes I can accept that I have to improve myself (get money) for all my twenties to be able to get a gf in my thirties but why should I have to wait to be a boomer?
Money isn't even guaranteed to get you a gf

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This was literally me for a while
I live near a student city with about 60k students so basically 50k sluts on Tinder
After like two months of swiping until the daily limit I have had one match from a Superlike but they ignored me.
I'm not even ugly I'm just average, but that's how it is.

it's not worth it, you lose anonymity and get nothing for it, if you recognise people on there you can guarantee they are laughing

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Link marines excel in tinder. This is a fact.

T. Top1000 wallet

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none of yall gonna make it

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she looks like she's having a seizure

eyes roll back in her head as she walks away

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There's nothing to be ashamed of for wanting some ass anon. Literally everyone wants ass. All your ancestors have gotten ass.

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The last match I got was a few days ago on POF, the girl at least had the courtesy to say that she accidentally matched me and meant to match someone else.

I have literally gotten nothing from all those dating apps (POF is by far the worst, full of prositution bots and scammers and not much else).

I'm so god damn lonely I can't focus on anything else.

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>Forget the JQ
shill. disregard.

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Online dating apps are for Chad in their 20s or 30+ yo man wanting to fuck other 30+ single mothers.
If you are under 8/10 you are just wasting your time and crushing your ego for nothing.
Your best bet is lifting, trying to be successful and having a hobby where there are women around, all of them will ask considerable investments but if you do it for yourself first and then only secondly for pussy then it will be alright.

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TFW all your lame old ancestors got ass and you’re the first in a long line of ass getters to be foreveralone.png

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Our ancestors giving women too much freedom did this
Most of them got to rape and take their wives, we have to deal with tinder and dating bs

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Bumbles fucked. All I get is a “hi” or if I get an actual message with content, I know without looking that it’s a land whale.

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Stop giving them attention.

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sex = sexdoll
love = dog
friendship = 4chan/friends
children = surrogacy or artificial womb

You don't actually need a woman.

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>install tinder
>realize i don't have a single picture of myself that i like because i always make some dumb face at, or hide from cameras
>never finish registration
>let the app lay around on my phone for a couple months before deleting it
>install it again after a month or so
>the cycle repeats
One day I'll be comfortable around cameras. Maybe.

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I don't know what you retards are doing, but nowadays it's really easy to get along with a girl IF you have something going for yourself. I can assure you that females don't care about looks. Chad thing is a meme, redpill isn't. I'm uglier than most of you, and I've been banging this 8/10 girl with god-tier ass, that I met online, for the past year and a half. And I haven't bought her anything of note.

t. ugly(visible facial asymmetry) 6'4 software developer

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Anon you misunderstood the greatest of redpills. To solve the gf question you must first solve the jq, for it is in their very nature to destroy the foundations of Western society. Without these foundations woman are free to do as they please and speed the decay of our nations.

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I don't know what you retards are doing, but nowadays it's really easy to get along with a girl IF you have something going for yourself. I can assure you that females don't care about looks. Chad thing is a meme, redpill isn't. I'm uglier than most of you, and I've been banging this 8/10 girl with god-tier ass, that I met online, for the past year and a half. And I haven't bought her anything of note.

t. ugly(visible facial asymmetry) 6'4 software developer

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>One day I'll be comfortable around cameras. Maybe.

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> muh 8/10
Every single mom obese uneducated boring broke landwhale wants 9-10/10 Chad to overcompensate her failed life.
Ironically, cuties are easier to date.

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> 6'4
> Literally a 98.9 percentile in the most important visual aspect. It's so easy bros.
Fuck outta here

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You are 6’4 you fuckin brainlet

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You gave me hope until you said you were 6’4. Literally every girl wants you for your height. It’s the female equivalent of big breasts that every guy wants.

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lmao iktf

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It's easy, all you need for a great profile is pictures of yourself outside with friends, fashionable hobbies and a totally different fucking personality.

I'll stick to hitting on girls IRL, if you know what I mean.

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>Forget the JQ

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>swiping right on negresses
>hurr durr look at my big number

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>all those 3/10 matches
Yeah I'm good thanks

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This is pretty based and redpilled desu

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i know that feel bro


>read pua book
>try to talk to random girls for two weeks
>give up

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Any other guy like me here with a decent sexual life that never ever get laid once with these apps? (ok they are not so so much used in my area, but..)

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>never ever installed this shit because I know I'll only fail
bittersweet feelings lads

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i get better results on tinder; literally had no matches on tinder other than bots, get a fair amount of matches on bumble, but its mostly just small talk banter that hasnt gone anywhere

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ive gotten 1 banged out slut gf and 3 shitty bangs from 100 tinder/bumble "coffee" dates

the girls are talking to ten different guys and dont make even the slightest effort

i am skeptical even chads are getting success on there at this point

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this is the unfortunate problem; women ultimately get to pick and these apps give them an endless menu to pick from

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Hans warm up the oven
I'm not a mgtow kike
I was saying it in a jokey way, obviously we know who made women this way, but the answer ro the JQ is very obvious

Wheras what we can do to deal with the girlfriend question in the short-medium term is less clear

This is only a temporary band aid solution to a serious issue, we are meant to have a family and a genetic legacy

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what is weird is that despite endless choice many roasties are still forever single and age out of the dating pool

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>not opening with "wanna smash?"
>putting any time into girls, ever

If you're going to fail, might as well fail in as expeditious a manner as possible.

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This women are offered so much choice
They always say shit like :don't say hey' or 'be interesting' , even if they are all boring people and they never message first

They have no incentive to put in any effort
Women like to be pursued but if you try too hard they can tell and that also puts them off
The truth is the game was rigged against us autists since the start

There's no easy way around it, if looks aren't your strong point then these degenerate swiping apps will only make you more bitter when you see what you are missing out on

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It took me a few years to finally have the balls to out on a face pic
You have to not give a shit somehow
I let myself get carried away and they can always tell I'm getting too involved so that puts them off

It's been 3 years :(

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Tinder in SEA, high matches, literally 0 meetup in a few weeks
Thats in the capital, insane traffic, many want you to come to their area 10 km away aka 2 hours in traffic, no thx

Also good looking girls in SEA are very snobby, similar to US girls. Good looking for SEA standard, but SEA beauty is obviously below whites.

Too many rich locals. Older foreigners, koreans and japs throwing beta money.

All you are left is with average, plain girls, which for white people are 3.5-4/10 not 5/10.

Even 6/10 SEA girls are walking around with their noses up, you see it, you sense it. Things are different even here, it wasn't like this even 10 years ago.

Eastern Euro girls are also very whorish, always after high status guys, riches, or the Chad hipster type. Very popular in Europe rn, with the long ass shirts up their knees, tight ass faggot jeans. No thx.

Checked out of society already, no work, only hustle and my -99% folio. Burn it all down.

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Online dating is a scam to get desperate guys to spend loads on a subscription in the hopes it might get them laid

I know it's degenerate but Im sick of not having a gf and I don't know how else to meet girls

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crank up the age range to 30+ and look at all of them to pick from who still "dont know what they're looking for yet".

they have no idea that after 30, every day they are childless the risk of birth defects and complications increases, and starts going parabolic around 35++

we are going to have so many childless women its not even funny and they have no idea the risk they are in. this is in part due the jews who created and continue to push feminism

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Yeah the difference between 18-24 and 25-30 is pretty insane they go from being happy and carefree 'students' aka sluts to cat ladies and dog mom's it's sad
You do see young single mom's but you know they are double digit IQ welfare leeches

Of course we know who is pushing this sort of destructive message of hedonism but once women are hooked on degeneracy they won't want to hear anything else
I was hoping I could get an Eastern yuropean gf who was trad but apparently they are really bitch and want a man to be extremely assertive and borderline abusive

Nordic girls have amazing genetics but they are the most pozzed of all

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even a girl as hot as alison brie failed to do her one job in life and became a wine aunt

every guy on earth wanted to bang her

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Im black

>> No.12284929

There are some gorgeous 31+ yr olds out there on the "market" but its too risky (im 33). I want at least 3 kids and she cant give that to me, and if she can, im throwing dice at very unfair odds to dodge issues with my child.

it would be a shame to have a kid with a defect and have them live their life that way all because "mommy didnt want to settle down, she is equal to a man in every way and can have it all"

I saw my grandfather's marriage license at Christmas. Married at 21 to a 18 year old.

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Kek tinder is only for ultra Chads mate

>> No.12284967

You know when your ugly and tall it just makes you look like a lanky tard right? Stop using height as an escuse

>T. 6"3' 22 yo virgin

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Don't worry boys, even with hundreds of matches I generally get 1/100 to meet up and then 1/5 of those too fuck

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Describes me perfectly but I never even get to the stage of installing the app.

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> be me
> suspended from Tinder for Nazi Propaganda
> cant register on this Phone again

>> No.12285271

>that pic
Stop turning nouns into verbs when they don't need to be!

>> No.12285279

Uninstalled and never looked back, if I can't meet someone in real life I don't want a gf

>> No.12285305


Where can I get some generic chad photos so I can talk to these sluts and get a feel for what they're like? The closest I ever got was a cancelled date because the bitch seemed mentally unstable, but then I never spoke to any other 'normal' aka slutty women on tinder.

>> No.12285316

how about google, dumb fuck?

>> No.12285334


I couldn't find any decent sets you nigger

>> No.12285335

> Tfw too unattractive to be messaged first

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30, living in Japan. White, short, average.

I fuck 1-2 new hot under 25 year old girls every week and have a massive stable of them who would beg to meet daily if they hadnt have given up and just wait for my text when i forget who they are and how there vagina rates.

Only problem is the chlamydia.

>> No.12285373

>no picture of pets because mind all died
>no travelling pictures, too poor to go anywhere
>friends never take pictures of me in activities
All I have in life is a dirty bathroom mirror selfie. Might as well neck myself.

>> No.12285400

>living in Japan

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This is the investment that you should be looking for

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You are a genetic dead end

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>be me
>highly educated and career-driven black man
>relatively wealthy and in good shape
>travel to Thailand and download Tinder
>a dozen matches every day for 2 weeks
>come back to America
>only 20 matches in 3 weeks
>18 of them are obese, black hambeasts

Pic related. I didn't even get asked to pay half the bitches I hooked up with from Thailand Tinder.

American dating sucks if you're not a White Chad.

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Hey dudes, I think it's about how you sell your self. I have never used any dating app ever until a few days ago, (I weigh 300lb and I think I am a 2/10 but I am 5'11".)

I've gotten about 3 matches over 3 days so far. They have all been responding to my messages and I even have a date set up with one of them. I don't lie about who I am, I state in my profile my shitty interests like shows I like and music.

tl:dr: just be your self lololo. but seriously be more confident in who you are.

>> No.12285528

To be fair I’ve used meetme and I get hits from Filipinas half the world away almost everyday, alot just want a greencard. Even still though they’re capable of being better wives than most American roasties, at least they’re more open about what a woman really wants.

>> No.12285565

Alright gents here is the guide

>be white
>make okcupid
>set your match distance to be anywhere in the world
>click match filter
>ethnicity: asian
>match with qt chinese, japanese and korean girls: Ignore the phillipinas indonesians ect.

How I got my qt virgin Hong Kong long distance GF.

>> No.12285588

>long distance GF

and okcupid has no volume in my area; its dead

>> No.12285589

bibi is a man yo

>> No.12285601

this uniroincally makes me happy. let the roasties exit the gene pool and be a dead end. fuck them

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based ass poster

>> No.12285609

>limiting your soulmate to your low population area

sad. We have already visited eachother multiple times and she is moving with me next year. Stay lonely.

>> No.12285626

How often do you plan on visiting your HK girlfriend?
Then I must have been very confused because her pussy and tits definitely felt like a real woman's.

>> No.12285643

(((alison brie))) it is a good thing she did not have children

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>I can assure you that females don't care about looks
said Chad while facefucking two sluts he just met on Tinder

>> No.12285650

cool, enjoy 56% kids who dont look like you. lineage dies with you :)

>> No.12285653

I tried my best but got like 5 matches during 4 months and none of them responded

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Who gives a shit you faggot. It's about IQ

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My parents were Christians and married at 21&23
Boomers really don't know how good they had it

>> No.12285696

Lineage is overrated. You are just one entry in a 500 page local phone book. Odds are good too you have a generic last name like Brown or Smith which could be anyone. Literally no one gives a shit unless you accomplish something to make you memorable. The real redpill is worrying less what others think and what makes you happy before you become worm food.

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>he says this now
yep, when your kids dont identify with you or your parents or siblings; who cares right, muh IQ

when they look like their chink mom and chink relatives, they will naturally exclude you and your side of the family. then, you will have the nice chink benefit of her parents living in your home. then you get your kids speaking chink more than english. also, the kids will certainly not be white and will not be accepted as whites, and they wont quite look like a chink, and therefore wont be accepted as chinks, you place them in this awkward reality where they dont fit in with any race and like i said, wont identify with you, either.

WHO CARES MUH IQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.12285716

>become chad
>reinstall tinder for first time in 6 months
>date 20yo and shes in my bed on the first date
>two days later bed another girl , this one my age
>sustainably fucking two or three new women a week
>feel like a hollow robotic piece of shit

I just want to be a beta again

>> No.12285722


>> No.12285734

foreveralone here.
Bumble and Instagram seem to be way better for me than fucking Tinder.

>> No.12285739

im doing you a great favor anon, plus saving you from child abuse by creating mixed kids that dont fit in with anyone

plus you will remember this for your lifetime when they take on chink identities because they look closest to a chink

>> No.12285742

You are going to get divorce raped, idiot.

>> No.12285755

that's lilith, dude

>> No.12285780

Real life isn’t prison anon, schools are so muttified no one can even tell half the time a kids ancestry and other kids don’t care. Also Asians raised by a white parent(s) tend to skew more white culturally except they might have a slight superficial weeb love for anime or korean dramas or something but that’s it. Hell even full-blooded Asians raised in the US act white.

>> No.12285816

>schools are so muttified no one can even tell half the time a kids ancestry and other kids don’t care
these are called "shitty schools" anon. we call "good schools" those that are homogenously white; and they still exist but are dwindling

>Also Asians raised by a white parent(s) tend to skew more white culturally
Staunchly disagree. Mom will be raising them and Mom will get her parents into your house in no time.

> even full-blooded Asians raised in the US act white
Some can be white presenting, just like there are white presenting niggers; doesnt detract from the fact they they identify as chinks/niggers

>> No.12285889

What she identifies as is irrelevant except to those who have a hard-on for racial politics. I knew a girl adopted from China and she called her white family “my brothers” and “my dad”. Your child is going to no love you less because you look different, that is retarded logic by someone who clearly has never raised a child. It’s biological instinction to be emotionally locked to and loyal to your guardian. Hell my great-uncle raised 4 girls who weren’t his biologically and they bawled their eyes out at his funeral.

>> No.12285923


i'm gay so i always let the guy message me first

in my experiences people with actual personality get responses. people who start a conversation off with "haha you're cute" get static

as with any "investment," you get out of it what you put in. you have to realize what kind of place tinder is. 95% of people won't be worth your time even if they respond.

>> No.12285924

>what she identifies as is irrelevant
ok. enjoy your decision :)

>> No.12285956

This so many of these /r/hapa sounding faggots are really excusing awful parenting because they are mixed


No you fucking morons, he was nuts because he never had affection from either his mother or father. Not because he was a hapa, but because his father was constantly busy and never taught his son how to deal with problems in his life and his mother was a manipulative cunt who used her son as a bargaining chip. It's not because he was hapa.

Have any of you felt sad over the death of an animal? How could you have though IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOU DUR HOW CAN IT CONNECT WITH YOU.

It's almost as if humans are complex creatures and connect with people, animals, and things in emotional and conditional ways.

>> No.12285966

How do you get girls on insta?

>> No.12286003

What’s even more retarded about the logic is two people who don’t look alike can find love with with other yet their child will only love one of them. It makes no sense at all.

>> No.12286047

I've seen this mentioned a lot. The only thing I can think of is that men are being autistic enough to ask girls out on instagram (they are inclined to do so because instagram elicits the 'me want fug' response in men). This is high-risk, high-reward. Get it wrong and you have every girl in the person's social network laughing at you, get it right and you get a pretty girlfriend. Cannot recommend this line of thinking.

>> No.12286074

The point is, they might "love" you, but they wont be White in mannerism or culture. They will not find any value in White culture, White holidays, and they wont be accepted by Whites. They therefore have no option but to act like whatever subhuman race they mixed with.

>> No.12286296

btw, there was a tinder thread some days ago:
there is some apparently good advice there (assuming the OP wasn't a LARPer), like this:

I'm autistic, not ugly. also, "works" in this context (again, I'm a foreveralone...) means I get some attention (replies to comments in ig, matches in bumble).
anyway, what I do is:
>use Tinder and find pretty girls
>check if they have pics from instagram
>get their ig id from the pics (touch the instagram banner, you'll see their id at the top left)
>add said girls instagram
>respond to some of their recent pics (not the LAST one, so that other people won't see my [sometimes pathetic, shameful] comments)
>wait for response
that's all I've managed to do so far...


>> No.12286448

the thing with the instagram is it requires you to have an instagram which is filled with normie tier shit, because she will click your profile to browse around; its the same as bumble/tinder tbqh

>> No.12286493

you only need 1 pic to open an account. I used a fake FB account for that.
just don't be too stupid when commenting. let the hornyness do the rest.
t.dumbass who didn't take any chance, and now has to do retarded shit to get pussy.

>> No.12286513

>you only need 1 pic to open an account

but often girls use instagram to check the guy's social status. If he just has one photo on his instagram he's going to look like a loner dork.

>> No.12286532

look for the undervalued ones, then.

>> No.12286544

In tinder:"don't just message hey"
On bumble:"hey" or "how's your day going?"

>> No.12286567
File: 268 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_2018-12-30-14-06-17-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> hurt durr tinder doesn't work why can't I get laid?

I can't imagine being so socially inept.

I'm a 5'5 manlet with no job, car or goals and I still get pussy daily off tinder

>> No.12286579

thats not a woman

>> No.12286581

>fucks troll, brags about it on autistic cartoon board


>> No.12286583

I do this
>swipe right on single moms
>they message me because my job title is enough to infer I make a lot of money
>don't ever respond
I'm not raising Chad's kid.

>> No.12286588
File: 12 KB, 258x245, PlzStap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>long distance gf
Absolutely bluepilled.
Read this before you get trapped like an idiot and legit waste your best years or get trapped:

>> No.12286598

he thinks he cant get a white woman, so he downgrades and gets a disgusting chink in a "long distance" relationship

>> No.12286604
File: 118 KB, 604x604, 1533144853649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude. That girl is a punisher of eyes.

>> No.12286627

You people are sad.

>> No.12286651

I don't want women that only see my job / money / status. They are vapid whores and only leech energy.

>> No.12286741

I'm doing alright in life anon, you just trigger me like a kid enthusiastically pedaling to the highway on his tricycle, it would just be antisocial from my part not trying to warn you by just typing few words on my keyboard.

I legit don't care if he fucks a chink or not, I've done it in Taiwan, and it was fun, but I would never build a family with an asian no matter as bleak is the situation with white women.

>> No.12287074

stop pitying yourself and seeking validation from strangers. work on yourself and take opportunities as they come.

>> No.12287165
File: 1.21 MB, 1440x2560, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having thousands of matches

>> No.12287173

Hate to break it to you bud but they all left you on read kek

>> No.12287196

>be eurofag
>my country neighbouring alot of other countries
>less than 50 kms away from the border
>my tinder matches are from different countries
>this one girl keeps liking me
>shes not from my country
>delete tinder because no attention other than her
>install it again
>she likes my profile again
>rinse repeat a couple of times

she even gave me a super like once

shes super cute and doesn't seem to be a bot, but fuck sake, why couldn't she just be from my country

>> No.12287209

Why dont you just drive to her country?

>> No.12287215
File: 861 KB, 1920x1283, wyGu1ykcwxrqwxLD4AoxcBPi4yG3jjQRuPP55bBf6a15wJEiz47uTDPMDwEV95x2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


dios mios, la regresa de la criatura

>> No.12287222


how many had benis?

>> No.12287233


translation: shoot for 1s and 2s

>> No.12287255

If you are here, there's ~90% chance you are too

>> No.12287256


>just want to be beta again

you never stopped

>> No.12287261

because thats not the kind of relationship i want, it would take too much effort to work

im not interested in just a hook up

>> No.12287262

I met my girlfriend, a high functioning autistic girl, from OKC. She is the best girl I ever dated, I highly recommend you keep trying and keep going on dates until you find the right girl.

>> No.12287266


no one cares faggot. you copped out of being a man and still think your opinion matters

>> No.12287278


its just another diversion from actually leaving your house and talking to people

>> No.12287282

I swiped left on a ton of ladyboys. They are very upfront about it in their display name and profile on Tinder. It's easy to tell anyway because they usually look hot as fuck but with some weird features.

>> No.12287290

I mean the other people who see you are also on there.. so theres not much they can say

>> No.12287312



im reading rooshes new book and its still the same old crap"

"just approach 1000 girls bro"

>> No.12287332

I think you are me, we might know each other. Where you at?

>> No.12287369
File: 1.29 MB, 2900x2048, pickone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be white
>go to asia
>open tinder/wechat/dia
>"hey I think you are cute, want to come hang out? I'll pay for your grab."
>balls deeps in poon ~two hours later

being white and above 5'8" in asia is like being a gigachad in the usa

>> No.12287392

rv fag pajeet detected

>> No.12287417

Alison Brie has perfect boobs. She really needed to be blacked

>> No.12287438

>implying she didn't get blacked by the art and theater kids at CIA