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Does anyone actually believe we will get another Bitcoin ATH in the next 2-3 years?

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believe, no; hope, yes

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The absolute latest the next bull run wil happen will be the next halvening at the end of 2020 but it might happen before that.

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Running up that ATH hill.

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Kate Bush was so beautiful back in her prime

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Probably not. As long as we're going sideways with an occasional alt season, I'm happy enough.

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BTC is not private or fungible.

What use does a large corporate entity or institution have with a coin that can be analysed through chain anaylsis so that their competitors, foreign governments, or other bad actors can analyse all of their transactions data?

Information leaked includes relationships, supply chains, profit and loss information, accumulated wealth, and more.

For people serious about Business Monero is the answer.


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Aw yeah

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Even in mid-2017, I thought $10K BTC was retarded hype. It's really hard to believe until you hit certain ridiculous prices.

Now I am skeptical that Bitcoin can sustain these astronomical prices to support all the BTC rewarded to miners. But once that inflation cuts every halvening, I believe anything is possible.

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