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Mexican, short, chubby here

Net worth 5k

Give me some advice biz

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grow a bit and be yourself

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Buy ZIL. It will make you rich in a few months.

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lose weight, groom, and lift

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-Lose weight while you’re still young (if you’re still young) it gets harder as you get older
-if you’ve got shit facial hair shave it
-keep your hair short
-dress well, but don’t be a fag
-don’t fuck fat or ugly chicks, you’ll be labeled as a bottom feeder and it’s hard to outlive that
-Don’t lie it’s hard keeping track of them all eventually
-don’t settle
-the sooner you find God the better, He’s just waiting for you

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solid advice except for the last line, LOL

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Don’t blame the white man for your problems. Don’t be a racist against non-Mexicans. Learn proper English. Dont smoke weed and be a typical Mexican stoner. And for the love of God, don’t study ethnic studies. Study something useful.

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I’ll change it to get sized for a fedora just for enlightened men like you

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well I am enlightened, I'm Buddhist

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Tijuana tours

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Will becoming rich help me out at all with the gurls?

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>take a shower
>hit the weights
>seek sunlight
>gain height
>have sex

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Don't be a liberal. Libs pretend to care about you but they really don't

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Wait until the next recession bottoms out, then throw that 5K in. That's how I made my fortune back in 08.

In the meanwhile build up your savings. And for the love of God just beware of the Darkness, pic related

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Try intermittent fasting to loose weight along with regular exercise op. That's how I was able to loose about 50 pounds.

Save up an emergency fund before u start investing. When investing always keep your portfolio diversified. Right now is a good time to buy 2 year treasury bonds.

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open a taco stand called Pablo's Tacos and claim it's authentic spic cuisine

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Build the future for tomorrow. Freedom and Liberty


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Considering rich people dont self segregate much by race that image is less insightful then you're putting it up to. Ruling class solidarity is stronger than any ethnic tie.

Liberals care, but that's all they do. You cant feed a family with heartfelt prayers or with more black oscar nominees.

If you feel indignant when people assume you are racist I would suggest not doing the same when the shoe is on the other foot.

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I have some good taquito and tortilla recipes if this is a real possibility. Hell, I can cook better tex mex than most sit down mexican restaurants north of Kentucky.

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>t.Never knew any Mexicans

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buy HOT