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Whats up poorfags ? ;)) you ok ? hehe ;))

Rate me ;) Yep im rich
Yep thats a louis roederer cristal 2004;) and YEP a loser like you cant afford it ;)

You know what's funny?

I can snap and kill every mother fucker on this board if we met IRL.

Seriously, think about it. I'd have your windpipe crushed and your eyes gouged out before you would even know what's happening.

You guys talk big shit. Watch yourselves

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This copy pasta again

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I really don't care about any of that foo-foo faggy shit you just said OP.

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OP is either a larping fagboi (fake & gay) or some rich dad's brat kid (who larps irl as an Antifag)

Post pic with timestamp or you gay asf

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You can't act tough when you got a dead body and dress like queer

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Low IQ sardines taking the bait. GET OFF MY BOARD.

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I am ready to fucking destroy your mom, sir

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>I can snap and kill every mother fucker on this board if we met IRL.
With your mouth open like that, it looks like you suck a lot of dick.