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>be me
>just your average naive 18 yo zoomer
>decide to study physics because I unironically fell for the 300k starting STEM meme
>got accepted at a top 10 uni in the world
>had friends and got good grades in undergrad
>was optimistic and thought life was good
>final year
>apply to 42 graduate jobs
>got rejected from all 42 places
>desperate, start considering doing a masters
>got accepted at another top 10 uni in the world, ranked a few places higher
>network excessively, and go to careers fairs, presentations and workshops every week
>one year goes by, and about to graduate with my masters
>apply to 51 jobs, tailoring each and every cover letter and resume
>rejected from all places AGAIN
>cold call firms, email hiring managers etc.
>panic, consider doing a PhD at the same uni because I was desperate
>absolutely hated it
>professor hated me
>no friends
>think of kms everyday
>not surprisingly was shit at my PhD
>several years go by where I don’t even remember what I did and why I did it
>currently in final year
>applied to 45 places
>got rejected from several places simultaneously on Christmas and Boxing Day
>now have just 1 phone interview left
>it’s directly with the hiring manager
>Got 3 days left to prepare for it

Please help /biz/. I don’t want to fuck this up....

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Learn from your mistakes

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Train interviews with a live person, a relative or friend. Let him/her me as mean as possible.

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learn soft skills, negotiation skills, and social skills, and build confidence.

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>STEM meme
WHERE and WHAT specifically did you do?

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Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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Most important of all, don't let the McDonald's hiring person think that you are overqualified for the job.

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Lol I think I could have winged the whole stem meme if I tried but would have failed so bad in the actual field

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No offence, but there is something wrong with you. On paper (and in your OP) you seem like a perfect candidate.

So a few questions
- Do you have any work experience?
- Did you asked feedback why you where rejected
- How would you rate your people skills? Are you likeable?
- Are you willing to move to an other country?

My first advice would be to get some job interview training. At least you get real feedback about what is wrong.

I genuine want to help you

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Dude you literally only have to apply to industry jobs which focusses on physics only.
Look mainly into laser companies they need physicists asap. I was at a top tier German research institute and their laser suppliers always take the PhD and master students from there.

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the PhD is the worst meme of them all.

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> only applies to 80 places

Apply to 300, at the very least. All over the country. Gain experience, then lateral positions.

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>So a few questions
>- Do you have any work experience?
Yes but its not enough

>- Did you asked feedback why you where rejected
Yes. 90% of the time they told me they found someone else with more relevant experience, only to repost the same job AGAIN a week later

>- How would you rate your people skills? Are you likeable?
I don't know. I haven't interacted with many people over my PhD. During my undergrad years however I was what you guys call "a normie".

Also I have trouble thinking on my feet. Literally need to type out everything and memorize what I want to say sometimes.

>- Are you willing to move to an other country?
Yes. I've applied to jobs abroad. But got rejected from those places as well. Same reasons: "not enough relevant experience"

I'm just not good enough in physics desu. There are people who literally live and breathe physics like the autists at /sci/. But I am not like that. I just want a stable wagecuck job and thats it.

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Apply for work in Crypto


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Read this: https://talent.works/blog/2018/12/28/definitive-guide-science-of-the-job-search-2018-in-review/

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bro youre just a lazy millennial you need to try harder the economy is doing great :^)

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Fuck it, im going to be who say it.

OP, i know for a fact youre a fucking beta, get on roids right know, this could sound not related at all, but it is.

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>I just want a stable wagecuck job and thats it.

With a phd, you might be in a bad position for your likings right now.

For a "regular" position doing "wagecucking", people will assume you want to get more money than they are willing to pay for. Also, quite some people with a phd are not willing to work with someone with no phd (ego) - you are more likely to cause problems in such positions, regardless if you are like that or not.

For a phd-position however, you cannot expect to "just wagecuck". These positions usually shift in between eight-to-five to "be happy to get home to get some sleep", even if they are quite often paid less than regular employees.

If you are out to get a job with no contact to other people however, you picked the wrong career in general - for this, you might be better off to become a librarian.

However: this applies to many areas in the US, not necessarily to yours. The detailed degree and your area of living is needed.

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>get on roids right know
Oh, if you like to have some tiddies yourself to paly with and fuck your fertility, then do this.

Otherwise stay natty.

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only original thinking and entrepreneurship is rewarded

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He's either beta or is one of those ASPD people who think because they went through years of schooling they should just be given the job while reeking of entitlement and arrogance because they think they're smarter than they actually are.

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You really don't need to be a fucking autist in physics to succeed.
That's the nice thing about the laser industry.
A lot of stuff is very practical there.
Formulas for this are well known and are easy to use, except for femtosecond and high power shit.
In which country do you live ?
Also anon, DO NOT give up, you will make it.