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> holding shitcoin
not gonna make it get Bitcoin retard

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you know its already enough but you want to hit 20k

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I feel bad for you desu

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I don't know man, I feel like BTC's future isn't so clear right now. While it does hold a special status as the first cryptocurrency and enjoys the largest network, the fact that its POW and that blockstream kikes control it have me worried.

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25k after that because captain has a nice ring to it
after that you think...yeah 30k is a nice number

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I think you have been meme'd hard and will regret it for a long time

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Not really, if I lose all of it I'm still fine. This was just some extra dosh I had

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Don’t listen to these faggots, they’re low test small stack linklets jealous of that stack. You’re gonna make it. Don’t even come to biz anymore for a year.

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Was going to stop at 50k now 75k now want 100k then who knows

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You’re fucking insane.

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i could understand getting tricked into holding link during the peak insanity this time last year, even up until early summer.

but at this point, its painfully obvious that its not a unique or special token in any way, nor is the project it served as funding for. its a nice idea but one that isn't ready for prime time both in core tech and actual users. maybe if they had actually tried to build something first before grabbing a bunch of money they might still have had a first mover advantage, but that's long gone now.

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Was at 100 MM but bought some extra, now at 900MM

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that makes me want to buy some more... few days till money rolls in then i can finnaly buy some more linkis

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Sell for BTC + XMR and thank us later

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Get up to 20k. Stake half and don't touch the other half for 2 years

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never insult another marines stack

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What about the Marines fudding him?

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I'll probably stake 5k and (starting at 5 billion) sell 1k progressively every time the market cap rises by $2 billion

I know this makes me sound like a retarded faggot but I'm just not willing to take the risk. My friend got JUSTed hard last bullrun because he refused to sell anything before his targets. Even though his targets seemed reasonable, his holdings never hit them. He now has only 50k when he could have over 1m at the top and over 500k if he progressively cashed out.

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Forgot your shit coins. They are going to drag you to the depths of the ocean.
Focus on staying alive.

Suicide insurance on FLO is a bag of 10k. Retirement bag is 300-500k Flo.
It’s already up 3x since I started letting biztards know a month ago.

With one instant click of the mouse I purchased 20 bitcoins of this Flo token

It was in mid November and my purchase was completed for an average of 800 but caused a spike to 1000.

Every day I sleep with glee just knowing that in a few months the 20 btc of Flo I purchased will be worth an easy 150-200+ btc.

Some days I dream of it going to $100mm cap and my stack rising from 20 to 1000 btc. I slap myself back to reality and tell myself that making 250 btc on one trade is more than enough to buy curry for this entire forum for one full month.



Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne writes letter of support for using FLO in Wyoming

New readers about Flo should check out the telegram with questions... enjoy mate.

But first they should STUDY these two articles:



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Be quiet. Non subhumans are talking.

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Hedge with BTC, go 50/50, you'll make it with both.

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