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Do you guys have any advice for overcoming depression? I'm taking magnesium pills every day, and trying to take walks. What are some tips you guys have for a 20 y/o college student?

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Less moping more coping. You‘ll be fine.

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Challenge yourself. Do things out of your comfort zone. Remember that motivation follows action. Just start with small steps and the motivation will follow

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the cope can kill you though.

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if you're alive in the current year and not depressed you have something wrong with you.

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very true hahaha

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Just avoid the prolonged company of NPCs

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My mom is a psychiatrist. Stick to a sleeping schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, get enough sleep, do some exercise (preferably cardio), make sure you get enough sun light, and (if possible) spend more time on socializing.These things might sound overly simple, but trust me they really help. If you have seasonal affective disorder consider investing in a sun lamp. I use one myself for 30 mins/day. If your depression is really bad you should talk to a psyatrist and you might need medication. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Not magnesium oxide, right? Add lots of D to feel good. Then things like st. J wart and gaba will will work. Want to eat depression? Stop eating, Fast. Breathing awareness.

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>Breathing awareness
The fuck does that even mean? You want me to have to think about how I can't even breath right too?

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Oh and a healthy balanced diet helps too.

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This right here will do a lot. Regularity with positive actions (sleep routine, healthy eating, socialize and exercising (cardio helps me with anxiety and weight training helps me look/feel overall better)).

Also, find a good therapist. Found one recently that works well for me. I should have started over a decade ago. You might need to try a couple different ones to see who works. Had a psych who gave me meds, but wasn't good with talking.

Ad on top, meditation for 20 minutes a day with some breathing exercises and with practice, you'll feel better over time.

Also, less social media it you use it. Heck, even too much of the chans can have a negative impact. Reduce that screen time!

It likely won't be easy in the first two weeks especially, but if you stick with it, you and those around you wilp benefit.

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hi guys. posting itt. i unironically just cried for 10 minutes for no reason. probably because low test + depression.

atm i am neeting and wake up at 5pm and go to bed at 11am. also i dropped out of highschool and have lost $450k -> $15k since the start of this year. how to fix this? im 18 btw. need direction in life.

this guy seems to give useful advice; >>12268959

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I woke up at 10pm yesterday and am staying awake all day to try to get on a normal sleep schedule. Sleeping all day and being up all night is fucking depressing in itself.

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You might be like me and have literal chemical imbalances. Try kratom, cbd, honestly tripping once in a while on shrooms or lsd can do wonders as well. Obviously don't get addicted to any of this stuff and make it a habit, blah blah, but it's done me wonders. Also, avoid alcohol

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It's only a depression if your not prepared for it you idiots.

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unironically put yourself into trance states using youtube videos like this one also binaural beats etc:


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/biz/ is the worst place for depression advice I've ever encountered. By the time this thread reaches 100 posts I can guarantee you that you'll see:

>hot peppers
>chelate heavy metals / emeramide
>juice fast
>water fast
>intermittent fast
>snake juice only
>pretend you already committed suicide so everything you do now is no-strings-attached
>polyphasic sleep
>no sleep
>see a prostitute
>get a girlfrield
>dump your girlfriend
>find christ
>dump christ
>get a boyfriend

Exercise vigorously 3-5x weekly, both cardio and weights, don't eat processed/junk foods, get enough sleep, and find ways to be more social. Give it a month. If that doesn't do it, see a therapist. Give it a month. If that doesn't do it, try tripping on psychedelic drugs (like LSD, Shrooms, or ayahuasca) in a safe supportive environment. Do this ONCE. Give it a month. If that didn't do it, maybe try the same but with ketamine, once weekly. Give it a month. if that doesn't do it, look into OTC antidepressants like SJW and SAM-E. Give it a month. if that doesn't do it, look into (gasp) pharmaceutical antidepressants. They're not evil jew scams but they should definitely be your last resort and they're not permanent solutions.

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>cried for 10 minutes for no reason
>how do I fix this
Go with it and get gender reassignment surgery

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If it's clinical you need meds, lexapro

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you forgot traps

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ok it wasnt actually "for no reason". more to do with the realisation of how seriously i fucked up and how ruined i am if i dont get my shit together real fucking soon. but yes, crying is also probably to do with low test, since i haven't exercised for 12 months, left the house in 2 weeks, and am living nocturnally.

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short dopamine
long rope
get some calls on your will to live and sell before the inevitable crash

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That sums up my whole 2018 minus the crying. My only goal in 2019 is to force myself to do things that make me uncomfortable (gym, hobbies, etc)

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How to pretend I committed suicide

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you need to smoke the magnesium and stop being a pussy

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See a pro. That's the best advice.

I had (have?) chronic depression, sometimes severe, and zero means to afford counseling or doctor visits much less prescription medication for it, so I've had to make do. Let me give you two stupid things that actually made a difference for me (even though I don't know why.) At one point I just stopped feeling anything and wanted something to remind me I was alive. I started buying Tobasco Habanero sauce, just loading as much as I could onto whatever food I had and eating it. Like purposefully causing pain and distress for 15 minutes at a time - and I found out that I felt a lot better for hours afterward. I still do it, just not daily anymore. Other stupid thing was to get a couple of heavy dumbells and every time I felt sluggish and sad and mopey, I'd try to go into a sort of rage and curl or overhead press them 10-15 reps even though I'd often fail around 8 or 10. Then I'd be kind of pissed and repeat it again in 5 minutes or so. By that time I was too distracted to be depressed. I did learn that happiness isn't the only opposite of depression - for me anyway, rage and physical pain are like shining a light on the darkness of depression and it's actually very effective. Nothing I do is actually harmful, that's why I chose it. If anything, it's helpful. I'd go days without eating or moving when I was depressed, now if I am in that mode I'm eating a good protein/fat mix (with Habanero!) and forcing myself to work out. Doesn't take long before I feel "even keel" again.

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This anon got it right.
TL;DR: Healthy lifestyle to promote good endogens and decrease stress hormones, if that's not enough go to therapy but also get some meds.

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I'm 33 and dirt poor, you have plenty of time.
Stay up as long as you can every day until you wake up in the am
Get more light /vitamin d
Drop junk food and go keto diet
Drop caffeine
Lower your standards for jobs, get anything even voluntary work
But what that guy says is true about sunlight, it's especially true in the winter. Nationwide depression spikes during this time of year.

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this picture made me feel sad
Like a missed out on growing up in a cool place

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Probably the most based and accurate post I’ve read on this garbage website

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Eating spicy stuff make your body release happiness hormone to ease the burning, it's that simple.

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try not to be such a sad little bitch

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Try dry fasting 2 days
Drink lemonade (make your own)
Talk to people

Some personal advice would be to stare at a wall for at least an 8 hours and not think of anything or do anything.
Make sure you don't think of anything
It really helps clear up your mind

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Here's how to cure depression once and for all. Kill yourself.

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Ceaseless measuring of the grossness of breath, down with the diaphram.
Fineness of cycling from in and out, and practice the lengthening of each to eight seconds.

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Liquidate everything, max out all possible lines of credit, go all in on Chainlink and wait 2 years.

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Microdose 25ug of lsd for 2-4 weeks and then take 100-300ug trips on a weekly basis, tapering off as you start to feel better.

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cold showers, wim hof, nofap, working out.. pot.

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Mirtazapine - wonder drug...especially if you have trouble sleeping. Now I just take it to sleep dont build a tolerance to it like other sleep meds.Also can add an SSRI to the mix if that doesnt work by itself. Also don't drink. Once any chemical imbalance is sorted out therapy may help..but the bottom line from them is happiness is a choice so just choose to be happy, stop negative thought patterns anytime they pop in your head. Dont kill yourself because that just means you let the rest of the scumbags in this world win Fuck that.

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5k IU D3 Vitamin a day

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what does it mean to find a therapist that works? how do you find a good fit? everytime i find a therapist i can smell their own problems and insecurities.

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Drink more water

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exercise bike is preferable to walking outside in opinion especially if you have social anxiety

college was a mistake

i went to a shitty community college and have like 5 thousand dollars in student loan debt. i haven't been paying it off since 2009 because i am a neet
i need to find a job

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Money is the answer to everything bro.

If anything has the chance to do it, the answer is FLO.

Suicide insurance on FLO is a bag of 10k. Retirement bag is 300-500k Flo.
It’s already up 3x since I started letting biztards know a month ago.

With one instant click of the mouse I purchased 20 bitcoins of this Flo token

It was in mid November and my purchase was completed for an average of 800 but caused a spike to 1000.

Every day I sleep with glee just knowing that in a few months the 20 btc of Flo I purchased will be worth an easy 150-200+ btc.

Some days I dream of it going to $100mm cap and my stack rising from 20 to 1000 btc. I slap myself back to reality and tell myself that making 250 btc on one trade is more than enough to buy curry for this entire forum for one full month.



Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne writes letter of support for using FLO in Wyoming

New readers about Flo should check out the telegram with questions... enjoy mate.

But first they should STUDY these two articles:



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32 year old neet with poor social skills and no work history

is it possible for me to get a job and make money or am i too far gone? i don't think i would be able to pass a job interview

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Maybe you'll luck into a retail job. But you're fucked.

Learn how to make basic websites using wordpress and general php frameworks and freelance on Upwork. Yeah it's pajeet central but you did this to yourself.

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Stop going to college, get a job and follow online university courses

>go into crippling debt for some non-existent job

College is why you're depressed

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fuck your mom

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Depends on how picky you are, what skills you have and how bad you want a job. You should be able to get an unskilled job at a warehouse or something similar. Don't tell them that you don't have any work history during the job interview. Just make something up, e.g. freelance webdesigner (make sure it's something unrelated to the job you're applying for so you won't get caught).

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I'm a doctor but also have an interest in integrative medicine.

Continue magnesium, glycinate is a good option to avoid bowel trouble, 300-400mg at night.

Take Ashwagandha, ideally with KSM -66

Take colecalciferol daily (initiallt take 40,000 units twice weekly for 6 weeks to get it up, then 2,000 daily to maintain)

take omega three high dose, 1g/d

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just zoom out bro

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Depression cure right here:

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try being so depressed that you know depression doesnt even exist and youre still depressed

I just dont give a fucking crap about nothing

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This desu

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what if you do all this and
you have a great therapist that you have seen for many years already and have tried several different meds (both ssri and other) but nothing helps?

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Chill sperg. He gave some solid advice.

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Get your heart over 120bpm for 40 minutes every week. Lift weights. See a therapist and talk about your problems. Eat fruits and vegetables. Get out and interact with people regularly. Make sure they are positive people. Read. Read for fun and read to learn things that will help you.

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Fuck my mom because she’s a doctor that dedicated her life to helping people with mental illnesses? You don’t know her, chill.

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This. Everything else is worthless cope.

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Literally just work out 3-4 times a week. Start off fucking around on whatever machine (with a warmup 5 minute jog) then get into training 5x5. Depression is so disproportionately high among weak men because they have no sense of self-worth.

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depression is for phaggits snap out of it OP, the moon is closer than u think

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start playing pokemon go
it really got it going for me

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You don't. It's a permanent change in your brain.

At best, you can find ways to manage it.

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>These things might sound overly simple,
yeah...is this a joke ?

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No. There are plenty of scientific studies on most (if not all) of the things I mentioned. Most people don't realize just how big a difference sleep and sunlight (or articial sunlight) can make.

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Of course socializing won't magically cure severe depression. I didn't say that. But face-to-face social intreraction DOES reduce the risk of (worsening) depression.

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mushrooms, cannabis, ibogain

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Do NOT fucking try Kratom. This guy is a fucking moron. Do your own research, but if it leads you to Kratom, I hope you fucking die quickly so at least my taxes don't have to fund your long term care.

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CBD oil, 5HTP, shroom once. Once stabilized, every other day some sport. Best are martial arts, thai box and BJJ

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It doesn't do anything besides make you nauseous and give you insomnia

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Also this guy is pretty based

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What's so beneficial about Ketamine? From what I know it just seems like another junky drug. Am all for psychedelics tho.

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I am the only nigger i know that ever mentions iboga, how was it for you. Haven't done psychedelics and i have such a predisposal to schizophrenia couple of diddle weed sends me to grandiose magnified

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Start taking St. John's wort, fish oil, and phenibut.

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Ok, fuck you and your mom

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a way to manage it could be to separate yourself from your emotions, and see it as a different entity that you need to ignore, slowly dominate and regain control over

probably only works for literal schizos and autists though

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I'm 35 and most likely going to die from glioblastoma in the next year or 2. Never make the mistake of taking your youth and health for granted.

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exercise and eat good quality meat

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Get some ADD medication. I recommend vyvanse.
It helps you overcome depression not just temporarily; you become more able to get things done quickly. You also start caring less about what other people think about you. You can still care about how other people feel (i.e. comfort people in pain), but their perception of you becomes much less of consequence to you.

Starbucks should sell coffees and $5 vyvanse pills. I'd rather take 1 pill then drink 5 fucking coffees a day

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This is what starts to happen to your brain after a decade or more on this site

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What’s on your bucket list?

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that feel when 4 years away

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Sorry on the slow reaponse. Just got back from work.

Basically you'll have to go through therapists until you find one that listens to you without interrupting you and expresses actual, not feigned interest. They will remember various points of what you talked about last session without constantly looking at notes.

My dad is a doctor and a running doctor joke is that psychology and psychiatry are the only medical professions where the medical staff are also patients. A lot end up there due to their own problems. They have been jacked in the head at some point, so they'll likely still have insecurities. Hardest part I find is checking my own ego at the door.

Oddly, my current and best therapist is an intern. I think they still have the spark of really wanting to help. The older psychs (pill prescribing and not) are either fantastic or have checked out mentally.

Not sure what I could say to help there. There is treatment resistant depression that is very hard to cure. It is good to have you have a good therapist.

For those cases, there is research in the initial stages using ketamine, marijuana and psychedelics(not at once of course) to help cases such as yours which are treatment resistant.

https://maps.org - One organization in the USA with a focus on improving mental health using some of the above (with a particular focus on PTSD).

In regular cases, medicine only (SSRIs and the such) are effective with less than 20% of cases long term. Therapy and medicine in over 80%.

Have you tried cognitive behavioral therapy to help train your brain to think differently?

Oddly, we can train our brains into and out of certain thought patterns regarding anxiety or depression. Not a fix all for everybody and it can take a lot of work, but it may be worth looking at.