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Stop shilling this shit to newfags, it's just mean. Before I realized how little oracles were worth and I could've just bought ETH I bought this myself. We could work together and help each other out to make good investments, instead you fucks would rather push this shit even after it disappointed post ICO months ago.

tldr fuck you
this is why the jews won, they have nepotism while you fags enjoy screwing people over. we should come together more, no homo

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Imagine being this angry and desperate to FUD Link

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What's wrong buddy?
Not working out so well for you?
Looks like this thread will also get the thing which goes in all fields.

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>swing trading link
The absolute state

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This shit is the worst scam coin to hit the crypto market. NO ONE IS EVEN TESTING IT DURING A TESTNET LMAO BTFO

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Their antagonistic approach didn't work, now they're trying to look like the good guys. It's very predictable

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Imagine being the kind of person who needs attention so bad that they become a tripfag and religiously fud an alleged shitcoin on the business and finance section of 4chan. Hi "Uncle Oldfag," easily recognizable by your "quality" posts as always.
I feel kind of embarrassed for them, they spend so much time doing it but after all this time they're just as easy to piss off as ever because all they can do is regurgitate stale pasta tier arguments.

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Imagine trying to make your own comeback pasta. the absolute state of a linkie with nothing good to say about their project because they know deep down NO ONE IS USING THE TESTNET LMAOOOOOO BTFO

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Fucking based

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> if I just keep saying linkies are btfo it will be true
> lets just avoid the fact that the only thing remarkable about me as a tripfag is the extent of my obvious brain-damage
Oh okay buddy. You're just getting more and more convincing with each well thought-out and intelligent post. I have sold 200k now thanks to you.

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> if I just keep saying linkies are btfo it will be true
It is true though. Linkies can't even justify 30m for their oracle service. He's completely right and it's about time this cult ETH token got the fudding it actually deserves.

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> t-thank god this tripfag showed up to spam his shit to back up my 0 effort thread
> more unfounded statements and pointless pissing and barking
This thread is going great for you obviously. I really wish you would have kept it all in
instead of making 2 retarded threads. That being said - I"m not sure if you can remember you made another thread. My expectations of you aren't high at the moment obviously.

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Imagine being such a dork to post a fucking bullshit reaction to something you know is fake just to fucking larp. Bunch of fags, all of you fudders an discord dick swinging faggots

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chainlink hires a pajeet marketing company to spam biz 24/7.. they make posts and reply to their own posts................................ no one cares about link. it's a russian scam. it's worthless.

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Jesus fucking christ. Can 4chan make a specific board for link? Cuz I dont want to see this SHITcoin anymore here

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Swing linker thread detected, im going to immediately deploy the vishnu on the blockchain.