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I guess LinkPool isn't alone anymore. They don't say how much it will cost to use for mainnet. Good to see a competitor either way though. I'm sure there will be more.

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This compliments LinkPool, pajeet. It is not competition.

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Linkpoolies on suicide watch

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Noice, any competition is good, proces down and makes it only easier for noobs to stake so less link in circulation

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old news man, been running a node with them for like month and a half now. Isnt linkpool offering what fiews does for free? Like running the eth client?

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It's disgusting, lurk more. We talked about this several months ago. Check the Warosu archive.

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The difference is the Chainlink team hasn't acknowledged Fiews yet afaik.

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There's barely anything about it on old threads. Hardly anything compared to LinkPool. I guess they are just a way to run an Ethereum node virtually though. I'm guessing the uptime is safer than running your own Ethereum node.

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Nobody talks about how Binance will obviously run nodes because they control 1/3 of the circulating supply

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That should be talked about more. They have like 100 million LINK right? And wasn't it moved to a separate wallet?

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The website isn't even secure why would you trust these jabronis with your LINK?

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just sync geth to light lol

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Can you link the thread man?

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> linkpool launched same thing for free
> fiews is just an ethereum service and not a competitor to them
> if a lot of people use fiews its far more centralising than linkpool is

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can't someone just fork the linkpool code and change the distribution so that nobody gets fee'd?

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with linkpool you're really just paying for the services of jonny. You're gambling that he's competent enough to optimize your nodes to the best position possible (AAA tier) and capture the jobs with the highest returns.

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Jonny as a Service

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Competent enough to work with SerGay

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We need more competition in this staking space....

We need it so your avg black person is able to stake as easily as it is for him to send a text message.

The black person might not be able to send the correct data currently running a node much like he can't send a text message in proper English and instead sends it in eubonics....

"Imma gun get u dat crack"

But at least he can send it without a problem.

That's how we neee node operators to be able to operate

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My take is that I think it's incredible that there are already business models forming around the operation of Chainlink nodes and Chainlink isn't even done yet. Name me one other project outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum where this has happened. It's incredibly rare and speaks to the genuine utility of the project. Never been more comfy.

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Ok. This makes sense. Basically of Fiews goes down, then your Chainlink node (or many Chainlink nodes) will be fucked.

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