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it's literally doubled in a day because he market bought $50k worth

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Darwinism at work

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Imagine throwing your debt money into a literal low volume shitcoin of the month spammed by some autistic Discord group.

Holy shit.

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zoomers are stupid

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>all in with one purchase
why do people still do this?

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We bull now

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Reddit tier optimism

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>I'm gonna be so rich!!!!
Anytime someone thinks like this it's pretty much guaranteed failure.

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wow that uhm, optimistic, from this young chap

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Usually retards with xrp think this way

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the more I read posts like this more convinced I am that this was the last fucking bubble

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Cool. He can call the guy who's drawing random lines on charts, the lady who saw Jesus in her burger and the one that sells healing crystals and make "The absolute delusional" people club.

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Future trillionaire

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This is going to end badly

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This shitcoin is literally dead with no volume. This guy will commit sudoku when the price is back to sub 1 sat within a month or two at the latest.

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Bro just made it.
imagine being able to pick up an unknown for little to nothing. project is legit.

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i feel so inspired i made this

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The kid is really young (just graduated from high school?), so it's not some literal baby boomer that went all in some altcoin. Remember when you were young and you understood all the latest tech and stuff?

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Wow that's hella frickin' epic! Mind if I post this on reddit?!

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have some reddit silver, sir

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i hope that is a larp
i would have pity with his parents but they obviously raised a retard

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I think he's going to do fine, but not because of the altcoin he picked but the market in general will go through another bull cycle.

The question however is how long is the guy willing to wait. IIRC, he just graduated from high school so what is he going to do until the bull market re-emerges?

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why do you think that, idiots never die out

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that’s some linker tier retardness

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the great suicide bull run of 2019

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When it gets to 4 sats he sells half his stack and re-coups his money and lets the rest ride.
The amount of brain dead autistic retarded potatoes on this site is astounding. It shouldn't be named '/biz/' it should be '/disgruntledandbrokeaut/'

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If people are being this foolish now, I truly fear when the entire thing blows over in the next bubble.

I think when the crypto-market collapses and everything gets wiped out, I'm gonna stay home for a couple months and minimize my time outdoors.

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A fool and his gold are soon parted.

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>doctor, lawyer, blah blah blah
>takes job at mcdonalds and "invests" in turtlecoin

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never forget! godspeed anon

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He's not going to do that. Read what he wrote. His goal is to be a "thug millionaire." That means he's going to be too greedy to pull out before it's too late.

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G-guys..? I checked the volume on coinmarketcap and there was an increase of about $50k in the daily volume (from 50k to 90-100k) OH GOD WHYYY

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I found a picture of him

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File: 99 KB, 634x835, 39AE6A0100000578-3869008-Russell_is_a_much_loved_colleague_at_McDonald_s_in_Northmead_as_-a-24_1477369497855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey there Johnny McTurtle, remember when you started working here 40 yrs ago? What happened to that coin thing? Haha here's your cake big guy.

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>Oh boy this completely useless poocoin will make me rich I just know it

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jesus christ, this guy needs to be taught a lesson. sorry it has to be this brutal though.

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Delet this

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Seriously though

$50k at 1 sat and set sell at 2 sats

Eventually retards and bots will buy it and you have $100k

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How can it go under 1 sat? Literally impossible.

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I had a shitload of this coin at 1 sat, and dumped it all at 1 sat to invest in things with actual volume and price changes. There's no way I could have known a total retard was going to market buy months later.

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Doge and LTC market

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>a high school kid had 50k to invest
>meanwhile it took me a 24 year old guy an entire year to get 14k linkies
fuck this world

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What idiot parent gave him access to the $50k for his college fund???

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or it will be slowly delisted

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It already did

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I’m 29 and it took me a year to get to 12k so chill the fuck out bro

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Nice marketing stunt, but this is a boomer whale not a 17yo. As guarantee as bitcoin sv

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it was the last retail money crypto bubble.
The next bubble is going to be about smart contracts and it's going to be a true institutional money bubble.
Bitcoin has no story that makes it investable. You need a narrative that makes pension funds buy billions worth of staking tokens - 'earning staking income from the new decentralized smart contract economy'.

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Solid plan but I don't see how he gets away with it unless he leaves the country. He committed student loan fraud

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>he can't smell the REDDIT coming off of that LARP
It smells worse than any pajeet.

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this is what chainlink kids look like to normal early adopters btw

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unfortunately this.. People laugh at this poor guy for "investing" in turtle, while they themselves hold heavy bags of something that won't go anywhere.

Even if Crypto is gonna become mass adopted in the near future, there is a good chance that you have bought the wrong coin/token.
It's like predicting in 2000 that social media is gonna become huge, and you invest it all in Myspace.

The exception to this is obviously LINK, which has no potential, and is intrinsically valueless.

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So eth and link are the best choices for this?

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ITT low IQ mongs getting trolled

Now this is an actual real post

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