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WagyuLink Anon here. I’m yet another epicurean Link whale that some of you will recognize from previous threads. I eat luxurious Wagyu/Kobe beef every other day. Tonight savoring an A5 strip and a #7 American Wagyu strip and some korobuta pork chops. Anyway, I am a Link whale with some very interesting ties to the team and investors/contributors to the team. Coinbase will be using ChainLink soon (and Listing). Two other large companies whose name start with S are both in too.

If you need fine meat when you get LinkTaste in the future, I will teach you.

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Is one of them Salesforce?

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poo pee pee poo

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what defines a "link whale" these days?

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I have several million

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Chainlink is infested with larpers. Which is understandable since 80% of linklets are retarded kids.

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I have 72000 fucking link am I am whale

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If you're going to be such an insufferable snob about what you shove down your gullet, anon, at least know how to spell your overpriced garbage. It's pronounced/spelled kurobuta desu yo.

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why is link/eth dumping

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then, genuinely curious, from your perspective
is 220k 'enough?

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It’s not snobbery, it’s inarguably, objectively better.

Link/ETH is reflecting Eth’s price movement.

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I have 90k LINK and I also have diahrea

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Yes. You’ve made it, just get comfy and wait. I still buy more when it’s low though.

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what are your politics

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Libertarian/conservative leaning

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>4 hours to put a mother board inside a case and connect a PSU, RAM, CPU, Graphics card and a HDD then install an OS?
What a fucking retard. I was doing this shit from the age of 5 faster than that.

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How long have you been in crypto? Do you think the market as a whole has bottomed or do we still have another 6-12 months of bear?

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I’d say you’re a smaller player. Some people with money have been and are getting increasingly interested

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I’ve been in since 2010. If this isn’t the bottom, I think $800-$1200 will be; however, that won’t matter in the long run.

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That'll do

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why the fuck are you cooking A5 like that

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Because it tastes good.

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What is a good amount of Link for suicide insurance? Would 30K be enough?

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Timeline on Link?

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I can get behind this new LINK whale theme, good job anon.

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Rare or Medium Rare?

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Mainnet surprise soon (I was told) . Final product by EOQ1 ‘19

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explain to a brainlet because eth is mooning right now so if link/eth is reflecting eth shouldnt it be mooning as well?

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Price prediction for EOQ1 ‘19?

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that looks fucking delicious

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unless link is pumping too you will see red candles on the eth/link pair.

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I think EOQ2 will be >$1

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Many factors will play into this though.

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Agreed that it is better than almost anything else, but building an only persona around it is pure faggotry, just like being a real faggot: I don't give a fuck if some guy is gay, it's the people who build their whole personal around it that need to be gassed.

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No way testnet is out eoq1 2019. Even before Q3 is too early. LARP. Delicious tho

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online persona*

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Screen cap this, LVL 4 Wagyu Porterhouses, Mainnet Out Q1, final product. You think I eat $2000 of beef per month by not knowing shit? My beef costs more than your rent.

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Any chance you can tell us the two large companies involved and when the announcement?

so, one of them is docusign? The other is??

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That sounds very luxurious but unhealthy. Meat is a carcinogen, try to balance your diet wagyuanon.

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For real though if I see another crypto twitter faggot posting about raw meat like it's some fastpass to the man club....

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By the way, you have yet to tell us something that everybody already knows.

We know coinbase is coming. already announced. Not surprising that Coinbase will use Chainlink since they have a learn and then use program already announced.

One large company, docusign, meeting with sergey.

Would love to hear something that we don't know is coming. anything juicy?

by the way, i love these threads.

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Great looking Porterhouse...
What’s your price prediction for Q4’19/Q4’20?

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*By the way, you have yet to tell us something that everybody doesnt already knows. (edit)

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EOY19: $1-$2, EOY20: >$20

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He said mainnet release before end of Q1. Not happening. Even if they pulled it off it would take time to audit the code

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>We know coinbase is coming
??? Is this confirmed? Link tokens will be on coinbase?

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Is 100k enough?

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How many link should I hold minimum.. can only afford 13k linkies. Beef looks juicy

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Nice larp, mate!

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salesforce and swift dingus

Salesforce is attached to DocuSign through the use of their modern system of agreement, and swift was from the get go.

Also 50 linkies says op gets his money washed by a guido angel in panama.

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Audits are looking great (they’ve been doing internal audits since early 2018).

Salesforce and Sap will be using ChainLink upon release of Mainnet.

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Hmm...do you think link can hit triple digits in 2021?

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This made me lol. I dunno, I feel very comfy in my Link investment with what I know.

>> No.12216667

If there’s a crazy speculative rush, I suppose. Based on regular network use? No.

>> No.12216669

Alright, there's enough here to keep us tuned for a while. Within 4 months we'll know no mainnet.

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20 dollar link is only 7 billion marketcap though, surely it can go higher, especially for a project as important as link?

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>Salesforce and Sap will be using ChainLink upon release of Mainnet.

Could be a larp.. wouldn't there be problems releasing this info it it were to be true?

>> No.12216710

Wow everyone must've just missed it but where's the fucking proof you own several million?? Why should anyone give a shit what you have to say again

>> No.12216711

>mainnet q1
>SAP and Salesforce
Respect the big calls. Will be easy to verify.

>> No.12216812

SAP and Salesforce and we’re not even gonna hit >2 c’mon. ATH was damn near half that and that was all speculation

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I'm going to be cooking some wagyu for christmas. How do season waygo beef?

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WagyuLink Anon, I would love to share a fine steak with you in the future. I’m not asking for a steak handout, I’ll pay for my own steak. I would just enjoy eating steak with a connoisseur such as yourself and I’m willing to bet you’re pretty weird and we’d have some fun. Any plans to come to Nashville, TN in the near future?

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Sergey already stated offocial mainnet release was a few months away. EOQ1 '19 seems realistic.

>> No.12216882

got a whale discord to join?

>> No.12216883

Sergey never said this...this few months away nonsense was something that a larper said.

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bump for evidence of millions of links. and more info plz

>> No.12216983

I think he said it was months away which meant under 12.

>> No.12217029

Nice anon.

I recommend quick sear sea salt and finish with a dip into some Ponzu.


>> No.12217074

Thanks for the reply Wagu Anon. Do you know when Audits will be completed?

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OP what makes you a better richfag than uncle amexfag? You were in a thread with him recently

>> No.12217090

I think so too. Im expecting $20 in 2019. Not gonna take that much to get LINK there.

>> No.12217095

Can I have those bones? Asking for a dog.

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the absolute state of affirmative action

>> No.12217188

just buy as much as you can, if 16k is all you can afford then it is what it is. Wait for the next opportunity

>> No.12217195

>not using cast iron but still stovetop
i guess i'll allow it

>> No.12217207

Link hasn’t been $1 in over a year

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Its funny, I've only had kobe beef once from STK in Vegas. And then STK partners with Chainlink and here you are making these threads about kobe beef and chainlink.

My question to you is: have any of the larger parties had push back on link being a utility token? This is something I've tried to ask my VC friends who work in our parent crypto firm and they believe that using a utility token to run your network is a clear negative.

>> No.12217290

Hey all, theres gonna be a massive influx of capital coming into crypto 2019.

Right now, real estate is toppy and the stock market is toppy. Money likes to rotate into undervalued assets. Right now the only market that fits this description is crypto.

The last time we saw this was when the dotcom bubble popped. Money flew into real estate and we had a massive 7 year bull run.

2019 will put 2017 to shame. BTC ETH and LINK will lead this charge.

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“A number of months”

>> No.12217298

You ask this question frequently, I've noticed.

>> No.12217339

It's something that I can't personally see the negatives in. Yet, one guy I work for believes all utility tokens from 2017 are born to die.

But we know chainlink has been in development since 2013/2014, despite being tokenize in 2017. So I'm looking for other people's inputs, especially those who claim to be in the upper strata who might have insight

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Rate my Christmas prime rib
Nothing too fancy like OPs pic
But finished its 3rd day of dry salting yesterday
Now its peppered and aging slightly

>> No.12217463

>My beef costs more than your rent.
Fat chance, my landlord started charging $50 more since I got my dog, edging me past your fancy beef budget. Get on my level bitch.

>> No.12217504

Pretty disappointing larp. Most of op's info has already been larped about. No juicy leads or breadcrumbs.

>> No.12217518

They're internal audits. Who gives a shit.

>> No.12217526

You cook it afterwards?

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File: 3.16 MB, 700x718, 6D3E7547-5C82-46C8-AA63-4CFB8C1F561D.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Richard, stop lurking on 4chan. You’re a grown ma. With fine taste in cutlery. Just joshin ya. Please, keep the price suppresses a little longer so ya poors may accumulate a little moar.


>> No.12217568

>OP what makes you a better richfag than uncle amexfag?
Maybe the fact that uncle oldfag started threatening a mass shooting, so the jannies had to put him in timeout for a while.

>> No.12217592

n-no its uncooked atm
going to cook it for 10 hours @ 180

>> No.12217699

Even though this type of beef is relatively healthier than others, you ought to slow down your consumption a bit. You're going to be due for a cardiac bypass down the line - and increased risk for colorectal cancer as well as a decreased GFR of your kidneys.

t. cardiothoracic surgeon

>> No.12217744

>Don’t eat meat goy. What do you need all that protein for, lifting weights?!
>(((t. Cardiothoracic surgeon)))

>> No.12217759

OP, can you give me your used clothes and used shoes?

>> No.12217785


>> No.12217797

>EOY19: $1-$2, EOY20: >$20
I'm screencapping this. We have plenty of time to accumulate linkies.

>> No.12217800


No one wants to be told to change habits they've grown fond of. Patients only follow advice maybe 20% of the time until they actually have a heart attack or get a piece of lung or colon resected. The shitty thing about cancer though is it almost always comes back.

Just thought I'd offer some advice in exchange for his.

>> No.12217822

Just to tell you, my gf is vegetarian and I really love meat, but will go lightly on that because of your advice.


>> No.12217830


every weekend i eat boar head cold cuts like turkey or chicken grilled, is this bad? i stay away from red meats, and try to restrict fried foods.

thanks doctoranon

>> No.12217837


Just RED meat is the issue really. Go nuts on the other stuff - just don't burn it.

>> No.12217864 [DELETED] 

If you have some old used cellphones, used clothes or shoes I would like to receive them, I pay the shipping costs and the reshipper so you wont have any your on the process.

>> No.12217872

any reason to believe that they will launch the mainnet candidate rep/aggregation contracts on a public testnet?

>> No.12217907

also, here is a tip, eat craploads of resveratrol (you should be doing this anyway) to totally negate the effects of red meat intake on gut TMAO production and therefore carcinogenicity.

AMPK/MTOR modulation is your best bet to make it to the *other* singularity.

t. >250k

>> No.12217939

Seriously. This guy will be rich but die of heart disease or cancer. At least his kids will be rich I guess.

>> No.12217940

The last time a food fag p&d'd on biz, it was DBC. Get ready for the exit pump.

>> No.12217942

Jannie get this filthy fucking begger out of here

>> No.12217966

Well, I just asked.

But no problem, if I get banned I wont die anyway, but I'll report link so bad to SEC and others law enforcement agencies that your ass gonna be linked too :)

>> No.12218000

Pls someone respond is 50k enough to have a middle class life in virginia

>> No.12218066

How else would they do it? It’s logical progression.

>> No.12218068

50k LINK is more than enough

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File: 18 KB, 407x407, SH932tEG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you Tom Gonser?

>> No.12218141

SEC don't let people into the reporting office without shoes

>> No.12218167

There is no shoes needed to online report :)

>> No.12218294

Wasn’t a larp I was there

>> No.12218300

Hey, anon. I bought a bone in prime rib roast today. it's a christmas eve tradition for the lady and i, for a third year running (and the first in my new house). it will have a garlic, horseradish crust and ill whip up a horseradish mouse to have with it. have a merry christmas.

>> No.12218392

Larp gay just sold 100k

>> No.12218504

resveratrol consumed orally has little to no effect

>> No.12218633

Dbc food anon ate garbage

>> No.12218660

>wearing shoes

>> No.12218682

Looks good anon. I would eat it almost raw.

>> No.12218756

based wolpert

>> No.12218975

I said that about your moms asshole last night

>> No.12219164

it has an effect on the amino acid metabolism of your microbiome, for which it is not required to be absorbed.

>> No.12219323

OP may like wagyu but has zero idea on how to prepare it. YOU DONT FUCKING PAN SAUTÉ THAT. TOTAL ROOKIE DUMBASS MOVE.

Only 1 way. High heat open flame grill
Clarified butter dipped and grilled.


Also your larp was all thing we’ve already known.
Try harder fuckface

>> No.12219352

How does that compare with walmart steak paired with Peter Vella boxed wine?

>> No.12219362

This. If there is a bull run it will be triggered by a financial crisis and people throwing money in safer and better performing assets like Bitcoin.

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File: 1.87 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20181224_181926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am boiled rice anon. Ask me anything about cooking rice in an undersized pot

>> No.12219499

stop it Dick

>> No.12219555

BTC will be triple digits by summer 2019 and will stay there for longer than most think. Whether you agree with me or not on this assumption, play along like you agree. If this becomes a reality how do you see this scenario effecting link and it's prospects. I hold 1m+ link and plan on increasing my stack each month until I double or triple my current position, but curious to know your thoughts.

>> No.12219594

>longer than most think
i concur
somehow there's gotta be that "2014 BTC is really dead" capitulation before this bear market is over
people are still optimistic that they can at least get their money back right now

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File: 157 KB, 1838x2048, CgyjJi3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Meat is a carcinogen

>> No.12219746

That rice doesn’t even look washed...

>> No.12219815

Carbon steel is objectively better if you have a decent stove.

>> No.12219911

Not when tokens are locked up in nodes

>> No.12220315

Leaving few liquid and high demand...

>> No.12220343

this. LINK will never be worth more than $10

>> No.12220360

retard. In that study they fed rats absurdly large portions of certain compounds found in burnt meat. If you don't burn the shit out of your meat it's fine , and probably even if it is burnt too as long as it's not too frequent

>> No.12220379

refined sugar's/fructose is doing the real damage, red meat is perfectly healthy unless its from a really bad source

>> No.12220385

humans have been eating red meat for like 1000's of years why is it now "bad for you" thanks but no thanks i'll stick to my unrpocessed red meats and chicken ty

>> No.12220435

Human had an average lifespan of 20 years for 1000's of years.

>> No.12220473

averages are misleading , lots of deaths from child birth / survival rates of the less capable, children, conflict generally so on

>> No.12220622


>> No.12220627

>Typical raw carnivore brainfog manifested

>> No.12220636

you overcooked it, brainlet

>> No.12220646

your vegan propaganda has no power here

>> No.12220716

invest in a rice cooker they cost $15 max and cook perfectly steamed rice everytime

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File: 2.01 MB, 4032x3024, B5B1CBC9-3D51-41E3-B7D0-D6D3A7D6B98F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Link will be able to move more and more independently of BTC as time proceeds.

>> No.12221280
File: 2.15 MB, 4032x3024, B878849F-F2BE-4651-B1FA-7CA62BE9D14F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He tries to get Linkies to cough up their small bags every time the price drops and I think that’s fucked up. I have a lot and can continue to accumulate without trying to affect the price on biz. When I engaged him, I just was trying to point out that he looked like a dumbass.

Salesforce is in
SAP is in
Coinbase will be USING ChainLink upon Mainnet release (or shortly thereafter).

Some of the biggest players involved with Hyperledger (including all of the “test run” consulting companies) have been made aware of ChainLink in the past couple months. It’s all exciting. I’ve never felt more confident.

>> No.12221290

Absolutely disgusting. How the fuck do people eat raw meat like this? What a waste.

>> No.12221320

I don't like raw meat but this fucker is making me angry

>> No.12221365

You're a retard if you believe that

>> No.12221366

Can I eat chicken everyday and be fine?

>> No.12221410

I want to be the MeatPurveyor for future Link Millionaires. I will have a celebratory feast for Linkies that can prove they’ve been holding since 2017.

I’ve been cooking a ridiculous amount of high quality beef. Aluminum is my favorite cooking pan for my personal taste. I use caste iron occasionally. I’ve tried the ceramic meme (not great for meat) and various other metals. I think a friend is giving me a copper pan for Christmas which I’m excited to experiment with. But people that are upset about any of my methods: this is an experiment for me. I’m genuinely trying to accomplish, objectively speaking, the “perfect steak” with other perfect beef pairings.

>> No.12221413

If you say that all these big players will be using link, how come then do you say that the price will only reach 1-2$ by 2019? I just have 20k and I'm hoping I can retire my dad with them. Good meat too

>> No.12221427

Actually looks really good. Would be interested in how it turns out. Maybe we should make a BiznessMan Christmas Dinner thread tomorrow (I’m making a prime rib too)

>> No.12221432

Why the fuck did I even bother to buy

Even if Link's price would somehow reach even $5, it would mean 3rd place in the whole Crypto Market. 3rd fucking place, it would show unbelivable rocketing from the current rank #45, boasting hundreds of partnerships and Ethereum-tier hype for project and only then it would only barely reach that $5 dollars in price

This fucking shit token has no future for normal poorfags like us, only people like this guy will make it
>>12216020 #
>>12215971 #

Chainlink was never meant for poorfags like you and me, even when bought at ico prices you would have had to invest like 60k USD to actually make it.

We were never meant to make it, the dream is over. Even $5 dollars a link is pushing it beyond your wildest dreams. Just fucking kill me. Poorfags like us were never meant to make it

>> No.12221447
File: 98 KB, 785x827, 1541680076321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

N-n-nice FUD

>> No.12221462

>clarified butter
It's called ghee, white pig devil sirs

>> No.12221464


>> No.12221469

Buddy it's 2018. It's not chainlink's fault you're a late adopter.
You should be down on your knees praising Sergey if you come out of this garbage market without losing your ass.

>> No.12221477

>not vegetarian master race

>> No.12221482


Here's what I do:

Ribeye, salt rub, wrap in paper towels, let salt draw water out, let meat draw salt in, let sit for 2h hours in fridge, let steak sit out til room temp, wash outside salt off steak, pat dry with paper towel, sear both sides of steak on high in pan, throw tablespoon of butter on it, cook rare.

Sear traps juices, butter adds nutty flavor, steak = delicious.

>t. Poorfag chemist

Will try ponzu, sounds amazing

>> No.12221485

Because I think there’s going to be a bit of an “adjustment phase” followed by fast, exponential adoption and exposure. Price is hard to predict for something like Link. This thing is going to be valuable.

>> No.12221492



24 hours

>> No.12221493
File: 264 KB, 1455x1840, IMG_20181224_121032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been holding since 2017.
I consider myself a fine meat enthusiast as well. (My family is one of the most successful cattle farming families in Australia).
Looking forward to trying some anon.

>> No.12221500

Yeah this sounds reasonable even tho I have to say 1-2$ is a bit of a low estimate

>> No.12221501

Good Lord Brenda, relax. We all gonna make it if you are patient.

>> No.12221505

Sounds good. I’m much more of a strip/porterhouse fan than ribeye, but I bet that’s tasty.

You ever experiment with making different kinds of butter: garlic, herbal, citrus, etc?

>> No.12221509

Thank you wagyuanon l. I honestly don't even care for materialistic things I just want my dad to stop working. Hopefully we all make it soon

>> No.12221510 [DELETED] 

Trustlessness is an utter meme, it doesn't exist. Technology merely allows you to outsource trust away from humans to machines but you can't delete it from reality. You're utterly delusional if you think there's such a thing as trustlessness.Link has absolutely no real usecase if it's only pos is decentralization.

>> No.12221532

Fuck you I just realized that's pasta

>> No.12221550

Wow, that’s awesome. Have any pics of the Bovine Frens?

>> No.12221565


If link hit $5 or more, the whole crypto market could likely be back around 1 trillion marketcap. Who knows what place it will be in when you cant predict the o stall marketcap of crypto.

>> No.12221568

I'm sick of this market cap meme.
>print 1 billion erc20 shittokens
>sell one of them to your brother for $10 USD
>congradulations you now have a marketcap of 10 billion dollars and you are a multi billionaire
Crypto market caps are the biggest meme in the space. They mean jack shit. What is the market cap for USD in any other foreign currency?

>> No.12221619

I’m most excited about this response. Hope to see pics of this tomorrow.

>> No.12221622

Not on this phone, but I have some on my computer and might post them later.
My grandfather is all over Google in pics but I'm not going to post any of them for obvious reasons.

>> No.12221627

>I found an obscure edge case
>this discredits the whole concept

>> No.12221714

sitting on 11k...aiming to buy 500/d til I reach 25k, sound good? Could buy 200k right now, but trying to DCA into this, BTC and ETH simultaneously

>> No.12221728

It does

>> No.12221736

Enjoy being poor

>> No.12221767

irrelevant, most of the mcap outside top few coins is bullshit alts or just old coins that refuse to die. Doge? BTCG? It's a joke.

>> No.12221778


>> No.12221805

What do you think LINK will top out at?

>> No.12221817

I'm probably richer than you faggot

>> No.12221860

some of that meat looks fucking raw m8. you might want to consider water fasting sometime.

>> No.12221918

Raw meat is best meat

>> No.12221939

Exactly this. If chainlink follows ethereums price movements from the current market cap we will hit $1k easy. Chainlinks staking feature is the most important feature for price gain. Low supply high demand. Full network usage on 19k nodes operating with zero downtime will bring us to $20 without speculation. The staking mechanism will bring us to 1.5k without a speculative bubble when it reaches adoption for large financial contracts. The market cap of link will have to be that high to facilitate the staking requirements for the potentially trillions of dollars in derivatives, bank payments, and the api economy.

>> No.12221952

t. dirty eurofag with hundreds of parasites infecting intestines and other various bodyparts.

>> No.12221992

But it's fine for the Japs to eat raw sashimi and basashi though because they miraculously don't get parasites. Hmmmm

>> No.12222044
File: 37 KB, 480x465, 1532343532974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im posting on a Mongolian basket weaving forum on Christmas day, in a foreign country, 20km outside the city, with no food or anything available and I can't even go out because Ive thrown my back out. 2018 has been the worst year for me.

>> No.12222057

I agree with you, in general. However -

Adoption of the Chainlink network by these very very high value markets such as derivatives will not happen any time soon. They will use private chains probably for all of 2019. If the “literal who” startups which have announced partnerships with link, such as Market Protocol, are successful, then everyone else will have to follow their lead or will be undercut by them. I don’t know how long this will take though...

>> No.12222069

Why do you think there will be an “adjustment phase”? And what exactly do you mean by that?

How old are you?

Will you come to the LINK yacht party?

>> No.12222220
File: 180 KB, 726x1007, 9D4EA89C-E457-4962-929A-EE219CB40F2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Biz is having data collected through it BTW anons.

I’m getting fed ads about beef everywhere now. Time to go back to using a VPN constantly.

>> No.12222236

Just the nature of new tech

>> No.12222252
File: 156 KB, 1224x1632, 1536522065897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>american wagyu beef

>> No.12222311


Yes. I don't know everyone is arguing about meat being carcinogenic now. I explicitly said that eating excessive amounts of red meat was bad.

The primary concern is the influence it has on the development of coronary artery disease. And whether it's burnt or not it also can lead to colorectal cancers. I often see patients who eat an excess amount of red meat have absolutely terrible GFR ( kidney function ).

Chicken is FINE. I'm not advocating veganism - and I'm not saying you need to stop eating red meat all together - just practice a bit of moderation. Eating even the higher quality types of red meat every day, or every other day will substantially increase your risk of coronary artery disease, and to a lesser but still significant extent, colorectal cancer.

So please, enjoy your holiday - have a delicious steak with your family. Just don't do it every day.

>> No.12222325

Do you really think a bullrun will happen before a bitcoin halving? Historically, bullruns only occured a year after bitcoin halved.

>> No.12222336

...Wouldn't this drive up the price of each link token?

>> No.12222377

>eating excessive amounts of red meat was bad.
>the influence it has on the development of coronary artery disease

>> No.12222439

There isn't a single study confirming this, every single one has been disproved

>> No.12222451

If you're not a larp you've got more money than intelligence, season that pan man... Bless Sergey tho

>> No.12222575

If the bullrun is to happen before the halvening it will have to be sparked by something. This is a real catalyst for a Bitcoin surge, if it happens. The top 5% holding all the stocks have to dump them for something else and if a tiny % goes into crypto we will all get rich.

>> No.12222665

Your mom still live in a tent

>> No.12222765

OP has no breadcrumbs no source for anything that he is saying. He's probably a whale, but isn't convincing like drunkanon. Larp.

>> No.12222780


>> No.12222784

Please can I come to your celebratory feast even though I only bought LINK in January 2018? I've been accumulating all year

>> No.12223406

what do you use to store several million LINK?? ledger?

>> No.12223509

Your mother's loose butthole.

>> No.12223623
File: 2.08 MB, 4032x3024, 58B61A43-5A26-469F-A0D7-06FB86F82042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea, you can. I assume not many people will actually attend, but I’ve got 6 people I know that are definitely coming. Hoping to get at least 20. I want to make it worth everyone’s time and for it to be the best steak each attendee has ever eaten (I want to start a small, exclusive restaurant, so I want to get feedback from people...plus it will be fun and enjoyable for everyone I hope.)

>> No.12223653

I think more people will show than you think. I think we're low-key a big community.
What's with the delay with the consensus and aggregation tasks?

>> No.12223676

pls post on the discord when it's time

>> No.12223685

Based wagyu anon, i would like to attend. I was in the last block accepted into the ico and have saved, traded, and dca'd my way up to a total of 42k link... well within the top 1000 wallets. Will i make it?

>> No.12223693

Other than link are there other coins/tokens you’re looking closely at/holding?

>> No.12223802

Any twinks coming?

>> No.12223831



Answer my question you rich, good eatin bastard.

>> No.12223912

If LINK reaches $5 I will invite myself to your dinner. Hell, I'll even pay for everyone's Wagyu.

Please don't live in Trump's America. I don't like being hassled by niglette TSA.

>> No.12224009

Grill open flame. What's this shit about copper pan, steel pan cast iron?
That's ruining the steak first to make it better later? Or what exactly is the point?

>> No.12224010
File: 39 KB, 940x488, 0-aggretsukojpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

almost all of the top ten cmc coins got there on hype alone with nothing of substance. surely chainlink with a functional mainnet and actual customers would out perform them all?

>> No.12224098

>American wagyu

>> No.12224259
File: 9 KB, 480x360, resitas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>American wagyu

>> No.12224325
File: 139 KB, 736x981, 1529792363418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shits good but cant afford to eat that every day. costs like 350Link/KG

>> No.12224355
File: 546 KB, 750x884, A4EBF8F4-1764-40DC-8718-AD0D08CF5EDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Have a couple on the house. I doubt even stastically significant data will change your mind though. Cognitive dissonance runs rampant when trying to change people’s bad habits. Most physicians become callous assholes because most patients just don’t listen. They google a sundry list of blogs or flawed studies and continue their self destructive lifestyles.

>> No.12224360 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 323x156, 1543350609922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I sell

>> No.12224370

Im talking about the legit kobe, dunno about the inseminated holstein dairy cow shit.

>> No.12225253

I can prove I've held since 2017. I'd love to come for some juicy steak and make new frens

>> No.12225604

ICO buyer here. 6 figure stack. Northeast USA. Would like to attend your meatfest and will be on the lookout for a discord link or something when we moon.

>> No.12225877

So how is reputation gonna be handled at mainnet? I don't see that getting done by Q1 2019 unless they're working on it in private or a 3rd party is working on it.

>> No.12226651


Is one of these your family?

>> No.12226887

>You think I eat $2000 of beef per month by not knowing shit?
Dude... Isn't it a bit obvious that (have a) (((you))) are seriously retarded?

>> No.12226901

if chainlink gets near 1$ at end of this year there will be a massive rally around it because of fomo in this board lmao
ETH has definitely left some scars around here

>> No.12226966

>grandfather all over google
inb4 he's a kidman

>> No.12227058
File: 289 KB, 2001x1125, 8B53C4F8-0B24-4FF4-AF6D-B229FDDAA295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Copper over aluminum. Your friend is looking out for you, Wagunon.

Also ever notice how price action is fractal in nature?
>pic related

>beware the Killer Wale who leaches linkies from poors everytime price takes a dip
this Rich’ has Heart, lads. Take his posts in kind.

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