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>muh an employee at docusign invested in LINK

who gives a shit, no one even uses docusign. it's a literal who company. it's like saying wojak works at McDonalds and bought Ripple so therefore McDonalds is partnered with Ripple.

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Dumbass Alert

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i actually use docusign on a daily basis for work lmfao, thats how stay at home workers sign shit dumbass

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explain how that invalidates the latter part of my post you fucking idiot

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im very comfy work at home + plus own link...nothing can come this close to comfy except already being rich, any contract i sign for work is docusign

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I just used Docusign for my entire mortgage process.

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docusigned has overcome the hurdle of making digital signatures so they know a ghing or two about legally. They are going to help chainlink navigate those hurdles and do it faster because they already know what needs to be done, called experience. actually if you have enough IQ points (which you dont) docusign needs chainlink to be succesful in the future. Thats the only way they can scale, "not only can we do digital signatures but now also digital contracts" docusign and chainlink are literally smashing cheeks with each other in bed right now, they both need each other and they are gunna get filthy rich from it

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Can you please just stop OP, you've been fudding link for months in a pathetic attempt to suppress the price and your material is such low quality now that you might be hurting yourself by writing it.

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so because a random employee at Docusign invests with Link, that means Docusign and Link have a business deal? are you retarded?

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Retard. I work in contracts and we use docusign all the fucking time as does anyone else in the industry

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Tom gosner is co founder of docusign, hes not a random employee, he actually just bought a 13 million dollar house. Honestly dude i dont even know why you fud the way you do because youre making me point out facts making it easier for noobs to know about link. you are honestly so low IQ youre like a crab in the sea

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> literal who
> 6 billion dollar company

pick one

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His reverse fud game is strong. 7d chess to get newfags to buy in.

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then why doesn't docusign as an entity form a business deal with Link? why is it Tom doing it independently? are you even listening to yourself?

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I work in enterprise software sales and every company I've worked for in the past 10 years uses docusign

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oh damn you got me alright its over guys time to pack it in lets go

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Welcome back Kurt. We didn't miss you.

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no we didnt

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>ha ha ha le nice bait

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I applied for a car loan, had to use docusign.
Got denied though kek

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Community college is on holiday break.

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Who the fuck is Kurt.

Actually, I don’t care.

This board is populated by gossipy children.

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His name is Rebecca and she's a nice lady.

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Every bank loan i ever took including my mortgage i signed using docusign. Dumbshit.

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Are you real or a faggot? Well, either way you're a faggot I don't know why I ask

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why cant you docusign shills reconcile this simple question? >>12207066

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>look mommy I found the one question I didn't get utterly, irreparably BTFO on, so I will ask it ad infinitum

who says they haven't? Who says they aren't going to? And above all, why does it matter? What does a "business deal" consist of? Using the decentralized protocol doesn't require a formal agreement. Shitcoin projects do it for publicity.

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because chainlink is not ready at the moment and he doesn't want to pump and dump the coin and possibly damage his and Docusigns reputation, he also might want to avoid possible SEC trouble by hyping things up too much.

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doesn't sound very promising

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Because the shit that sounds promising to you is scammy pump and dumps that partner with McDonalds and IBM. This is a real project kiddo

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ah, real projects are partnered with other verified scam coins. thanks for clarifying.

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>so because a random employee at Docusign invests with Link, that means Docusign and Link have a business deal?

worked for vechain

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I see you are a bizlet who needs spoon feeding.

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I don't know who started this trend (Tron? the Ethereum alliance?) but it's extremely cringe inducing when people talk about "partnering" with a blockchain, as if that were a thing.

I think part of the drive for these amalgams is the desire to get some sort of authority or respectability. I think some people might be doing this simply because their others customers / partners are stuck in a permissioned mindset, I get it. However, at the end of the day, passing the buck like this perpetuates harmful misunderstanding about the nature of these networks.

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Literally just filed an ATF Form 4 online with Docusign.

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>Leader in the tech industry

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Tom quit docusign and is a venture capitalist now. He did this to invest in LINK. (no conflict of interests)

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> wearing pants

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ZOG is coming for that booty, hillbilly.

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This is really bad fud. Please pick up your game OP, I am keen to pick up some more cheap.

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anon, this is huge

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So sick of these shill threads posing as fud threads.

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In a few years you will deny those fuckers bro.
I got debt free in 2015 and since then I deny all the fu kers that try to lure me into credit. And it feels fucking good.
I listen ro them, ask details bla bla and at the end I refuse b/c it't too expensive kek

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Makes sense that kommodore is a pedo apologist. The guy's a fucking faggot.

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Is this discord? It's a fucking CHAT ROOM wher everyone is a fucking namefag who even have fucking avatar pictures. It is literally less anonymous than plebbit. How the fuck can anyone use discord and not kys.

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Imagine being this much of a retard

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By partnering with chainlink they get free links to use the network...those links will be redistributed to node operators

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OP is always and forevermore a FAGGOT

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Tom Gonser
- co founded docusign, original idea guy but was put on the sidelines, wasn't the ceo that brought it to success, isn't a major shareholder (sold low), no more ties to docusign and is leaving the board this month
- now run his lame investment company, where he worked as an advisor for a scam ico (shopin), already lost a lot of the money he got from the docusign buy off, and showed he was a poor judge of character who doesn't understand business or blockchain

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You're a dense brainlet if you actually believe he doesn't still have ties/connections at DocuSign and doesn't know what's coming down the pipeline for them

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Not true. Every lease ive signed has been through Docusign

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EPITECH uses docusign

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>Pajeet here
All pajeets on h1b use DocuSign when processing papers that's at least 20M/yr manoj

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Even if Gonser has zero ties at DocuSign it's incredibly bullish that this guy thinks highly of Sergey's start up idea. He doesn't understand blockchain or smart contracts but he does understand monetizing new tech to create and dominate niche markets.

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Gonser understands smart contracts. He clearly stated his vision several years ago that he sees Docusign going on to automate the entire contract execution process and that smart contracts will be a game changer in that regard. I bet they envisioned the 4th industrial revolution years before you did, bucko

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self check
LINK pays my car note Q2 2019!

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you can try
I guess Silencer Shop was using it, but the ATF is accepting it. Unironically bullish.

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>link has been obsessively discussed daily on biz since oct 2017.
>yeah, must be a scam.
>doesn't look like anything to me.

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this is possibly a $1B+ partnership
your a fool if your not buying right now

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