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he told the fed not to do it. so is it really his fault

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He didn't specify president of what.

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>Powell actually trying to stop this shitstorm that was started by Yellen
>Trump wants to fire him


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>*canned claps*

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based and redpilled

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The mental gymnastics that trumptards do to justify what their master is doing are getting ridiculous.

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lol get rekt boomer

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>crashing the economy to save the economy

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Does that guy really have (partly) Jewish blood? Can't really detect any Jew feature of him in that photo.

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Wait is that attached earlobes? I guess that's one sign... not much though...

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they've reached peak cognitive dissonance

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go back to leftypol and vote for sanders and his economic illiteracy or even better go to venezuela or other socialist country i will meanwhile get rich in the evil capitalist society

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>if you don't like drumpf you must be commie and hate capitalism XD
Fucking kill yourself braindead contrarian retard.

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>Think trump is a legitimate retard
>'Wow fuck off you dirty commie'
The cult of personality is real

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COPE more NPCs

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so? i would vote for anyone who fight againts today globalist and degeneracy show me some other Nationalist and i may consider that i would vote for him instead

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But people didn't care then so why would they care now?

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Nationalism is communism retard, in a free market you have to compete against everyone and offer a better, cheaper product than your competition, you don't get politicians to protect your snowflake ass in a true free market capitalist economy.

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>fake tweet
>(((snopes))) won't admit it, says it's authenticity is "unproven"

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You'd be getting richer if it weren't for Trump's economic illiteracy around trade.

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No, but I heard his uncle has the gamer gene

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Imagine, being so stupid that you're unironically a leftist and let trump live in your head rent free, all day, and have to resort to brigading a cigar afficanido SharePoint page

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Those poor trannies and brown people! Literally Hitler!

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related: >>12200380

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>Nationalism is communism

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i was liberterian once too then the modern leftistm happened

and that let me realize how much they hate white people and why i need others who share interrests for freedom
so no i will care for people who do not have mental capacity to stand against the world as long as they are in my tribe i will care
i´m wiling to take responosbily for my life i never wanted that goverment care of me or tell me what to do
but the problem is that there is not simply enough of us so we will be overrun by leftist who hate us and want to take freedom from us

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this is what peak retardation looks like

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Trump is a commie

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This thread should be moved to pol

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>having to explain the term

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Are you kidding? He looks like a fucking inbred rat. Zero Chadliness, candidate for delousing confirmed

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fake tweet retards

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The damage has already been done. Now the fed has to roll off trillions off their balance sheet and a $200B rolloff is equivalent to a 0.25% hike. We are rolling off $600B next year and guiding for 2 rate hikes which is effectively pushing short/intermediate term rates up by another 1.25% at the least. Now long term rates are still low, but thats only because long term treasuries were a safehaven in the last global crisis.

Now that most economies are in a bear market, investors are flooding into 30Y treasuries, supressing the yields. This is why the yield curve is inverting. Once investors realize the scope of the US government deficit, 30Y rates will shoot to 4-5% as they should be right now. The only thing the Fed can do to prevent this is more monetization of risk assets (effectively buying peoples bags), or lowering rates although if we went to 0% again, thats not solving the feedback loop we seem to be stuck in.

We've been trying to push back a depression since Greenspan, and unironically the only way out is to cut boomer entitlements and import more immigrants to offset the effect of less fiscal stimulus. The problem is that boomers will always want their gibs and this will only compound the debt situation were in.

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The interest rates should have been raised to normal back in 2015 before the stock markets and housing became such a bubble. The fed allowed the stock market to get out of control which is why we see such a large drop right now.

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Trumplets on suicide watch.

This fucking idiot can't even build a wall and now he's destroying the economy because "I WANT IT PAY ATTENTION TO ME" & "TRADE WARS ARE GOOD AND EASY TO WIN"

Fuck all you idiots who voted for this retard and put us in this situation.

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>mfw my bond ETFs were doing fine
>mfw I sold them and used the money to buy growth ETFs
>mfw I'm loving this crash
>mfw diversification helps you buy the dip

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The nation is fine right now, shut up.

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