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i'm legitimately starting to get scared

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Staged shooting will occur

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scared of what? being rich?

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it's all true

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Link now

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I'm legitimately starting to get sacred.
There is a vishnu living in the blockchain.

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its fake. do know how you can tell? there arent any typos

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what will i do with all the money?

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How can it be underrated you massive faggot no one else has had a chance to post. Fucks sake

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Literally who

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Rory posted it in telegram faggos

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>mmuh smart contracts

who cares anymore

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Hello / Biz /. You do not need to know who I am and I am not important. I am very average, although since a few years back I had frequent vivid dreams which are true.
These dreams are not like the dreams of conservative predictions, which you can think of when you dream of predictions. They are not the end of the world's scenarios, but usually only personal related disclosures. Sometimes I ignored my dream of a dream. For example, a dream I did not know to trade day and just to deposit. As you can expect, I lost huge piles of coins after ignoring it and thinking that I can make a profit.

I'm not a big linker. I have often thought that an ERC 20 token can not be so valuable, that the link is dependent on ETH and so on, though I organized anything.

Now, I recently had a dream about the link. Do you want to know what the link is going to happen? Essentially, a lot. very. As, Lars are really real (in the distant future, not EOE). Just like buying a few hundred dollars in BTC, you are set for a lifetime, if you invest now, you will not have to work. I do not know why this is so much value, but I will not ignore this dream. It seems that Sergey is leading this project even before the time. He is not only a hobby project, he was selected specifically to do so. This is a deliberately less important project, which has the potential cost of trillions in the market. In fact, on the basis of coincidence, memes appear on the scar, even if

So what should you do? If you have a link, then not necessarily anything. You may also stop stopping, because the possibility of not being "sufficient to make it" to pass this scenario will be ineffective. My theory (this is not supported by the dream) Are you looking at an emerging protocol here, perhaps in the sense that the Internet is going to be used in some years? I'm not a tech lover, but imagine the monopoly on one millionth of all internet traffic.

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how big is this?

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is it fake or not?

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Not nearly as big as some of these credulous cultists are implying.
Tom is no longer with DocuSign, so we won't be getting that announcement. It will be an interesting and more dynamic talk than usual and will give us some good new info. That's about it.
Don't be deluded

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dumb fuck use google, its not fake rajeet

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Come on anon its not that hard

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Reminder that $1000/LINK is more than just a possiblity - it's a low estimate.

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how much longer

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Source for tom not being in docusign?

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I rate this thread 1/1

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He's literally not with the company anymore. He's on the board, but left to start this venture capital group.
Make no mistake, he's a smart dude who seems to grasp what smartco tracts will do for the world. It is a good thing that someone with his clout is talking with Sergey. But no, there will be no partnership announcement -- though integration might be alluded to.

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Wrong. Still at DocuSign.


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nigga you think the founder of Docusign has no contact into Docusign? he's most likely friends with the current CEO

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Eoy 2018 :)

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Based and schlop-pilled

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Ya, he's on the board. They throw him something like 20k a year to occasionally vote on things. He might not even do that, depending on if his board seat is related to the amount of stock he holds. Do I really need to.explain to you idiotic zoomers the difference between being on a board and being in the office? He is no longer legally an employee.
Sorry if this gets in the way of yet another set of false hopes. Eager to swing trade all your pitiably earnest emotions yet again.

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see >>12202457
and stop fuming so much you dumbbell

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You got one less 4 than me so your opinion is invalid.
Saying that this event =/= a docusign partnership is obvious. Gonser is not an employee. It will not be announced at this event.
As I mentioned in my first post, Gonser's clout and connections are great. But stop deluding yourself.

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He still works with Docusign, just not as the CEO. He’s on the board. That means he still has influence over the direction and decisions Docusign makes.

There must be a A LOT of newlinkers here for such ignorance. Hey newlinkers, check out this interview with Gonser from 2017. He is clearly talking about the oracle problem here without mentioning chainlink directly: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.geekwire.com/2017/docusign-founder-tom-gonser-future-digital-identity-potential-ipo-seattle-vs-san-francisco/amp/
>You’ll see contracts get smarter and smarter and smarter, and be able to do things more and more autonomously. That’s a humongous opportunity. Some of it is machine learning, and a lot of it is around data. In order for a contract to be smart, it has to get data from the outside world. It can get that from people when they fill out forms, but if you think about contracts becoming truly smart, there needs to be a way that it can get triggers from things to know that clauses need to be energized or payments need to be made, etc.

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Board members are usually not employees, though occasionally a CEO or the like will have a seat: https://careertrend.com/board-directors-considered-employees-16737.html
Board members are also occasionally empty positions based on the amount of stock someone holds. Sometimes CEOs who step down also announce that they will be joining the board, and then leave after investors have been placated. This appears to be the case with Gonser, who is leaving the board next year:

This does not mean that he does not have clout. This does not mean that Link/DocuSign speculation is invalid. This does not mean that the event won't be good for Chainlink.

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Who here is gonna liquidate all their link as soon as it hits 1 dollar?

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>This does not mean that he does not have clout. This does not mean that Link/DocuSign speculation is invalid. This does not mean that the event won't be good for Chainlink.

Exactly. It’s all about the little circle of people that know and work together that all have the same vision about the future of technology.
I would be interested to know what Gonser is going to be doing in future and whether he will be investing in or building businesses using smart contracts?

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Too early, too cheap. Enjoy your suicide

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I don't understand what you're so mad about. You're being irrational.

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Exactly. If I were there I'd find a roundabout way to ask him what projects he's investing in -- 'what companies in the smartcontract space most excite you?' Sergey's "we believe you" comments at the NYC talk indicate that there's a number paradigm-shifting startups already making progress on building the smartcontract future. Hearing about some of them and researching the teams behind them will be great.

Delusion and herd mentality annoys me. People trying to talk themselves into thinking this event means the announcement of a DocuSign partnership is dumb, and I'm going to call it dumb no matter how many people are doing it.

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There will be no partnership announcement though. Don’t get excited about it.

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nobody ITT has said anything about expecting an announcement. you're just looking for reasons to get mad and inventing shit in your head to get mad at.

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Madness is a jewish construct aimed at reeeeemoving shekels from your pocket. Do not give in to your base emotions. You rage, they win.

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First thing i checked for

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Not in this thread, no:
The other thread also had the usual, all-caps "MAINNET ANNOUNCEMENT" speculation.

What usually happens with events is that the community riles itself up, gets caught up in hopium for a big reveal, and then everyone dumps on the nothingburger. It's clockwork.

All I'm doing is trying to talk people out of a predictable and sad pattern.

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To go. Or spend the flight/food money on buying more Link. I hate these catch 22s

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>thinking anyone takes advice from biz
nigga just stfu and post your rare sergeys

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this is literally like all those people who said that 0x would not be added to coinbase even though anyone with half a brain could see it a mile away. this is a bit bigger though, the nostalgia of coins being added to shitbase has worn off, this is new, and much more important, and is only the tip of the iceberg.

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> THIS event is different!
Maybe. But likely not.

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the board is more senior than the executives, the executives have to answer to the board. being on boards of directors is the pinnacle of the corporate business world

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You guys are totally missing the point. Whether or not Docusign moves towards integrating smart contracts and oracles and so on in partnership with chainlink isn’t what’s important here (and definitely wouldn’t be announced and there is no reason to think so based on this event). What’s important is that a forward thinking visionary who has been extremely successful in the past sees the importance of Chainlink and is supporting it. Gonser is clearly someone who is interested in emerging technology and it’s very encouraging that he sees the potential of smart contracts and Chainlink. What’s important is that this demonstrates that Sergey is respected and has very interesting connections.

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Board members are not legally employees. They represent shareholder interests.
Moreover, even if we were to go with this asinine "board members are like CEOs with more power" theory, then it's not a good look that Gonser is leaving the board next year.
I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade. It will be a good and interesting meeting. But people are wildly overreacting.

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I've stated all of that in previous posts.

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There's a lot to get excited about. As you mentioned, Gonser has a lot of clout in the industry and docusign despite not being in it anymore. DocuSign and LINK are the perfect fit for each other too. DocuSign would help the link team tremendously in making smart contracts more compliant with international laws.
I think there's a lot to be excited about.

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Sorry my Lord, I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to reiterate the sentiments of previous posts. Please forgive me. What a transgression.

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We are all made of cheese.

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Everybody who calls in will be an autistic stinky


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Look at what he said in April 2017:

>GeekWire: What about payments? The company rolled out DocuSign Payments in October. How big can this get, especially when you combine it with what DocuSign is already doing with signatures?

>Gonser: “It’s a huge piece of smart contracts. Think about it just from an extension of the surface area where payments can happen. Today, if I’m a business, I can build a shopping cart system that takes credit cards. But then I’m dealing with the credit card data, PCI compliance and all that complexity, and that’s really the only place I can put it.
>There are so many contracts that contemplate reaching an agreement so that you’ll pay someone to do something. But the [signature] and payment have been two different things. Now you can merge those two together so that by filling out an agreement to have someone come mow your lawn, you are also going to be paid, and have that happen as part of the contract.

>There’s not only a speed and efficiency and a security benefit, but potentially there’s things that change the way businesses actually work. If you think about contracts getting smarter and smarter, some contracts say, “Hey, when we sign this agreement, you’ll owe us 10%. Then when we reach this milestone, you owe us 30%, then when we’re finished, you owe us the balance.” It’s pretty easy to see a smart contract starting to govern that, too. It turns a contract into a computer program, so it’s a great evidence of that for how contracts are getting smarter and smarter.

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He literally says Docusign are interested in smart contracts here...

GeekWire: Can you talk about the next one, two, even five years for DocuSign? What would you like to see happen?
Gonser: “It’s about continuing to expand the digital conversation that we manage. You’ll see contracts get smarter and smarter and smarter, and be able to do things more and more autonomously. That’s a humongous opportunity. Some of it is machine learning, and a lot of it is around data. In order for a contract to be smart, it has to get data from the outside world. It can get that from people when they fill out forms, but if you think about contracts becoming truly smart, there needs to be a way that it can get triggers from things to know that clauses need to be energized or payments need to be made, etc. I think we are going to see, very much like the Internet of Things, is that there’ll be more and more interfaces to these smarter contracts that allow it to make decisions by itself so a human being doesn’t have to do it.

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There's plenty to be excited about, sure. Never said that isn't true. This particular event isn't any more or less exciting than, say, any one of the presentations over the last year. Please stop posting the same damn quote over and over.
What will happen is that there will be a price run-up leading up to the event, because people are credulous cultists, and then there will be a dump post-event, because people are credulous cultists who feel jilted. This could be avoided.
Would you like to keep splitting hairs?

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I’m not actually agreeing or disagreeing with you or even interested in what you’re posting mate. I’m just posting the info which newlinkers seem to be ignorant of. Just posting it as a reply to your comment to contextualise it.

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I don't think they are going to announce a partnership or anything too crazy just yet, its just the little implications, theres a lot of them, and its looking good for LINK. i dont swing trade and i already have a comfy stack, with that ill end with that THERE IS A DINDU... ON THE BLOCK!!!

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WILL I REALLY HAVE TO USE KALEIDO AND OPEN LAW ???????????????????????????????????

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Remember trawling through all the Gosner stuff so long ago... pretty surreal seeing it all come to light at last.

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Does gosner known to interview other blockchain developers?

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oh look it's another link bot shill thread.

probably still newfag idiots falling for this shit

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Estimated by who, you?

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By the birds and the bees and the niggers in the trees.

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Reminder that oracles allow Shiva to interact with the real world.

We can't let this happen guys.

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The only thing this confirms is that the the chance you’re investing in a shitcoin is getting smaller

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chainlinks "partners" are coincidentally all other ERC scam coins

wow amazing

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motherfucker these are some sick digits.

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Nolinker cope is honestly getting laughable

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It's nearly 2019 and newfags are still falling for the fucking "partnership" meme, holy fuck. Look what "partnerships" did for VeChain you absolute fucking brainlets.

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If partnerships brought a vaporwave garbage ERC20 chink scam like VeChain to $1B market cap, imagine what real world adoption and real world partnerships will do for chainlink.

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3 to 6 years from now

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What are these fireside chats, a big deal in SF?

>> No.12206105

there's a difference between "partnerships" and partnerships

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the only partnerships Chainlink has are other shitcoin scams, like Hydrogen

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Kek. Fireside is a techno music basement in San Francisco started by dudes who made it from the 2013 btc pump. They host regular gay fetish meetups for gimps that are referred to as 'fireside chats' in a sleezy nod to the fireside chats of closeted gay president Franklin Roosevelt.

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on its way

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Hydrogen is actually one of the more legit crypto start-ups. Active code base and community and also providing a critical service. 2FA for smart contracts is a huge use-case.

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...and that’s a good thing

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It was always EOY 2020 jesus

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Kek top fucking. I’ll have 100 million and others will have BILLIONS. FUCKINH LOL. If it happens I’ll stake it all and put it on the line cause that’s what I’m here for

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Fuck. Probably 2 years tho

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Hello I know who you are

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It just can't become more expensive than it currently costs to do the same thing, that's just not how disruptive markets work

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>18 decimal places

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