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Read this. Early bitcoin thread. We are unironically going to make it.


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wow look at pic related.
>posted 2011
and if you go to the last page in that thread
hes also there
>posted yesterday

hes been in the game for 7 fucking years. how do people even find forums like that? what is even the point of that site?

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Dude, read this. Holy fucking shit.


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I will never have a bigger regret in my life than randomly hearing about bitcoin several times on /b/ threads back in those days and not reading up more on it, which would have possibly led to me buying a hundred dollar's worth for suicide insurance
I knew it was basically some internet money shit for geeks, but wrote it off as some weird virtual money shit that wasn't worth any of my time

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Legit feel the deepest respect and admiration for this lone underdog

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>knew about bitcoin in 2010 somehow, through MMOs or 4chan or something
>told my friend I'm going to buy some in 2014 right at the bottom of the bear market
>only bought my first bitcoin in 2017
It's like the universe was telling me to buy this shit since 2010, but I was too retarded to understand

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jesus fucking christ...
dude literally said that he wont sell until bitcoin is worth much much higher than $1 bill mcap and that he owned 210 fucking thousand coins.

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4.2b at 20k peak, even after crash he would still have 840m

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Motherfucker must be living it up right now. I'm so fucking envious. I heard about bitcoin back in those days, kept hearing about the motherfucking chinese miners starting up since I was heavily into mmo's and building oc's. You know what I thought bitcoin mining was? Motherfucking chinese sitting in front of computers mining money through world of warcraft characters that people just paid money for some reason. That's right, I thought bitcoin miners were literally wow characters mining coins in the game with pickaxes and everything. I'm so fucking retarded...

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He says he only was able to get 50k btc.

That means if he had hypothetically sold on Dec 2017 he would be a bitcoin billionaire alongside the bitcoin twins.

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He most likely sold when it reached 10$ tops.

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Lel I read this post years ago. You faggots should have been playing poker since this is a poker site.

Great communities on 2+2 mostly poker but lots of other shit

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Nice. I got involved that summer and remember not being able to find a way to buy with Paypal besides user to user trades and people were so skiddish.

Two months after that guys post, Bitcoin hit $30/coin so that dudes stack would have been $1.5 million for that brief moment before the crash back to $2.

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lol I can't believe you autists are so far behind. I' never even invested in bitcoin and I knew about this thread in 2011.

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Granted you had to be a poker player to know about 2+2

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I started mining during same period on one GPU difficulty soon raised sharply
never sold my 15 BTC
have been depressed whole year

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Your better off not having bought. You would have sold at 75$ 10x your 2k investment and then seen it shoot up to 20k

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This, if you think you will make it investing all your little savings to btc at 4k you are retarded.

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Me too fren, but there was no frame for the numbers, I understood that if I spent a lot of money on it and it became the world currency I would be rich. But that seemed retarded. It never entered my mind that one day all of the fucking normies would start buying them for no fucking reason and I could merely sell them my intrinsically worthless bags.

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ITs a poker site you fucking idiot. And then they have side communities like politics, business, religion etc.

I've been on 2+2 since 2005

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ALso.... i literally found 4chan after 2+2 banned me multiple times and banned my IP address from posting in their politics thread.

But I used to always discuss poker hands on there.

2+2 is a great community tho lots of interesting shit.

I tried shilling the alt community on chainlink but they won't listen

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Actually more precisely...... it's a poker theory site. Go through the various poker sub threads and you'll see people discussing hands that they played and you get feedback from other poker players.

And then like I said you have the side communities like religion politics business etc where you can go talk about other shit.

2+2 is an enormous community but its anchor is poker based

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what a fucking visionaire

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Sometimes ignorance is blessing

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back before coaching sites, when top pros used to share their insight and critique your hands for free. golden times

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Bitcoin is going to 100K+
If you buy one single Bitcoin now and can hold for a few years (10 at best), you'll be a millionaire. Give some hope to the newfriends, faggot.

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banned LOL

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I know. Sucks that poker has declined at PS getting banned in America. Always loved discussing hands.

2+2 has morphed into something that isn't poker now anymore. I mean I go there maybe 4-5 times a year and I don't even care to look at anything poker related even tho I play a lot of poker. It's the business and politics I check out.

So left wing tho.... the politics section there is like posting in North Korea. ANYTHING against the narrative and your gone.

I'll make an account once in a while and go to politics and talk about Jews and niggers make the world awful. Just to hopefully have dozens of normies see it and be horrified before it gets taken down

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He wasn't banned for posting that. He was probably banned for saying something bad somewhere else. You can go throughout all those threads going back years and you will see countless banned posters because at some point they said something fucked up and then it shows up as banned for all the posts you see that they made in the past before you they got banned.

My name was silver_man2 on there you can find posts of mine in some of the longer huge threads goin back years

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I spent hundreds of Bitcoin to buy acid on Silk Road. It’s all gone. Nothing to show for it.

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He wasn't banned for posting that. He was probably banned for saying something bad somewhere else. You can go throughout all those threads going back years and you will see countless banned posters because at some point they said something fucked up and then it shows up as banned for all the posts you see that they made in the past before you they got banned.

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so he literally mined 200K bitcoins wtf

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I even talked to my friend about Bitcoin in 2015 when it was like $100. He said it was too late, missed the boat.

Then I started browsing /biz/ in 2016 and saw the ETH shilling when it was $1. I didn’t buy.

I had so many chances to become a millionaire from this shit, but I procrastinated. Crypto was the once in a lifetime gift for us autists. If I didn’t have ADD, I would have followed through. My life would be so different.

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buy Link anon, it’s not too late. Or are you gonna miss the boat a third time?

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Friendly reminder, we are still early adopters. Just wait until BTC hits 100k+ and there are salty people kicking themselves for not buying it when it was under 10k.

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You may be right, sadly. I don’t think the world has any space for a crypto market cap 100x what it is now. We are very late adopters at this point.

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I don't think it's possible to live it down, the shills on /g/ pre-/biz/ were right and I am a complete cretin. The what-if thoughts will probably forever be there.

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>late adopters

it's like /biz/ doesn't even know what this word means. Awareness =/= Adoption.

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This probably

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Yes I was there for the buttcoin mining threads on /g/. That’s how I started browsing /biz/ initially (casually).

I will NEVER be able to shake this regret. Imagine dying poor and remembering on your deathbed how you failed to click a few buttons for financial freedom.

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Here's something to make you feel less fucked up about not buying Bitcoin pre 2017 - it was even more impossible to buy back then than it was in 2017 or now.

Unless you mined it, or sold something for it (probably some video game shit or drugz), you probably were not getting Bitcoin.

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still no use today beside scams, extortion and moon lambo speculation

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It was easy to buy Bitcoin in the old days. Lots of sites even accepted credit cards. This was before regulators knew about it. I bought Bitcoin with fucking paypal to buy acid on Silk Road.

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it was probably easier back then. nowadays you have to give your identity and they expect you to literally cut off your finger for them.

back then you could probably just buy with a card like how you would buy a meal on deliveroo or something.

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This is fucking retarded. The moment you step out of the crypto bubble, virtually everyone either doesn't know about it, has heard of it but thats all, or outright called it a fake money scam. The amount of people who understand and recognize the implications of crypto are still basically in single digit percentage.

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I hope you’re right fren but I literally hear Bitcoin mentioned dozens of times a day on CNBC

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this cant be true. bitcoin was literally on every media outlet, multiple times a day, every day, for nearly two months straight in dec-jan.

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Yeah dont start. I bought acid with like 20btc and made 15k with it, u could sell it for a very good price in my nordic country. Shit was so cash...... Oh boy had I known

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>proof of concept

Yeah and that's also what made it "anonymous". If we ever get to the point where bitcoin is money rather than just going in and out of fiat it would not be usable.

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Sure it was in the news for awhile but if you talk to anyone outside crypto they still don't know anything about it.
They think it's some weird internet money because a friend of a friend has it, or that it's a big scam.

This isn't even a good metric to go by either way, most people don't know what an ETF is either.

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I feel like some of our LINK threads will be posted around different forums on the internet 10 years from now just like these screencaps were.

"Imagining knowing about LINK when it was $.20" They'll say. "If only I'd known about it then" they'll moan.

All we have to do is buy LINK and wait.

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What's your point? Just because CNBC and other media outlets mentioned it daily doesn't mean that all of a sudden the majority of the public bought Bitcoin. If anything your point solidifies what >>12184418 said, people either don't know about it (probably a minority now), know about it but that's all (probably the majority of people outside of the cryptosphere), or think it's a scam (probably December buyers who then sold at a loss).

Just because it was getting a lot of media attention doesn't mean that everyone went out and adopted it. Still can't use Bitcoin in most stores, still can't send and receive Bitcoin with anywhere near the majority of the public without having to guide them through how to make a wallet, safely storing seed words, etc. It's nowhere near late adopter stage yet.

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There are fudders and naysayers at every point in time. Link is still shit though.

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What those people saw in dec-jan was a massive bubble hype and complete destruction. Tons of normies were burned on it for a long time because of it and proving the naysayers right, that its just a scam. Seriously, go talk to actual normies, most don't know shit about it or have vaguely heard about it. Go to any sub in plebbit outside of the few crypto subs, and you will be incessantly mocked or belittled by big brain nibblers.

Crypto only seems like its everywhere because we are in the bubble and our ears perk up the moment it ever gets mentioned for any reason. In normieville it might as well be the internet back when it was only aspie faggots using acoustic couplers to dial into bulletin boards. Or maybe at best 1994 when people started hearing about this world wide web thing.


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nobody is going to say those things anon. lmfao. you link investors really are the worst.

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it's why us oldfags are laughing our asses off at all the bear posting. it's literally the same shit all the retards who don't get it have been saying since the beginning.

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he said he was waiting for a price higher than $50 retard

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this is why people who are buying now are STILL early adopters.

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>he still isnt buying SKY at $1

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2p2 should never be visited in this day and age.

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Unironically buy link you fucking mongs

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Lots of sites said they accepted creditcards, and would usually deny them until you provided the same kind of KYC as you would have to today, just in a more disorganized way, and not even know what KYC is.

Buy crypto with creditcard and do a chargeback, yeah, don't think so

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Bitcoin is 10 years old. Look at the next stages of the cryptocurrency age. Bitcoin has run its course, which is laying the ground work for a cryptocurrency that can truly separate us from government rule. Satoshi's creation was the forerunner necessary for us to completely detach ourselves from easily manipulated fiat.

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Kinda like how the people here heard about it on /g/ in 2011 and ignored it. Normie's have had their /g/ moment now and will be suicidal in a few years or so.

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Lost the corns i mined in 09 with my dual core amd athlon years ago. Was worth like 10 cents at the time i mined them and the hdd i had the wallet stored on died when it was worth around a dollar.
I remember the feeling of getting left behind, but it was no big deal.....i thought.. Fucking repressed this feel for years to come. All i own now is 3 btc worth of LINK. This is my last fucking chance to make it or swing from a rope.

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You guys will really like this one

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Why are you guys so desperate to neck yourselves? You could have a few hundred XMR and a bitcoin. You'd actually have a good chance at being rich like this.

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>untraceable currency
There has never been a more traceable currency in history.

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>Anyway, I have accumulated enough Bitcoins (73k BTC) and the exchange rate has skyrocketed so much ($27/BTC as I am typing) that I am currently selling on a daily basis as many as possible via MtGox. They have a limit of $1000/day, so I am effectively making $30k/month. (I do plan to report this income to the IRS and am about to hire a tax accountant.)

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I'll never have a bigger regret in my life than hearing about bitcoin in 2009 while I already had made my own GPU salted/unstaled Sha256 bruteforcing (nonGUI) program, heard about bitcoin, wondering if I could make a GPU miner (since everyone was doing CPU mining) and then getting caught hacking a month later thereby forcing me to sever ties with all of my old associates and give up on hacking (and consequently bitcoins, because what was the point back then if you weren't using it for buying drugs or paying for other illegal/hacking stuff) for years.

I was there. I potentially had the skillset required to crush every other miner out there by deploying a couple of $200 GPUs. But I fucked up and got caught too early on...

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Now that actually hurts.

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when did you eventually buy back in? im guessing in the 2013 bubble?

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>ask mom for a computer to mine btc
>"no anon your grades are shit you dont deserve it"
>btc goes up 20,000
>"anon why didnt you tell me you knew about btc in 2012?????"

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You don't know that zoomer

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>Too stupid to buy 4 years ago
>still too stupid to buy today

>> No.12185756

>We are very late adopters at this point.
Holy shit just stop posting and go be poor somewhere else.

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Ducking two plus two damnit. I fucking suck at poker but tried to master it 4 years ago. Literally was right there. Saw bitcoin being spoken about. Googled it and saw a price of $1. Thought I should get 100 of them but had prom coming up and other stupid shit and didn’t push the issue. Only thing I’m thankful of is when the time did come when I had money, bank account etc I didn’t have to even think about buying. I was unfortunately a day late and dollar short like always.

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I only fear that this dude could have killed himself when it hit 20k
if you're lurking here buddy, just know that a new ath will come after the next halving, it's mathematically impossible not to

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this guy committed suicide 100%

>> No.12187064

yeah I also found biz in 2016, saw lots of Ethereum shilling when it was $5-7. Was too much of a pussy to buy. I remember there was some guy who bought at $13 or so and then it crashed almost in half and he put his parents money in it or something. kek, hope he didn't sell, he's probably a gorillionaire by now

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fuck off normie. I bought chainstink ICO, memed it and dumped my bags on you newfags more than a year ago and you're still bagholding this crap

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Bitcoin even at $20k was a tiny ass share of the global wealth in existence. Even gold and silver is repressed right now by TPTB.

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Does someone entering crypto in 2018 have a chance of making it? Could Btc ever hit something like even 50k down the line? I want to believe. I'm just another salty autist that ignored everyone 2012 onwards.

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>hehe you can mine BTC with anything other than a computer
kill yourself retard

>> No.12187290

all the posts in this thread about buying acid with BTC. are there a bunch of BTC millionaire avid dealers out there? Anybody big from the 70s-90s, like the guys in the missile silos? Anybody have any good reads about drug dealers and crypto?

>> No.12187313

get into the next obscure but increasingly important thing. Oracles.

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muh currency needs to be backed by metal in the ground for it to be worth anything.

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I should've killed myself already

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you made the mistake once and it just seems that you will make it again. bitcoin is above $1k, poor people of the world can't afford 1 already. one day people of rich countries won't be able to afford it. act now

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