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have 5 million dollars or have pic related if she only loved you and unable to love anyone else.

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Everyone here is doing this shit to get a gf or buy hookers so the obvious answer is take the girl.

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This. feelsbadman

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You can make money but you can’t make magic bitches

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how is this even a question?
5 mill or a 7? the fuck?

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She's not 5mil hot, but unironically would take the money and let 'er roll on the next gen shitcoins regardless of what girl it was.

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>depreciating asset over money.

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is this even a question jerk? $5M of course.

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I would take $1.

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I'm actually doing this to get away from my current girl and ever having a girlfriend again

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I take the money

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Not if you make a porno every day for three years after getting together with her and then release premium fetish videos to subscribers every month until you die.

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jesus christ you guys are fags. do you understand the life you can have with 5 mill? Women throw themselves at you. You could fuck dozens of women as hot as this. Even if you're a complete ugly sperg with no social skills you could fly to south america and fuck 10/10 high class prostitutes for a few hundred bucks a pop.

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5 Milli.

I already have a girlfriend.

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true /biz here

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I would use mammarios connections to become a movie star

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>5 years and 50 more pounds later.

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Yeah I make a solid 6 figs and should be getting equity in the company we’ve built the last 4 years when we go public. Even if not, I’ve also got crypto investments among others. I’ll take the love. A guarantee to never love another? That puts this offer above all else.

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Given she's unable to love anybody else, I would whore the shit out of her. I bet with a good business plan you could earn even more than the original 5. Milk the greens from that pussy

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take the girl i can make 5 mill i cant get a girlfriend

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Goddamn she’s fucking beautiful. I’ll take though

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based and redpilled

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would trade this bitch my wife and my mistress for 5 mill

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The money. Fuck that dumb bitch.

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Take the money though*

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Bitch is a depreciating asset and a liability. With 5 million you can make more millions.

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What’s it like having sex with her, serious question?

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I've had plenty of girls where they love me, but I don't love them. It's not fun at all. $5M please

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money can get you hookers and gold niggers not love. i can unironically make 5 million in a year easily but could never ever find love or an actual girlfriend no matter how hard i tried or how much money i burned

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And they are only loyal to their best options. The bitch loves the lifestyle you provide, not you. Essentially you're her servant and she is a parasite.

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better than you could ever imagine

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You must be fat

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nop im unironically autistic

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And you must be drowning in pussy lol

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I'm a literal pimp. I can a hero by snu snu, troubled youth

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She ain’t worth 5mil.

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I can't believe you would choose to be autistic.

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Yeah I could whore her out to Saudi billionaires and make that back in a week. These B-list actresses already escort themselves for $500k/night.

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Yeah right. I could care less about whores. I only want to be rich for the power.

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she's worth 4 million dollars, and I bet she'll keep working, so that's potentially better than the 5 million.

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'love' is fairytale bullshit anyway. you probably romanticize it because you've never had it but its nothing but strong mutual sexual attraction + compatible personality. like any other drug the lust/sexual attraction hits hard at first and then fades over time. eventually you're just friends that fuck occasionally. then you break up or get divorced if you were stupid enough to get married.

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I'll have to clear it with the wife first but I bet she'd think it's a good move too, at least we'd save on rent.

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Money fuck why would I need a bitch who would get older if I were rich

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I rather have her and then invest her money on crypto mining equipment essentially giving me both

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We are talking hypotheticals. I haven't found love because it's a meme and there's no way the girl in OPs pic would love me unconditionally. If it were possible I would choose it but it isn't going to happen which is why I'm focused on getting rich. Hookers and blow is the only option.

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that woman is a legitimate crazy person so ill take the money kthnx

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this post was written by someone whose idea of love is from depressing movies or his first love was some dumb thot purely because she spread the legs

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fucking kek

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I'm married with 2 kids. Gimme dat money

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$5MM hands down. $4MM into boomer stocks and real estate. $1MM into LINK lesgo.

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having money won’t help you get a gf.

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If she only had the ability to love me that almost takes the fun out of it in away. She's like a mindless drone at that point but to a very small extent of course.

And if that wasn't a clear answer I'd sure as fuck take the money and go find some badder bitches.

Shit I'll do that without the money.

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don't really like her so i'll have the money

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The money for maximum comfy-ness. No such thing as a girl like that being devout an average guy that frequents /biz. Once she sees a tall good looking guy it's all over in the real world. The only exception is if she lives in a war torn country where she has very little options. Women like that have options even in dirt poor countries. I know this from first hand experience.... I was literally a hot girl's ticket out of a life in a soviet shithole and she still said she'd take her chances with Ivan. With 5 mill you can at least afford yourself the time to find a girl you will be satisfied with banging. She might be a 7 but far better than your options at home

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5 mill because im not allowed to believe in love

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Nah, she'd prolly kill your kids cause they were getting between you two then.

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I feel bad for you

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based and blackpilled

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>brown spot on neck
>disgusting skin flap in armpit
2/10 would not

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True biz answer:
Fuck then sell the girl for 6m before she hits her 30s

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aw, y'all haven't had your heart broken yet? that's okay, for some it happens as a teen, for others you'll be middle-aged with kids and watch half your stuff disappear.
but one thing is for sure: nobody escapes.

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First gf was a virgin when I was 15. Had dozens of gfs since then, a few multiple years long. That feeling of 'love' is not some super special unique thing like you learned from Disney movies and jewelry commercials. It's hormones and that encourage you to procreate, no different than any other animal. Eating chocolate or doing cocaine produces the same chemical reactions in your brain.

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How much does she love me? I want a wheyfu. Does she love me enough to lift weights?
It's not that bad anon she's only....
THIRTY TWO? Almost 33? Wtf.
Okay yeah no way she's a $5million woman. Take the money and use it to attract a 22 year old.

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But you couldn't buy love

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imagine never having been in a LTR and taking the women pill.
all women are the same op, they will suck your soul out slowly, even the good and virtuous ones will drain you of your energy, potential, and power

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Neither. I'm content with my wallet and solitude.

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This thread is /incel general/

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>falling for the vaginal jew

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you're a little gay

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I'd take the girl and who're her out as a high-end escorts and make 10mil since she would be loyal and never leave.

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shes not even hot or anything, kind of weird looking, masculine face and has no ass like a little boy.

>> No.12174447

Ironically having a girl "fall in love" with you (or at least when they are infatuated or admire the shit of you) based on your own merit is more addicting. If she is unable to love anyone else and their is no competition or risk, its not love. Lol

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This has nothing to do with the thread but I really wish I could jerk off more. Jerking off is so enjoyable but I can only rub one out maybe once a day if I'm lucky. Getting old means jerking off less and less. Sucks bro. I've tried so many hobbies and none compare to jerking off

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money, you fucking loser

>> No.12174488

>you can’t buy love
Fuck that’s actually pretty deep. This is why I love /biz/, little actually good gems buried in these threads. Like that could legit be a great line in a poem or song or something

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>weird birthmark in middle of throat
>wrinkly armpit
>0/10 would not bang

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It's a common saying and it's in tons of songs you fucking 16 year old god dammit biz has gotten so retarded

>> No.12174675

cant into sarcasm faggot?

>> No.12174739

what an absolutely terrible get. holy shit.

>> No.12174747

you're a rockstar.

>> No.12174751

5 million is a lot

>> No.12174769

I don't even find her attractive, but just I'd take her over the money regardless.

>> No.12174770


5 million dollars, it's a very tough choice but ultimately I'd rather just have the money. You get used to love and I really can't tolerate the company of one woman, would rather have the money and hang out with my bros.

Plus without the 5 million, you need a job, which means you'd still only have access to this chick like 50 hours a week.

>> No.12174789

holy incel lmfao

>> No.12174791

jesus christ have you never felt love before in your life?! its not a meme bro. its a real emotion that non-npcs feel. It does fade with time though.

>> No.12174844

take the money then make her my GF thanks to being rich

>> No.12174877

gib the money!

>> No.12174930


5 million

>> No.12174962

come on guys there is no pussy on earth that is worth anywhere near 5 million or even 1k

>> No.12174969

It's nothing to do with the technology and the potential, what do you mean by that?

>> No.12174987

She is beautiful and probably worth a lot more than 5 millions
Plus she could get you an acting gig

>> No.12175214

Holy shit her titties are actually massive, check out true detective they are fucking incredible
I don't know why she tries to hide them

>> No.12175240


5 million dollars, easy.

>> No.12175300

>Dadddario has a net worth of 5 mil $
>would you rather take the money
>or would you rather take the girl with the money

I don't see how this is a choice

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AMAZING TITS ! fuck that 5 millions.

>> No.12175331

If you want love you have children or buy a little doggy. Women are nothing more than a vessel for spreading your seed and nothing more

>> No.12175340

>he actually thinks money is not depreciating

>> No.12175368

Anyone who doesn't take the money is a dumbfuck.

>> No.12175632

spotted the incel

>> No.12175647

Found the roastie whore

>> No.12175662

>he thinks women are people

>> No.12175666

go back to Twitter cumdumpster

>> No.12175683

Fuck off slut

>> No.12175793

Gives me a chub everytime

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this is truly sad that u think everyone here think this way

>> No.12175846

I'd take the money just because I'm so fucked up inside that I'd probably drive the girl insane and she does not deserve that.

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Fags OP said
>pic related if she only loved you and unable to love anyone else
That's different than roasties, in this case you will have true love with a 10/10, and you will never doubt her actions or love, I know this is very rare or impossible but this is an imaginary scenario.
Imagine having this chick and her soul belongs to you, she lets you do anything you want to her, and she never even glances at someone else, you can let her go out with her girlfriends to the club and the genie (OP) guarantees she won't even talk to another man.
If this is the scenario we're talking about then anyone taking the 5 mil is a true retard, since making 5million is easy as fuck if you work or invest wisely, but finding the legendary true love is a 0.001% change in a lifetime.

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Ladies, this is true. We just want your love.
I'll take the woman over the $5,000,000.00.

>> No.12175930

I want to make five babies (financially capable too).

>> No.12176002

It isn't the same if you have money already

>> No.12176069

For which? The choice OP offered or the fact that I would still want five babies?
For the latter, I was just giving information that I'm able to. So yeah, it's the same.
For OP's choice, at least I would have peace of mind knowing that she would never leave me. It would feel like I don't need to do "basic" things just to keep her attention, I can do anything so long has they're fun or interesting.
To put it short and sweet, it's max comfy knowing your girl would never leave you. Nowadays you don't even get that with a marriage in most cases, sadly.

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i'm not attracted to that girl and i wouldnt fuck her unless she paid me at least 1000$. do i have le gay?

>> No.12176116

You're not gay anon, you're a massive faggot

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Ask yourself honestly, if you couldn't do anything sexual with this woman, would you still be with her? If yes, you love her. But the answer's no, as women FUCKING BORING.

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>>12175331 #
>>12175662 #
>>12175917 #
>>12174791 #
Ask yourself honestly, if you couldn't do anything sexual with this woman, would you still be with her? If yes, you love her. But the answer's no, as women FUCKING BORING.

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I want to have kids the natural way so I would then pass on her and just find a girl who isn't a monk

>> No.12176279

I'd rather have 5 million because I already have a slim japanese gf with huge tits

>> No.12176285

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.12176299

I'd take the $5 million, go to Ukraine, buy a harem of women that look like that, and keep them on a ranch in Utah.

>> No.12176323

Her net worth is 4 mil, so basically I'm still making 4 mil here. If she is fully devoted to me that's basically my money anyway. Retards.

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Exactly, so you don't love her. You want a breeder.

I hope you have good genes & health if you're gonna reproduce.

>> No.12176356

I can buy hotter women for 1 mllion dollars

>> No.12176392

Money. Women don't give me the same rush I feel when charts are green.

>> No.12176429

$5M, no question. I might not even like her.

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>she only loved you and unable to love anyone else

That's worth more than 5 million even with a less attractive woman.

>> No.12177024

you must be retarded to pick the money. this girl has been in big movies so she probably has a net worth close to 5 mil. also this girl is as good as they can get.

i also have 50k link so i don't need that 5 mil since i am already gonna be a billionaire.

>> No.12177026

5 millions easily. I can make the 5 millions last until I die but not her beauty because women age like milk

>> No.12177141

I choose love.

>> No.12177265

That girl but only if she is virgin.

>> No.12177404


You don't get to be a billionaire by sucking dicks if thats what you meant since Stinkies will be 0.01$ before dying like Sergays last project, NXT.

>> No.12177424

When will you plebs learn women will not love you like the Disney movies or your anime’s. They are incapable of giving you the kind of love you will give them, they are only able to love their children like that. They view you as security,status and a work horse.

>> No.12177617

The money of course.

OK she will love you forever but will this be mutual. What if she starts boring you after some time?

She's hot but will she still be that hot 20 years from now.

With 5mil you can actualy build something and (when you handle your money right) fuck 18 year old pussy for the rest of your live without going through all the bullshit that comes with dating and getting to know a person.

escorts > gf

>> No.12177620

What a whore tbqh in those clothes
And she doesn't shy from baring it all in TV shows, pure slut and she knows it

>> No.12177664

Jesus Christ...this.

>> No.12177831

>checked and truthpilled
Roasties are easy come, easy go. Only a pathetic incel or pajeet would take this 8/10.

>> No.12177850

Why the fuck would I settle for the whore when i can get money to get whores

>> No.12177876

Yeah, but what if you don't like the bitch?

>> No.12177964

I want to have a new bitch every week. Even fucking ugly bitch is better than having only one bitch

>> No.12178015

They have it so wrong.

To get a GF or get sluts, it is way easier, faster, less uncertain to do bodybuilding with steroids + just talk to girls.

>> No.12178043

i would happily take $5M and never talk to women again

>> No.12178084

I feel bad for any of you fags who even considered picking the girl.
5M is what I want. I don't have 5M. I already married someone like pick related...it's just okay....not that great most of the time if I'm being honest. Women will never bring you happiness guys. You need to get that shit out of your head right away.

>> No.12178098

this dude is right

>> No.12178114

yeah, it's true in my experience as well. hard lesson to learn out there.

>> No.12178119

very hard

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File: 230 KB, 592x781, 1545296617291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satoshis Vishnu

Abstract. A purely poo-to-poo vishnu of electronic cow would allow online pooments to be sanjay directly from one pooty to another without pooing through a financial institution. Digital signatures poovide part of the street, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third poo is still required to prevent double-pooping. We poopose a solution to the double-pooping problem using a poo-to-poo network. The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based poo-of-work, forming a record poo that cannot be changed without repooing the poo-of-work. The longest chain not only serves as poo of the street of events witnessed, but poo that it came from the largest poo of CPU pooer. As long as a majority of CPU pooer is controlled by nodes that are not coopoorating to attack the network, they'll generate the longest chain and outpoo attackers. The network itself requires minimal streets. Poos are broadcast on a best effort basis, and shits can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest poo-of-work chain as poo of what happened while they were gone.

>> No.12178173

You can't trade girls for video games

>> No.12178189

In my experience, some women could love man, if the difference in SMV is in favor of the girl.

Imagine being a 8/10 hot, rich, educated man, you could find quite a lot of 5/10 ordinary plain jane to love you.

But would you love them back?

>> No.12178205

the money obviously

>> No.12178291

nah man, i get plenty, what i need is money

>> No.12178601


>> No.12178823

she looks like a demon desu

>> No.12178840

This. You see this a lot in successful traders. Women want absolutely nothing to do with those types of guys at the start of their careers, but as they get more successful, a lot of them still end up not having girlfriends, but never seem to have any trouble with women... The reason for that is the time required to do the job well, the amount of money a successful trader is generating, and the enormous opportunity cost and overall liability of having a girlfriend in general. Escorts become a no brainer. The guys that don't do that generally were the ones that came into the game with a girlfriend or wife in advance and from what I've found they all dream of escaping their situation, but now they're in an even worse situation because it's "cheaper to keep her."

>> No.12178855

She has the most souless eyes Ive ever seen

>> No.12178868

Love does not mean being honest or trustworthy. Had a stalker bitch infatuated with me for some reason who was constantly lying in an attempt to impress me without changing her shady behavior when pointed out.
tldr: a woman isn't a reliable partner just cause she loves you.

>> No.12178986


And at the End of the Day you gained what???

>> No.12179187

op you fucked me up hard with this one. are you happy now?

>> No.12179405

Imagine being this bound by your own nutsack. Pathetic.

>> No.12179493

Ah, but that wasn't the hypothetical, now, was it?

The point is, $5 million or a beautiful woman who is actually loyal, true, and genuinely in love with you?

You can find $5 million in other places, or you can live without it and still be happy. Even if you have it, you may not be happy and it could be gone tomorrow. Finding a woman who possesses or is capable of even ONE of the premises of beauty, love, loyalty...extremely rare. Far more rare than ways to make $5 million, and money is remarkably easy to lose.

>> No.12179508

Again, false flag. That wasn't the premise. Assume she IS in love with you, only capable of being in love with you and no one else, is loyal and dedicated and an overall good woman. Worth $5 mil or no?

>> No.12179529

>unable to love anyone else
You mean she will never love our children?

>> No.12179551

You guys just can't even get the hypothetical, can you?

The given premise is that she is NOT a hypergamous Chad-seeker, she's totally into YOU and will stay that way. Absent some stupid event you can create (she becomes a quadripelegic, goes psycho-stalker, gets hugely fat), what's your response? Beautiful, loyal, decent, good woman or $5 million?
Pro tip: You're a fucking idiot if you'd take the money.

>> No.12179568

5 million not only is she not my type i could fucking invest 5 million and then genetically clone a girlfriend from my sperm

>> No.12179574

Only because your life at present is such that you are stuck with being broke and never talking to women anyway.

>> No.12179583

You're buying a fairytale then. A priceless supernatural thing for only 5m. Sounds like pretty sweet deal.

>> No.12179594
File: 73 KB, 539x481, FF74EAB6-5A5A-4AC7-847C-AD3472E5CB10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well she probably has over 5mil and if she only loves you she’d probably share, so why not both?

>> No.12179617

Underrated, I lol’d

>> No.12179664
File: 83 KB, 500x750, 9cd76f122879fe69fad245557f97027e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ol' dead eyes

>> No.12179674
File: 41 KB, 528x543, C8384808-D164-4851-82A7-FFBF775D9F8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12179692

Yeah, I would. Sex isnt even all that great.

>> No.12179717

>Sex isnt even all that great.

People who say this generally suck at sex

>> No.12179792

wrong, men who downplay sex have low testosterone.
consider TRT, anon.

>> No.12180401

> talk to girls

slow down there, cowboy

>> No.12180422

>huwhyte roastie
lmao no. I'd do it for a certain gravure girl.

>> No.12180442

Daddario has like what? 5-7 years until day of the wall? I'll take the 5 mil and invest it instead while living a /comfy/ life

>> No.12180482

take the money and run away, no refunds

>> No.12180579

Ok Ahmed.

>> No.12180618

$5M of course. I value my freedom more than getting my dick wet

>> No.12180657

Fucking hookers or getting a gf would be a nice bonus but getting rich mainly for me is to have financial freedom and the time and money to pursue my hobbies

>> No.12180674

Do they suck my soul out through my penis?

>> No.12180774

Anons who can't detect the sarcasm in this post should consider becoming an hero.

>> No.12181017

>gold niggers

>> No.12181141


Easiest question of all time. The money. That girl will get old soon. When I am 90 that 5 million if managed properly will still be there to buy me a hot 18 year old to sit on my face.

Always choose money over a woman, because money gets you women.


Full retard.

>> No.12181200
File: 62 KB, 640x960, 1545131611698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol you fucking loser. Give me your money

>> No.12181304

very based, also the correct answer

>> No.12181436

kek, so you think that not taking whatever girl is available makes you gay....what are you anon, 12? i bet you're the kind of person who thinks sex should be had every time the clothes come off.

>> No.12181479
File: 143 KB, 594x500, 1544433101529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's worth more than 5 million even with a less attractive woman.
How many times have you been cucked? Fucking pathetic

>> No.12181486

Would have to see what her vagina looked like first and if she has STDs. Other than that I'd choose her.

>> No.12181512
File: 361 KB, 719x540, monkey_paw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

classic monkey's paw

>> No.12182114

Fuck the whore. Take you 5 mil and invest in a hedge fund and live off the profits the rest of your life.

>> No.12182366

I don't want some random actress to love me. Sounds a bit terrifying actually. I'll take the money.

>> No.12182512
File: 32 KB, 480x480, 12959978_1731386067145398_1868222307_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What part is gay anon? The part about wanting a woman who can crush a watermelon with her thighs or the part about not wanting to date a post-wall woman?

>> No.12182598


she will come to me

>> No.12182632

She looks like a slightly passable tranny

>> No.12182925

after having 50+ gfs and every single one of them letting me down, i checked out of society and am choosing to never have another gf again.

i'd take the money, because in reality thats the only thing that matters.

>> No.12183279

The money, as a postmodern roastie she probably fucks dogs and drink horse milk

>> No.12183298

give me the money

>> No.12183339

Gonna take the money to try and do my best to save my country.

>> No.12183461

being forced to love you and not anyone else isnt love retard. obviously take the money

>> No.12183526

I'd turn that 5m into 10m and live a good life and attract a girl naturally. I wouldn't tell anyone I was rich either (for 3-5 years). I'd pretend I was a loser and struggling all the time.

>> No.12183616

5 million dollars easy

>> No.12183939

Go pay someone to teach u

>> No.12183964


Retarded. I was a poorfag when I met my wife. If you need money to get women you're never gonna make it.

>> No.12184357

you're addicted to gambling.

>> No.12184905

creampie in her every night

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