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i'm a 21 year old student, relatively poor, trying to make it on in life and work on myself for a better future.

I just bought link. I just bought 1000 link.

I now feel calm, enlightened, and safe....safe in the knowledge that I am a link holder, I am one of the righteous ones that chose the right path. Safe in the thought that one day, this stack will very likely buy me a nice house and a nice car for my future family.

Thank you biz, thank you for showing me the light.

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Based. Now get a job so you can buy more.
Keep grinding until you have a reasonable amount invested.

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buy more if you can
either way you'll make it

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You’re going to have a good life, anon, well done

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You hopped in at a good time, kid. I did the same just over a year ago. If this Christmas is anything like the last one, you're in for a real experience. Good luck, my dude!

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Yeah fuck it the more I read about this shit the more it makes me nervous I don’t have enough

Poorfag so I can probably only own about 800 but when it’s $50 / per in three years (conservative) that’s fucking $40,000 Christ