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EOS betting dapps hacked due to a bug in EOS nodes.
At least 224k EOS stolen.

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Typical Tuesday for EOS. If I wanted a centralized Smart Contracts network where I have no control over my account Id play Neopets.

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whoops overflow, my bad everyone

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some autistic anon was shilling eosdice last week

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>224k EOS stolen due to shitty code
>EOS up 7%

Makes sense.

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Tobet lost 22k EOS

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why can people just buy BTC and hold it
i hate this space full of insecure and unproven projects and everyone is eager to go all in, fuck

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>numerous gaming platforms have suffered hacks, including BetDice, EOSMax, and ToBet
>unfortunately, these hacks have amounted to over 200k EOS

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Blockone damage control pumping their own shit

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Seems like a big deal until you realize just how much EOS betdice is bringing in daily. Next

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Pathetic FUD of the only platform that isn't SHIT
EOS is going to be the FIRST and FUCK everything else to death

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