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thanks you dummies

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This. I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Link acquired a fanbase of highly autistic neo Nazis who follow his every move. Chances are they'll find and kill him and his family if he exit scams because they know his every move and everyone he talks to. Now he has to pretend to make an actual product but since he's a philosophy graduate he can't make anything other than a JSON parcer in PHP stolen from a USB he found in the toilets of Swift HQ (where he was living until he got thrown out for crawling under occupied stalls and begging people to buy chainlink). He spends every day eating to take away the pain. Rory plays along to keep food on the table for his wife's black son (Sergey throws him the McDonalds leftovers). It must be a hard life. Sad!