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>boomer parents buy house
>5-8 years later
>sell and buy bigger house
>5-8 years later
>sell and buy bigger house
>5-8 years later
>sell and buy bigger house
>parents get divorced
>they get different houses
>mom nearing 60
>still paying $1300 month
>only 25 more years to go

they couldn't just buy one house and pay it off and save, they had to re-up their mortgage. they literally have no money, couldn't help me or sibilings education, will become a financial burden to us, and will leave us with zero inheritance

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holy fuck, yes

fuck boomers

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>when i was your age, i had a house a wife and 2 kids
>why do you still live in a little 2room rent apartment at age 29?

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My folks stole my money and wrote me out of their will when I confronted them. Could be worse

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Don't do the same to your kids and leave them an inheritance.
Stop whining.

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My parents made me eat literal shit and raped me but I don't whine you entitled zoomer faggot

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Stockholm syndrome

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more like stacked home syndrome

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Fukin boomers

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Luckily for me my parents never owned a house. Must be nice not growing up as a poorfag. Kill yourself, OP.

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Americans are mentally ill.

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it's my fault your parents are poor subhumans

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this is what happens when there is no generational knowledge passed down. this is why you never racemix and you keep immigrants out of your country.
>rootless cosmopolitan

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Money has no real value, only knowledge does. My parents and me are all self-educated. When I was born they were 17 and dirt poor, now we're all independently well-off to wealthy self-educated professionals in different fields.

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My dad is a currupt government official, he has a million + in cash sitting at home, two apartments and lots of gold. Take the curruption redpill! Btw I'm disabled since birth and my mom has cancer which is why he got on the take.

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How is it going with the council flat in the UK mate?

Ah, you moved in. Great, the curry smell must be louvely. Britian's favorite food innit?


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the eternal boomer was the perfect kike's NPC golem. Never ever such a level of cuckery and submission to the juden will happen again, kikes should enjoy it as long as it last.
When you think about it, they accepted a fake genocide to become their religion.
They accepted to sell their nations, their souls and their children for useless chink toys.
They accepted extreme jewish degeneracy to be everywhere, and to make it the norm.
They, like your parents, willingly accepted and ASKED to be enslaved by banks instead of being financially responsible and independent, all this to brag during Xmas holidays in family reunions while no one was giving a single fuck.
They accepted their race to be genocided for a kike painfully obvious fake hippie utopia.

The boomers allowed Satan to rule on this earth. They deserve eternal torture.

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Your mom sounds like a faggot

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>tfw i'm not a fucking leach waiting for my parents to die to get their money a property.
fucking kys

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>>fucking kys
>Coping with 4th mortgage
>Fraudulent lifestyle built on debt and vanishing savings
>Bitter at the young because the social security pyramid scam is unraveling and the best you can hope for is being abandoned at an abusive hospice care facility.

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it is usually the woman in the relationship that wants bigger house and more materialistic goods. they compete with other women in those things. men are satisfied with less. women between 40-50 years 30% are on ssri medication cause they cant get satisfied with anything always want more

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Let’s make the Holocaust look like child’s play with a boomercaust

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Honest question to all burgers on the board:
>what going to happen when all the old boomers around the country get so old they need to sell their mcmansions to pay for health or die and there isn't the demand for these huge run-down houses anymore?

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Detroit is full of neighborhoods of abandoned mansions. They actually had a budget to tear down this shit or entice people to buy this for tax breaks.

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i know that feel, except my parents are to poor to get a loan for a house.

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they kept moving because niggers were moving in every neighborhood lowering the property value

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We won't be able to afford.

Rich Arab oil states and Chinese will buy up all of our real estate.

Actual Americans will become literal serfs. America will cement itself as the Brazil-tier banana republic it has dreamed to be for the past 60 years.

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