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A tiny group of unprecedented people with a vision seemingly so deluded that it also worked as a filter to stop the unworthy to get rich off their months of hard work. Along the way there were many attempts to pass the time, both malevolent and benevolent in their nature; many sophisticated memes were made, larping carefully performed and FUD created but mostly copied and pasted. A myriad of tales so great that the one telling them would instantly make a room quiet with listeners in suspense of what happened next. The stories have it all; massive amounts of wealth moved into the pockets of people who were not ready for it, ordeals of trust along with insider info and other drama, astounding utilitization of pattern recognition and long-term vision, euphoric moon missions and positive visualization, and finally why and how we were able to find Chainlink in the first place.

When the speculation finally ended it was already too late for the normies. The amount of people who opened their mouths after the NDAs became invalid ended up surprising even the most deluded ones. Within the first 24 hours, Chainlink became known as the industry standard oracle solution and the perfect solution to mass adoption of smart contracts. Even though part of the journey was weeks of reading through cancerous shit, it was all worth it in the end. If not for the massive financial gains then for the frens we made along the way

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>Assblaster contributing back to 4chan by telling us about the massive potential of LINK before it was known as such by the general community and then disappearing, thousands of magical memes, hundreds of breadcrumbs, tens of larpers, WalletAutist, RiddleAnon, SquirrelAnon, The_Crypto_Oracle and his legendary articles that sparked the interest of many important individuals, Finns and their peculiarly strong attraction towards Chainlink, legendary FUD, conspiracy theories about S.N., the order of Delphi along with its esoterism since the very beginning, toilet flushes, legends about the chosen ones who saw it years priot to others who kept their earthmoving faith in hard times because they knew, the cyclic rollercoaster of pink wojacks and green bulls, and finally the test of the iron hands, all the while Sergey maintained almost complete radiosilence while delivering and winning behind the scenes and slowly getting more and more recognizable by a handful of devs, then tens, then hundreds and finally communicating with thousands of teams who saw that they NEEDED Chainlink, the ultimate catalyst of Industry 4.0.

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Shut the fuck up with all this Link cringeware shit. Get off my board you dumb cringey cunt.

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nolinker spotted

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Thanks for bumping my thread schlomo

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I have been in every thread since that anime faggot shilled Chainlink prior to their ICO and I don't recognize this squirrel character.

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link is shit

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What other anons have there been? I forgot about Astro and LINK Whale

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got his paper wallet eaten by squirrels back in spring. Right around Easter.

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I'm not gullible enough to believe that. Must be why I don't remember. Thanks.

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I'm not sure if I believe it either but it was still entertaining thus I remembered him and added him

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It's in this thread

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based and redpilled

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>get off my board
said the cringe lord

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We all gonna make it.

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Thanks guy!

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>complaining about link
>"my board"

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oatmeal bro, pepe baller, niggeranus, ak47 oil driller guy, damu, uncle oldfag, drunkanon, washtrader anon, probably some others

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Pepe baller was the best, can’t let this story go down in history without remembering that sly mother fucker

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Checked. Red Pill in pepe baller pls fren

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I'll add them to my list and continue working on it.
Now I need to read it again. Nice get.

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Dont forget wallet autism and Major Alerón Helix. Major Fomoyolomofo too

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Squirrels don't eat paper. Rats and mice, sure. I don't even like rodents and i know this. He's lying

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based desu

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Are you being paid to post this?

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>my board
You are a scrawny cringe worthy fag boy

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Hey woah easy friend, delete this though.

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Squirrels didn't eat the paper. They poked a hole in the wall and nested there and the paper got wet and mashed up. Useless