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>The year is 2020.
>The world is 1 year into recession.
>The DOW Jones is 15,000, interest rates are 0%, Gold is $600/oz, and unemployment is 8%.
>An investigation has been launched into the cryptocurrency market.
>Jospeh Lubin and Vitalik are in prison serving securities fraud charges.
> Angry investors demand from their Congressmen that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto be released to disgorge repayment of USD for the largest ponzi scheme ever invented.

You didn't think Bitcoin could go to zero did you? This is how it will go to zero. Satoshi Nakamoto is alive and well. He can't move his original coins because he will be tracked down. But he certainly is among us since 2011.

The consequences of Bitcoin going to $2,000 or $1,000 have never been greater. Watch out.

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Please leave me alone.
You have what you need and my identity has nothing to do with the current market.

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Finney was Satoshi and sold all his coins under $500 to pay for his medical bills

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BTC to well under 1k,

The only reason the US fed govt would go after
Sanjay Nakamoto is if BTC is truly a hedge against the USD.
The US fed govt holds a CRAPTON of BTC,
so if USD tanks and cryptocurrencies are adopted globally, it will not ben in the interest of the US govt to suppress BTC.
BTC is a store of value, nothing more.
BTC competes with all fiat.

In addition the US govt (at the behest of the FED) will have to serve the interests of the ruling private bank.All it's supporters care about is power, and definitely no their holdings in a fiat currency that is hypothetically tanking.
BTC will go LOW AS FUCK,
but, blockchain services if smart can, are (to some extent), and will be hedges against fiat. It's not about BTC, XCASH, XMR, but about hedging.
Sanjay N.'s BTC holding are one of the blockchain based hedges the FED values.my two cents anon

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My response had bad grammar,
I meant, so long as the powers that be hedge against the USD, they will see international currencies as valuable. BTC is international, and it will drop low, and might stay low, but cryptocurrency is just part of blockchains potential.

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This is true, everybody who says otherwise is stupid, larping, or a new fag

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Holy fuck how new are you

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Prove it. You have an auditable blockchain. Plus Hal wouldn't need the money. He had insurance and was well off already.

This is all the more reason to kill Bitcoin while they can.

Soon the world will realize that Satoshi is actually behind bars and has been for a number of years. See pic related.

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Im pretty sure he also stated he left keys to his family so theyd be taken care of.

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wouldn't that be some shit if SN actually shitposted on /biz/

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>and i would have been a billionaire too if those fucking jews hadn't poisoned me.

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I don't need to touch the original 1m coins, that's only one account.

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>You didn't think Bitcoin could go to zero did you?

What idiot doesn't think that? All you need is for mining to become unprofitable and the whole thing crashes like a house of cards.

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For those of you who don't know. Paul Le Roux likely invented Truecrypt. He made bitcoin to help launder money worldwide. (((They))) won't let him free since he would be one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. Likewise it would be easiest to bankrupt him while the government has the chance. This folks is how we go to zero


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>Various Usenet newsgroup postings of Le Roux are known from the second half of the 1990s. Some of them are highly technical encryption discussions, while others can be summarized as trolling. Le Roux would frequently post angry, sarcastic and offensive messages, including harsh verbal attacks against Australia as well as racist comments. On various occasions, he would later express his amusement at the reactions of other users.[5]
>Around 1997–1998, Le Roux began to develop E4M (Encryption for the Masses), which was first released on December 18, 1998.[9] The product is capable of encrypting entire disks, and optionally of plausible deniability (denying the existence of an encrypted volume). Le Roux claimed the software had been written "from scratch". The software was released free of charge and with source code.[5][6] In the "Politics" section of the E4M website, Le Roux published a kind of manifesto stating that governments are increasingly relying on electronic data gathering. Citing projects such as Echelon, linked to the five nation states which would become known as the "Five Eyes" more than a decade later, he stated that encryption is the only way to preserve civil liberties.[10]
>In 2001, Le Roux appears listed as a director of a company named SSD Software. SW Professionals went out of business in October 2002, and Le Roux solicited contract work with a Usenet post.[5]

Gee Paul solicited work from a usenet post in 2002. Satoshi posted the attached in 2002.

How would the world feel if "x" was actually Paul Le Roux aka Satoshi Nakamoto.

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I had no idea, had never heard of this guy before

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>He also held a legitimate Congolese diplomatic passport, issued in August 2008 (the passport lists his name as Solotshi Calder Le Roux, Paul, and his birth date as 1982-12-24)

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>Satoshi is a dindu
Amazing timeline

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Holy shit Im just after remembering how obsessed szabo is with white farmers in south africa

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How did I miss the Solotoshi Niggamoto connection????

Quick someone ask John McAfee on twitter about this as he supposedly knows who Satoshi is.

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I'm actually Jewish.

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older than you

No salt, I meant that the power's that be just want power. BTC is a store of value like gold, and BTC does not define the potential of blockchain technology.
I see valuable blockchain technologies as hedges against their currently dominant counterparts. Their counterparts have to be equivalent, ie BTC to USD. I have almost not BTC btw, and am not all in Sanyay's Vision of shitting in streets either. Blockchain is here to stay, BTC was just eh first widely recognized start.
Maybe I am a 30 year old Boomer, a 20 year old zoomer, or something else far above age wise. Have a good night brother, the fact you're here already sets you ahead of the majority,

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CSW could buy an African country, he's not going to jail.

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Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't exist. 'He' is actually an AI.