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any poor fags here? am i the only one whos a complete fucking loser here at age 26 with no job and 0 net worth? i cant be the only one right? people here 19 and have 100k jobs. reveal yourself bros, greentext your situation. this is a thread for losers.

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>people here 19 and have 100k jobs
It's called LARPing/lying.

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what about the others at age 23 and 80 k jobs? seems pretty succesfull.

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i'm 30 and i live with my sister. no job and i don't pay rent. she's pretty cool about it. she only tells me to get a job like once a year. i always answer her "i've been trying but the economy is just in shambles right now". and she leaves me alone for another year.

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do you have a degree? I have a piece of shit business degree that has so far been worse than useless, i feel so angry for getting conned and spending so much money on a dumbass bullshit degree from a private school.

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No greentext but I'm 26 with 30k networth work in a warehouse been on 4channel since 09 no education no real skills future looking bleak senpai, but that's ok.
And to keep it biz jumped back in stocks after a two year hiatus a week before the shitstorm so I lost 2 grand right of the bat.
So yeah I'm a loser.

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yup, i have a 4yr degree but i haven't done anything with it. it's a STEM degree too, not some women's studies bullshit. i don't think it even matters anymore because it's been so long since i got it that most places won't even consider it. i'll just live with my sister until she gets sick of me and kicks me out. i'll figure that part out later.

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I don't even understand how you can make 100,000$ a year and still have time to brag on the web about it.

I would be out fucking hookers and getting massages. I think they are larping or the cost of living in USA is a fucking nightmare may be idk I'm a europoor and you can like comfortably with 30,000$ a year.

If you want to know everything OP, my family is pretty rich, they offered me the opportunity to study law, I didnt like the people there and I left just before my degree (so no degree)

I've been to army but it was too cold, too boring and people were stupid, I've been fired after a fight with a faggot who put his shoes on my pillow

Now I work for minimum wage in a little shop, I sell bikes, I know it won't last very long... Im just thinking about taking a massive loan and disappearing in Laos or Philippines idk..

Today I mailed a guy who recruit people to talk with needy guys on meeting website, so I'm basically going to be paid to larp i'm a girl on the web... if they take me of course it's like 0.15$ per text

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at least you have a job and contribute something to society. i have a masters and cant get a job so people think im either mentally ill or lazy, which makes me doubly hate myself. ive been applying like an asshole for 2 years straight and no luck. if this goes on, ill be wasting my degree by getting a job at mcdonalds or something, but im starting to believe that even they would reject me.

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I'm technically not poor, but I live in commiefornia and the cost of living is ridiculously high.

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hey at least you're still applying to jobs. you'll eventually get something. compared to me, i just sit around all day and watch porn. i applied everywhere related to my field for 2 years after i graduated but no place would hire me. i kinda just gave up after 2 years.

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i make 200k and spend half my day shitposting because i work from home and people have no idea how fast i can crank stuff out

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damn bro, was it that your applications didnt go anywhere, or you just didnt want to work? i completely fucked around for the first 6 motnhs after graduation and now i realize how badly i screwed myself by not applying earlier and getting an internship. a recruiter told me to fuck off because they dont consider people with a gap year for internships in this country. i hope you find your purpose in life bro, you sound like someone intelligent who got swept aside by the storm that is life.
i can relate on some level, i come from a relatively successful family. my aunt is the cfo of a major corporation and my father was department manager for a fortune 500. uncles a pilot and cousin works at a bank. and me, well now im considering starting off at starbucks or working as a cleaning lady just to stop myself from going insane.

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What is your Masters in anon?

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What is your field anon?

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Like 10 posts in and everyone's related to CEOs or making 200k a year lol

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i got a few interviews but they never lead to anything more. i'd say most of my applications got denied because i "have no experience" even though they were entry level jobs. i regret fucking around in college and not doing anything like an internship too. thank you for the well wishes. i hope you get a job soon.


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Ok send me 5 LTC please, It's nothing for someone who make 200k


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I just turned 20, and I make 80k a year plus 200k in Crypto.

Get Gud faggot

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>be me
>comfy sales position at hardware distributor
>just straight up lied and told them I have a business degree just like you
>have literally never set one foot on a college campus

Get cucked nerds.

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masters in management

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Do you f her?

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good for you man. here, doing that is a crime that will get you blacklisted for the rest of eternity. i dont know if its that serious in the US.

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begging strangers isn't the way to make it anon. for years i signed up for extra work, to help and train others, and i always lost PTO days (intentionally), all the while never complaining to mgmt, but instead making it my #1 priority to make them look good. you should have been a little more stoic and finished the degree.

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for what? getting paid 30% more but working 50 hours a week? Life is too short for this shit, seriously. Cancers took me my dad, took me so much members of my family. I refuse to give my life for a +30 or +200% salary.

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how old are you and whats your job?

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30 yo loser checking in. Rented accommodation and 1k in my checking account and

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Everyone here is 25 with a smoking hot gf, $150k a year work from home job, $300k left in crypto (minimum), 2 rental properties fully paid off, and $100k in liquid cash. If your net worth is even $1 less than what I just described, you need to leave, and probably kys :/.

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Rented accommodation? You thrifty fuck

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you don't need to larp around us, bros. we're all here for you. just let it all out.

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How can you live with yourself

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>Not living paycheck to paycheck

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it's not like she's using the extra room for anything

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that's perfectly fine, but you were just moping about it a minute ago.

i'm an old man in a unique situation

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Go back to r9k fag

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Cashed out 8,859,493,394
No larp

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Inspirational post for all you poorfags

I was already living paycheck to paycheck at 21 working fastfood and the government stole my tax return because I shared the same name as a rich tax evader who owed like 70k in taxes to the IRS. I told them they had it wrong and gave them all the paperwork I had but then the state put a lein on my income because I gave all my documents to the feds and they didn't share them with the state. I was making 50 dollars a paycheck, digging into my 1k of savings and then my car broke down and I couldn't even afford to fix it and lost my job entirely because no transportation.

I became homeless for 6 months at 21 because I eventually got evicted. I was homeless, had about $200, 1k limit credit card and a backpack of necessities, a laptop, and 1 change of clothes. I tried the homeless shelter and had a dude try to steal my bag before I even stayed the first night.

I slept at the library during the day and stayed at mcdonalds at night, they wouldnt let me sleep in the booths, but as long as I bought a drink for a dollar they wouldnt kick me out.

I lived off the 1k credit card for a few months (my $200 savings got auto-deducted by my car insurance), and I couldnt sign up for government assistance because I didn't have a housing address and couldn't use the homeless shelter as an address because it wasn't safe.

I had nothing. I had no future, and figured I'd just die of starvation or something once I ran out of money.

However I turned it around. I had a shitload of free time so I taught myself to develop webpages using pirated software off the mcdonalds wifi. I advertised through craigslist and built 2 shitty webpages for local businesses for 1k each and was able to put down deposit for a place to rent. From there on I was able to get a job at a local nonprofit making 35k a year at an entry level position and now 4 years later im making 70k a year at the same nonprofit, with over 100k in savings.

Dont give up, theres always hope.

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>80k/yr after 2 years out of highschool
Gay larper
>cashed out over 1% total ATH market cap
Gay larper

Based i’ve done this for all pretty much all my jobs over the years
Currently at boeing getting paid 120k/yr as a technical writer that larped as having a degree and experience, little did they know i just watched videos and read up on TW and learned the craft in <2 weeks

If you want to really make it, stop larping on 4chan and start larping in the real world

Its about what you actually know, its about what other people think you know

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pretty impressive. though i wonder if it would have been possible to rent a mailbox at the UPS store? they give you a real address to use and have stuff mailed to.

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i don't know how to code, then?

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same age live at home with my mom, no job no money not even a education. have really bad anxiety, only leave my house to get groceries. also i have a really bad porn addiction. i am with out a doubt the biggest loser in this thread.

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damn... i think i would have died in your situation. im really happy that you made it anon, it does give me hope.

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Take the oil pill dude. Rig hands making 80k with no education and missing teeth. Engineers making over 100k. Barely talk to anyone at your work. 2 weeks on, week off. Outdoors and work with your hands to distract your self from your miserable existence.

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Rules are meant to be broken.

The ones on the top are the ones who took the biggest risks and didnt get caught.

The most honest and good willed people will earn average income at best.

Life is a big casino and some people like to play in the bigger buy in tables others settle with mediocre life with less risks.

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You can still learn a trade like plumber or electrician.

Good honest work and the pay is ok. Why do you need more than you actually need ? Get some buddha in your life.

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I'm 28 and the only thing I have are 800 linkies, how about that? no job, zero in the bank but at least I'm healthy as fuck

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if this isn't one of the most valuable pieces of advice on this cesspool of frog memes and ponzi cube coins then I don't know what is.

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Tried it, PO box doesnt count as a residence address for food stamps/welfare in my state

I didnt either till I taught myself. The main point is I had literally 100% free time though, spent too much time watching anime and shitposting on 4chan or else I would have probably been homeless much shorter, just hoping the money that was leined from me would be returned to me if I waited it out.

Only once I realized I was really starting to be fucked I knew I had to do something. I made a gofundme post which got 0 dollars, I tried asking people on the street for money and work (nobody ever gave more than 10 bucks though and it was pretty degrading), and I applied for all kinds of "work from home" jobs, half of which were scams. Even contemplated getting arrested on purpose if things got bad enough because at least they would give me food & shelter in jail. I couldnt show up for any kind of in person interview because I looked homeless as fuck after a while. Theres options out there if you really get desparate.
I do have to say I dont view my time homeless as a bad experience in my life, really the worst part was losing everything, but once it was all gone I felt like I had true 100% freedom, like society didnt matter to me, just driven mostly by basic necessities to survive. Like you dont realize how fucking good it feels to just eat or sleep after a long ass time in normal life and have no pressing obligations. I was detached from everything and missed out on a lot of normal things in the news or movies I would have seen and it was really weird coming back and seeing that the world had sort of kept on moving without me.

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Left school before getting my degree in law (Mexico).
Been a neet since( one and half year).
Dont know what to do and i dont give a shit.

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Could you explain this gap of 3 weeks in you CV?

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Do the examination to become civil servant.

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I’m 19 and make around 48K but work hard for it

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Lost all of my 300k inheritance at 19 and now im 21 going back to cc studying comp. sci. Sometimes i fantasize about joining the army or killimg myself, but atleast i have shelter and a family...

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I was 22 and made 80k last year so not far off. That was before my $4 raise this year

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Dude, working at a bike shop was one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever had. Just get a good mountain bike with the employee discount, and work it off while riding the shit out of it. You'll be fit, probably meet some cool people, and not be stressed out trying to get rich (yet). In a couple years try to get a sales/rep job at a bike company and you will be able to make your pay be based upon your performance.

>> No.12123769

>community college
>comp sci
nice employability you got there bud

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Feels good to be a young, professional black man with a decent salary. Isn't God great?
>pic related is year-to-date **after** taxes

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I'm 34 and make about 100k. I don't think it's very much.

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Thank you for not being a nigger.

>> No.12123967

This. It's easy to call shit cunts out for being shit cunts. But people who are actively trying to better themselves deserve the credit for it.

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I'm 34 and have 3 kids and have no savings. If you don't have kids and have no savings, you're alright. But I'm fucked.

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Earn 22k year
No savings
Live with widowed mom
Not looking good

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> 33 y
> Living paycheck to paycheck
> have 100 NANO
> rent a place, nothing in my name
> dead-end, manual labor job
> horrible with finances, can’t save money for shit
> overweight, but can’t stop myself from spending my disposable income with fast/bad food
> don’t even live in my own country, I can’t speak the language of the country I live in (japan)

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condoms are cheap man

those poor kids

>> No.12126341

What I always wanted to know is, when someone says they "make" 100k, do they mean before or after taxes?

>> No.12126358

Seriously, get a fucking job.

>> No.12126368

Based. What type of work do you do? Sales?

>> No.12126373


Before taxes.

>> No.12126378

>100k job

>> No.12126436

You did something right anon

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27 and used to live paycheck to paycheck. Got my shit together and finished my degree. Finally got a decent job making 38k which is not bad for entry level. Looking at a 10k increase next month. Have 10k in stocks but that’s about it.

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>about $15k in crypto
>$50k debt in loan repaying $700 a month
>$800 per month for rent, insurance, living costs

i am super fucked. i was always able to sustain myself as neet from poker and crypto,
but this last year i made one bad decision after the other and now im on the edge further than i ever been.
especially with the loan i took and used for crypto and traveling.
will take 7 years to pay that off (if i can somehow pull that off)

>> No.12126641

when did you get your degree?
thanks asshole. seriously, im ready to start working tomorrow. doesnt help that most companies view me as a leper. i just want to work, seriously

>> No.12126779

Not even a year ago

>> No.12126786

Meant for

>> No.12126827

Where are you from, anon?
Sometimes, it is simply the area which is bad and moving would fix quite a lot.

>> No.12126829

fuck you bro
I'm an actual engineer and I only make 70k.
What do you do? Write product manuals?

>> No.12127810

Literally the only thing I have going on, a permanent visa from Japan.

I know I should just study japanese like crazy, since I already speak english + my native language, i should be able to land something better.

But it's SO hard to learn man, and working 10h/d + commute doesn't leave much time left, specially when you're exhausted from the manual labor work.

It saps everything from you, some days I can't even feel like fucking my GF.

>> No.12128245

what manual labor job is it ?

>> No.12128286

I'm 28, make $305k/year. Its not that much really. Yeah, I have a nice house, and my friend think of me as rich, I don't feel "rich." I save more than half of that a year, so after taxes I'm only spending maybe 40-50k/year.

>> No.12128435

Car assembly factory

>> No.12128455

>any poor fags here
Everyone on this board.

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I have something of a complex about being a poorfag since all of my relatives are solidly middle-class Boomers - except for my parents specifically, who came from solid middle-class backgrounds but were basically deadbeats in life. And now I'm a deadbeat.

>> No.12128499

My cousin is 21, he works the oil fields in Midland Texas and made $100k last year.

>> No.12128529

that sounds miserable mane. Are you by any chance russian or east asian ?

>> No.12128730 [DELETED] 

I just turned 30 with one child and absolutely no skills. I've worked child care, animal care, and hospitality. I'm about to be laid off for the 3rd straight time, this shit sucks.

>> No.12128823

It's actually not that bad, as far as factory jobs go.

It's just boring as shit, with no hope of ever improving my position.

>> No.12128992

Well, at least you get to enjoy japan in your off time, right ?

>> No.12129039

>24 never had a job, dropped out of college
>ADD, depression, autism and narcissistic mother are crippling my life
>receiving gov support but it's only applicable until I reach 25 then I'm fucked

>> No.12129252

Yes, I was just blowing off steam and staying in the spirit of the topic.
I enjoy living here, and I don't take it from granted.

I'm lucky to be here, can't imagine going back to Brazil and all its problems.

>> No.12129293

I’m broke too. Had money but lost it with my foolishness is penny stocks.

I’m 20 right now and plan to go to uni to get a more tangible degree in economics. I spent a year learning about other shit like big boy stocks and options and have had success with it along with failures. I just want something tangible in terms of qualifications to get a job as a newfag finance analyst.

I know it’s not going to be easy but I’d rather try and fail than not try at all.

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27, just left a fast food job to take care of some stuff overseas but now I'm technically unemployed, and dropped out of college before getting my bachelors (this hurts the most)

Feels very bad, especially since I know I'm not dumb, I've just been reduced to a husk of a human being due to being force-fed SSRIs for 8+ years and subsequently having zero motivation or energy. I've killed it at every job I've had but I suck at school, have no idea how to navigate the job market and have crippling social anxiety.

Hopefully this makes you feel less bad about your own situation. Shit sucks for a lot of us right now.

>> No.12129983

26 y.o. zero net worth, temporary stay in Ukraine, and have no reason to work, since average payment is about 250$ monthly.

Me and mother lost two houses due to war.
I live alone, while mother working in Deutschland and pays for my rent.

No job, useless education and government wants me to join the army (russian and ukrainian pigs fighting each other to find out who's got a bigger snout).
Police cathing people in the street for that purpose, so i mostly stay at home.

Only hope is free education system in Germany, so i could get a practical higher education. But Germany living costs are expensive, and i'm too lazy to learn another foreign language (german), or to work remotely.

>> No.12130314

i hope things get better...did you think about getting a trade anon? if you hate school that could be a middle road.
holy shit bruh, im sorry to hear that, hope everything works out eventually. if you want to learn german you could try duolingo, not as something serious but rather for fun. im doing it myself for some "fun" and ive already picked enough for a very simplistic conversation. cant you start working in germany immediately some way, at some very low level job so you can sustain yourself?

>> No.12130323

i feel you anon, but youre young as hell. youve got 5 more years until the world starts considering you as "damaged goods". make the most of your time :)

>> No.12130379

Always thought I'd end up a beer, but I went to trade school for refrigeration and currently have a job. I make about 1k a week and don't have to pay rent cus live with family member. Being a slave sicks though, I'd take a quarter of the money if I didn't have to kiss ass and break my body to get it.

What should I do with my cash come springtime boys? Quit job and go spend 6 months backpacking? Take a small vacation then go back to wagecucking? Double down on the wagecucking so I can afford to build my own house?

Honestly would just rather die in my sleep. I realized recently that I push everyone away so that when I inevitably give up, no one will be let down.

Anyone know where to take accelerated freefall lessons and how much it costs? The dmt isn't working anymore

>> No.12130381

Make ~90K
Own a $500K house, parents are well off and assisted with the down payment. Legit don't know how people can save to afford for things like this.

>> No.12130403

Condo flipped into "starter" house flipped into McMansion flipped into dream home by the time you are 40.

>> No.12130447


I believe it

>> No.12130497

I did an Ironworkers pre-apprenticeship for a couple months until realizing that I was clearly not physically fit enough to do the job well. Trades are a good option for people in shape but not just anyone can do them, especially if you're scrawny like me or a chubbo. Was pretty disappointing.

>> No.12130541

>bachelor's degree in informatics
>spending my whole life on my feet building computers for $15/hr
I want out.

>> No.12130555

That's bullshit and you know it though. The entirety of "work hard" culture is just your manager seeing how much they can extract out of you and how much dick you'll suck to get a decent job.

It's the same shit with the current culture of temp agency hiring.

>> No.12130616

can you please give us some life advice? you seem like you have an interesting story.

>> No.12130988

No, working in Europe is difficult for any non-european citizen.

Its only could be low level job in eastern Europe for 500-1000 month, that natives would not agree to do,

But I prefer German law, that allows you to work while you study and for a year (or more if some company is interested in you) afrter completed university education.

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>Highschool dropout
>Long time NEET untill recently
>Body already failing
>Missed the Golden bullrun despite being in 4chan since 2007
>Tried suspension strangulation but too much of a pussy to go trough with it

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>this is a thread for losers
Finally, I am home.

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Just move to Crimea or Krasnodar, nigger.

>> No.12131111

>ancient faggot here
>Had two houses, rented one, swimming pool, cute wife, two kids
>Get divorced, lose everything
>Lived off of secret innerwebz coins I stashed & cashed out near peak, while garnished to the point of bringing home $150/week.
>Make about $75k a year
>Finally out from under the debt
>Have about $500 in savings now

>> No.12131127

feel bad bro

>> No.12131165

a loan for travel? that must be the single worst idea I have ever heard good job you

>> No.12131172

I know that feel. Fucked it off hard. Went to top 20 uni, studied math. Finished masters, graduated. Now working at an investment bank through a consultancy which straight up robs 50%+ of what I should be paid. 31k USD before tax still aint bad, gonna make it when my contract runs out and I can go permie

>> No.12131185

Russia is "red" country. Police tyranny
ruled by KGB cancer. Still poor as hell though.

Leaving one shithole for another shithole to end up in police department with bottle up my butt? Thanks, but no.

>> No.12131195

why are you complaining exactly? Youre most likely gaining solid skills you can sell to a prospective employer on your next job. i cangt even get started ffs. id take any salary.

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>be me
>no degree
>literally a neet until the age of 24
>move to us from middle eastern country
>make a resume lying about past experiences
>nothing too out of the ordinary, working at a restaurant, moving upto manager rank, then moving onto marketing department of some company while freelancing music production and audio engineering (last part could be considered true since im a beast at fl studio LOL)
>none of the employers can call and confirm since its all xp back in my home country
>they just have to take my word for it
>apply to like 10 jobs
>get calls from 8 of them
>during the interviews i just tried hard not to be an autist and said shit that attracts employers like being responsible, being a team leader, always ready to help, friendly and easy to work with etc.
>didnt know shit about any of the jobs, just kinda winged it, was friendly and asked questions whenever i didnt know wtf to do
>making 50k per year right now
>reading this thread about americans with masters degree not able to find jobs

>> No.12131251

Stocks are volatile, which is why they have a higher expected return in the long run.

>> No.12131282

Can always start your own business. Employ yourself. Work a side-job at the same time for money-security.

>> No.12131313

I’m wondering what to do, bros. Right now I’m in my third year of grad school (halfway) for a doctorate in clinical psychology and I’m really burnt out and not sure if I want to do it for a living anymore. I’ve been thinking about taking a leave for a semester to think about it and just relax.

Basically once I finish I could be making $70k and beyond, so even if I don’t like it, it might be my best shot at a living. I’m not sure what I might do otherwise but I feel like there probably is something I would actually like doing out there that isn’t this.

>> No.12131446

Quitting this late in the game needs to be out of the picture. You need to stay focused and finish. It's shitty you already realize this now...but everything you had been working for would be for nothing now. Just finish and figure shit out a little later

>> No.12131465

This. Work is about survival, not luxury and fun.
t. Burnt out faggot (me)

>> No.12131529

u managed to hide ur coins from the divorce courts

>> No.12131549

20, studying accounting and working part time as AR clerk for $14/hr. How am i doing.

>> No.12131940

>get CS degree in 2016, realize I fucking hate programming
>finish degree anyway
>get caught up in election hysteria, also break my wrist
>have basically forgotten all my coursework, didn't make connections/network because I'm a beta autist
>2 years later I don't even know what to look for in a job
I would take anything to get my foot in the door and stop wasting my potential

>> No.12132022

Im a "paid volunteer" doing conservation corps, ie environmental conservation unskilled labor, things like chainsaws and spraying invasive weeds, im in credit card debt so my tiny pay checks all go to that. I used to be a degenerate drug addict vagabond hobo, and before that in high school I was basically a fucking loser. I had a few friends but managed to make thm all hate me and I never talj tk my family. I live in a winnebago in the middle of nowhere in the desert and just waste time on pointless youtube and 4chan. And im 25.

>> No.12132062

32, only have a GED, work for amazon as a delivery driver, $15 usd total in the bank... Probably gonna get fired because i no showed today for the third time in a month L E L but fuck em cuz the boss is a prick.

>> No.12132070

Nice larp but any govt assistance office will tell you how to get mail, and if youre smart enough to do that you would figure it out yourself

>> No.12132146

travel th beaches of southeast asia with a baggie of shrooms, lsd and dmt

>> No.12132183

just fking go to work.

>> No.12132206
File: 175 KB, 348x355, 1510323312180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeaah, show them boy! they will sure learn when they see you starving on the street.

>> No.12132238

how do u make 70k at a nonprofit

>> No.12132242

cut porn for a month

>> No.12133119

You got to make an effort to leave the house. Go see a dr or something. I feel bad for you anon. That's no kind of life. Baby steps to help yourself

>> No.12133185
File: 2.73 MB, 600x333, wednesday.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

divorce sure can bring a lad down

>> No.12133207

sandniggers get easy mode in this backwards world of diversity hire affirmative action for any company with over 1000 employees

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