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sage and hide all ancap threads

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income tax on money you worked for
sales tax when you spend your already taxed income dollars
property tax on stuff you own


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it's a short clip, is it somewhere else?

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Property is theft

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Drive on roads paid for by tax revenue
Bathe and wash in water provided by tax revenue
Sewage disposal paid for by tax revenue

Unless you live in a solar powered hut, bathe in a creek, shit in a coffee can, and walk everywhere, taxes are necessary.

The degree of taxation is debatable, but their necessity is not.

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I pay a monthly bill for those things, have you never heard of a utility bill? $1 of every gallon of gas you buy goes to roads. How are people this stupid?

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No.... fiat currency is theft. Go back on a gold standard. Duh.

"In the absence of a gold standard it's impossible to protect savings from confiscation through inflation- there is no safe store of value." - Alan Greenspan (1966)

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taxation is not theft because citizenship is voluntary

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right they're billed either to you or landlord

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is that the live in the middle of nowhere or become nomadic red pill?

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Citizenship is not voluntary because at no point in your life are you asked for consent to be governed. If we had a system of concurrent political parties executing their ideology independent of geography and independent of each other, where voters got to vote which system to join, THAT would be voluntary. Currently everyone votes on an annual basis for a singular political system that never changes or much cares what you or the majority of voters want.

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You literally have to buy your way out of slavery if you want to renounce US citizenship and you're not poor.

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Is there a better answer? People literally don't want to learn about taxes/money. Even this board ffs

Only thing you need to see for taxes is 'The grace commission'

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pretty gay opinion. society on the scale remotely close to what we have requires taxation

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Fuel taxes pay for roads. You pay for utilities, they are not provided for free.

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The free market would pay for everything you commie.

Go google 1913 pictures of New York.

Beautiful amazing streets and no income tax back then

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>having a government is theft

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it is voluntary you fucking retard. you can leave.

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there were other taxes, retard

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>sewage and water bills don't exist
then what the fuck are taxes paying for

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>Taxation is theft
>End the Fed
You know that the Fed has nothing to do with taxation, right?

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0/10 troll

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>telling the truth is trolling
ayy lmao

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>end the fed
Nah, I need their cheap money to prop up my portfolio.

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>it is voluntary you fucking retard. you can leave.

US federal government taxes it subjects regardless of the country they reside in. Additionally, there is no country on earth that has a framework of laws to which I would volunterily become a citizen, as I would be forced to contribute to a system I find morally reprehensible.

It is like with computers, I can buy pretty much any computer I want as long as I can afford it, and if there are no computers for sale I like, I am free to build one to my liking. In the information age, there is no reason government (a system of mostly information management) can't be the same.

One more (you), faggot.

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