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>when you realize you're not a kid anymore and almost 30

HOLY SHIT, where did the time go?

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just fuck my shit up

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>December 10th, 2018

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Grow up you little fucking man child

T. 24 yo supreme intellectual who does not find meme and racism funny

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I turn in February. Weird feels about it. I got a late start, just this year did I finally get a real job. Went from making 30 to right at 100k. Luckily I found link and that will be enough to get me caught up with where I should be and then some. Just need a wife now and all is well.

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STFU you 24 year old boomer. GTFO

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am i 30 already?

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28. already met career goals from college. have no interest to get married or kids
just want to retire and do nothing until i die. I kinda want to fight a war or something I don't care about my life anymore and I am bored a FUCK.

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25 and I still behave like a kid to some degree. Workplace sucks since if I try to stand up for myself it feels like they'll get mad at me which they have yet they somehow can get away with disrespecting me.

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23. I was 16 yesterday, what happened? I looked at the mirror this morning and didn't recognize myself.

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>tfw realizing you will live forever but you're already dead

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>just want to retire and do nothing until i die

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What's up early retirebros?

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I don't think i will pass from the 30s.

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Given the rate of technological advancement, vain Boomers, and unethical Chinese researchers, it's likely there'll be serious anti-aging treatments on the horizon when your 40s roll around.

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>tfw you realize you are too old to be here, but you can't leave

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i'm so close to being able to just perma-travel

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>wasnt sentient in a less poz'd era
34yr old boomer here, youll learn in time

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I mean I kill myself before reach that age. It is pointless to life after 30 year. Your mind and body are decline and can't find pleasure in nothing.

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You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

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Dec.10 1918 felt like it was yesterday
>the war is finally over
>happy, yet solemn
>at least now, i can invest in those fancy stocks
>they will never crash right?
>to de lune

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I didn't think I would live past 20's nor did I want to.
I pussed out on killing myself.
30 Still have nothing to lose.

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>Can't find pleasure in nothing
This is the unironical truth

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fuck you


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>tfw turned 30
>tfw very overt divide in peoples lifestyles

Here's the summary

1. Couple get married (or dont) and have kid(s). They form little groups with other couples with kids.

2. Guys who stay single/fuck buddies/short term/non-committal. No kids. Do whatever they want. Group 1 and 2 no longer associate because of the huge discrepancy in priorities (work/providing vs hedonism/selfishness)

3. Girls who are trying to get married and have kids, usually hang out with 1, but they have to date and fuck 2.

4. Girls who dont want kids, usually hang out with 2 and 3.

5. Couples who dont want kids or dont have them at the moment. Hang out with 1 and 3.

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So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking

Racing around to come up behind you again.

The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,

Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

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It must have been so weird having been in a trench for months, the line not moving, then everything goes silent.

And you're just in some farmer's field.

And the horrific sniper nest and the ridge thousands of men died trying to take and that one unreachable boulder in no man's land that you saw a bird once sit on, all of it's now just a short peaceful stroll away.

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Tfw when my life has done nothing but improve as I’ve gotten older

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So in summary:

>Single people hang out with single people, except single girls who want to settle down hang out with relationship people too.
>Relationship people hang out with relationship people.

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you best shut the fuck up

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so deep

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>Truth has to be all complicated and long winded

this is why youre an unsuccessful brainlet faggot
youre an idiot, and you cant change that, nothing you will do will make your brain better at functioning

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>>Truth has to be all complicated and long winded

The greatest truth is the life one lived......and regretted.

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>tfw 49

Fuck I wish i was 30

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just fuck those trips op

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I was marathoning a youtuber thinking he is 7 years older than me or at least my age but he turned out to be 7 years younger than me. I stopped watching his videos and YouTube altogether

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technically speaking, a truth is absolute, meaning it does not exist relative to anything else, as such you cant have a greatest Truth or least greatest Truth because that would mean that the Truth in question is being measured relative to something else, which would be an impossibility.

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>tfw 30 year old boomer
>tfw i outlived some kids from school
>tfw i outlived my best friend

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were gonna be cool boomers though

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26, was also 16 yesterday. Life is a blur, I should've done less drugs I think

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kek, people,like you are interesting. The ones who progressed through life without hitting a tree. It’s just stupidly good luck, but you unconsciously yearn the trials of becoming a man. Enduring hardship. You have the right idea, throwing yourself in a setting stripped of familiarity is sure to grow you. As would surviving in a foreign country or in the woods.

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>tfw went through a really insane teenage few years that basically turned me from a boy into a man so now im older and all the normies wanna 'challenge' themselves i just wanna chill and enjoy the life i wasnt guaranteed to have

like everyone wants to go skydiving and travel the world on a motorbike, like i feel like gambling the gift of life im so lucky to have, just so i can brag about it on normiebook? nah fuck that im not that retarded

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What were those career goals that you managed in 6 years?

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It took a long and excruciating 30 years to get here. Didn't exactly miss any of that suck time.

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school, work, sleeping, video games, go outside from time to time

thats about it

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>When you're nearly 40 and have been on 4chan for so long you became middle aged.

Just fuck my shit right up sempai. Give it time, 30 is gonna feel like a dream soon enough.

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and here we have it people nietzsches death of god right on time

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>still feel like a kid
>still look like a kid
>people trying to give me adult responsibilities
Fuck this shit, it isn't fair. I didn't develop right, fuck off. Nothing about me is adult, I can't have an adult life.

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At this point I'm enjoying watching things crash and burn, especially if it was something that deserved it.

>I wasn't always liked this, what the fuck happened?

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Your brain chemicals are fucked up, I was depressed 25-30 and I'm way better now after 30.

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>30 yo boomer
>didn’t experience a single death of relatives/friends
How bad it is anon?

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I had 2 good friends from highschool die of heroin overdose. It's... w/e. They were both good guys and super interesting dudes, but they had very fucked up life situations they were brought up in.

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i still feel like i belong here. but i feel out of place on /v/ and /r9k/. zoomer central

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20yo here, how do i not end up like OP?

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Just turned 29. Everything is fine: the best thing is to give up false youthful aspirations and live authentically, without remorse, without unwanted pressures. Youth is wasted on the young. I prefer to lapse into cozy senility. It's already happening.

Work my 9 -5, cash in the bank. Don't say hi to coworkers. Eat out with my wife. Eat out my wife. Watch only good films, make some lewd art. Sleep in on weekends, night drives in my old car. Plan next year's bean garden. Rake leaves.

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Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time

Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way

The time is gone, the song is over thought I'd something more to say.

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best linkin park song desu

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Its odd, didnt really seem real, I never thought any of my close friends would really die. I mean we hung out weekly for almost 20 years, went on so many trips together, worked jobs together, partied together, ran a small business together seeing each other daily for years. Playing through so many games together. My best friend without fail would pop by on holidays and my birthday to go party and Id do the same for him. We all had other friends/acquaintances but it was very different, we were always super close and never wanted more friends in like our tight circle. We could discuss anything, no one ever fought with each other, we'd joke about and share secrets of our acquaintances and kept each others secrets. I could hand them thousands of dollars in cash to hold and theyd return it. I honestly cant imagine ever gaining friends like these, so when my best friend passed it was kind of like part of my childhood gone. He has the other side to so many storys. Its really impossible for me to even imagine getting a new friend and spending that much time with someone ever again to build that level of trust/friendship. I was the best man at his wedding and always thought he'd repay the favor one day.

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31, 6 year NEET and still going strong. I’m living the life I want to live I think, so it’s all time well spent

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Youth is wasted on the young because the old have forgotten how to live

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your only talking about some intellectual concept. in reality, the only truth is you and your experience. as life emanates out from the center it gets farther away from the truth. if there is an objective truth outside of subjective experience, humans might never get to know/experience it. maybe nirvana but who knows about that.

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what happened to your friend

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Time by Pink Floyd is a great song to listen to on shrooms or acid

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shit, sorry forgot to mention, diagnosed with cancer, passed away a couple months later, it was just aggressive and surgeys didnt work.

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That hit me so hard anon. Thanks for sharing.

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Wtf does your generation find funny?

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This is BIZ you fucking normies, Get the fuck real and take this to B.

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I’m 26 and feel like K wasted 2014-2017, I don’t think I advanced at all. Just did enough to get by at home and stopped right there. I remember 2010 when I went to college like it was yesterday. Now I’m almost a decade removed. wow

It suddenly hit me that I have to make every day count because youth is finite. And I’ve watched too much of mine slip away without making enough of it. Working retail wagecuck and Socking away $100 a week in ETH/BAT so I can finally one day soon get the hell out of my moms house.

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>Meet up with old friends that's around 27-30
>Always ask them how their wife and kids are
>Everyone gets visibly upset

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To be a millionaire by 50 is still young. You have 20 years. Hop to it anon.

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you'll feel exponentially worse when you grow old by yourself while your friends have a family. they're investing in their future while you're not.

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same ;_;

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/r9k is a fucking hell.
those whiny 14 year old subhumans deserve to get cruelfully slaughtered to death

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>tfw could have retired in January
>tfw didn't sell
>back to misery
Bull run will be b-back r-right g-guys?

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>biz filled with neet 30 year old Boomers
>failures in every aspect of life
>constantly say "when I make it" in posts

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>tfw 31

life is not how i thought it would be

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Literally me, why we didn't sell I'll never truly understand

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That black conscript behind le wojack has some sick sideburns.

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desu life really does begin at 30. I decided it's time to grow up and met someone. Now we're 4 years married with a kid and i just bought a house. Doing boomer shit like cutting trees down and renovating the kitchen is satisfying as hell. If i met my 23 year old self i would gut punch him

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Teach me your ways master

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there is no escape in the world, we are stuck with old age and death in the samsara

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I hope one day, you might just see him again anon. I’m only 19 and have two very close friends like you described, I can only hope to die first, as selfish as that is

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you can go fuck yourself

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I'm 22 but I'm so uninterested in everything that sometimes I forget my own age.
I wish I could be able to drive without being nervous about it.

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A war, a prison sentence, and a lot of bleary eyed nights staring into an LCD matrix defined my 20s. My 30s will probably be more of the same.

>> No.12085235

Trust me anon, you'll be asking this question much, much harder when you turn 300.
Your life has barely begun, so relax and stop panicking.

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Damn anon I don't wanna live until I'm 300. If the tech exists that means we're basically machines by then, and that means they have backdoors in my brain and can hack me and gather data about me even easier than they do now.

>> No.12085299

Well if we're going to get technical there are multiple ways you could extend life that wouldn't involve machinery.
In fact it's even possible to do while staying 100 percent organic (it involves some genetic alterations we can't do yet and periodically replacing body parts as they wear out, like parts in a car).

Though in all honestly the most likely way is nanotech, in which case despite it being synthetic there is absolutely no outside signal or 'hacking' possible. You've got to understand that these nanobots would be too small to have something like that in them, they would be designed to operate more or less like organic cells, reacting to chemical signals and such, not operating on anything advanced enough to be hacked.

TLDR your fears are unfounded, it's unlikely that life extension would necessitate hackable machinery be installed into your brain or body.

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>1 in 1,000,000,000+
>Thinking anybody gives a shit about you


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after 30, we spend our whole lives wishing we were just 10 years younger....

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You fags need to nut up. Stop acting like soft women worrying about a few wrinkles. Im 29. I work a shit job. I wasted college and opportunities. Im learning how to trade for a living so i can get away from the commie normies and progressives. I just want a simple 20th century life away from all this technology people who believe in progress.

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>be almost 30
>every person i come across from my highschool has turned into a colossal fuckup
>one friend got into a car wreck and fucked up his spine
>best friend is now on drugs dodging child support
>girl i used to have a huge crush on now has 3 kids by different dads and got fat
fucking bizarre how everything’s turned out.
im just now getting started with a career and it feels like im way ahead of most of the kids i grew up with.
kind of worried that im due for a major fuckup soon to end up like everyone else.

>> No.12085573

By 30 the disparity becomes very obvious. Most just become bog average, which makes sense, average = most. Then some are below, like the guys who become criminals and junkies. Then the others who become successful in their own way.

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Leave this place
t. 28 year old boomer

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Fuck you.

>> No.12086192

How did you meet someone

>> No.12086235


>4 years and already preaching about it

you are for a big wake up kiddo

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wrong board nigger

>> No.12086553

You stop aging. Yeah.

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ikr i feel like this sometimes. it seems just like yesterday i was 13 years old and playing street hockey all the time with my friends. i have no idea where all this time has went but at least im all in crypto and prepared to retire like a really rich man.

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>went to school for finance
>switched to business admin because I was too dumb and could do well in finance
>graduated with a shitty gpa
>no real work experience
>been working in a bar for 7 years now
>thought about learning web dev, but I feel like it will take me forever to get good
>I feel like I won't be able to get a job w/o a related degree
>almost 27 and my body has gone to shit because of the fast food and alcohol diet
>still a virgin
>still no gf
>still have trouble connecting/talking with people and making friends
Have you guys run into someone you went to high school/college with? Do you usually lie and tell them everything is great even though its not?

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I am closer to 40 than I am to 30

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he's white, just really dusty i think

>> No.12088131

>prison sentence
tell us more anon

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This post would hurt my soul...if life hadn't snatched it from me already

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lol nigger

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Time is going to go even faster now. I'm close to 60. I look in the mirror and see the same young man I always did, but when I look at a picture of myself, I wonder who that old fucking man is.

Time flies VERY fast.

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Thats just a white guy after months of sleeping in a mudhole without showering

>> No.12088475

Why are you on a Nepalese town square forum?

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>19 yo
Give me life lessons oldfags

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Came during the fappening for Kate Upton's tits. Stayed for /pol/ and drifted over to /biz/ and /tv/ when people weren't burning shit down.

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>> No.12088646

Manager of a KFC

>> No.12088716


>> No.12088732


>> No.12088770

Holy fuck get a load of this cancerous newfag

Go back to fucking facebook where you belong

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>> No.12088835

I'm at 11 years and everything he said is true. Sorry you married wrong.

>> No.12088879

Spent it all watching stupid shitty nip monkey cartoons

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there is no outcome you wont regret

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