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I just came back to this board after a few months. Holy shit how did this go from 6k to 3k? I wish I could have been here for the pink wojaks

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way back in feb i told everyone that i saw a few predictions on /x/
>bitcoin going below $5k
>pres trump dying of a heart attack
+ i told them my uncle bailed on bitcoin in late 2017 at close to $20k and said it would never go up again

i lost interest in this shit for awhile but when i saw your post i thought u were trolling

holy fkn shit, it probably costs more to make one of those stupid things then it does to own one

also trump is close to getting impeached, which is a somewhat symbolic death

thank you based god

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Kek. This is the people /biz/tards are taking advice from.

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Its ok you can be here for $1.5k and even more pink wojaks and euphoric bobos.

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You didn’t lock ur BTC? Locked mine on Trevor @ $17,600

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Pic related was a wojack archive from the drops.

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14x up from 240 still. those late adopters aren't doing so bad

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what about the guy who wrote a post way back in march or something saying he'd convinced his parents to mortgage their home and cash out their retirement, they gave their idiot son more than $125k and he bought in at about $12k, he was worried because it was trading at about $10k, most peeps told him 'just hold dude' what a wanker

i wonder if he killed himself, or maybe he's just working 3 jobs to pay them back now lol

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>Holy shit how did this go from 6k to 3k?


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