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Someone please tell me it's all going to be ok, please

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just put ur linkies on a hardware wallet and fuckin forget about em dude. we are right, link is the next big thing, but we're probably too early to be spending 24/7 thinking and posting about it.

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You bought that shit?? hahahahahaha

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we are going to be more than just ok fren ;)

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Lmao that poster is fucking hilarious

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Was it a dream?

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He didn’t lock in @ 1.13 LUL

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He was so thin back then.

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I know.. that was before Sergey reached 100% body fat level

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90% of startups fail.
What makes you think Chainlink is in the winning 10 % ?
Nothing, maybe your confirmation bias, Sweety.

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Can you share the file you used to make the picture? I only found low res pics.

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not for you FUDster, kek does not approve and will not grant you high res memes

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Since when being realistic is FUD?
Are you rtarted bro?
t. Linkholder.

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thats mine, i only posted once more than a year ago how did you get this REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Where did you get this pic from?

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ID test

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Show me your vpn ways

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what do u mean fren? im not using a vpn

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Ethereum is the most popular smart contract shitcoin on the market, and if it's failing, I don't see what chance LINK has. Other than continuing to shit up /biz/ with its viral marketing. Only the contracts are smart, the investors are not.

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If you feel unsure just rewatch the amazon video over and over. You can’t fake that