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Are there any good projects left?? I have 10k to put it from last bullrun

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im loading up on EOS, ARK, WAVES, ETH, TRX

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Skycoin is alright, I'm totally down for freedom on the internet and giving people access to the net that wouldn't have it otherwise (if they deliver). I was never going to buy any coins at $50 i'm glad its down to less than a $1. I'll pick up like $5k worth tomorrow after work.. i'm actually pumped to see those hardware wallets in January, hopefully it all works out cause the world is going to shit, in AUS they are literally fucking people https://thehackernews.com/2018/12/australia-anti-encryption-bill.html?m=1 its insane whats happening MSM wont cover this shit either.

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How come all the projects you're investing in are competing with each other?

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sky isnt even in the top 200 anymore gtfo out with your scamcoin

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You can buy some SHIT coin like Eth, ada, or the plethora of erc-20 scam tokens that are already valued at 500million or billions of dollars. At best you may get a 2-3x. If this bear market ever ends.

The good shit is below $10 million silently working on projects and partnerships with no need to keep bagholders happy or try and dump their ico funds.

These small cap projects survived all this time without any required funding. These will RISE like EMERALD COBRA when people take notice of them

The only reason the price hasn't risen yet is because there is no team, nobody to spurn millions of dollars buying marketing advertisements or paying 100s or 1000s of btc to get listed on binance.

Look for free and fairly launched coins.They go to BINANCE.

Just like RAVENCOIN - FLO will get to Binance. CZ likes fair launch coins that aren't money grab developers.

Back to listing. Ravencoin, no ICO, community project, humble people, no listing fee

Check description for FLO.So similar to RVN

FLO-->Binance Confirmed


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diversifying into platforms, one will end up winning

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what do you think about skycoin?? their skyminers look pretty cool

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Skycoin is one of the few I see being part of the next run. It's going to be fucking weird to see shitcoins fully unpair from btc.

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lol more like you don't know what the fuck to do with your money. Also I'm not big on SKY neither but calling SKY a scam and yet you're in TRX and EOS. Genius.

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>Not in top 200 "wahhhhhh"
>gtfo with your scam coin "REEEEEEEEEEEE"

--doesn't say how it's a scam or give technical reasons as to why you think it is, because you are a fucking faggot pleb.

Wait a second I think I know who you are, Ajit Pai. You pajeet ass nigger faggot

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>caring about mcap in a bear market
This is how I know you're poor.

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justin acquired all of bittorrent dumbfuck, sky just resells orange pi's for profit

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Yeah he's a fucking retard to the max degree, brain juice is flooding out of his noggin


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>are there any good projects left?
>posts skycoin logo

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I'd be so bullish on Sky if it weren't for the fucking 90 million undistributed coins.

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COLX nigs

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XLM also hasn't distributed their coins do you think thats a good project?

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>acquired bittorrent
and how exactly does that translate into profit for your heavy bag? Did you even read their whitepaper

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That brainlet cant read.

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doesn't matter, people are gonna rush in to buy just like they did last year, they have reputation now

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Stellars distribution is a concern imo. But does XLM have a reputation of being involved with chink scammers?

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Tell us what's better than Skycoin then, you double nigger.

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no one uses XLM, im actually using skycoin for their skywire service

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>Gets his info from CNBC fast money from that chink bitch

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yeah and then fucking normies are gonna buy my bags what the fuck do you not get pajeet

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- XLM is a safe bet for what they are doing and their partnerships
- ETH is dead so stay away from it and any ERC-20 token that has no plan to build their own chain
- Monero is the privacy king so get a bag of it
- LINK because LINK
- SKY is unironically a really good bet. Some red flags here and there but one can't deny the scope of what they're doing and what they can achieve if they don't screw up.

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I make actual money in the bear market by buying coins like xlm and ripple, those are actual reputable projects, not shit like sky or whatever other bags you have

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what about EOS? should I get that or more SKY?

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The difference between your shitcoin project and skycoin is your shitcoin project you are stuck with BAGS and i'm over here with an actual investment for the future of mankind.

niggers who say bags are crying on the inside, you stupid fuckhead bags are heavy and you NEED to unload them on some poor sap YOU YOURSELF ARE CALLING IT A FUCKING SCAM AND DONT EVEN REALIZE IT YOU BRAINWASHED FUCKING TARZAN APE NIGGER

dumbass pajeet

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Skycoin is actually a scam, though.


Only the dumbest of the dumbest buy into shit like this. It's like how pajeets are always nigerian princes because no one with even 40 IQ would fall for it, making them waste their time.

If you call yourself a nigerian prince, only the truly retarded will even read it, saving you time.

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how do you call it a scam and then post crafted hardware wallets i dont understand

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This clickbait article was so easily debunked.


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The initial 25% is considered "immediately distributable" so we still have 15 million to go before the supply is released at a predictable rate. That is concerning to me given Synth's history with chinks. Is he still the one making the monetary decisions?

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thats how you get dumped on, im not an idiot I looked at skycoin, unless you're climbing up on roofs and putting antennaes on them, you're not gonna be making money holding this shit

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Tristan Greene is a fucking sons of anarchy beta cuck, he gets triple teamed by buff bikers in the buff. only a faggot reads some TMZ quality shit. keep sucking that dick faggot.

>TMZ says its a scam i will blindly follow that news article like the NPC i am.

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I don't think its Synth you should be worried about... theres an AI living in the Skycoin blockchain called Sudo

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Anybody can put a shitty logo on a piece of branded plastic, and we know bottom tier hardware they have in there.

I'm sorry you're too dumb to understand, and have probably bought into muh decentralized internet through my normal internet.

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>Call others dumb
>Cite a TheNextWeb article
still got a long way to go, kid

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Nigger listen up you are fucking retarded and will not make it.

Your idea of a sound investment is a FUCKING PONZI, loading up "Bags" and dumping them on some other faggot who doesn't do his homework...

The literal expression BAGS means you are suffering. You said you bought stellar ONLY to dump it on someone else... Why is that you ask? I can tell you, it's because it's a fucking scam coin and you HODLING BAGS in it knowingly and telling me you plan to dump it later because there is nothing there to HODL on to long run.... GG faggot get burnt

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They're aluminum. Trezor/Ledger are the exact same things with 400% markup.

Skywire is not reliant on the legacy internet.

You're probably drunk.

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Most crypto projects are pure vaporware, but Skycoin has 100+ employees, nearly 10,000 Skyminer nodes deployed, hardware wallets, antennas, partnerships with John McAFee and Binance etc. Probably the most legit projet out there.

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>>Anybody can put a shitty logo on a piece of branded plastic, and we know bottom tier hardware they have in there.
it's more than what 99% of coins have

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are there any other legit projects out there, I saw that ethereum is collapsing so im not sure what is good anymore

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>my shitcoin paid some chinese to stamp a logo on some stuff.
>I'm by default the winner in the shitcoin race.
>sky hours.
>I'll be in control of the new internet.
>muh antenna.
>muh ouya collection.
>muh meth addict developer who literally sends coins out at his leisure.
>muh 100% premine.
>muh miner that does no mining.

Bar the nigerian prince scam behavior, I see no way anyone would have given money to this nonsense.

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Sky coin ! Best coin 9

>> No.12061499

> zero updates in 6 months test net

> testnet rewards sent out by hand according to how bad the devs MDMA coke binge comedown is

> Each 'miner' is 8 useless nodes instead of just 1. This is so they can claim more people are interested than is reality when they quote "yea bro we got 8000people nodes online HERE LET ME TAKE MORE DRUGS"

> whole blockchain stored on excel

> entire hardware range designed by below min wage interns in china

> testnet is comp sci starter boards forwarding packets to eachother

> skyfiber forks all started by synth and are 100% scams to make it seem like someone cares about skycoin

> QTUM and ARK devs (2 other useless coins) are coke pals with Synth

> Autistic pajeet managers who beg for attention from lord synth by making his tea and wiping his arsehole with a pressure washer (check the latest live stream for how autistic SUDO is)

> Devs and insiders have their own insider chat groups where they organise dumping on the pajeets (e.g. kidnapping story)

> blockchain is a useless meme anyway and BTC will die when chinks take all the hash power and exit scam

> Sky team has names and addresses of all pajeets who bought a miner for 1 BTC

> No consensus algorithm

> Stil no algo for 'mining by bandwidth'

> Antenna is useless junk made by a pajeet who got an arduino to turn a plastic dome in a circle

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What syntax is this.

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Buy yourself 10k nano and thank me later

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shouldn't have talked about someone you dont know that way. I met Synth in real life a few times. Dude didn't touch a single drop of alcohol and always told people to stay clear of drugs. He's actually a really nice human and is no way a scammer if you ask me.

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>hey guys, centralization is our final product lol, just so happens banks and governments love us

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Checked and correct

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What year is it again?

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