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Where were you when Satoshi Nakamoto forgot how to program the most basic functionality in a programming language?

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Whats this aboot a "linker"? You trolling me brah?

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>running notepad++ on linux

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We had PSO's in Bitcoin running

They died

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No one who actually programs uses Notepad++. It’s just so laughably obvious that this conman has accomplished absolutely nothing in his life.

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Remember when he thought you could send signals faster than the speed of light and Peter Rizun called him out on it?

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>implying that it wasnt the tutorial that copy pasted from satoshi

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hes a fuking fake everybody says it, except the shills he pays

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The truth is, a bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth. Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnership came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons. Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags that joined in december and don't know this story. The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like REQ) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes. In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team.

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Bahahahahah wait wait wait
Even if this is photoshop, it's so entirely possible and believable that I'm not even going to bother checking his twatter. Oh my fuik ing god bahahhaha

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Technically the speed of light limit is just a theory. I think the future will show Craig Wright was right about

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say no more friend

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>running notepad++

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I think it's deleted. Either way man I don't need to see proof. If he wants us to believe lies I'm willing to believe anything else I see without checking on my shit.

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He doesnt need to impress you faggots



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What's wrong with it? It doesn't touch workflow agile base properly?
I'm just a frontend noob but you can write a code in notepad++ without a problem. Sublime is nicer though.

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that doesn't make any sense on so many levels

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Didnt people prove that craig wright graduated from university with a computer science degree though? They called his uni

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modern science is unironically wrong on a lot of fundamental things
>dude if equations don't add up, just make up a "dark", unobservable thing until they do, haha

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They also confirmed he was pretty #stiff too if I remeber correctly.

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He has a shitload of degrees, master's mostly, but afaik only 1 or 2 Ph.Ds

You can verify that yourself, pic related.

Then there's this video:

And all his IT security certificates:


There is no doubt he spent most of his adult life inside educational institutions, man is smart as hell. Most brainlets don't even understand the level he operates on, which is why they think he's a moron. The cryptospace is a total Dunning-Krueger fiesta

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He doesn't even have a computer science degree and I cringe to imagine what they teach in their System Administrator masters program, which isn't a normal degree, and typically a 2 year diploma from a technical college.

t. sysadmin

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and so what he copied that shit, programming is nothing other than copy and paste

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>programming is nothing other than copy and paste

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and so what he copied that shit, programming is nothing other than copy and paste

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pajeet detected

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Wow congrats on this. Seriously.

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but that's a windows machine in the screenshot

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The idea that Craig is Satoshi, an Australian guy who owes Australian Tax authority 3 m bucks but supposedly created Bitcoin is so dumb that the only people beyond help actually make threads to prove he isn't Satoshi.


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He has:

Master of Information Security Management
Master of statistics
Master of Information Security Engineering
Master of Networking and System Administration
Master of Management (information technology)
Master of Information Systems Security
Master of Quantitative Finance
Master of Systems Development
Master of Law

And he is currently studying for an additional 2 doctorate degrees

which is PhD in Securities law at Leicester university

And a PhD in Applied Mathematics at CNAM.

What this means, is that YOU are fucking inadequate brainlet compared to him. He doesn't even consider you of the same species. Your intellect is that of a fucking chimpanzee in comparison.

If you don't like it, STIFF

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He's the master of everything. /biz/ isn't worth of his presence

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This is so old lmao

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HE'S 100% satoshi, he revealed the private key of the first adress in the genesis block.
SADLY.... he's satoshi folks.

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Wright claimed to have a PhD in computer science from Charles Sturt University on his LinkedIn profile as of 2015; but the university told Forbes that it only awarded him two master's degrees and not a doctorate.

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Imagine being so fucking retarded you believe the mainstream media when you can verify the degree for yourself.

Doctorate of Philosophy

Thesis: The Quantification of Information Security Risks


Blown the fuck out by based Satoshi

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Imagine being so fucking retarded you believe the mainstream media when you can verify the degree for yourself.

Doctorate of Philosophy

Thesis: The Quantification of Information Systems Risks


Blown the fuck out by based Satoshi

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>lies about getting a phd in computer science from a literally who university
>tries to get it years later and fails
>they give him a doctorate of philosophy out of pity

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I don't see a phd in computer science anywhere chief. Looks like you got meme'd by based shitposter retard craig "can't program" wright

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Herro wolrd

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Is it possible to be this retarded? What do you think a doctor of philosophy is?

>A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil; Latin Philosophiae doctor or Doctor philosophiae) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most countries. PhDs are awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields.

Holy shit your IQ is below room temperature.

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>Literally just linked the PhD thesis in Quantification of Information Systems Risks
>Cyber security and IT is not Computer Science

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it's alright craig, there is nothing wrong with being a philosopher

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>posting an assembler version Hello World as proof of expertise

This is pathetic even if you write it yourself. Guy is a quack.

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Faketoshi never received his PHD. Thesis =/= PHD

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It's right there you fucking faggot

Verify it yourself, it's public information.


First name: Craig
Last name: Wright
Date of Birth: 23 Oct 1970

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TFW you are too fucking stupid to realize all PhDs are doctors of philosophy, because thats what PhD means LMFAOOOOOO

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>in progress

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it was never awarded. sorry faggot

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more like craig wrong hehe

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>Name of Award Conferred: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
>Conferral Date: 07-04-2017

Thanks for playing

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Just started reading. Thanks for sharing.

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ITT retards who think a PhD in CS is proof that he's Satoshi for some reason

Tons of people have a PhD in CS

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is this bait

>> No.12061865

first thing you learn in CS is to not reinvent the wheel.

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imagine thinking that masters and phds means youre an actually good at practically building things
academics are usually the shittiest of them all, you want to focus on the people who learnt how to code young aka your vitaliks

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is this a game engine? i d-don't know anymore

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Why did Rodger Ver create this complete fraud???

Never forget

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He has 2 masters. One in theology. All the other degrees he has is honorary bullshit.

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did he spend his entire life getting degrees?
he doesn't even know what his degree names are at 2:03 he says he has master of science in information systems management when it says information security management

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who cares if he is a fake? SV is the best tech out of all the bitcoins

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philosophy isnt computer science... I THINK!

>> No.12062451

But shouldn't it say Doctor of Philosophy in _________?

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He didn’t create shit. Blockstream and bitcoin core created this monster to try and hurt BCH

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>I'm just a frontend noob but you can write a code in notepad++ without a problem.

Yes, but you can't integrate it with command line tools, which makes it as useful as a pain text editor.

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pbwahaha, kek

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He has a PhD in The Quantification of Information Systems Risks

Overlapping fields, in this case computer science / economics / mathematics, so it just says Doctor of Philosophy (aka PhD)


He has over 18 university degrees, some minor ones including an associate degree in chemistry and and one in nuclear physics.

He holds 2 PhDs, his second PhD in information security (Computer Science) has already been linked, his first PhD was in Theology and comparative religious studies.

On top of that, he is working on 2 PhDs at the same time currently, one in Applied Math (Bioinformatics) and one in Law (Securities Law)

When he is done with those, he will have a total of 4 PhDs, and 10 masters degrees.

No wonder Roger Ver and Jihan, two idiots, are so afraid of him.

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Bitcoin SV, now with wormhole technology!

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That ASM only works in Linux
int 0x80 is the way of doing Linux syscalls

I believe he is using Notepad++ on Windows
And editing a Linux program on Windows is rare.

Craig is top Dunning-Kruger

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Well, the thing is that when you're not low IQ it is quite easy to spot low IQ people. I can't imagine the burden it must be going about your life without this skill.

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You have to be at least 18 to post here, boy.

>> No.12062757

Never seen a person invoking Dunning-Kruger that didn't suffer from that himself. Your post doesn't change this.

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pretty much

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ofc he's not satoshi holy fuck fucking newfasg

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Literally posting a video of a commie pedophile.

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I can easily spot that you're stupid. I have a mensa approved iq in the 160+ range. You're a prime example of the dunning Kruger the post you replied to talks about.

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having two PhDs is a very bad look even when it's ture. it's not a legitimate life pattern, it means a person is 'off', probably slightly shizo

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If you are truly intelligent you will understand what I mean when I say it is easy to spot he is low IQ. Just how clumsy he is when talking about technical stuff he only has a superficial understanding of makes me cringe. Also all the dumb mistakes in trying to provide fake proof that he is legit makes the whole thing all the more hilarious. But more than that, it is just a general feeling you get. It is so obvious to me, but seems invisible to so many people here... How would you describe the color red to a blind man?

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>He has a PhD in The Quantification of Information Systems Risks
You're a fucking retard, this isn't a degree, there is no fucking degree called "Quantification of Information System Risks" you retard

If you weren't so stupid it would be funny how dumb you are

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Cool. And what has he ever built and/or contributed?

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that's the part in that post you take issue with? the part that's true? he did phd work in 2011 and finished the write up in 2017 it may or may not be approved/issued now. you can read his thesis on the uni website
PhDs are like that, brainlet, you just get one and if the department/school feels like it it will be 'in' something which can be whatever the school likes. the PhD title is totally reasonable.

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This. It’s funny how more than half of biz are in denial about Craig. If you are literally listening to morons and think he’s retarded, you are a redditor. Get off this site now.

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Bitcoin. You should be thankful faggot. Desperate and pathetic low tier FUD from biz brainlet shills like this thread is pretty hilarious I must admit.

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id confirm this is true too for the low price of 20k

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Fuck off shill.

He’s contributed nothing and you know you cannot prove otherwise

>> No.12063008

>running windows
>browsing in chrome
>using steam for gaming
lol when will people learn

>> No.12063013

It's not a degree, it's the topic of the Thesis you tard. Craig haters are small jealous people.

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I can't believe that anyone is listening to what Craig Wright is saying. He is such a fool, a charlatan and a scam artist. I can't believe anyone would be so dumb as to watch a single video clip of Craig Wright and not say that their gut doesn't say he's a fraud. I would never recommend any of my friends or colleagues listen to this man; if they did, I would surely ostracize them and boast to others how I had not fallen prey to Faketoshi's lies and falsities. All he wants is money, and according to many prominent body language experts, young children to groom. This is a common trait among those who seek wealth and power. Do not listen to this man. I am telling you right now. Bad fortune will come to you if you even think about indulging his narcissistic fantasies for one second.

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>2 cents has been deposited in your account

Pathetic shill, no comeback whatsoever. Prove it then. Or better yet, show us all something that Craig has built and put his name to. Just one thing.
With all these apparent qualifications surely he has built something, right? (Pro tip: you can’t)

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Keep crying brainlet.

>> No.12063138

Stop arguing with him. He’s going to cry when BSV becomes BTC. And his altcoins go to zero.

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>Craig Wrong

>> No.12063177

>He has a PhD in The Quantification of Information Systems Risks

That isn't a discipline m8, that's his thesis title.

>> No.12063202

So he’s a fraud and an academic. Congrats on this, seriously.

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He wouldn't even have to be upset. Based Satoshi already warned us well in advance.

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CSW is an idiot who thinks everybody is stupider than himself, so he doesn't think he'll get caught even when he's doing shit he has absolutely no idea about.

He is the very definition of d-k

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>see you in your night mares sweety
did he make that caption himself?

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>tfw related to craig wright and hes never given me or my family even 0.0001 bitcoins, let alone contacted us in the last 5 years
cunt won't even give his own mother bitcoin either. only person he's traded with is his sister for some reason

>> No.12063233

>CSW is an idiot with multiple PhDs in multiple disciplines.
You are the definition of being a butthurt jealous little chode attempting to be what CSW is, but failing severely.

>> No.12063235

No, he's an academic fraud.

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The discipline is information and computer security, which is a subfield of computer science.


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Naw, it's a GIF. He also has a degree in meme mastery for those who are not aware.

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Just invest in SV my man. We're all gonna make it.

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>No wonder Roger Ver and Jihan, two idiots, are so afraid of him.

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what a dummy
quads confirm that Trump is satoshi

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another lying loser blown the fuck out by the God Emperor

>> No.12063346

>muh 4d chess

Enjoy your bags

>> No.12063351

All of those are administrative degrees. He doesn't hold any high level coding degrees, not that any paper is needed to be able to code, but as the foundations of his persona is his educational background he should have some coding degree.

>t. Bachelor in coding never felt like I need a masters

>> No.12063362

It is threads like this, and perhaps, the threads that deal with stocks or real estate, that make you realise just how fucking stupid half of biz is. It isn't wether he is or he isn't Satoshi, that is the galling issue. It is the arguments that betray basic common sense, any knowledge of the world and flawed logic. I've always liked this board, but I do hope most of the more aggressively didactic anons lose their shirts. Fuck you cocksuckers

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I like that you mention that. There is a reason why CSW is doing a PhD in Bioinformatics. Pic very related.

>> No.12063395


>Doctor of Philosophy

How many cocks can one fit in ones mouth and does that make one gay?

What a useless 'education', might as well have a done a doctorate on women's studies.

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>> No.12063409

So many people don't even know what the Ph in a PhD stands for...

>> No.12063410
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Yep, you get it senpai. Those they attack the most are the biggest threat. Enjoy the show.

>> No.12063460

Buggy as shit and crashes my machine all the time.

Whats wrong with FOSS?

>> No.12063467


> That ASM only works in Linux
int 0x80 is the way of doing Linux syscalls

Rofl, subtle but effective bate. Well done.

>> No.12063497


>> No.12063539

Fuck off Craig

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>> No.12063574

>He holds 2 PhDs
In most countries you can't get 2 PhDs dumbass. Almost all Unis don't allow it.

Even most 3rd world countries don't allow 2 PhDs (except some extreme shitholes such as India)

>> No.12063619

What is ATO

>> No.12063654

>and so what he copied that shit, programming is nothing other than copy and paste
until you grow up from pajeet world an actually have to creatively solve a very specific problem that there are no examples of online.

>> No.12063657

>comparing most people to the creator of bitcoin / a new paradigm in a financial revolution

Absolute state of the brainless

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File: 26 KB, 641x248, Roger_knows_satoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Different Unis brainlet. I swear is every fucking nigger on this board functionally retarded?

PhD in Theology - SAOS University of London
PhD in CompSci (Information security) - Charles Sturt University, Australia
PhD candidate in Applied Math - CNAM, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Paris
PhD candidate in Securities law - Leicester University, UK

ATO - Australian Taxation Office

>> No.12063742

I don't like Craig,
but in any case, Satoshi isn't considered a good cryptographer nor a good C++ programmer anyway.

>> No.12063780

Bitcoin is proof of work, not handouts and socialism. Craigs son has been mining since 2010 and just became the youngest GSE ever. what the fuck have you done except whining about not getting handouts?

>> No.12063789

MASM is microsoft's assembler for dos/windows systems. int 0x80 is a linux system call. even if he didnt copy the code, it's still retarded

>> No.12063793

A 'hello world' is not one of those problems. Trying to reinvent a solution to this problem is a sign of a brainlet, conceited programmer

>> No.12063809

Did you make any effort to rekindle any contact yourself?

>> No.12063883

You can, if I had a hypothetical plank of wood that extended from here to the moon, and someone was on the moon holding that other end of hypothetical wood, and if I pulled or pushed that plank, are you saying that the guy on the moon would not instantaneously feel that and therefore I’ve just transferred information faster than the speed of light

>> No.12063947

CSW haters grasping at straws

>> No.12063961


>> No.12063965

He is running Notepad++ in Wine. Look at the titlebars.

>> No.12063970

can some fag explain to me why someone would need a computer science degree if theyre already a mathematical genius?

I would assume someone who is very good at math, could very easily teach themselves any programming language, and figure out different outcomes for solutions themselves?

Is my thinking wrong? please explain.

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He could always reach out on twitter, Craig is actually nice as fuck and answers like every question, as long as you aren't antagonistic or idiotic. I mean somebody even asked him if he legit was an extraterrestrial, and he replied in good faith.

He is extremely intelligent, but has zero tolerance for brainlets. If you engage him on good terms, he will interact with you like a professor would. You are the student, he is the teacher.

>> No.12063990

Why reinvent the wheel when someone did it for you. Not worth the effort.

>> No.12063997

You only proved >>12060949 point, he has no degree in computer science, only stuff that sounds similar or related to computer science but in he end its probably more like administration

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>God Emperor

>> No.12064041

> statistics
> quantitative finance
> law
> applied maths
> stuff that sounds like computer science but is more like administration

This thread has really separated the wheat from the brainlets

>> No.12064054

but what i am trying to say is, someone with a mathematical degree could pick up a few computer science books and teaxh themselves, cant they? whats the point of a degree?

Its like sending a physicist who works on cars to get a degree in engineering. That physicist with his knowledge on cars, could easily pick up a few books in engineering and teach themselves. The engineering degree would be pointless.

>> No.12064069
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>Different Unis
You can't get PhD in Different Unis
You Huge Brainlet

Almost all Unis blocks PhD holders to get another one even from another Uni.

>> No.12064115
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His PhD is literally in the field of computer science. Information security IS computer science. What it so difficult to understand?


>> No.12064118

True. University would give you an order as to the topics studied and a system of accountability. Not much use to a self-motivated bright person.

>> No.12064188

Do you get to vote?

>> No.12064204

Master of all trades, jack of none.

He is probably the smartest man alive. I doubt he is Satoshi, because Satoshi did not seem as smart as this.

>> No.12064244

Dude csw is literally Jesus. He built bitcoin as the second coming. He will save us from the Jews.
Everyone else seems to agree with me, he privately proved he's Jesus/Satoshi to his journalist friend so take it on faith if you must. He has BTC and sold so he can afford to pay for all those kids to take a PhD on his behalf since he doesn't have time to do it himself.

If you're a non believer you're going to hell.

>> No.12064267

skycoin supporter detected

>> No.12064346
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This is why there is nobody else in the cryptospace who could be Satoshi. Compare the breadth of his knowledge and insight with ANY of the intellectual toddlers in swarming the space. Anyone. Nobody can even compare. He runs circles around them all day. People like Ver, Rizun and Amaury always try to attack him on details that they are experts in, but always end up getting BTFO when he schools them on the facts. Turing completeness, selfish mining, securities law, etc. He literally lays traps for these brainlets so he can embarrass them publically. Often they don't even realize they've been outsmarted, because they lack the necessary knowledge and cognition to understand.

Read this article and laugh hysterically


These supposed programming experts are like ants to him. They call him a fraud, but they are all hanging on his every word, and can not stop talking about him, just look at /r/btc, they hate him with such a passion meanwhile 50% of their content is all about Craig. Lives in their heads rent free.

He is unbelievably based. The Trump of crypto indeed.

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