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I went all in on dBc in January there is no way to recover from this

Will post the livestream link in 3 hours

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Sell your life

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dis gon b gud

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money isnt everything, if not bait then dont do that, think about your relatives

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>Sell your life
Sell your *organs

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There is a way to recover, just go wagecuck eat ramen and invest it all again

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Sell and buy ChainLink.
Put as little as you can in every month untill 2021.
If by then CL won't moon ETH style Imma kms also.

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we all got rekt by scam projects but beeing rekt by fucking deepbrainchain must hurt even more. I feel bad for you
I mean you can't evn tell people you lost your money "investing in deepbrainchain" because that sounds fucking retarded and everyone would think you are a brainlet, which you obviously are.

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bump 40 mins

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In case this is no larp, don't do it mate. This will get better

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Op didn’t deliver last time, so hoping just a lark. But I always bump sweet Wojacks.

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This, just don't put your sweet savings into a complete shitcoin next time. Also, it's not too late to move it from dbc to something that's also bottomed out and not a complete scam. Just drop it all in RDN or something and cross your fingers

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>we all got rekt by scam projects but beeing rekt by fucking deepbrainchain must hurt even more.
This is justice. I tried to warn the deepbrainlets but they were blinded by greed and stupidity. Frankly seeing you all get rekt is deeply satisfying to me. Bunch of pseudointellectuals incapable of reading a single wikipedia article about MLA/DL.

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Livestream link
youtube.com/ watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

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How big was your all in?

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>wikipedia article about MLA/DL.
fuck off retard

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why are you being a pussy instead of earning a few million?

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country blocked
lazy to vpn
can u at least screencap your death for us?

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It's Rick Ashley

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DBC was valued at $500 million in january. To be exact, that is only their 15% circulating supply. The total supply, 85% of which is not in circulation, was valued at $3.33 billion.
This is so insane, I'm going to write it again: $3.3 billion valuation for 5 chinks writing some code (if they ever even did).

The 2017 madness will never happen again.

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why the fuck is Rick Astley blocked in some countries?
Are they afraid of him taking over all the rapechild puppets?

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