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Is there a single intp or intj on this board who isn't all in on link at this point? Explain yourselves. Low iq NPC types need not reply

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intj been all in LINK since 15cents. buying more every payday

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There's always a lot of intjs when 4chan takes personality tests. Kind of weird and I'm not sure if it's a Larp.

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I'm INTJ and I'm all in on BAT.

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intj, all in link, king of delphi

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Infp checking in

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I'm on the border of INTJ / INTP and I'm like 90% all-in on ETH. No Link, just don't trust you faggots shilling it constantly, and don't trust Sergey because he's just using you guys as his own personal Big Mac slush fund.

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Intj, only btc and xmr

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ENFP spotted

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its almost as if this website attracts a certain type of person. well 4chan did. who the fuck knows who comes to 4channel now

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intp been all in since last jan, and DCAing

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EN(F/T)P 90% in on LINK.

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sold at .50 cents cant wait to buy 1000 for $100 in a few months.

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INTP all in on nano

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Autistic loser shut-in NEETs are almost always INTJ, I mean what else would fit the bill more closely?

I mean 555-COME-ON-NOW.jpg

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Seven of nine just looks like she could fuck you to submission.

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lol nerd

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An INTJ would not be "all in" on anything unless it was unassailable. I am largely in Link and have gone as far as to gamble people's perceptions of me by shilling it face to face, but I will always have active contingency plans. If you aren't also in some junior miners, cash, and some healthier side bets, you are not an INTJ because you are not reading the meta around QT, BTC debasement to capture mt gox coins, major miners passing peak production and needing to by juniors, etc.

I cannot speak to why an INTP wouldn't be all in. Is it natural for them to be that unpragmatic?

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I wouldn't fuck Link with your dick and cannot wait for the stink threads to disappear. Linkies should remove themselves from the gene pool to raise the collective intelligence of humanity.
"1000 EOY" = <90 IQ

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you're intj

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INTJ here. Have avoided link because of 4chans shilling but just the other day was looking at chart of LINK and saw how stupid I was to not HEDGE into it at beginning of bear. LINK performed like a beast during last 11 months of bear

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>thinks link isn't unassailable.
every link fud is quickly shut down or ignored because its been shut down thousands of times in the past.

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LINK has been almost entirely supported by a cult-like insanity propped up by incessant 4chan shilling of "$1000 EOY". It's gonna dump hard as fuck on January 1st when people realize they've been duped and it's not even going to be 20 cents EOY.

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60% LINK
15% SC
15% XDC
5% DCR
3% AKA
2% KIN

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i dont want to be burned for heresy, but everyone rational knows 1k eoy is a meme. the rest is solid fundamentals.
dump on 1/1. kek'd

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we were in an unlogical point to invest in any coin, we were on a bear market, onces this settle i could join.

anyone invested before this crash dont look at the crypstosfere as a whole, neither the btc chart, and not to talk about trendfollowing.

its completly useless to be a geek and understandd a proyect if youre the only one whos gonna support it.

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INTP. Still don't own any link. Everyone who shills it comes across as being extremely unintelligent and desperate.

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Crypto is assailable. An INTJ who isn't hedging the whole system to ensure a good enough win is either desperate or not far enough into the archetype.

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intj here, BTC and XMR only.

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INTP and all in link

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INTP with 10k stack not all in but i have diversified , 30% link

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Myers-briggs is nothing but a nerd horoscope.
I'm "INTJ" and a "scorpio" and I sold all my link at $1.20

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INTP sold 75% in January. Rest is not going to recover.

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Yet you should be able to come to your own conclusion not based on bored weirdos

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ENTP here.
XMR over everything. fuck link

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Everything in my post is true.

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Do you disagree in whole or in part? Which parts? Use your words.

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ENTP here, all in LINK. I’m still going to be a chad amoung us LINK millionaires. Sorry.

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the mbti part, why would i disagree with what price your sold at and that you're a scorpio

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INTJ, 50/50 LINK and BTC

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INTP sold all in January and paid back my student loans. I’m still lurking here because it’s funny to see human suffering

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ENTJ here all in.

Also my own boss at 23. Get fucked brainlets.

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MBTI was created by two women with no background in psychology, based on the pseudoscientific musings of carl jung. It has no basis in evidence-based psychology, and performs poorly on measures like test-retest consistency, predictive power, and variable independence. There is a reason it's used by MBAs and life coaches, and not real psychologists.

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its not larp it's a projection of what they see themselves as rather than being objective
nothing but applied "im a social cripple therefor i must be smart" thinking, really

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what is used by real psychologists?

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INTJ algobro. momentum models are lukewarm right now.

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Intp was all in link until May. Now all in zec

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INTP, 60%+ in since ED and all-in for last few months.

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Same here

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unironically this

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All in LINK

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I somewhat agree. But what if stinkys are retarded AND link is 1000eoy?

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INTJ here still have a little bit of btc otherwise full fiat and accumulating fiat
planing to go long when I'll consider that things have hit the bottom

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Haha u know u r a normie

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INFJ master race

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INTP iq 160 all in Verge. muh utility fucking lol

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Intj all in on dnt until it pumps again at least

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Intj, currently sitting about 20k in ETFs and have 50k linkies. Slowly adding to my bags with each paycheck.

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I have consistently gotten INTP every time I took the test throughout the years. I have been watching LINK since ICO but have been very hesitant. All the shilling here puts me off a bit, even though I like the memes. Ironically, my name is actually Sergey.

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Myers Briggs is practically pseudoscience.

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INTP here

I am all in on a x2 short on bitcoin group se stock

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nope i bought at 13 cents

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Explain. What is all this categorization ?

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You don't believe it has any accuracy in grouping people with certain personality traits and habits together? It's nowhere near as pseudoscintific as something like astrology, IMO. It actually has practical uses.

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ENTP here. BTC4life

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myers briggs personality test, it takes 15 min to take

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what does "warmest machine" mean?

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Thinks and acts like an intelligent machine (calculated and precise), with a relatively friendly, albeit introverted personality.

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INTP here, I don't have much to say except I wish I was more assertive.

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>I have consistently gotten INTP every time I took the test throughout the years.
same. shorting all the way down $0.00

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Did a lot of Myers Briggs' test just to be sure. Always got INTP. If you are holding coins at the moment you suck . Sold everything I got and waiting for the right moment to get back in.

Main altcoins:

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ENTP fiat king master race here. I'm richer than 100% of users of this board because I knew 2018 was not a year to buy anything. AMA

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Forgot to mention I sold at $18k and $19k into fiat. I don't trust a single one of you introverted autistic weaklings and I'm up 99% on you clowns by having not participated in your autistic shill scams.

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Yet you are empty inside and are seeking validation on 4channel. Good job bud.

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Bitcoin is going below $800 and it's never going to make a new ATH, not even close. None of you autistic neets know how to trade because you can't think outside the box, at least not correctly. You all get trapped in retard brain loops and get carried away with your NPC aspie hive mind programming.

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Negative potato. There shouldn't be a safe space for losers like you all, but that's just my philosophy.

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>don't trust you faggots shilling it constantly,
An INTJ that can't sense the truth through the 4chins would do his own research to bypass the need for that trust

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Oh yeah, Hillary wins in 2020 by a landslide.

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Okay gramps

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INTJ and INTP are classed as easy to persuade, manipulate and reluctant to change by psyop organisations. Just an FYI.

I’m 50:50 BAT and LINK.

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INTJ ... I'm all in.

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ENTP. I am 90% LINK. Wish I had gone all in a few months ago.

>> No.12050127

INFJ reporting in
40% LINK
40% XRP
20% mix of BTC, ETH, XLM, BAT


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Eth, bat, holo, msr, xem, gvt, xlm, and (sigh) fun.

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INTP here, I trade out every so often but I can't stop going back into all in on LINK. I wish I knew why, but I actually have never come up negative on my side stacks so I guess it's not that bad. BCHSV did me well this week, but I already fucking re-entered LINK 1500 sats lower than I exited (and 1000 sats higher than it is now)

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fellow INTP
also, all in on NANO
genius-level IQs are INTP more than any other type

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INTP here. Sell your link and hold ETH.

>> No.12050435

carl jung was an INTP, and his stuff is still misunderstood by you retards

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INTP, all in on OMG.

>> No.12050544

This supposition is retarded. Crypto has been on a track since the Over 9000 meme carried made it go full retard only to be unable to sufficiently liquidate due to an ETF denial. Since then it's all gone as expected, so why would we INTJs revise our model?

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INTJ here
pretty much all in on link, I have one little gamble play also, but mostly for fun and then sell if it works out. But nodes on link is the plan, build it up like the mining, the earlier you get in the more you make and can keep expanding! Just like the miners did. Feels good to be in from the start!

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Holy shit how long has this been happening?

>> No.12050561

I am open to the possible truth of this claim and will search for evidence in favour and against.

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>INTJ and INTP are classed as easy to persuade, manipulate
Wow someone lied to you..
larp or samefag, take your pick, either way not intp or intj, too obvious.

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are you me


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Self parody amuses me. I'm trying to wish you could appreciate what it is I did there because I suspect I would like having amused another.

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entp masterrace

2.4M link
6000 xmr

buying more of both every month.

see the ones who can see the forest through the trees on the other side

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ENTP aka the smart Chad checking in


Also fyi as a sociopath myself I see right through CSW so fuck SV. That is all.

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ISTJ if I was more assertive at work I'd get ridiculed and likely reprimanded. As it is I do what I'm asked to do even when it's obvious I get more tossed on my plate by my manager than the rest of the staff. Basically my manager can act rude but cannot be called out on it in a serious tone by me lest I want to get reprimanded but the other way around and I get reprimanded if I'm rude.

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okay, at this point I feel kinda embarassed for not holding any link. I realize now, maybe it wasn't a meme shitcoin.

>> No.12050794

check above fren. welcome. we see the same. Starting buying abc yesterday under 100. fuck the clown

>> No.12050814

I also plan to do this and have enough money to accrue over 20k link. But I’m a programming/computer brainlet. Could I still be able to learn how to run several nodes?

>> No.12050817

35% BAT, 47% LINK, remainder is other things including Gods Unchained cards; cheap as fuck right now and my unique card could double my LINK stack once they open up trading if the price stays down.

>> No.12050829

Cold human is very descriptive too, having genuine warm/caring feelings for others on the inside but not able to show them, while people just sense from you being cold, distant and strict. I'm not sure if this actually applies to INTJ but that's how I feel.

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intp, all in eth. link is unironically my dogs name.

>> No.12050890

>132-140 iq
>long 21 cm dick
>mostly in link

Feels good stroking my long dick and adding to my link collection. Many of you will never understand the supreme experience of watching a women hold your dick with two hands. And if you aren’t prepping to stock up on link, you are incorrigibly retarded.

>> No.12050900

For reliability and validity of my post, im a provisional psych, i do 10 psychological inventories every 6 months to determine how/if im changing. I have been INTJ ever since i started doing this 10 years ago. I did not buy link because i didn't know about it till i looked at /biz, then i saw that all these autistic neckbeard cucks were shilling it, so i avoided it. Its funny, i have a friend at the gym who keeps shilling link, he doesnt even use 4chan. He actually put 1M of his money into link....i showed him the charts this morning and he punched me. kek

>> No.12050913

well at least I know what it feels to be able to stick my whole dick in a woman's vagoo.

>> No.12050931

Thats what golden brappers are for. They love it.

>> No.12051154

>king of a meme
top delusion

>> No.12051236

Great time to realize this desu

Now naming my dog this

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ENXP and all in on Link. Looking forward to see what you guys do with the money when you get the keys to lambo land. I'm already brainstorming ideas, starting an animation company, going into research, making hentai games, setting up some apartments and dabbling with real estate to set my family up.

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INTJ and how do you play a proper infinite xanatos gambit whilst all in on anything? Diversify motherfucker. Just because LINK is valuable doesn't mean nothing else is.

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>implying MBTI bullshit has anything to do with IQ
>thinks he has a high IQ

The amount of Dunning-Kruger here is amazing, almost as bad as reddit lol. Never change biz, never fucking change.

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INTP here all in on Monero with a bag of BTC just in case. I've thought about getting some link for the meme value but just can't be bothered to sign up to whatever pajeet exchange carries it.

>> No.12051850

Seeing massive amounts of link shilling and the price not reacting just tells me that this is a coin I am certainly not investing in anywhere in the near future.

>> No.12051851

INTJ. All in with 77k link

>> No.12051862

based personality
based blockfolio

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File: 3.82 MB, 196x388, SergeySmile.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this...INTJ's piece together the big picture, see patterns, and find connections a lot easier than the average person. Not to mention, we go out of our way to do in depth research in the first place. I have one other holding I'm not going to sell but I'm essentially 75% in LINK, DCAing down since March. 15,500. I guess I'll see if I'm delusional about the project soon enough, although I've already to commited to holding until $0 or financial freedom.

>> No.12051947

INFP with 90% Link reporting in

>> No.12051955

I am infp and 100 percent all in. I have a good feeling about it and no idea what it does otherwise.
Once I make it I will open an art and puppy therapy centre, but I'm a capricorn so the art will always be about dead puppies.

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>> No.12051988

Still has more basis in reality than 99% of psychology

>> No.12051995


It's literally only biz shilling it, of course the price won't move.

>> No.12052001

>Doesn't realize we all already know MBTI is psuedoscience at best
>Doesn't find it interesting that large amounts of us here fall into groups stastically reserved for an incredibly minor part of the population, something like less than 4% combined.
Clearly not INTJ/INTP

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File: 64 KB, 400x400, asstro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Yeah man, there's no such thing as an introvert.
>t. sensing NPC

>> No.12052034


>> No.12052044

Weekly remainder that if you consider NPC as a valid archetype, you are most likely mentally ill/a social retard.

>Theory of mind in schizophrenia: Exploring neural mechanisms of belief attribution
>Previous studies using a variety of behavioral paradigms have found that schizophrenia patients show impairment in their ability to attribute mental states to others.

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File: 486 KB, 1322x1858, 0CEC4C1E-150D-400D-A443-BB39094AE7EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. sensor
>i need authority and experts to tell me how to think
nice get though

>> No.12052096

ESTJ - work at a bank (lol) - and have 80% crypto investment in link.

>> No.12052105

INTJ. I saw my Stellar go from a top 30 coin to a top 4 coin.

Wondering where to go from here.

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INTJ, 5% in link, 20k linkies. Don't need any more to make it.

>> No.12052121

I did own Link a short while before some Sibos meeting last year. But as there was no announcement about any new development I sold it at the top.

>> No.12052205

>discarding educated opinion/statements of fact of other people because they are public experts

>> No.12052233

I have 106 Link. Will I make it?

>> No.12052261

>thinks an INTP disregards any opinion/statement

>> No.12052285

intj link is gay im not

>> No.12052318

INTJ, all-in on Link

>> No.12052323

INTJ COSS and ETH. Gonna get linkies for free.

>> No.12052346

Now I'm thinking YOU lack reading comprehension, most probably willfully because YOU don't want to face anything that's contrary to what you believe.

>> No.12052538

OP said no NPCs.

>> No.12052607

INTP-T and Bitcoin (BCH) is the only worthy coin on the market.

>> No.12052637

INTP - Link suicide stack as a minor holding. would tell what my major holding is but i am not done accumulating, therefore willnotpost the positive news

>> No.12052661

But if you just take the damn test and that's the result you're not just making it up. It's your result. So either the test is flawed or you're wrong.

>> No.12052663
File: 1.21 MB, 480x287, F437F42C-0914-4FFC-9908-E61983AF8E0E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fellow INTP-T here, you’re wrong, XRP, ETH, and XMR are all great long term holds

Chainlink is a dogshit pajeet tier shill ponzi though and sergey is a cia/nsa plant

>> No.12052675

t. Raj

>> No.12052686

ESFJ here, all in on tron.

>> No.12053043

INTJ and 100k link here

>> No.12053061

>low IQ NPC's
>i'm all in on LINK




>> No.12053161

I'm ISFP. I'm all in on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and SV.

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File: 88 KB, 1125x1161, NPC-13-groupthink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking the INTP hasn't derived their opinion from hundreds of varying and contradictory pieces of information and experience
You reveal yourself with your projection and your one (1) vaguely relevant study.

>> No.12053210

INTJ nocoiner master race

Here for memes and non-crypto business threads

>> No.12053218

Guess you aren't a INTP, because you'd know the study cites dozens of other studies. That would require clashing your point of view with a potentially conflicting one, and you're lackluster self-esteem can't have that.

>> No.12053255

>resorts to emotional insults + pretend logic
These are the hallmarks of the NPC.

>> No.12053307


>> No.12053325

Imagine being like these anons and fighting over personality horoscopes.

>> No.12053341

inability to read with comprehension is a hallmark of a retard

>> No.12053362

ISTP here, 90 % in Link.
According to the memechart I'm NPC, but that chart is bullshit anyways.

>> No.12053413

INTP, 100% in on bleeding /biz/tards

>> No.12053429

INFP here, not in Link, but can understand you guys that do

>> No.12053702

It's essentially this. It's about on par with astrology, the only difference being instead of your birthday you take a test that you answer with your own bias, giving a facade of objectivity.

>> No.12053771

You can type other people by observing them. It's more like categorising people. If someone puts themselves in the wrong category because they are bad at observing themselves, that's a different problem.

>> No.12053796

Intp all in link reporting in

>> No.12053800


where do I take this test online?
16Personalities doesn't seem to be a true representation of MBTI

>> No.12053869

it's actually not really possible to be "in between" those two types, since there function are in the opposite direction (intj-extraverted thinking, introverted intuition, intp-introverted thinking, extraverted intuition, etc) so it's more a problem with the test. Rather than look for function types, all the tests look for letter types, which is not the right way of understanding the theory. You really have to be one or the other, or possibly an adjacent type function-wise

>> No.12053885
File: 2.07 MB, 4032x3024, FA1ACD99-BF78-4E3B-9BF1-26DE68B8FF87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am actual intj, not you pathetic internet “smart by lazy” Dunning Kruger intjs. I wouldn’t touch your ponzi internet money if you paid me

>> No.12053888

now that I'm thinking of it, the types that would actually be "in-between" function-wise would be INFJ, or ISTP, something like that, but only because they share half the functions of each

>> No.12053939


INFJs are bullshitters, bloggers and likely to have Twitter accounts with a list of their "hats" none of which they are great at, and their most likely career track is "life coach" or working in business ethics or otherwise producing and controlling things that are of nothing more than sentimental value to people

aka gobshites, shysters, scammers and frauds

case in point: the examples given are Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandella and Nicole Kidman

this is the worst personality type, absolutely the fucking worst

>> No.12054001

You sound like iq 60

>> No.12054017

what about Adolf Hitler and Noam Chomsky? Couldn't be further from your description and in different directions

>> No.12054023

It's called risk management, OP.
50k LINK, 80 BCH. A couple of shitcoins like BTC in the mix.
And have been cashing out $2500/month since BTC hit $4000 last year. Only stopped selling when we got below $6k this year

>> No.12054049
File: 54 KB, 677x552, 6a30be7c4f32e93243ea1ac5c6f8b2b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ENTJ, and you are all cringe. Does the "I'm not a robot" offend you?

BTW, got in too late to really have much invested myself. I have most in LINK and the rest in TRTL because FU

>> No.12054459

Well met. I come to biz for memes and to dip my toe in crazy.

>> No.12054534

So they know to play the players instead of playing the game like the rest of us NPCs?

>> No.12054555

>Low iq NPC types
if you are parroting this meme you are not truly intelligent...

>> No.12054579

I'm 50/50 Eth/Link. Intj/p depending on the version of the test.

>> No.12054603
File: 911 KB, 299x231, 1502111391541.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. Boomer

>> No.12054614

kek, as a fellow ENTP i agree. What is it that makes so sociopathic though? Is it merely a product of human nature as they're so easy to manipulate?

>> No.12054637
File: 48 KB, 372x630, drethyrft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

INFP impulsive degenerate gambler reportan

>> No.12054659
File: 51 KB, 220x220, alpha_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


eww i would kick you out of my house after i fuck you in the ass because youre being annoying

>> No.12054672

If this meme bothers you, I've got bad news...

>> No.12054934

wrong... I am a INFJ and i have no social media because I am introverted. I dont want attention. But am very manipulative. I like to play with NPCs. But im not a good engineer.

>> No.12054960

can we be friends a-anon-kun?

>> No.12054977

Intj, suicide stack of 10k. Investing with 1/2 my IRA so not all inning on anything.

>> No.12055005

Once you figure out the pattern it’s easy to manipulate especially if you’re good looking and “friendly”. I just don’t get too attached to people, I can’t help it. Also make sure you practice your smile fellow sociopaths

>> No.12055088

I think the "T" makes you sociopathic. You are not feeling. You are thinking.

The "N" makes you manipulativ. Because you can see patterns.

>> No.12055091
File: 267 KB, 850x698, 1540240391232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only if you lick my feet :3

>> No.12055111

n-no I am too conservative in things like these. I only suck dicks.

>> No.12055146

a logically incoherent shit in this thread.
>If you're INTP/J, then you own LINK
no. It's more like:
>If you're INTP/J, and you're in crypto, then you own good projects
>If you own LINK, you're probably INTP/J

>> No.12055199

He said no npcs

>> No.12055211

As an INFP im very manipulativ but i have feelings. I would never kill someone. Im not a sociopath.

>> No.12055332

Based mmm hmm dad

>> No.12055344

You are retard, references are usually used in the introduction or discussion. The methods and results of study are more or less a unique piece of puzzle to the problem.

>> No.12055351
File: 204 KB, 480x522, 1544133798941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

High IQ INTP here.

Actually all in on NEBL but I think LINK is huge if it can do what it's supposed to and I'll probably buy 1000 of them for the memes at some point.

I just think Neblio is far less appropriately priced with more room to the upside as plebbit and /biz/ have ignored it for their darling hypecoins and therefore most of the price discovery has yet to unfold, whereas projects everyone knows about such as NANO, LINK, VET, etc can't really go up that much unless crypto as a whole goes up because ranking wise they're already at/above where they should be compared to some overperforming but less hyped projects (NEBL, KMD, WAVES, etc). The less hyped projects can go up in price even in a bear market by outdeveloping higher mcap projects and taking their places.

Like I said though, I'll probably end up buying a few linkies anyway for the memes and as suicide insurance anyway bc if they do solve oracles that might actually be an invention as big as crypto on its own.

>> No.12055357

Scorpio ESTJ.The coin to buy has only been mentioned once here but it's not time to talk about it. End Q1/beginning Q2, we'll make the push and you'll buy, claiming to have known about it the whole time.

>> No.12055476

>hasn't accepted that epistemic nihilism is truth and that belief in empiricism still requires a leap of faith due to the imperfections of language, consciousness, and sensory data.
>doesn't realize that there is value in arbitrary teleological frameworks so long as they are applied as a tool requiring data inputs.
>throws out knowledge because he lacks the metacognition to understand the place of knowledge in an framework that is nihilistic about itself and the very notion of knowledge.
Definitely not an INTJ.

>> No.12055488

I'm an INTP but I think LINK is a shitcoin. You don't need an erc20 token to run decentralized oracles. You can run the system on a native coin.

LINK will go to zero. sorry!

>> No.12055711

CL is the coin for 115 IQ brainlets - it has a professional and businesses-like appearance to feign an actual foundation, but it really is just another shitcoin like Tron.

>> No.12055793

"IN" is almost a given with some exceptions of "E." If someone was an "F" I think they'd rather find satisfaction/connection in real life than 4chan. I get ENFP on those tests and I've lost patience for every board besides /biz/-and that's tanking fast.

>> No.12055818

Almost this. I did a lot of trading at the end of last year with NULS to get more LINK.

>> No.12055982

Because you're an autistic faggot who uses a model that no longer works. Easy. Damn it feels good to be an ENTP looking down on you autistic shillers. I never see link memes outside of this gay boy zone. I don't even know what link is or does and I've seen millions of posts about link and I don't care to find out. That's how you know your model has failed.

>> No.12056176
File: 345 KB, 1406x1000, bNWtaC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm an ESFJ so I'm all in in BCore.

>> No.12057019

lol why

>> No.12057073
File: 203 KB, 1000x1000, 1536872204751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why you feel so inscerue being entp instad of intp, is is that you feel inferior intellectually which you clearly are?

shorting all alts if it were possible equal weighted is a great move as 95% will go to zero

>> No.12057151
File: 111 KB, 800x611, Squatter-Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



PISCES REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY THEORY IS THAT ALL PISCES ARE INTROVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also squatting man symbol (google robert shoch) is the pisces symbol and they were cave paintings that people drew of massive plasma discharge coronas

>> No.12057193


INTP here

I'm all in on USDC

>> No.12057301


Shutup aspie, you fap to child porn anime and post really shitty bait on an autistic board while I date real women and profit off you losers. I've been 8x short since 20k.

>> No.12057358

You mean I have to wait 2 weeks to open a coinbase account, wait 5 days to wire money into it, buy bitcoin, then buy link, just to enter into a shitty oracle contract that has no basis in the legal system?! 1 trillion dollar mcap EOY sign me up.

>> No.12057404
File: 145 KB, 500x392, ThoughtfulHugeCarp-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just what i thought, you are definitely not entp, take a quiz again. Very emotional and offensive behavior, just the opposite of entps. You seem more like esfp or something =]

>> No.12057494

I just took a personality test, I'm an INTJ and all in link with 16.6K

>> No.12057525


istp here, can confirm am also a NPC
bernie can still win tho

>> No.12057529

INTJ here. For many years I tried get rich quick schemes. Many different kinds. Anything that presented the possibility that I would not have to work with other people and small talk and pretend to smile. After I realized that there's no such thing as get rich quick, I started searching for a job that I didn't have to interact with customers or coworkers. Eventually that led me to being a mechanic. While I do have to talk with my coworkers occasionally, I pretty much get to keep to myself and do my work and that's it. Stinkies and most cryptofags are just losers who haven't realized there's no such thing as get rich quick.

>> No.12057549

77777 post was in feb which indicates the end of year in feb 2019 so 1000 eoy 2019

>> No.12057582

INTP. Never bought a single link, never will

likewise. USD, USDT, and PAX

>> No.12057689

You could just use real money or your card as money. Instant. 100,000x faster than crypto. Dollar bills don't need oracles lmfao

>> No.12057757

couple of weeks.

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