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memeing and shilling aside, is anyone accumulating any coins right now?

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chainlink? its literally christmas before christmas

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besides me? i hope not
i wanna be the only one buying

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This shit pisses me off.

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nigger genocide when?

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Well since I am fucking ashamed of my life b/c of my retardness of investing in crypto, I walk with my head down.
And I shit you not, I find coins on the sidewalk everyday.
So yeah, you could say I'm accumulating coins in this bear market. Aprox one dollar/week.

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Yea I bought 1k worth of BTC yesterday thinking 3600 was the bottom 2 hours later it was 3300. Starting to get worried if this really is the end lads.

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team rooftop korean

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Reminder to genocide all niggers.

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not soon enough
>jealous of the girls pretty hair instead of their nappy shit, so they must destroy it

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Who cares about shitskin on slant eye violence

Neither of these demographics should have rights in my country

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This is my strategy too. One week I found a prepaid credit card charged with $93 in an airport and a $50 bill with loose change near a popular running trail. I put it all into Link.

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Autismo accumulator checking in

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Imagine raising children who will behave like this.
t. anti-natalist

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Actually it's incel on chad violence. A growing problem. Luckily the incels will soon be rounded up into camps.

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>Imagine raising children who will behave like this.
It's an american thing.

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checked. also based

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Accumulating btc, kmd, and rvn. For different reasons.

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solid choices, i bought back into rvn just earlier

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Inoffensive Asian girl just minding her own business attacked by wild apes. Where the fuck is animal control when you need them?

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Kys trailer trash. Are you fair game when you leave the shithole street your 16yo mama shat you out? No? Then extend the same courtesy to others.

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i did buy some bitcoin stratis and monero i will likely buy even more if the price goes down

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Yes, im buying as much link as i can get my hands on, and some btc.

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Probably a burger
>invades and genocides the Native Americans
My country
>invades, bombs and wars dosens of other countries
Rights in my country
What is wrong with you, stop claiming things like you own it or did anything to claim it.

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nowadays accumulating means mining:
yes i do:
-NIMIQ: joining 1 MIL CLUB EOY, 2 MIL CLUB EOY2019
-JSE: 100k EOY
-2x 6xGPU ETH mining rigs (free electricity): more shitcoins and ETH on weekly basics
Can't fuckin wait for 2019/2020 (single nimiq reaching 0,1-0,15$ will let me make it..) tho holding over 1 million of other shitcoins

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>free electricity
Which country?

>> No.12042143

Former Soviet Union / EU

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Nigger vs Thai hooker jr

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70%: Link, sky, hot, rlc, btc, eth
30%: bchsv, xrp, dero, 0xbtc, nano, aeternity, zrx.

Do not buy litecoin do not buy etheteum classic.

In fact just keep an eye on cryptomiso. Any crypto project with active development will win in the next crypto bull run. I am not exadurating.

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>bought 1k worth of Bitcoin
>December 2018

You are literally retarded

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70%: Link, sky, hot, rlc, btc, eth, xmr
30%: bchsv, xrp, dero, 0xbtc, nimiq, nano, aeternity, zrx.

Do not buy litecoin do not buy etheteum classic.

In fact just keep an eye on cryptomiso. Any crypto project with active development will win in the next crypto bull run. I am not exadurating.

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Why did you delete your post then repost it again without Matrix Sergey?

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Forgot monero and nimiq. Got dubs now so kek approved.

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so you mine eth and sell it for other alts?

>free electricity

nice, free money

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Only buy BSV

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fuck that's hot af

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They're fighting for Jamal. Asian girl got addicted to the BBC.

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Sadly not that much money left but yes. DCA-ing into ETH and keep on track in being a Relex whale

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She never dropped her phone

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I would if I had any fiat left, lel

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You’re gonna make it if you keep buying. Godspeed, son

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Waiting for a sign of a reversal and then Dogecoin babyyy ( its a shitcoin ,but I have a softspot for it)

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ironicly unironically bitcoin

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Yes, I've cashed out my bags for pennies and nickels.

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>Pretending violence isn't endemic to the basketball-american community specifically

Sometimes I wonder at how naive Europeans are, like that meme floating around about high schoolers living in 100% white neighborhoods going on about how great diversity is.
>Those racist Americans, we will show them how to elevate third world when we bring them to our country
>Rape and crime epidemics in every brown hovel across
>Orwellian racemixing propaganda from Central governments
>"This is America's fault somehow"
>"Not all Muslims!"
Check yourself before you wreck yourself

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ape style

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the asian girl got enriched she wont be hanging out no more with that part of society, the will run back to asians or maybe white dick.

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I bet the guy that took that pic was at least 45!

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tell the BBC cuck posters to go back to /b first before telling others to go back to /pol

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Honestly how low does it need to go before people start to realize crypto is permanently done?


How long will people here still think there is some chance of a rebound? At this point even if Bitcoin or any other crypto project is the literal savior of humanity it won't even fucking matter. Because people everywhere have been burned by it and thus will NEVER touch it with a ten foot pole ever again. Even if there is an actual benefit to it people will always feel "crypto" is a dirty word and will never use it.

By the time people forget about crypto (about 20-30 years from now) there will probably be a new tech version of it and all current crypto projects will be completely irrelevant anyways.

Just sell while it still has some value. Don't fall for the delusion the people here have.

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>Usually get lots of Xmas money every year.
>Want to buy more alts but can't yet.
>mfw scared that the golden bull is gonna return and I'll miss it.

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Don't worry you won't miss the golden bull by waiting.

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