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biz tards are watching this shit?


The guy is $2 away from liquidation when ETH hit $86.

Bigger whales are hunting this whale.
Price will only go back up when the CDP gets liquidated.

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Watching what? What the fuck am I even looking at bro

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fucking biz is too low IQ to understand this shit.

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hes still not liquidated? its only a matter of time. eth will drop much more

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i bet this dude is shitting string right now

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he will get liquidated in the next hour

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jesus christ... makes me feel better about losing $50 swing trading link

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is this the guy with $8 mill?

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Yo, it's the same guy from weeks ago lol
Fucking kek

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If you have that much money and you are not an insider or someone with contacts you better stay away from these things.

2.2MM ? Jesus fucking christ

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Where does maker pull prices from. Coinbase prices would have liquidated him

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this man is about to lose 45,000 eth

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hes about to lose 45,000 eth in 3....2....

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he added more eth.. liquidation now $83.97. hes gonna lose everything

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Should be happening nao. CB and Kraken are $1 under his liquidation price.

I think they price off all the 0x based decentralized exchanges.

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He actually added more to lower liq price lololololol what a MANIAC

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if he, and others have the funds and can bait the bears why not do it, everybody loves cheap coins

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So he needs eth to go back to around $200 just to break even?

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ETH/USD 82.575

Liquidation Price $82.26

Welp hes fucked

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This fucker got way too greedy. Good riddance

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$826 wipe...

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ETH/USD 82.548

recent wipe lowered liq price by $0.03 to $82.23 kek

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Someone will still need to buy all that eth tho

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Play stupid games
Lose stupid amounts of money

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ETH/USD 82.398

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Even at a 3% discount I don't see people buying it up lol

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He's 0.16% away from liquidation.

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HERE WE GO. Get your orders ready bois! Whale is on the menu today

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0.04% rofl

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so fun to watch

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0.04% away...

Can somebody do a market sell on etherscan or another dex to rek him? Doesn't need to be very big!

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the bull run STARTS NOW

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so did he get rekt?

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When he's rekt he gets a 13% liquidation fee and they sell his eth for 3% less than market price until its all gone.

Kraken and Coinbase Pro have been under his liquidation price for half an hour. Low volume decentralized exchanges keeping him safe.

He ran out of eth to add, he was adding more when he got around 1.75%. Now he's at 0.05%, was at 0.03%. Sooooo clooooose.

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madman survived
He can't keep getting away with it

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unbelievably based

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he probably has large hidden bids before that liquidation price. this market is easy to move around

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anyone know his breakeven price?

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82.453 now


if he manages to survive it's either divine intervention of total manipulation or both

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Maybe I should buy some ETH now since everything I buy dumps.

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If this game is really about hunting the Maker DAO then this might dump without a problem another 25% to 50%

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either it was a miracle or manipulation
i can't believe what I witnessed

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lesser whales probably gave god whale all their ether trying to liquidate him.

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he just deleverages every time it gets close. if he didn't do this he would have gotten liquadated already.

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the Dai market on https://app.compound.finance/#Markets is going fucking nuts, borrowing demand for Dai is INSANE right now

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What does liquidation mean in that particular case?

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He used the rest of his DAI to wipe $826 off his CDP which lead to his ETHUSD liquidation price being $82.22 instead of $82.26. The Maker ETHUSD Price feed hit $82.245 and he was within 0.04% of liquidation.


He has 3.2 ETH and <$1 of DAI left. It looked like he used all he had left to wipe as much debt as possible and it ended up saving him from being liquidated by <$0.02 ETHUSD price. He didn't make any additional transactions even when his CDP was literally 150.04%.

He was so close that wiping $826 off of a $2,321,458 debt saved his position and even now he's not wiping or locking any additional collaterol despite his ratio being 153.25%.

Shit was nuts, and if he survives it will be a miracle

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fishy how he just stopped deleveraging right when the price starts running up

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What an epic happening. Better than any TV.

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bottom confirmed

lets go bois

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There is a slight delay to prevent flash crash liquidations. Plus you can always add to leverage the protect your position.

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Queequeg, cast thy spear on the white whale!

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Bump good threads

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