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I reported this place to the SEC. Perhaps you should think twice before posting FUD to manipulate the price downwards. The boys (and gals) in blue will be watching.

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Inside of a whale here: anon is right my sec friends are indeed going to take every last cent from you

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This is retarded in so many levels.

>> No.12033049

the SEC wears black tho

>> No.12033058

Really loud wail here. I'm going to reach some pretty high decibel levels.

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"Hello, SEC? I have a list of names that are linked to several pump and dump schemes in cryptocurrencies over the past year."
>"Ok, sir. What are the names?"
"Uhhh... Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous."

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Inside you anus here, reporting in, I am gonna pump the twink.

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Your IPs are recorded here. And moot is a limp wristed faggot. The second they ask for them he'll fold like old lettuce.

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