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What the F*CK is his problem?

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orange man is a very bad man

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the stocks are going to crash anyway. MSM will do anything to blame it on Trump. Trump was the reason for the rally to begin with. MSM blood sucking kikes.

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>stocks moon artificially
>orange man genius!
>stocks crash
>orange man dindu nuffin!

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unironically fuck Trump

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>the rally began in 2017

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Maybe they are just too young to remember '08.

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Buy the dip! It always works.

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1. he doesn't give a fuck about anyone else

2. despite being the literal president of the dominant global super power he's managed to successfully convince large numbers of people that he is being victimised on every front

3. because of 2. he can leverage any bad news into more support because it's never his fault

4. because of 2/3 + hyperpartisan landscape turned cult-of-personality politics in the states he can do whatever he wants with little to no consequence

5. he doesn't give a fuck what happens past the end of his term as long as he's got crowds at rallies

6. he might not even want to get reelected

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He’s such an unbelievably dumb monster who embarrasses himself daily. You rubes got so duped and are WAY too proud to capitulate to that. Why anyone on this board would listen to the advice of a trump supporter is beyond me.

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Tariff Man? Is that like his superhero name or something?

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We also had 42% unemployment which suddenly became 4% when trump became president

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The FED announced it was stoppin QE, QE was used to buy stocks (among other things), Of course the stock market is going to fall, the boomers are withdrawing funds not market buying every month via pension funds. There is no big players left to support the market...The ECB announced QE will stop @ the end of this year...wonder what will happen over there?

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because of this. All trump has to do is post an ebin tweet that says "fukk da dems and mexicans!" and all the drumpedes will think its worth it

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He can ignite a short squeeze on the markets with just one tweet.

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The amount of RENTFREE space he occupies in peoples minds is astounding.
Best and most based Prez since Jefferson.
Making America Great Again...ONE DAY AT A TIME

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it was residual obama effects

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>trump is bad because of muh racism

YIKES. He's bad because he's a liar and is incompetent, but his agenda in the pre-election campaign was spot on, well except the militarily spending increases

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I didn't say he is bad because of racism, I said he is popular because his supporters are racist

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YIKES there is a serious reddit infestation
Go back to r/crypto or whatever you call it

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>be elected to most powerful position in the world
>paint yourself as a victim

I actually had some kind of respect for him before but he's turned into the biggest trigglypuff and it's kind of pathetic to see people cult of personality somebody who acts so beta.

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hello my fellow based and rebilled magapedian, You probably clicked by mistake on 4channel, I think you will feel more welcomed at r/The_Donald or 4chan

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As much I dislike him, honestly the rest of the U.S. political establishment is far more dangerous and evil. A leading symbol of that evil, George HW Bush died recently.

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>"When called out, the redditor activates its self-defense measures. Unfortunately, redditors haven't evolved past homo erectus, so all that the measure does is make it scream right-wing buzzwords."

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please go back to pol
trump won
get over it
fuck chanks and nigs

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I see you repeat the word "reddit" constantly, care to explain your healthy obsession with it m8?

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>"As usual, the redditor's self-defense measure fails. In response he pulls out old reliable - what we like to call, the pitiful-flip-it-on-the-other-guy argument. Inevitably, it will fail, yet somehow he will use it again immediately or go back to self-defense."

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I don't want to sound alarming, but I think you may be suffering from psychotic delusions.

Do you also have feelings of persecution and victimhood? Do you think "they" are out to get you? do you think every time someone disagrees with you its because they are "redditors" or are part of a paid campaign against you? Please go to a good doctor immediately, I am worried about your mental state pal

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Why is he such a madman?

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All fine and well, but the US economy is shitting its pants, farmers are suffering, and people in the Midwest can work at McBurger at best. The trade war is too heavy of a burden while the economy attempts to correct itself after the great resession , yet...here we are


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>"As demonstrated, the redditor uses the argument again despite its previous failure. The redditor is a simple-minded creature. It remains outside its own habitat, confused and scared, often skittish and very reactive. It will no doubt repeat the same thing soon."

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Are you also unable to freely express yourself and can only write "ironically" by "greentexting"? Thats a common sign of a personality disorder, please don't don't neglect your mental health anon, its not worth it

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Bernie Sanders' supporters are also racists.

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>The anti racists are the real racists
>The racists aren't racist

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>"Speak of the devil. The redditor has done it again. Biologists are baffled by the lack of intelligence of the redditor. Homo erectus has already been proven to have had more intelligence, yet the redditor, whose evolution stopped at homo erectus, appears more mentally impaired and prone to repetition. Perhaps it is possible for evolution to be reversed. All these questions may be answered in the future. For now, let's observe this evolutionary wonder again. Perhaps he will engage in further repetition."

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to who are you talking in your greentext? do you often speak with imaginary people and imagine that you are an important person wining arguments by talking to yourself? do you also have auditory hallucinations? anon now I am worried even more, its more serious than I thought

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>rally that started before Trump should be credited to Trump
>his shit policies that have stopped momentum are just the MSM lying

The economy always takes time to react to new government policies. It’s not like a tariff is signed and everyone that will lose their jobs is instaneously in the streets. It takes time for the effects to be felt. The fact that Trumpers refuse to understand how time works is one of the most bizarre things to me.

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>"It astounds many that the redditor tries and tries again. Its actions are comparable to a two year old infant, who repeatedly tries to put the cube block in the triangle-shaped hole. But perhaps that is not a fair comparison, for even the infant eventually learns that a cube block can only fit in the square-shaped hole."

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I really hope you get help man, what you are doing is not healthy for you. The most important thing to beat a mental illness is to first accept that you have a problem and seek help

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seriously dude who are you quoting

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>"For now, we must leave the redditor alone with his lack of intelligence. He remains confused, still repeating himself. His skittish nature means that he might start to cry soon. Perhaps he will find his habitat again and leave the hostile conditions he cannot integrate with."

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But I thought Trump was good for da economy!!!!

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hi can you answer my question
it's rude to ignore me

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he is narrating his own life, its like he is imagining he is a character in a movie. Its common effect from something called "depersonalization" which is a side effect of mental illnesses like schizoid disorders

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thanks, i'm glad SOMEONE is nice enough to respond

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Oh bull-fucking-shit. What does that have to do with Trump at all?

Trump being a dim-witted fucktard notwithstanding - nothing changed? Trump has been declaring his love for tariffs and his desire to dunk on China and other trade partners since literally before 2016.

The market would only correct if something unexpected were to happen. Expected stuff is already priced in. Nothing unexpect happened! It's literally Trump being Trump, more of the same shit. There's literally no reason for anyone to be surprised at his latest economically-illiterate retard-drivel.

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Go back to /pol/ MAGAfag

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he got (((instructed)))

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late stage syphilis / early stage dementia

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But trump is right. At this point I am willing to die for him.

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If you look at the past 3-4 years, you can clearly see the rally begin as soon as Trump was elected. There were about 2 years of market stagnation after Obama's weak recovery, then a year of rapid growth after the election. Past year has been pretty lame though, I'll give you that

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you're an idiot

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"Anti-racists" that literally hate white people

>> No.12029671


okay now zoom out to 10 years back to 2008 retard

>> No.12029750

Actually we already reached new ATHs months before the election. Yes, 2017 was steeper but wether that was a good thing we don't know yet.

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I've been saying this for weeks.
Burgerland is going to turn into the next China.
Quite literally what he's been doing.
The world won't be buying cheap Chinese garbage, they'll be buying cheap American produced crap.

Screen shot this you dumb hamburgers cause 5 years time it's just going to be plastic plant after plastic plant. :)
Enjoy the next 30 years of chimerica you Fucking faggots.

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Shut the fuck up you globalist shill. One day you people will be held accountable for your crimes against America. Traitor scum.

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>Wow. There was a recession and a recovery period.
What's your point?

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Yeah, ATHs by like a fraction of a percent. 2015/16 markets sucked

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This. I would rather be on the side that doesn't hate me. I also happen to have great interest in different cultures and spend a lot of time reading about them, but when it comes down to it people need to stick with their own kind.

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That's not a contradiction!

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Hes keeping the bubble down.

>> No.12030095

his dad beat him when he was young. used money as replacement for love. also a narcissist

>> No.12030133

It worries me that so many young people are led to believe this in mandatory diversity classes

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Don't forget, if someone talks shit and makes you angry, they're responsible for your actions, not you.

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Trump is based and fagpilled

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fuck off reddit

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In Detroit maybe.
It was actually 4.9% in 11/16 & is now 3.7%
Twats like you need to be gassed

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Trump himself said we had 42% unemployment, why should I believe you and not a stable genius like Trump?

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>they don't buy it no more
>sell on good news
pick just one

>18+ board

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cucks swallowed it like cum

>> No.12030507

those numbers come from geotus anon

>> No.12030528

Dang facts & figures.

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>fiat isn't at all a collapsing ponzi regardless of the puppe that gets elected to kick can down road

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There's much more behind the scenes at stake than simple tariffs. It's mainly about Huawei establishing a global monopoly on 5G equip, and the 5 Eyes Alliance wants to stop it because only they should have the monopoly on spying of course. Note the Huawei CFO being arrested yesterday in Canada at behest of the US, and MI6, CSIS ect all coming out a day before that preaching the woes of Huawei.

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Trump desperately wants to start WW3 so he won't be impeached and sent to jail.

>> No.12030749

Imagine being this guy no just imagine getting BTFO at every turn and still responding.

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Indeed. This whole thing is well above Trump's intellectual capacity.

Remember this tweet from 7 months ago? All it takes is another nice phonecall by uncle Xi and Trump would tweet in favour of Huawei as well. He has no concept of pretty much anything going on.

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you need to go back

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kek never change america, never change

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imagine having a succesful company that isn't buttfucked by governments left and right

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He hasn't realized that his life is ultimately pointless yet.

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It didn't crash thanks to that, what a fucking retarded headline

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>doesn't give a shit about spiraling debt, actually said let someone else worry about it
Ultimate boomer president, I voted for Trump but it was a huge mistake

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>muh free trade
>muh capitalisim

Go back to cuckland you fucking countryclub scum. We're making america great again regardless of if you like it or not.

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he is a neocon

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Nigga Everytime he tweets foreign policy stocks take a Dip. I'm a daytrader faggot. Cryoto inly fags are annoying like otakus to anime.

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Trump's better than the nigger president but he's still just baked into the cake, nothing will change

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100% AGREE BASED 99. These tweens on here are fucking retards.

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