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I’m gonna kms in 3 hours will post the live stream link here then

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Do it

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no fren it will be ok

unless you swing trade link then go ahead its for the best

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dont do it

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Kek says don't do it, anon

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Dont do it

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Don't not do it

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!remindme 3 hours

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>*shlop* *shlop* *shlop*
>*shlop* *shlop* *shlop*
>*shlop* *shlop* *shlop*

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Life's short already, don't do it

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Can you make sure you authenticate your suicide against the blockchain thanks

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dont do it fren

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you can go long on your life multiple times but short only once

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Why kys when you can daytrade LINKs instead
(one might argue it's roughly equivalent)

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Nice trips btw

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Don't do it

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kek literally reinforces your decision.

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I got you marked for 3:40. Don't disappoint me.

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Keep calm
and *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*

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Did the Bobos get to you? Could. Bobo creators be on the hook for manslaughter?

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Please post my wallet address anon

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You are thinking about the short run instead of the long run. You still have so much time left on this earth. Keep playing the game, run it up again.

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>oh noez my cruyptomonies crashed
>they will never ever go to a level that allows me to at least break even

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get a mcjob and buy cheap coins instead

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found the redditor.

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do it faggot

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What's your method anon?

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Faggots don‘t know OP is a LARPer as always.
Go away, reddit.

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Think about your frens

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20 minutes to go

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Not OP but i want to cut myself on stream for Linkies, i never did it before though. I just want to feel again.

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link please

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Can I have your link?

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Yo OP come on

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Ending it all, because of money?

Grow up.

also single digits and you probably won't even do it.

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Nice trips. Check my quads.

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How long has it been, where is the fucking link ?
Do I need to ask nicely and can you please just kill yourself on stream.

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Fucking don't do it. Just reading this made me sad. Most people don't even think much about finances and the future of fintech.
Everyone is behind others in someway, but also ahead of the pack in other ways. You are in many ways ahead of the pack and can have a bright future.
Dying on livestream is not a good ending to your story. Please anon, I wanna meet you when we all make it, so stay alive. Stay alive for me and other anons. Also, look up stories of people who have survived attempts, the moment when they realize they have no more control left is fucking horrible, and they ALL REGRET attempting it.

They all regret it, and you will to, but by that point its usually to late. You don't want your last moment on this earth to be filled with regret about choosing to do that to yourself.

Stay alive buddy, Devote your life to others, and then whatever happens will have been for something undoubtedly good.

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Don't do it fren

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Anon you making me tear up.

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I say you stick around through 2019 fren.
If nothing more thank you for the fresh wojack. It will be added to the pink wojack Twitter.
We love you fren.

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go adopt a doggo instead.

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Tik tok nigger where's the link

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don't forget to take some ppl out w you

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Calm down everyone it's just a larper. No livestream.