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ITT we laugh at Americans

>breaks arm
>$50,000 in debt due to medical bills

>goes to college
>$30,000 more in debt

>get's 5 different credit cards to cover the debt
>even more in debt

Bahahaha those stupid fucks only know how to live off money which is not their own lol

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>be american
>get shot

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>becomes neet after no job hires him
>gets government supplied apartment complex
>can walk outside to the store with being harassed and raped by muslims
>lives inside your head

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>can only save 4k a year in the cheapest apartment in town and only eating shit cheap food
>my fault that I can't ever afford to go the doctors

It's fucking shit here. It's rigged against everyone other the very wealthy.

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Was that supposed to be a comeback? Holy shit you‘re pathetic.
Stay fat.

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>be american

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>be american
>fence jumpers get more gibs than locals
>be fat
>only purpose is to consume
>dont do anything of worth for 70 years when all they did was shoot stuff and drop a big bomb

But you did elect trump. Kudos, you have unironically saved the west. About time you gave back

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" oh look, a clock, we don't have those in America. "

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Haters always gonna hate. Guess what, we living rent free inside your little minds. muah ;)

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>sell everything
>shart in mart

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Be Eurocuck
>make a joke
>go to jail
>the only weapon you have to protect yourself from rapist muslims is a butterknife

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>>dont do anything of worth for 70 years when all they did was shoot stuff and drop a big bomb

you only survived by chugging american penis for the last 70 years

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just the cost of freedom

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>american continues to project his desire for muslim cock

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And the worst part is that normies are too stupid to realize how much they are being fucked. They think voting Red or Blue will change anything in their lives

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I know this is a shit situation, but you can also focus on making more instead of spending less. There are many ways to make an extra buck or two.

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Nobody can convince Americans to pay their debts as long as their military is the best.

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It wasn't the Americans who autonomously dropped the bomb. It was the Jews who told them to.
Remember America was never free. It was always under Jewish rule.
The Jews also elected trump because his family is married into Jews. There will be no saving the West

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>be yuropoor
>shitskins and niggers. EVERYWHERE
>every yuropoor on the internet is a brainwashed retard 20 years old like OP
>taxed to hell so can't emigrate to burgerland on own resources
>every burger company that hires foreigners is multiculti crap, so can't emigrate to burgerland on work visa either
>stuck in this hellhole with retards like OP who will always vote against their own interests

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You obviously have absolutely no clue what is actually going on here.

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>TSA Officials spend ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on worthless garbage like $44 breakfasts
>IRS spent 40k on 15 bikes
>Obama spent 40k on hotdogs
>Gun violence through the roof
>A third of the country hooked on prescription meds
>For a most states cost of living is increasing and wages are stagnant
Yeah America is great for sure

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>be european
>get taxed for 45% of income on average to pay for shitskins and refugees
>get forced to change your life habits to accomodate others by the government

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Actually broken arm costs around $10-20k. And everyone and their mom is making 6 figures these days so its not that bad. Bernie will forgive student debt in 2020.

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Bong here.
Taxed 20% on anything earned over 11K
National Insurance 12%
Taxed 40% on anything earned over 46K
VAT 20% on practically anything purchased
Council Tax £1000 a year
Road Tax
TV licence

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As an Australian, the USA legit terrifies me.

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I know you think that is bad..BUT the tax is the same in the states if not worse if you factor in health care/insurance.
t. lived in both the UK & States for 10 yrs+

The Mutts can't even leave their country to get out the tax...they are the only country that taxes their citizens internationally. The US is such a shithole, don't envy the mutts!

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>Bernie will forgive student debt in 2020.
if this is going to crash, we might as well do it right.

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of course he doesn't

> be american
> watch american tv 24/7
> the only international travel is mexico

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For the cost of the GOP tax cut we could have paid off all student debt and make public college free for 10 years.

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this. EUrocucks BTFO

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I don't envy thebburgers, they just have a better opportunity to unfuck themselves than us

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Just make 11k a day to cover the costs. What are you? Poor?

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>Britbongistan is all of Europe
Whoa, easy there with the geography skills Mr. Mutt

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>they just have a better opportunity to unfuck themselves than us
They don't they have more opportunity to get fucked!

>Go to hospital
2 nights cost my father 27k, just sitting in a FUCKIN bed!
I know someone that got a bill for 1.75MM!!
>fuck up doing something
get sued!
>Go over the speed limit
Get fucked by the police state! SO many pigs in the states Vs here

You see a idealised view of the states from outside, trust me i could go on

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>You see a idealised view of the states from outside, trust me i could go on
I'm not oblivious to what you've mentioned.

They still have better fundamentals compared to other countries, state legislation/federalism, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments. (Police state is quashing most of these as you've mentioned)

American healthcare is fucked because you can't buy insurance across state lines, Medicare and Medicaid. Not allowing importation of many drugs for cheaper.

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Our neighbour did not inform her insurance company she was pregnant b/c her father was a paediatrician.
Her dad was away but the baby was comin out & she had to go to the hospital, Insurance would not pay out. cost em $50k

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It won't be so funny when they default on their debts and your third world shithole goes into a recession.

>> No.12014876


TFW we're all born owing over $100k to (((bankers))). Debt slavery is real and it's by design. (((They))) have perfected the racket in the US.

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Fukin kek

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UK is a shithole now, cant even call someone a n^gger on facebook without someone reporting you to police.

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Her dad was going to deliver her baby? That's fucking creepy to be honest. Looking at his daughter's snatch, pulling your grandson out. I think you're larping.

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>be retarded europoor literal-peasant
>pay 70% of your income to your welfare state government every year, through not just taxes on your income, but ridiculous VAT and other taxes on every other possible thing you interact with, purchase, and use
>think you get medical care for "free"
>despite paying as much or more for it than even the most fucked-over american, spread out over the course of your life, through the taxes levied onto you
>that is, if you even use medical care
>if you don't, its simply money taken out of your pocket and given to parasites and the elderly, who never paid those same taxes in their youth

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This is the funniest shit desu
>Fed hikes rates or something
>Savings accounts start paying 0.5% more
>Economies of a dozen developing nations collapse

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Not a larp promise!
she was going to do a water birth at home....It was the 3rd kid...he had already done it twice!

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How many states have you been to?

>> No.12014948

>insurance company

Kek. If you're going to LARP as an Amerifat it is spelled "pediatrician" here.

Anyway yeah being a Burger fucking sucks. But Europe is pretty shit too. Australia would be a white mans paradise if Melbourne and Sydney were nuked.

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>be American
>be born
>still have to leave a tip

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FUCK me, I am not a MUTT. I had the 'privilege' of living in your shithole for a good few years. Even got offered a passport....Have a green card thats actually pink

>> No.12014972


And you wonder why people don't take you seriously after spouting overblown shit like that.

>> No.12015027

>communicating on a platform made by american which we access by a machine invented in US and manufactured by US company
>contributing laughable amounts of funds and manpower into multinational military alliance but when called out on it just whining or throwing smears towards the guy footing the bill
>chest-thumping about being the bastion of culture and sensible thought while at the same time impotent to solve a financial crisis which started 10 years ago
I'm Yurofag btw

>> No.12015030

>be american
>wake up everyday to happy dog, Duke
>feed Duke, drink coffee
>admire my gun collection
>get in brand new Ram 3500 truck and drive to diner for breakfast
>not a muslim in sight
>go to work and drive a heated excavator for 8 hours at $55/hr
>get to keep 75% of paycheck
>crypto investments are truly disposable income
>watch europoors on /biz post pink wojacks

>> No.12015106


>gas tax
>property tax
>entertainment tax
>all that on top of 45% income tax for any real earner

I've been to your Eurabian shitholes. You can't fool me, peasant.

>> No.12015115

>entertainment tax
You really never have left your state have you?

>> No.12015136


>doesn't know anything about his own eurabian shithole

not surprised at all, if you did you probably wouldn't be such a content peon

more likely is the possibility that you are a simple welfare parasite and do not have any clue about the burden you are to the actual productive subjects of your nation

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America has a lot of problems but at least we have upward mobility and you can actually make it if you're driven enough, unlike you socialist KEKS who live and die by your government. Also, unless you're a poorfag your employer pays your health insurance + many state universities offer financial aid to people in their states. For example, if you live in FL and maintain good grades you can go to uni tuition free on the states dime. Anyone taking massive student loans is a fucking retard that did it to themselves.

>> No.12015193

Fuck me your a cunt, it was abbolished in the fuckin 60s!


Fuck me i know the education level is bad in the states (i went to school there) but you take the Muttiest prize of all the tards from your shithole!

>more likely is the possibility that you are a simple welfare parasite and do not have any clue about the burden you are to the actual productive subjects of your nation
I have my own biz ya dumb slave

Seriously have you ever left your state?

>> No.12015195

She should have left all forms of ID at home and spoke only in Spanish it would have been free. The Mexican cockroaches flood into the country by the millions just to give birth and the taxpayer eats the bill.

>> No.12015210


>Also, unless you're a poorfag your employer pays your health insurance

Yeah no shit, the employers know that healthy and eager wagecucks probably don't need that shit anyway whereas if you have actual long term health issues you won't get employed anyway. Litetally 100% backwards. Muricans better just hope they never get sick I guess.

>> No.12015212

He's not that much off you know.
>Czech republic, median monthly wage 1200USD, healthy single anon
>employer's costs for employing anon are 1580USD
>680USD goes to state as health and social insurance
>anon gets 907USD at the end of month
>tax on food is 15%, anything else is 21% (even food served restaurants)
>processed food after tax costs roughly the same as in Germany while having inferior quality
>anon never goes into restaurants, prepares all his food himself
>anon spends 220USD on food
>anon spends 400USD paying for a single room in the centre of major city (marginal taxes already included in rent by his landlord)
>anon is left with 287USD at the end of the month
Effective taxation above 60%

>buses, trains, healthcare, water and education are subsidised
>perhaps the only relevant things not being taxed are gas and electricity for personal use

>> No.12015274

They will come for the gas and electricity soon. Governments never shrink, they only grow.

>> No.12015285


Your not factoring in the HIGH costs of health insurance & b/c of that high vehicle insurance cost.

$1200/month for a family of 4 for health insurance + you still have to pay to see the doc...

mine was like $5500 annually for a mire 50-100K, right before i left

Don't believe the mutts they are just as fucked & live under a police state!

>> No.12015289

Someone help me with the math on my example I'm brainlet
>43% tax shaved off wage
>let's assume generously effective tax rate for renting is 0
>food tax 15%
>tax for anything else 21%
Anon has 907USD after-tax income
Anon spends
>44% of his income on rent (0 tax)
>24% of his income on food (15% tax)
>31% of his income on everything else (21% tax)
Whats the average tax rate on these 907USD?

>> No.12015307

>The Mutts can't even leave their country to get out the tax...they are the only country that taxes their citizens internationally
Gonna correct you there - US is the only country which can deny you renouncement of your citizenship. Many countries require their passport holders to declare their worldwide incomes.

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>this meme has not been approved by the EU committee on memes, you have been reported to your ISP and will be soon visited by your local police, have a good day!

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Did a napkin math

Effective taxation for single healthy employed anon in Czech Republic 52%

>> No.12015415

Check out what i am talkin about below...

i did know about the other place but who the fuck has even heard of that country...

FYI I have 3 passports, I have a decent idea of what is required tax wise... the tax system was my main reason for not takin the Mutt passport when offered BTW

>> No.12015491

>gets told his tax is 70%

thank you trump for teaching me your art

its so easy to get imbeciles to admit things they never would, as long as you state something incorrect in the first place and coerce them into angrily correcting you

>> No.12015550

Quit projecting, @ best you have a 50 IQ

>> No.12015557

And I had the "privilege" of visiting your depressing islamist shithole island on business several times.

If you were a US state you'd be the the poorest. A literal third world African shithole like Mississippi just beats you.


>> No.12015563

Banning funny 8gag maymay images was the best thing they could have done.

>> No.12015579

Actually believing american propaganda, bet you believe you live in the freest county in the world!

>> No.12015593

>Actually believing american propaganda,
the author is a Brit which you would know if you had read it. This is why you can't have nice things over there.

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>be amerimutt
>go to school
>get shot
>go to cinema
>get shot
>go to concert
>get shot
>go to club
>get shot
>walk on the street
>get shot
>you are still alive
>police arrives
>get shot again

>> No.12015617

>bet you believe you live in the freest county in the world!

Incidentally I fucking loathe the Jewnited Snakes of Americuck. Just saying the United Kaliphate and Eurabian Union are shitty in their own ways too.

>> No.12015624

If you waste time reading that after reading the headline i feel sorry for you. I have been to Missouri (went to 36 states). You would have to be some kind of a brainlet to think that Shite article is true!

The south is the biggest shithole of the states!

>> No.12015632

>he just reads headlines

the absolute state of the modern Achmed

>> No.12015634

Everywhere is shit. But there is no denying the US is the best. Europoos need not apply here.

>> No.12015640

>Just saying the United Kaliphate and Eurabian Union are shitty in their own ways too.
of course! But on my option having lived in both i don't even want to visit the states EVER again!

>> No.12015684

America is Israel's bitch.

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>Being so retarded you think letting people keep their own money is a government "expense"

I'm all for rescinding government enforcement of student loan debt, allowing colleges to assume that loan risk, and allowing student to default on their retard debt, so they can start fresh while simultaneously ass-fucking the University system for peddling garbage to children for the last 25 years.

>> No.12015700

>But there is no denying the US is the best.
Objectively false. Ever growing swathes of the US are at or near full blown third world living conditions.

>But on my option having lived in both i don't even want to visit the states EVER again!
Can't say I blame you. I feel the same way about the UK and France, I die a little bit inside every time I look around there and weep inside for what could have been. The US was always doomed to be what it is today the second the first KANGZ arrived and weren't immediately sterilized.

I like trying to make time to visit Surrey though. The old family estate is still there even after all these centuries even though its a luxury hotel now.

>> No.12015755


Yes, America is terrible. Will you motherfuckers please stop coming here? Tired of seeing perfectly good farmland chewed up into housing because hypocrites dont want to live next to the trash they voted for.

>> No.12015781

>every time I look around there and weep inside for what could have been.
Don't go to London/Big cities your fine, its fuckin white English in the country side where i am @.
+ 45 min on a train that operates 24 hrs a day is just 10 min walk from my house & i can get to central London to see the shitskins! Surrey is good enough...Can't beat a English pub!

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>> No.12015811

I wish I could escape the USA, if Europe would start letting people with European ancestry come back I’d be on the first boat

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>be american

>> No.12015877

If you want one bad enough there are options...will involve living somewhere if you don't have citizenship by investment money/grandparents that where euros in some jurisdictions...

>> No.12015894

Unfortunately I am usually on a tight schedule and rarely get to venture out on pleasure but yeah I like the village English life. It's still relatively pure unlike France.

Everyone says "Oh it's just Paris", but no, not at all. Even relatively small villages will be loaded with non-whites. it's really jarring seeing waves of them heading to/from school on those beautiful cobblestone street. The few French I see are old as dirt.

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File: 335 KB, 927x2380, 35c0d7e12e26423437c57549aec4b6ad7b15e04be7d28e0258a49706f782cb31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be american
>start a small religious community
>US federal government attacks, betrays, starves, shoots and burns 82 innocent men, women and children alive, all of them being citizens of the United States.
>deadliest mass shooting in US history undertaken by the US government


>> No.12016194

You forgot to mention Koresh brainwashed several women in the cult to give up their underage daughters for him

>> No.12016404

you miss the larger point. They literally could have apprehended him without any violence.

>> No.12016476

>Invented in US
Holy fuck you fucked up within your first sentence. Yup you're a retard.

>> No.12016487

I agree it was a major government fuckup but Koresh wasn't innocent.

>> No.12016521 [DELETED] 

Tell me which part of the device you are using right now to shitpost here wasn't invented or manufactured in US

>> No.12016534

Enjoy your internet freedom while it lasts.

>> No.12016541

Tell me which part of device you are using right now to shipost here wasn't invented in US

>> No.12016542

>be American
>have a high standard of living than 90% of the world and 99.99% of all humans which have ever lived

gee wiz this really sucks man haha us dumb americans haha

>> No.12016586

>Be eurocuck
>Criticize Islam
>get jailed
>criticize immigration
>get jailed
>criticize government
>get jailed
>dont pay for tv loisence
>get jailed
>teach dog to nazi salute as joke
>get jailed
>go to concert
*get run over by truck of piece
>go outside
>shariah law in effect
>go to pub
>Islam prohibits drinking
>need to butter my toast and beans
>get jailed
>buy a whisk to make omelet but under 18 years old
>get jailed

>> No.12016729

Half the people live in poverty. Your infrastructure is crumbling and you have 3rd world level education and healthcare systems. I'm Canadian and you couldn't even pay me to live in that absolute shithole. Enjoy your collapse though.

>> No.12016755

Funny enough, I lived in cucknada for 7 years and you couldnt pay me enough to return to that communist shithole. How is that over abundance of pools going by the way? It was breddy bad when I left.

>> No.12016841

>you couldnt pay me enough to return to that communist shithole

Yet you lived here for 7 years. Lmao dumb fat Americans.

>abundance of pools

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