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Ag. Au.

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shiny. rocks.

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Sound. Money.

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boomer stones

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When the 2020 halving happens, BTC will have a lower inflation rate than gold.

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Aurum Aqua Gyrus Schifuss

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When the 2020 halving happens, BTC will have a lower demand than gold.

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Master Schiff, thank you in advance for my oh so delightful Valcambi card.

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The SegWit chain will die before the 2020 halving

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safe. bets.

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No one cares about this faggot. He is consistently wrong and only have emotional arguments.

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More like logical.

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Wolframite, lithium, palladium, rhodium are better choices than your boomer tier shit elements

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Just because an argument is logical does not mean it is correct. There are lots of logical arguments that are wrong. The best arguments are empirical.

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Peter had a good podcast today.

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He's right about everything except gold

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Na he just phoned it in the last couple of days. He's at his best when he does history lessons and roasts terrible policy

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what, hemorrhoids? kidney stones?

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>"I'll have this newspaper please"
>"yes sir, that'll be 0.00023g of gold please"
>"ok, let me just take this knife out and cut you some, hmmm, do you have scales?"

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Have you heard of Goldmoney.com ?

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This. Fiat works because it's worthless ironically.

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Transferring gold to another Goldmoney account is free.

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>not paying small purchase with 3g 50% silver coin

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Gold has intrinsic value so it's crap as money because people will just hoarde it. Cash is worth what it will buy and nothing more. That's what makes it a great currency. It has no other purpose

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I can even send multiple currencies.

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We get it you're a shill.

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Just wait until the stagflation gets started. You’ll be using Goldmoney too.

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>use gold as money
>millionaires just hoarde
>demand soars supply plummets
>increases in value exponentially
>millionaires become billionaires
>everyone else starves

>use fiat as currency
>millionaires hoarde it
>loses value through inflation
>have to actually invest it back into the economy to get value out of it

Nope. Fiat working as expected

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That's very cool, but it requires the Internet existing.

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That’s why I hold physical silver. The gold is cheaper to store in a vault than the silver they sell....

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Schiff is entertaining but his arguments are skewed in gold's favor because he runs a gold business. He should just abandon his gold business and do speaking tours

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I have 10k of silver stored at 3 locations (immediate family) so we can all buy plane tickets to flee the country when the shit hits the fan.

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I have land, a house and a years supply of food and water. Have fun with your metals mate

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I have 3 months food. You will want to flee the country if USA goes Venezuela.

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Explain the process of converting 10kg of silver in to plane tickets

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Inflation hits 20% per month....government starts cracking heads....planes still fly in and out of the country.....ticket prices increasing rapidly. Price of silver increasing rapidly. Pawn silver and immediately use money to purchase plane tickets the same day,

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Tickets to Dubai or New Zealand or Singapore

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If you study Weimar you’ll realize homes quickly become practically worthless since 99% of income is spent on fuel and food. That’s why I rent and if I owned a home I would abandon it anyways.

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based and red pilled, long rice and beans

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>grow own food on land you own
>rarely need fuel to get anything because you're self sufficient

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I’d rather apply for asylum in Singapore than try to live off the land in Venezuela. Trust me they’re going to start seizing land and putting people in camps.....the people fleeing to Colombia and Brazil are the smart ones.....

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If your land is productive and President Ocasio-Cortez wants to give out more gibs she is gonna take it....see South Africa.

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I heard you have productive land anon. Time to redistribute to historically oppressed groups like LGBTs

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you hurt?