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What the FUCK am I doing with my life?
How can get in on the Youtube gravy train before its too late?

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That future manlet incel will need to leverage every dollar to get a gf.

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1. Get waifu, adopt a youngster
2. Make them YT-stars.
3. ???
4. Profit

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...he’s seven

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imagine getting pimped out by your parents at such a young age, must've beee nice for the mother to shit out a golden cow

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No. This kid will get overweight and smoke loads of weed when he's older. He will possibly have an attractive wife though. But she will eventually leave him due to his love of food, weed and vidya.

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Dude toy channels are profitable as fuck. Little 5 year old kids watch Youtube on their moms iPad and click your ads nonstop.

They cry and cry and then their boomer mom buys them the stupid toy so they shut the fuck up. Then the Youtube channel rakes in fat stacks because they actually get click throughs on their ads, and they keep attracting more and more lucrative sponsors.

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Judging from his height at age 7 that kid isn't even reaching 5'9 in his life time. It's already over.

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He already made it. hes gonna be banging chicks that you dream of fucking. Hes probably going to have instagram thots eat his shit

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I have lots of money too. Not 22 million but enough to fuck EE prostitutes for 1-300 a pop. It's a really depressing feeling after the novelty wears off. The women do not love/like you, they just want to leave. You still end up eating at the same places the middle class do. Perhaps your lodging is noticeably better.

A life of paying everyone around you for everything is depressing. I know this well.

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Then give your money to me. I have friends and family. I just need money.

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Just do the same thing he does, review toys... except you are a middle aged balding manchild. No worries though, record all your videos wearing nothing but a diaper and you could become the new HowToBasic

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thanks, stealing this idea.
>30 Year Old Boomer Toy Reviews

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Fuck off retard. Your million dollar savings is not equivalent to 40 million

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>future manlet incel
t. current manlet incel

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He said future...

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Only poorfags who can't afford good food growing up become manlets. Keep seething fren

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>has enough money to not work a day in his life and basically use all his free time to educate himself or do whatever the fuck he wants (religious life, charity, volunteering, just enjoying life, lifting, whatever)

>instead falls for a /fit/ meme and incel meme that was breed from people that is frustrated as fuck from life because they have no money, no career, no girls, no friends

You are right in something, money doesn't fix stupidity

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Nah, it's gotta be diapers AND a baby bonnet, ideally with a shaved head. That'll really up the "ironic" factor and pull in those Zoomer bucks.

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It's already over

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Good for him

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>How can get in on the Youtube gravy train before its too late?
It's never too late to hop onto the youtube bandwagon. The site is over a decade old and new youtubers are getting famous all the time. The key is to adapt your content to suit current trends. Also, any content that targets kids is a definite path to success. The question is how much are you willing to sacrifice of your pride and integrity to make money

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First of all that 7 year old isn't making shit, its his mom and dad making the money.

A lot of these youtube kids are just going to be like the hollywood ones, the ones where their parents take and spend all the money they earn and the kid ends up with next to nothing, maybe a college education and a car out of the millions they made over the years.

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That thing on the left is a dinosaur, but what species is that creature on the right?

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Maybe you should stop being a degenerate scum, and then you'd feel less depressed? Assuming you are White, then for example use the money to raise a big family, or help pro-White causes in some manner.

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15% of his annual income is saved and can only be accessed when he's an adult.

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>pro-white causes
what does that even mean?

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It means being someone's tool.

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Imagine only making 15% your parents don't even give you 33% yikes

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i wouldn't kick him outta bed.

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Underrated. Kek.

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thank god for those red circles, i was staring at the box in the lower left corner for a good three minutes before they helped me to reposition my eyes and notice what was special about the image

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>tfw beaten badly in life by a 7 year old


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thats only because youtube controlled the market to expel all the top earners because of guns/drugs/boobs

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Wagie's cage reviews

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It was too late by last summer, dummy.