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>Why are you looking at me like that, Anon?

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cause you're cute

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cuz i hate wypipo

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Fuck this whole world, fuck women piece of shit flesh mounds that are fucking useless, and won't even fuck me. Fuck niggers and Jews for ruining my life. Fuck normie faggots who hate me. I'm so sick of this shit. I just want a woman like that and because I didn't win the genetic lottery they all would rather me just die.

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Because you are cute and I want to see you get Blacked

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Cuz there's something wrong with your nose lmaooooo look at her everybody what the hell is she thinking ahahahahahah

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I lost all our money. I can’t even afford this vacation...I failed you...

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You've got a booger on your nose, luv.

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Imagine jizzing on her face

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There are people that would pay a heck of a lot of money for ya, sweety

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Hope you ski face first right into a pine tree bitch

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Because you have my name written on the band of your goggles.../anon/

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Oh boy

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It's not my fault I got born with the shitty genetics I have and am an autist, its women's and normies fault for making me suffer. I hope they all rot

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I had to give up on wanting women in order for women to want me.
It's a stupid game, don't you get it?
And now I can't even return their affection. Sex isn't important enough for me to pursue them, so I just stay forever alone.
There were girls in college who constantly tried to strike up conversations with me, invite me to parties, and ask if I'd come over and help them study.
There was some other 8/10 drunk girl that came over with friends of one of my dorm mates and saw me cleaning my motherboard (I had a big desktop in a tiny common room, yes). She said drunkenly "Waow--ur reallly smartt".
Some days later she told me she couldn't get her printer working, so I go over there. It ended up being as easy as downloading and installing the drivers. and shit. She gave me a hug and asked if I wanted to stay to watch a movie or something, and I said "no I'm going to get back to my jogging" (she lived in another dorm building and I had gone there on the way from my normal morning jog).
I still wonder if I would've turned out better if women didn't have such depressingly simple minds underneath it all.

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Genetics doesn't have shit to do with it man. Women can tell when you care about them.
It effects all of your interactions with them, even if in subtle ways.
Once you give up on wanting them, it becomes far easier to attract them (even if you don't look good).
I'm not saying that's a good idea for everyone - it was a purpose-shattering thing for me before I finally got over it and decided to devote my life to the sciences.
Another option is to just wait for one mature enough to have realized that being with douchebaggy dudes isn't all that great, but by then..are they really worthy of you?
Fuck no. There is literally no women on Earth worthy of me. Now...if we ever get to other planets and find humanoid females there, I may have to re-evaluate my positions. Which is something I really don't want to do, but I'd love to get the fuck off of Earth

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Godamn youre a faggot anon

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just dont become a supreme gentleman

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I've tried everything, I've tried not giving a shit about them, not pursuing them, all that shit. It's only been worse for me, now I'm totally ignored. I am stupid, have no skills, have a shitty dead end job that pays shit. I cannot hold a conversation. I've tried putting myself in normie positions, and it doesn't get better. I'm a lost cause, and I hate women and normies for seeing me as nothing, less than a piece of furniture. I'm tired of seeing pictures of pretty women because it depresses me.

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I know ugly slobs who barely take care of themselves and still get pussy, no excuses faggot. Do what you need to do to get out there and smash

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Fuck off normie scum

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>come on anon, we came to ski not for you to look at your cuckfolio every 5 minutes

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It's all about status and ability to hold a conversation, both of which I lack totally. Doesn't even matter anyway, my dick barely works due to drug use so even if I get a woman in bed it would just be a humiliating experience

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>Complains about problems on internet
>Wants pity and comfort like a basedboy

If you're gonna go on a shooting rampage, make sure you use the first round on yourself.

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I'm still sexually attracted to them, I just don't want to be around them if that makes any sense...
It just isn't worth it. I'd rather play video games, solve cryptography puzzles, or study cosmology. There's SO MANY things to do in life that are top-tier. I've made so many new intelligent friends.
But yeah, it would've been nice to have a life companion.
I don't think I could've lived this way without the internet - there's so much porn that I can satisfy those urges on my own quickly and get back to what's truly important in life. The "cute and innocence" factor of women is 100% out of my mind. It no longer exists to me.

I would say: don't become like me, just...I don't know man...find a way to only care about them slightly

I don't have all the answers man. Move to another country or some shit I guess. If you're in the USA go to europe on vacation. If you're in europe do the opposite.
I'd hate to give you the "focus on you" or "love yourself" speech, because way back in the day that sort of shit enraged me. Try to find a way to make acquiring knowledge bearable. For me, it was hacking and cosmology mainly. I'm fascinated with computers and the universe as a whole. We are so ridiculously small in this vast universe...
There are an estimated 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies in the universe. Our galaxy has probably 100 billion planets. That shit blows my fucking mind and I just want to make a starship, get out there, and fly to the furthest reaches of the universe.
Our smallness made me realize how silly it was to focus on other people instead of myself

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Theres a girl that looks just like this in my econ class
Wtf should I say to her?

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>It's all about status and ability to hold a conversation
When I was in 9th grade, I joined the debate team just to make it look good on my college application. I got tossed into "Extemperanous speaking" because I couldn't choose what I wanted to do. It's fucking insane man. I was a shy kid who could barely talk in public.
In extemp (as everyone called it), you have to lug around these big fileboxes full of printed out news articles and magazines on current events to tournaments (as a team (school) you basically shared fileboxes with a few people). Usually you have to speak twice per tournament, but if you reach semis and finals you tack on more.
Each round, you get a choice between 3 random current event topics; can be ANY current event occurring in the world, domestic or foreign topics (usually relating to international issues if its foreign).
You have 30 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech, with sources. You have to cite fucking sources - with accurate dates so they can be cross-checked after your speech is over.
And by the time you've reached "varsity" (10th grade and above), you can't even use a legal pad to look at your notes while you speek.
It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but it prepared me in ways I could've never imagined: I can formulate a bullshit-speech on any topic within minutes, sometimes even seconds. If I have sources, I can even back up my claims with facts.
It helped a ton in establishing normal communications with npcs as well

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I'm not going to shoot anybody, nor go on a rampage of any kind, nor do I have any desire or plans to. I am just tired of the shit. Maybe pity is all I can hope for. I don't know anymore.

Thanks man, I'll try to learn some skills I guess. But I'm pretty stupid, I don't know what a gpu is or ram or anything about computers or code. My boomer parents raised me on Macs and sent me to nigger schools my whole life, where all I took away was that education wasn't cool, so I never did the work or paid attention. I never went to college and I don't even know math except the most basic things so I probably would flunk out if I tried to go anyway. I'll probably get fired from my job for being an autist. Probably will be dead within the next 5 years

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holy shit dude, you're making it a lot harder then it has to be anon.

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>My boomer parents raised me on Macs and sent me to nigger schools my whole life
My school was 60% black/latino, so I get it. I tended to have more problems with the white kids then the black kids though. I was a low-tier football lineman (so fat), but I already had the hacking skills from early childhood.
I'm not that great at math either desu; it was a struggle for me to get better at it. Every day my pre-calc math professor has office hours, I'd go to his office and sit down with him to get help on the homework. It was kind-of humiliating to me, because I needed his help on like every problem at first. I would always think to myself "I'm so good with hacking/programming, why the fuck do I suck so much at math?"
But no one else would ever go to his office hours, because he was chinese and people could barely understand him anyways. I passed that class with a C, even though I devoted so many hours to it.
No calculators were permitted for anything below calculus in my college, so algebra (which I skipped due to SAT scores), pre-calc, and trig all had to be done by hand

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If you act like you don't care about women then obviously they are gonna ignore you. It sounds gay af but just have some confidence in yourself anon, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to play mental gymnastics with girls.

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Never change /pol/

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She probably was putting on an act. Obviously she knew that downloading a driver was enough to make the printer work, otherwise how’d she get in to college?

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>otherwise how’d she get in to college?
Is this a joke?
If it helps to better paint a picture at all, she was using a mac and she had the CD which came with the printer; the driver was outdated and didn't work with her version of MacOS

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high quality work wow

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moar like hivemind, amirite?

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There were like 4 - 6 nigs where I went to school in a school of 1400

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You sound pretty young. When you grow up you will understand that all that "they hate me" is actually "i hate myself"...your projecting yourself unto others, and so you automatically behave that way to confirm your worldview...ironicaly the thing that can help you the most is a person shattering that reflection and giving you a different one through love and acceptance. Sounds gay af but it's true
t.32yo boomer that was in a similar position

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You call you're self a scientist yet you write off nearly half the population as "below you?" As a natural sciences major looking to move into arctic geophysics this is just objectively wrong.

There is no biological evidence suggesting women are any less intelligent than men. They have objectively demonstrated again and again they are capable of doing the same jobs.

(moving into opinion land here. I like philosophy too.)

I don't know what hyper-traditionalist crack you're smoking--well I do, look at what site we're on--but I suggest you quite cold turkey. Not only will your worldview only lead to self-deprecation, but you will continually be shunned from society and the sciences as the last gasps of nationalism die.

This isn't a glorious return to the values of old, those worldviews breath their last gasps of air.

Many many years ago humans realized they could accomplish more by uniting into tribes than by infighting among themselves.

Those tribes then realized they could federate into states for much the same reasons.

Modern states are now slowly learning that same lesson. You are a relic, a walking corpse. Many on this board are too.

The future is one without gender, race or creed. Humankind will unite and conquer the stars, if we encounter no one else along the way we will be the precursor race. This isn't to say culture will die. No, in the absence of the cultures we know today each individual will become sovereign, free to define themselves as they please. Free to express themselves artistically, scientifically and spiritually without the chains of contemporary oppression.

That's not a threat to you, it's advice. Embrace your fellow men, do not shun them. The march of history will continue whether this little postmodernist stint with identity politics wants it to or not. Neither I, nor yourself, or anyone else can stop that. The universe is deterministic in nature, and human society is bound by sociocultural laws of motion.

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Well well well. Looks like we have an intellectual in our midst. Tell me, anon, what sort of activities do you occupy yourself with? You say hacking and cosmology, but there must be more to it. You can't possibly fill your days with hours upon hours of uninterrupted study. There must be some topics that pique your interest. I'd like to know what those are.
Furthermore, what are your plans? Life being so plebeian, what are you doing to make the world a better place for people like yourself?

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that's a cool jacket

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wish more people would think like you anon, well said.

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wtf are you doing

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the feels are strong in this one

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>doing drugs
kys degenerate, no wonder women don't want some disgusting junkie crackhead
only drug you need is alcohol to boost confidence

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>There is no biological evidence suggesting women are any less intelligent than men
Society is what conditions women to be the way they are, but they absolutely do think differently than men do.
And in which post did I suggest that women couldn't have professional lives?
I'm simply saying that I don't want any romantic or otherwise non-professional relationship with women. There are 7 billion people on Earth, so why the fuck is it so important for this one person (me) to interact with them? Let them go speak with the others

I could go off on a tangent about many topics, but the wordcount limit is 2k and the longer I make my posts the more likely people tldr them

>What sort of activities do you occupy yourself with? There must be some topics that pique your interest.
Working to try & earn a living (intelligence doesn't seem to be translating well enough to profit)
Exercising with my dogs
I have a vast ebook and video tutorial collection; I try to get a few textbooks read through each month. As to what I study: programming, cryptography, cosmology, general physics, chemistry, and biology. I'm trying to teach myself organic chemistry because I have a few ideas in that field.
Watching movies, TV shows, playing videogames - though it's been a while since I've played a videogame

>Furthermore, what are your plans? Life being so plebeian, what are you doing to make the world a better place for people like yourself?
I want to make enough money so that I can move to some frigid wasteland devoid of people and construct a laboratory. It's like a fantasy of mine that I may never realize, but that's alright. I always type up my ideas & hypotheses and save them; I have many things to test.
I'd like to tackle the aging disease first, then the conversion of energy into complex and precise forms of inorganic and organic material, followed by researching ways to make space travel faster. This is all probably fantsy, but it's what I want to do with my life

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Because I want to make you my eternal waifu

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>you just have really nice eyes Stacy, what slope we hitting next?

I mean, it's not that hard guys c'mon

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uhh no let's stop that anon. All that time wasted on work is time that you could spend on more noble pursuits, such as the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of truth or the pursuit of happiness.
Intelligence doesn't always translate into profit. Correct. It does, however, give you a vast reservoir from which you can draw a variety of tools to apply to any given problem, and synthesise new and innovative ways of tackling the world. If you couple this with an education in business & finance, then you could harness your dormant knowledge to search for market opportunities, then apply your practical knowledge to convert those opportunities into effective profits.
It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.
I'm confident that aging and space travel are already fields with a large community of innovators, and great strides have been made in recent years, especially in the former.

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>All that time wasted on work is time that you could spend on more noble pursuits
Okay. But I have to eat too.

>If you couple this with an education in business & finance
I don't have an education in business and finance. I'm trying to get in on some crypto projects but I've probably already missed that boat.

>I'm confident that aging and space travel are already fields with a large community of innovators, and great strides have been made in recent years, especially in the former.
Which is fine. I'm going to try anyways because it's what I want to do with my life. What's going to happen? Am I going to make myself even more insignificant than I already am in the universe? If you wonder whether I will fail and feel unfulfilled, don't worry: I won't...but I will probably fail. The only thing that would leave me feeling that my life was unfulfilled is if I never tried in the first place

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> Society is what conditions women to be the way they are, but they absolutely do think differently than men do.

Yes, of course. And we think differently than them. However, the truth of human experience very much lies in the synthesis of both their experience and our own as men.

> And in which post did I suggest that women couldn't have professional lives?

> "I still wonder if I would've turned out better if women didn't have such depressingly simple minds underneath it all."

It was heavily implied, given this sites general attitude my point was a very safe assumption and not entirely directed at you. I sometimes vocalize things partially in relation to a direct comment but also as an exercise of engaging with the larger networked consciousness of board culture in general. Considering you think they're simple minded I thought that point a safe bet. Please though, explain how someone can be inherently simple minded due to their cultural conditioning but simultaneously capable of understanding and practicing complex scientific research or any other impressive task women have accomplished.

Might it make more sense that they're not simple minded and you just don't understand them?

P2 Coming

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> I'm simply saying that I don't want any romantic or otherwise non-professional relationship with women. There are 7 billion people on Earth, so why the fuck is it so important for this one person (me) to interact with them? Let them go speak with the others

Because I care about you anon, that's why. As with my first truth being the synthesis of both experiences comment--you will never truly live life or grow as much as you are capable of by shutting out such a large portion of humanity like this. Intimacy is a vital part of both psychological development and growth in perspective. There is a whole world you're completely missing out on.

If you're actually autistic disregard this, neurodiversity is a whole different beast and I acknowledge the experience of the genuine autist--not an anon pretending to be one--as incompatible with both the male and female perspective, it is truly different, not to imply that's bad. Although, if an autistic person is capable of empathy they would still benefit from trying to genuinely understand other human perspectives.

As weird as it might seem, truly listening and understanding how to think emotively like women are conditioned to will give you insight on everything else you do. It will make you a stronger and better person. Very few people gain both perspectives, it's hard, it requires a lot of constructive self-criticism, discipline and effort. But the rewards are great. Crossing culturally conditioned barriers is a lifelong project. I don't claim to be there, but I get closer to the truth of experience every day.

I'm not saying you have to think like a women. For that matter the goal should be to not think entirely like man either. The truest perspective on any human situation requires their synthesis.

P3 Coming

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And if you're wondering why I even give a damn about you, or anyone else here. It's because I've come to understand that my freedom is inherently tied to your freedom and the freedom of everyone else. There's a lot of work to be done to heal the traumas inflicted upon us all by this dark period of our history. Many here raging against not being able to experience intimacy are genuine victims of that alienation. Although, their actions do often contribute the problem causing a hellish feedback loop.

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Do it with a Bogdanoff
pls, sir

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Girl goes skiing with makeup...

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I love you too fren

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so what your saying is buy link?

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>Please though, explain how someone can be inherently simple minded due to their cultural conditioning but simultaneously capable of understanding and practicing complex scientific research or any other impressive task women have accomplished.
Being easily swayed by natural desire does not disqualify one from reading a textbook.

>truly listening and understanding how to think emotively
I think you've got me figured wrong anon. I've wrestled with these questions for a while. My personal philosophy on life and women has been developed over years, and I'm not simply copying off of someone else's. The problem isn't that I don't have empathy, it is that I had too much at one point. The lack of emotional intelligence is what makes them simple-minded and rather incomplex beings in my mind. And what good would engaging with that be?

You've been told that you need a companion to make it through life and feel fulfilled. This is not true. It may have been true back in the day, but not anymore. It seems quite closely tied with a pseudo-religion that everyone is still following.
Your purpose can be entirely self-defined.

I think that was the gist of it

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Ditto my dude :3

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Where do I buy this coin?

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Of course

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>send bobs or I rape your bumhole

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>"Nice eyes Stacy, let's hit the slopes"
>Hits slopes with Stacy
>Gives Stacy a hug after parting ways and goes to his cabin to fall asleep
>Cant sleep because of the sounds of the bed shaking and Stacy's moans as Chad is plowing her next door

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>"Nice eyes Stacy, let's hit the slopes"
>Hits slopes with Stacy
>Gives Stacy a hug after parting ways

Stacy turns around and pepper sprays you in the face, "Get the fuck off of me you creep"
You try to ski away but she follows, pulling our a stun gun and giving you a zap to the back.
Then she zaps your crotch and yells "Rape!" at the top of her lungs.
You're immediately surrounded by a SWAT team which repels from a helicopter, and told to drop your weapon (ski pole), but cant because your fists are clenched tightly around the pole due to the tazings.
Stacy shouts "GUN! GUN! GUN!"
All of them instinctively fire at you for several minutes.
Your corpse is only moving due to the impact of the bullets now.
Newscasters arrive on scene "Heroic SWAT team saves attractive woman from rape; firefight ensued, one officer was taken to the hospital in critical condition - the suspect, unfortunately, did not survive"
Stacy bangs the SWAT officers, the end

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> Being easily swayed by natural desire does not disqualify one from reading a textbook.

That's not at all inherent to women. Look at the thirsty anons on this very thread.

> The problem isn't that I don't have empathy, it is that I had too much at one point. The lack of emotional intelligence is what makes them simple-minded and rather incomplex beings in my mind. And what good would engaging with that be?

The fact that you're unable to see them as equally complex as yourself, almost like they're aliens shows you have little true understanding of them. They are quite literally the same as ourselves outside of cultural conditioning, and conditioning does not reduce the inherent complexity of the human condition. A different formula does not imply a less complex or refined formula.

For clarification sakes, please define "simple minded" in your eye. We're clearly operating under different definitions. I'm thinking of simple minded as intellectually incapable but our conversation has established that my understanding of your definition is wrong.

P2 Coming

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> You've been told that you need a companion to make it through life and feel fulfilled. This is not true. It may have been true back in the day, but not anymore. It seems quite closely tied with a pseudo-religion that everyone is still following.
Your purpose can be entirely self-defined.

Ahh, too be fair that's a safe assumption to make most of the time. But no actually. I'm polyamorous. I currently have one friend that I have sex with on occasion, and two others who enjoy snuggling. I tend to get emotional support if I need it from close friends and a small network of people who I'm either actively intimate with or have been intimate with in the past. Relationships work best when everyone can freely associate. Jealousy doesn't go away entirely mind you, we're so conditioned to want to kill someone else for liking the same person we do after all. Even though the logical thing is to just freely associate with people we like and understand that loving one person does not inherently diminish love for a different person. When I love someone it is unique to them alone, my love for a different person does not detract from how I feel about the first.

Instead of giving into jealousy (which often stems from insecurity.) all involved parties talk about what they're feeling and work to set boundaries we're all comfortable with. This works well because generally people are also mutually working to push those boundaries in a healthy and supportive way to gradually eliminate jealousy from a given relationship dynamic. But yah, marriage in the traditional sense is a sham, monogomy is bollocks.

P3 Coming

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And before someone says it, yes I am a filthy degenerate for having the balls to care about multiple people, not tie myself down, and not give into violent tendencies taught to me by my culture. Thankyou for the compliment. With all that said, if I were intimate with someone for a long time I'd still want to hold a ceremony and work to maintain that relationship as long as possible.

Also it's not that I've been taught I need someone, it's that I've chosen to pursue someone(s) because I'm happier with people than without them.

Oh, and if you're wondering why someone like me even bothers coming to 4chan. It's because, first, I enjoy the memes, and second I was terribly depressed and suicidal at one point in my life. I know what it's like, I'm not saying you are either of those things. But I understand the psychology at play on these boards sometimes, and want to do my part to help some of those folks out that dark place. I deliberately open conversations in a combative way because often that is the only way to get someone to actually engage at first.

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Dude it's okay. I'm one person, and I'm pretty set in my ways now. Go do something more productive. You aren't going to convert me away from my life's purpose. Why would I let anyone do that?

>> No.12005828

people who post online about their life philosophies, you and previous, are fucking losers...

Live it, don't preach it you fucking retards

>> No.12005854

the simple truth of the matter is that if you spend much of your time posting online about your worldview, or even thinking about it, it's likely to mismatch with reality.

Do you think reproductively successful Chad spends hours contemplating these things? Trying to convince others of them? NO. Truth and fact make proselytizing unnecessary

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I'm doing something productive friend. In between talking to you I'm scanning in b/w photography for my portfolio. If you don't believe me reverse image search that. I promise it won't show up. I'm not on social media and operate entirely in film. And yes, people do actually pay for that, it's a gimmick nowadays even though it's still technically higher fidelity than digital in most cases.

That fidelity comes at a major cost though. It can cost thousands of dollars to outperform digital with film. Drum scanning alone can cost upwards of 80$ a picture.

>> No.12005895

>Why are you looking at me like that, Anon?
>You have something on your face

>> No.12005943

"sex (when young) is important for psychological develpoment (or a "need"). i am polyamorous. gender is 100% a social construct, because the brains don't differ. and monogamy, resulting in everyone procreating evenly = letting high iqs procreate, is bad. and if you don't believe into my idiocratic psychosexual pseudoscience (wanting for people to fuck around on LSD in order to discover their esoteric psychosexual aura) which also propagates "nature is sexual", because you understand for the universe and nature to be entropic, then you are an autist. oh, and if you don't want any of this for reasons of greater social coherency or other reasons (why do you want to overcome jealousy instead of your drive to fuck around = vices over virtues?), then you must be insecure."

the rationalizations humans go through in order to justify their agendas or behaviour are truly laughable. i am not even sure if this is a troll. the only thing missing are terms such as "sexual repression" or "sexual frustration", which people 100 years ago believed to be the cause for (genetic) narcissism and co. which, incidentally, was picked up most likely only because it let corporate/capitalistic lobbies promote "sexual liberation" and the money-making degeneracies coming with it. and again you have to leave it up to humanity to still believe into these psychosexual esoterics today. all the while mental illness skyrockets most likely not because of (forced) abstinence and other problems, but because hypersexualization and the slave-mindset induced by it are everywhere, creating schizophrenic incels who want to run over people with their cars.

absolutely cringe. kys.

>> No.12005985

so you believe that humanity will unite without a major war?

>> No.12005998
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>There is no biological evidence suggesting women are any less intelligent than men.

>> No.12006004


And don't worry I'm not expecting you to change your whole ideology on a dime because some random anon told you to.

My hope is that you'll find some value in at least one thing I said and it will make you think about something differently. That might not even benefit my particular agenda. But you, or anyone else reading that post seeing truth in someone else's position, however small that truth might be, is a good thing. It's especially good when something completely new that neither of us thought of comes out a conversation like this.

Echochambers are bad for humanity and the truth. You should be swimming in other people's perspectives and constantly criticizing your own if you desire the ability to critically think.

For example, I'm a market socialist. Which is to say I'm a capitalist that wants to peacefully outcompete the current corporate model of capitalism with federated networks of cooperatives that use their profits to benefit their workers, community and country. The Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country of Northwestern Spain is a working example of this, they are the largest corporation in that region and are worth billions.

But I digress, the point is, I don't only read about and look at things that benefit my ideology. I know what Strasserism is for example and don't think of fascism as some homogeneous death ball. I'm subscribed to The Golden One on youtube as much as I disagree with almost everything he says bar his environmental stances. I've read both Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and pieces of Marx's Capital (Capital is too fucking big for me right now, but I tried.)

The list goes on, but in any case, I can rest assured that my ideology I currently believe in seems to be the best one. Because I'm constantly battle testing it against everything else instead of just saying I'm right because fuck you and only hearing people who agree with me.

I'm a rationalist in the truest sense of the word.

>> No.12006005
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>tfw have a gf
>but she wasnt a virgin when we met

should I dump?

>> No.12006074

Was he bigger than (you)?

>> No.12006125


Not necessarily, I think it's more likely that large super powers slowly consume smaller countries and then a cold war ensues due to MAD until only one super power remains. It's entirely possible that we kill ourselves during that cold war by bringing about WWIII.

It's also possible that this process repeats for millennia until we learn better. It took 10,000 years for states to overcome tribalism. I don't have faith we can unite in a short period of time. Which, also opens up the possibility that ecological collapse causes the destruction of civilization before we can culturally evolve enough. It's not a death sentence, just a reset button. We'd have to go through the industrial revolution and rebuild modern civilization from feudal remains, and the industrial revolution would be harder this time due to a lack of easily accessible fossil fuels.

We will eventually learn, but no one hear will likely live to see it unless we cure biological aging in the next 50-70 years. Which might be possible, and one of the reasons for my optimism. There's a chance people on this very board might live to a thousand, so I'm not giving up until I know for sure we're boned.

>> No.12006145

take female hormones

>> No.12006158
File: 545 KB, 840x854, 1539296283232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no idea, im scared to ask

>> No.12006164
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>> No.12006173

>Do you think reproductively successful Chad spends hours contemplating these things? Trying to convince others of them? NO.
But I don't care what a reproductively successful chad does. That is not my goal in life. Way to come up with the most brainlety response ever

>> No.12006177
File: 130 KB, 997x1125, 5e80aed76e9b4024ed96e20c25957be7582e5e6abb78272de467645193797678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well, the moment you start implying I might be a troll is the moment the discussion becomes unproductive.

If I were shitposting there wouldn't be nearly as much effort and the images I post would be akin to pic related.

I'm not a Stirnerite if anyone is wondering. But Stirnerites do make some good memes.

>> No.12006181

At the rate of digitization, we're going to live forever anon.

>> No.12006189
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There are more genius men but also more retard men if you zoom onto the left side of the normal curve

>> No.12006198

unfortunately anon, you are just a coping beta. i've been there, normally i try to keep it professional and have missed opportunities. acceptance is part of moving on, casual sex and sluts are literally god's gift to those with the ability to play the game

>> No.12006214

>wanna go skiing
then do cocaine

>> No.12006231

Women scare me. Love and obligation scares me. I'd rather not have to deal with it, but I crave some sort of fantasy or ideal love reality. I know this exists basically in order to convince me to have children, but my subconscious doesn't know that. And therein lies the conflict between my rational decision making and irrational emotion and instinct.
As valuable as rationality is, if lifeforms were pure rational, I doubt it would even deem it necessary to come into existence. A part of us must be rational, and we all must cope with it to some degree. And it's a pity that women experience the irrational mind to a higher degree, only because no rational woman would actually go through the process of ruining her life with children.

>> No.12006251
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Thankyou for providing such astounding scientific evidence. I'm sure your theory will win you a noble prize by this time next year!

>> No.12006257

Bix nood mufuh muh dik.

Society has been working hard to program that into young women as the ultimate human mating call.

>> No.12006262
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Girls intimidate me

im not even ugly, but i've never had any experience at all dealing with them, i've always just played vidya and watched anime

>> No.12006274

kek i forgot about soigrug

>> No.12006278
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Exciting, I sure hope so. Oh lord, if that actually turns out to be the case the amount of humanitarian work that work that will be needed from people like ourselves to help the world will be staggering.

>> No.12006382

can relate, any Chads can give me advice please?

>> No.12006396

work out
stop fapping
get a hobby

>> No.12006401


If you're older I've got nothing. But if you're high school or college aged like myself. Try to find some girls that also play vidya and watch anime. My first date was marathoning FLCL in my moms basement on a shitty laptop. We never did anything but snuggle, and ultimately didn't end up in a relationship. But, hanging out with a girl and not being expected to do anything but watch anime was a good stepping stone to other stuff.

Try anime club and or vidya club at your school. I've noticed that girls tend to hang out at anime clubs more, but your mileage may vary. They also seem to play nintendo more than other games. You don't even have to do any talking at first. Just go to the club, hang out, and let other people chat. Maybe build up the the confidence to say something now and again. Eventually ask if a girl wants to hang outside of club once you're a bit more comfortable with one.

Don't call it a date yet. Just hang out. If you're just looking to get more comfortable around women it doesn't matter if there's any romantic connection anyways. We're looking for stepping stones, if something romantic happens great, if not that's okay. You can aim for that later if you need too. The time from me first hanging out with a girl alone and going on a date was like 3 years. Then it was another good 2-3 years before I lost my virginity. You're looking for progress, it does work, it just takes patience, and I have faith in you :)

>> No.12006409

prostitutes till you don't freak out while interacting with women. Then start talking to them as frequently as you can to train yourself. I'm far from Chad admittedly, but don't know any better way.

>> No.12006415

:thinking:, thanks anon, you're the goat

>> No.12006586
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Also, if it makes you feel better. I was particularly awkward. Most people I knew were going on dates way before 3 years into hanging around girls for the first time.

But yah anons, this will be my last post in this thread. I've got get off my pc and do other stuff today. Peace :)

>> No.12006818

a ton of words for one very simple point
"its the synthesis between men and women"
yeah no shit men and women cooperate and make pretty good teams
ur a genios

>> No.12007108

haha im going to bang you in the snow
prepare to get your butt as cold as a penguins bae cause imma plow you

>> No.12007583

>recommends vidya/anime
>first date was marathon of anime which resulted in no sex/relationship
>recommends anime/vidya club
>says don't use the word date
>takes 3 years to muster up the courage to finally initiate a date
>takes another 3 years to lose virginity after date

OP, don't take this advice unless you want to wait another 6 years to lose your virginity. Holy fuck I thougt this anon was giving you bad advice on purpose but then I realized he was serious.

Here's the deal, you're a highly socially inept individual that needs to change their behavior. Stop playing vidya and watching anime if you really want a gf. Be more social and get out more. Everyday beta males make a post asking how to improve their chances with girls and the answers are always 1. Stop vidya/anime. 2. Lift more 3. Be more social. The same applies to you. Just because you're king beta male doesn't make you an exception to the rules.

1. Present yourself in a confident manner (even though you'll be trembling mentally, just fake it until you have actual confidence or read a self help book)
2. Make eye contact often
3. Don't blurt out random shit during awkward silence because you'll blow it
4. ALWAYS use the word date if that is your intention. Don't if not. Girls love confidence in a man. You'll get rejected here and there but after a handful of times the embarrassment goes away which will build your confidence.

I could go on but judging by your replies you're looking for the path of least resistance whithout having to leave your comfort zone. Listen virgin dick, you made it this many years without tasting a pussy. If you take this fag's advice you'll be streamlining pussy in 6 fucking years minimum. Change your behavior/change your life. Stop being king beta and pass thr crown to someone else.

>> No.12007601

You could've said "I'm going to snowplow you"

>> No.12007781
File: 86 KB, 720x1280, WhatsApp Image 2018-11-22 at 19.00.26(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As many of you are complete retards I'll talk the same language as I'm a retard too.

Know that guy that try hard to pretend he is a old player from your favorite game? That type of guy that everyone see that isn't used to play, yet he brags he play for a long time to pretend he isn't a newbie? That guy that will look pretty bad and will make you fell shame because of him?

That newbie that you will just play with if he cant fuck your game reputation?

Socially this guy is you, instead of being out there socializing, having experiences and building a network in your puberty years you were probably on some outsider game. There is no problem in that, but all the time you were grinding your way to the game end people were grinding real life shit.

That means at the "game" of Real Life you are a complete newbie. The problem of being a newbie is that any good/experienced player will spot you out and avoid you, nobody want to risk their reputation for a newbie and there you get ostracized.
In my opinion: Its fucking sad as the only wait out of that (I'm not talking about cope and "fake until you make") is long and take a lot of effort.

So yes, sadly many of you will stay with your involuntary celibate until you become BetaBux Pro and are used as a human Wallet, if you dont suicide before.

Well, there is no cope for that unless you are a psychopath (but they know that from nature and wouldnt need this text), so all I can say is that if you really want to change there is a way, but is a hard way.

Its like you are a newbie on a game that is there from 100 years, competing with guys who play it since the begin, that means you will have to invest many effort to reach them, and this is about any human related subject.

My 2 cents- Even with the advice many of you lack the motivation, effort and balls to change, my only aim with this reply is the 1% that maybe can find the way out of the dark cave.

From a poor guy that have a rich gf,friends and social life.

>> No.12007925

yo this

>> No.12007958

bc i'm still thinking how i fucked your unconscious body after choking you out during sex

>> No.12007986



>> No.12008295
File: 794 KB, 640x800, 46554066_1973055546322259_1890305131612200454_n.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no perfect rachel cook gf

>> No.12008337

>become wealthy and run businesses
>y-you are a newbie at the game of Real Life bro
Yes, slumming it for puss is the real world wagie.

>> No.12008351

There is no correlation between wealth and social sucess into human relationships.

>> No.12008367


how the fuck can anybody want a girl that insanely narcissistic

>"oh hey guys here is a video of nothing but me doing facial expressions"

fuck the fuck off

>> No.12008398

she's hot
i want children with good genetics.

>> No.12008411


people can be hot with bad genetics

>> No.12008466

by good genetics i mean the genetics that make you hot
i want chad sons so I can have many descendents like Genghis Khan and create a jewy money dynasty like the Rothschilds.

>> No.12008470
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>> No.12008597

This works 100% of the time. Need alcohol though not to seem weird.

>> No.12008856

Make a joke about the professor/class content. You know for sure you at least have this boring class in common

>> No.12008910
File: 64 KB, 450x569, 139B9D88-8788-4183-9575-4C499E3C4378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you black? If not, you have no chance with her... just do a 360 and walk away if she ever approaches

>> No.12009779
File: 36 KB, 780x465, Blockchain-Lends-Voice-to-Me-Too-Movement-After-China-Censors-Student’s-Rape-Claims-npalt5c74sx9eqybp3jp2nmyny6dt2wg34rcl9pq22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nothing you fucking freak, you're probably gonna scare the poor girl halfway to death. just leave her alone

>> No.12010162

Based and redpilled. Rachel is a bit too thin for my tastes but you can tell she has God tier genetics and would breed 12 chad sons.