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I did it, /biz/, Please direct any questions about selling on Amazon here.

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Sorry sirs we only buy internet meme coins here.

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i wasnt aware u could sell cock sucking on amazon

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What's your niche?

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What are you selling?

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Faggot is selling Pepe plushies

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Hardware, most of these sales are driven from 12 SKUs. I've had a lot more failures than I have successes, but once you get a product on page one with decent traffic, it snowballs from there - assuming people like your shit.

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This is unironically a very lucrative business, not mine though unfortunately.
While this isn't the bottom you're better off doing this now than 6 months ago

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Do you private label or sell other peoples' brands? Is this from arbitrage?

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I private label. If you are going to sell other people's brands, don't go for the obvious ones, and avoid brands where the manufacturer is on the same listing: if you see "sold and shipped by amazon" then that's the brand owner going direct. Margins are usually dogshit if there are any at all on these types of listings. Also, start with one brand - choose a product and buy as many as you can, this will generally get you a lower price. Make sure the listing has recent reviews and shows up first page for relevant search terms

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Keep up the good work op. You're making more out of life than all the bagholders combined

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how much profit do you make?

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Thx for the tip. What process did you use to vet potential items prior to branding? An ex-pat friend of mine tells me there's an opportunity to do arbitrage between the US and his country, but I'm skeptical and looking for resources to learn before diving in.

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What are your margins on that 43k in gross?

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From the material and products I import, I double what I spend, from the gross revenue you see above my take home is 28-40% depending on what sold that month. Some products bring more than others etc. Sometimes I'm just happy to have cashflow - even if at a break even/loss so I can keep trying new products.

I started small - saving a piece of each paycheck as I went on. My first product sold twice and then died, was a failure. That was my first attempt at private labeling and I went for the lighting industry - not a mistake I made twice.

Depending on the market, there is opportunity in arbitrage - for example, if I had the logistical backbone, I'd love to sell to Germany - low competition moderate demand. This depends on the product, know that every time you send something across seas, it's often cheaper to have it thrown out rather than paying to ship it back. I'd start in your home country and learn about seller policy - then take it from there. However, if you really think he's onto something don't be afraid to give it a try.

There's no stone clad recipe for success but you can't give up if your first try was a failure. 9/10 it will be - keep putting hooks in the water and when you find your niche, build off of it. Eventually, everything sells with a few exceptions.

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Good advice. How would I go about estimating sales figures for existing competition's listings or am I stuck just guessing from search analytics? Does Amazon give you anything useful on your seller dashboard?

From what I've been told, there are limited listings in this region for items that are already successful on english-language amazon. Due to cultural norms, return rates are low, and we'd manage inventory from that country anyway so no issues with international shipping. I've heard horror stories of how competitive the buy box is for non-private label products though so I'm still trying to figure out how to not get shafted selling other brands if we start doing any significant numbers.

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I use software called Junglescout, but it's not cheap. You will get an idea based on where the product shows up when you search popular search terms. The frequency and recency of reviews is also a good tell. Rule of thumb is 50 sales per review, to give you an idea, but that's very vague. if it's visible, it sells.

From what I've gathered, you're looking to sell a brand that has some traction already established. Know that if you go SFP or FBA, your margins will shrink, but you'll always win buybox over an FBM seller. If there's margin and 4-5 people in the buybox even if FBA, don't undercut, just match them. Some sellers automate their pricing and it'll be a race to the bottom. However, if you're babysitting the listing, you can try toggling your price to undercut them before switching it back for normal business hours. It is very uncommon for a large seller with a lot of SkUs to check on listings. That being said, be on the look out for automated pricing.

This next part is critical though: if you're reported as selling fraudulent goods you MUST be able to produce an invoice from the brand owner/ manufacturer. You are guilty until proven innocent if reported. Be sure your invoice is directly from the rights owner.

Also if you're introducing a new product to a new marketplace and creating the listing, it's important to research it first. What works in one country isn't going to necessarily work in another. That being said, you can choose your margin from the get go. A small PPC campaign to get the juice flowing never hurts. I'd be happy to provide more information if I knew more about what you're going for, but for your own sake, I'd recommend witholding the ASIN & marketplace from this site.

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Based response, ty fren.

I actually just started watching Jungle Scout's Million Dollar Case Study series on youtube today since I'm so new to this. Any suggestions for other educational resources that don't suck?