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What will be your excuse of not holding any? Will you unironically be convincing yourself it wasn”t your own incompetent’s self fault?

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>What will be your excuse of not holding any?
>OP was a faggot

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i didn't buy bitcoin at 200 when it was beginning its moon mission and I didn't buy eth also, I don't own any crypto and never have, ive lurked this board since 2015

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What will your excuse be for holding it when it is 27 cents?

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Why $27?

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why would it go down from 1000?

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fuck off with your fucking shitcoin, i've been right for 1.5 years now. I honestly want to punch one of you faggots in the face

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Well I got lucky and bought at 0.24 recently.

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Dang son

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>dumps on the entire market at the first sign of any pump

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How can you sit there and miss so many opportunities? You can’t be that lazy

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Imagine thinking the implementation of LINK would need its own ecosystem

Imagine taking financial advice on biz from literal memes

Imagine thinking this meme coin is ever going to be worth $350,000,000,000

Imagine the type of delusion you need to believe even a little bit of this shit

Imagine your life being so shit that your only hope of salvation is buying $100 of some shitcoin after the crypto craze has already ended and thinking you're still going to get rich

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>eth will never moon its a scam
>btc will never moon its a scam

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> link will now only be $27 EOY

Talk about moving the goalposts. You fuckos will be boasting about 27 link per cent soon.