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he has in his undies. Can it really be Satoshi's private key?

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>you thought I was Satoshi Nakamoto?
>no my frens, THIS is

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That is his private
The key is elsewhere

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This is a man who loves what he does with a passion you could never dream of. He lives for this, the very act of hustling makes him aroused. He feels no need to waste valuable time on trivial things like women. The pleasure they could offer him pales in comparison to the satisfaction of showing the world what The Real Bitcoin is capable of.

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Jokes aside, what actually is that?

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fake peepee for an insecure man?

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He's wearing a cup. He taking proactive measures against angry nerds kicking him in the balls.

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He's equipped with hodlbags.

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What do I win?

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possible penis protesis.

few decades ago there was a common way to cure ED: implanting something that gave you permanent "erection" and you could just bent it downwards when you put pants on, and the other version which you had to pump up.
I think this is the former-

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He probably arranged for this to happen. What an alpha Chad.

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his STIFFy

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Buahaaha oh fuck, top fuckin kek.

Can we just turn this fuck into a horrible meme and then hopefully someday soon when he's on a drunken rampage he neckz himself?

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Is that a fake dick? Real bulges don't look like that. What a fucked up piece of shit.

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fuck this cunt and his scam coin and scam cock

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bye loser

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More like a cockcage. His wife's bull got the keys

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I have come to the conclusion he store urine in the testicles. He just need to pee pee

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report him for racism

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thats pretty bad, sell satooshi vision>?

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It's Satoshi's Shotgun

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he unironically sounds like the type of guy who would stuff a sock in his pants

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absolutely based

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he's wearing push up and support pants that are popular with particularly pathetic sociopaths. He sat down and the push up function of these pants had this ridiculous effect. In summary, he's a right cunt and no mistake, op.

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yup, he's a delusional narcissist. probably thinks it's going to win him more respect to have a fake bulge.

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>20 threads about satoshi's bulge in the last 24 hours
I'd say its working

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attention isn't respect: you absolute sister fucking mong. Do you see?

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tfw you created that meme :*
blockgeek conference, snipped yesterday.