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this bad boi is restocked, last chance to grab one, only 19 left


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Make a bobo one

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bobo is unlicensed, any proper enterpreneur can make some easy money by selling those

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GF thought it was weird tho but fugg it.

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habibi is this you?

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no, i'm just a random /biz/ shitposter (who already bought one)

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> tfw no money in my checking account and ran out of transfers for the month

why is life not fair

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>ran out of transfers for the month
third world banking system?

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That shipping cost outside of US

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In america (((they))) only allow 6 transfers between savings and checking each month

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yeah, i've paid 51.99$ in total

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Same. I feel a bit stupid

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>tfw too justed by this bear market to buy one

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why was the last thread deleted? are the pepes seen as advertisements

its to protect you from yourself

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51$ to get it in Europe.

>Tfw not yet /madeit/

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Ah, so third world banking system.

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I mean, it comes down to like 35 EUR or 7.79 GBP so it's not like you can't spare the money.

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i guess yes, thought any proper mod should understand that this is more of board culture than private advertising

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just got mine, thought it sold out because it was stocked in about 3 hours ago. buying the rest in about 5 hours from now if theyre not all gone.

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>35 EUR
make it 48

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t. euromutt

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>only 19 left
More like only 1,565 left

I'm guessing OP works for the store and is trying to shill the stock here. The tone of this post is totally different, which makes me think this is a shill operation. Even still, bought 5. Will HODL until the stock runs out, wait a bit, then shoot for a 10x on reselling rare pepe dolls, kek.

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Still, friend, that's like half a night out.

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oh, it was 19 on amazon

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Yeah lol, any time you see "only 19 or less than 20 left" its the seller putting their inventory in reserve to push you to buy (sense of urgency)

Fuck your plushies fag
The only Kek /bizraelis need is the kek in the hearts and charts

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When x10 moon, frens?

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Wait, so they sold almost 1/5th of pepes in about 3 hours? Jesus Christ.

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This. I bought the 5 from ebay and it already auto-relisted more. Also, don't buy from Amazon, if you can. The ones on eBay and the Hashtag store are going for $27.99, while Amazon is $32.99.

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>only 19 left
wtf seriously? Glad I bought three earlier today when I got the restock email notification

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hodl a box of 20 for 5 years

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savings accounts are limited to 6 transactions per month, checking accounts are unlimited. that's why they give you higher interest in a savings account since there is less movement.

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Does this model have a nice benis?

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>anatomically correct

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>"not so smug anymore, huh"

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I've lost everything

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Wanted to post this in the last thread but it 404d:
Is this the site where the original pepe came from? Bought one anyways.

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>Is this the site where the original pepe came from?

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I wonder why they started them again. Maybe Matt misses the income being a comic artist and all. I bet he asked them to quietly do one more production run of them to cash in from the hype a bit more, while still maintaining his, "fuck you alt-right nerds, I'm killing pepe," stance.

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Is it unlikely for there to ever be another production run again

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Maybe because they were brought back into the limelight with Peterson and Rogan

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It's like Coke Classic, where Matt kills it off, then demand sky-rockets, then he starts it up again. I hope this actually is a limited production, though, so I can make some made pepe gains.

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6 online transactions. You can do more than 6 in person at a teller.

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He probably rationalizes it as taking money from alt-righters and 4channel users.

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>somebody made thousands of memefrogs to sell to autistic racist neets on the internet

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Bought one for a naive friends baby lol and there's photos of it with the kid on Facebook, kek

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What the fuck is this. Did I get jewed

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This is the best purchase I've made in years, my shitlib wife Christmas is going to be ruined lmao

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Soon, fren

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How many are left now?

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Thank you

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it's real

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to check the stock, view the page source and ctrl-f inventory_quantity. it's 1495 now, but they can also fake the stock going down by decreasing it in the shop control panel

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you gave the (((ADL))) money via matt furrie, i expect some old hebe runs this shop

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I just FOMO bought

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