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Is a $100 investment even worth it?

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Its much, much better than a 0$ investment if you can afford it

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If all you have to invest is 100 do it why not dip your feet in and try and make it 200

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Fuck off back to leaddit m8

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Depends on how you play it.

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if you bought 200 contracts with 2 x leverage during the start of the bull-run in 2015.
You would have 0.189 BTC in January 2018.
That equals to around $3500

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So no basically

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Right now; $100 isn't worth it
Later; "I can't buy nothing with this paper"

...But hey...You never know

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No one has the answer to this...Well let me not say "No one" :)

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every investment is worth it. you gotta start somewhere. try to get a job and save a few more bucks

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You won't make it as a hodl pleb with $100.
You need to trade and compound your profits.

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If 100 $ is small amount for you but some promising low mcap coin. If it's alot for you invest is something safer.

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Sure. There are coin which are worth almost nothing. You can still put your 100$ into a shitcoin.

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Well what is the minimum amount thatd make it worth it?

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you need 2 million to make it
that is 2 BTC, at 4k that is 8k

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Buy $100 of dogecoin when it's 40ish sats. Hold 'til it's 99ish sats, sell it for btc. Hold 'til doge is 40ish sats again. You will have made it in 4 to 5 years. Ask me how I know.

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How do you know?

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Can you put that in every month?

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Would it be worth it then?

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i bought XDN for £4 when it was 3 satoshi a piece and BTC was like £250. I sold when XDN was 500 satos a piece and BTC was £15,000. So, that'd be a yes.
Incidentally, buy the classics while they're largely forgotten and near death. PPC, LTC, NMC, VTC, VRC and the like. A hundred quid on those could well buy you a new car 5 years from now.

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Yes. Raiblocks before it rebranded to nano was actually shilled here during summer 17, same with antshares before it became Neo. Riding both pumps would have made you well over 100k

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Can you afford to lose it?

BTC will dump to ~1000ish by end of dec / jan.

Wait for it and buy like 0.1 BTC and HODL indefinitely

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i started with exactly this amount in early 2016. It morphed into a stack of 10k LINK. Not sure about the future bull run though, don't know if we'll see pumps like in the last years again.

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If you don't plan to trade and want to hold for a long time then yes. Just buy your BTC every month, leave /biz/ and wait for another bull.

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If you buy NIMIQ with it, it is.

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Not a bad call. This is like buying raiblocks before the pump

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Yes, buy Bitcoin when it crashes to $800. Sell when it pumps to $8500 (both are happening in December btw). Bam, you just made $1k and have decent investment money for a starter.

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I’m about to buy 100$ of 0x when it goes down to 0,31/0,30
Plan to sell it when it reaches 0,40 again. I would earn like 30 bucks, but hey, it’s something i guess

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How do you know it will crash under 800$?

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Because Stan Lee died a couple weeks ago.

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if you bought AMD at $2 you would have turned your 100 into 1000

if you bought bitcoin at $0.25 you would have turned your 100 into a 1,000,000

The short answer is yes, if you have $100 to spare then invest it.

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Sure why not. Wait for 2900 - 1850 though.

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You're financing mining farms, so.... Technically, yes.

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Grab some hydro and forget about it.

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i guess, but you also have to be ridiculously lucky in guessing the correct investment that will moon by like 50000%

the odds of putting $100 now into something known (BTC, or any blue chip stock) will never result in those kinds of gains, you'd have to just pick something randomly, let your money sit for 5 years and see if you got lucky, and 99.99% of the time you'll have chosen incorrectly

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nah, its pretty much a garuntee that BTC will go up and moon again, its far from done. What is it, the third or fourth time this kind of crash has happened for it?

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buy a short option on the dow jones with leverage x200

>dow jones goes down 1%
already ~200% plus

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What is this picture? How does it work? How fast are the returns? And is there a beginner's guide available somewhere to get started?

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Is $300,000 eoy for a $100 investment worth it? You decide.

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>i guess, but you also have to be ridiculously lucky in guessing the correct investment that will moon by like 50000%

just by the coin with the best fundamentals that ahs teh lowest marketcap.
tldr buy NIMIQ

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>How fast are the returns?
very fast, you will be rich soon

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All in NKN and thank me l8r anon

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How is nim better than xrb?

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Play poker

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I started with a 100 in crypto last December. Now it's 11000.

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Yes. Time an compounding interest are a fantastic force. start early with whatever you can and continue to invest (make sure it isn't in crypto but rather in good solid stocks)

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its easier to integrate for websites. compare teh number of tip bots you have for nimqi compared to the number of tip bots for xrb. how easy is the buying process for xrb? there is a nimiq shop and you can already buy stuff and it si fast and easy.

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Depends where you put it. I’d recommend finding something like Holochain when it first came out. You could also buy and trade up an ETH stack before 2021.

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Investment? No
Trading absolutely. But in a bull market. $100 into xvg and trx would have gotten you quite a nice pay day.

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If you are Cost averaging , then yes it'll be worth over time. Your Bank also offers some sort of savings plan in shares i'd take those 100$ or better 400$ and split it up between some huge stock companies. With the savings plan you can also get reduced fees

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Think about it , your 100$ today is worth about 240$ in 45 years with an anual inflation of 2% (which often is higher than the average displayed out) , means, you can purchase more right now with less money , keep starting to invest , the earlier the better imo

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Bought nano for 350usd at 12cents. Sold at 20

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Don't invest anything you can't afford to lose. But, once you have money that you CAN afford to lose, investing it is one of the best things you can do with it.