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I have secured my savings in gold. Feels knowing it won’t turn useless like shitcoins and fiat.

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nigger, diversify. You are cucked out of fear right now, which is fine, but putting anything all on horse x is a stupid way to invest.

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If you don't have a physical gold then you don't have anything more tangible than an empty promise.

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Why would you put it all in one thing? Mine is in real estate, gold, and silver as a store of value.

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based and redpilled

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how often do you touch it?

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This is unironically completely wrong. Not saying diversifying is a bad thing obv but it's IMPOSSIBLE to lose owning gold. Since you millenials don't understand that gold is actual real savings.

The dollar value of gold doesn't mean jack shit. Since the entire point in buying gold in the first place is because fiat is a scam and you buy it because you fear the dollar will implode. And that's when the massive transfer of wealth hits you.

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>Feels knowing
you do in fact seem like someone gullible enough to fall for the gold meme

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Congratulations I plan to do this when I have more fiat
Do you hold your own gold or get a bank to hold it for you?
I would be worried holding say £100k worth of gold in my house

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until government armed soldiers knocks down your door and confiscated everything

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you realize that newer generations no longer value gold as much as previous ones do? when gold ownership and valuation is centralized in countries like china or the middle east, it ceases being a good store of value.

bitcoin is rapidly stealing that mindshare that once belonged to gold, even if bitcoin is more volatile, and currently in a bear market, the people with serious money (who are not investing in gold, by the way) are looking at bitcoin as a more lucrative long term bet that gold could ever be.

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>real estate
>store of value

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should I buy bitcoin gold or bitcoin diamond guys

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I own my home if that’s what you mean. But that’s hardly a way to secure your savings. Home market is crashing where I live (S*eden).

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The shitcoin market is tiny and insignificant. The only thing that matters is what the big players do, and they don’t buy shitcoins.

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But are you rich in friendship?

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they buy bitcoin
in a global society connected through the internet bitcoin will be the store of value

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>he doesn't know about the secret space program that is currently mining asteroids for gold and other precious metals

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You know, as little as 3.5 lbs worth of gold is a little over 40k... right?

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>as little as 3.5lbs
>as little as

not understanding the difference between physical gold and a paper certificate of ownership

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>or get a bank to hold it for you?
That's like having your crypto on an exchange, never ever do that.

On the other hand, 100k in Gold is much and at home risky.
Secure it as good as possible.
Trusting banks with that amount of gold in case of a financial fuck up...

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I stopped buying silver because of how little it's worth for how much it weighs
transporting a significant amount of silver would be a pain in the ass I stopped buying it when I got to 23 pounds
gold is better but still a bigger pain in the ass to store compared to bitcoin with a multisig

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>paper certificate ownership

A cucked certificate stating that you own (x)gold is not you actually owning your gold, faggot. It's in the hands of Mr. Silverstein

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>mfw holding BU and hobby mining shitcoins
>family has life savings in 0.01% bank accounts

I wonder who will be retiring in dire poverty and who won't.

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Unless gold is put back into circulation by banks or tons more gets mined or crypto gets adopted and precious metals fail as a method to move value quickly cheaply and easily.

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>I stopped buying silver because of how little it's worth for how much it weighs
how many months of food does 1oz of silver buy you AFTER hyperinflation sets in? look in venezuela
You don't buy silver because of it's current USD value you fucking retard

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>"store of value"

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yeah, i agree with this statement you fucking retard.

please learn how to read. maybe you would be more comfortable with the easy of use of reddit.

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in my guess about 10-20 years gold will be almost free as it will be created in labs. all you need is enough energy and soon energy is free..

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Pls teach us more professor
Sh-Should we stockpile ammo and canned goods?

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yeah sure I'm going to stay in venezuela or USA when shit hits the fan
or lets say I have to leave fast I'll just carry a thousand pounds of silver with me

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the world is too fast, connected, and technologically advanced now for gold to necissarily have monetary value simply because of tradition. Bitcoin has better monetary attributes over the long term, (or whatever proof of work coin has the highest cost to attack and is decentralized) it also has more risk. the only way gold is actually valuable is if aliens actually need it for their ships/is is unique in some way for time travel/some other similar absurd idea

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silver is for poor people to trade at a ratio to gold

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bitcoin solves the divisibility problem gold has

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Look up the Lindy effect

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>10 years in retards still don't get that BTC is the new Gold

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Gold only has value in an early industrial world where it takes nations great effort to mine and stockpile it. If gold can be harvested on an asteroid or produced chemically then all foil hat economics are fucked

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B-but muh asteroid mining. :(

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Gold and silver have been money and a store of value for milennia. And these fucking dumbasses are actually valuing real money in terms of worthless paper dollars.

Fucking street shitting pajeet and starving sub Saharan African niggers with no formal education even know gold is money. Just goes to show what a scam public education is.

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I’m laughing because the shitcoin market is so tiny and so easily manipulated. It only went up through market manipulation. It crashed when the big players had cashes out into real assets such as gold.

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Bro... nobody is saying we go back to transacting in silver dimes. But the currency has to have a basis of value.

You can have crypto but it needs to be backed. The issue is that the world is swimming in debt and prices are rising and cost of living is skyrocketing.
Crypto doesn't solve this issue. Gold and silver can with a simple gold revaluation

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You don't understand what the primary function of money even is... which is to MEASURE VALUE of goods exchanged for it. Nothing does that better than gold.... even today with gold. Ring demonetized. Cryptocurrencies don't measure value. Gold does. That's why gold is real money whether or not govts say it's legal tender or not. A gold ounce today is a good weekly salary just like it was 100 years ago.

You are investing in crypto because of massive inflation and skyrocketing prices unironically because gold doesn't back the dollar anymore. Under a gold standard terms like "income inequality" didn't exist because prices were cheap and a min wage earner 55 years ago had twice the purchasing power as a min wage earner today

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The Jew would never show you the next Gold on a plate, of course they try all kinds of shit to discourage you, to distract you and to keep throwing FUD at you so you never bother with it.
thats exactly what they want, they don't want YOU as investor in this new type of asset class.

>the shitcoin market is so tiny and so easily manipulated
you think the gold market is not manipulated? wake the fuck up, they manipulate every market but often for different reasons, of course the end game is profit for them. Crypto is not different, however crypto has important traits that will become much more important in the future.
see >>11952098

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>Feels knowing it won’t turn useless like shitcoins and fiat.
it can't turn because it already is

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Gold is real savings. That's what you publix school educated morons don't understand.

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you can't chemically produce gold you need to hit led with protons in a particle accelerator. i think the yearly output of lhc would be about 1 gram

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Really? A gold ounce equals a good weekly salary today just like it did 100 years ago. So if you worked for a week in 1918 and earned 20$ or a gold ounce since 20$ was a good weekly salary back then. And you held that gold coin for a year you still have the same purchasing power 100 years later

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that's retarded the purchasing power and labor hours value of gold greatly fell in the past 100 years.

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Your purchasing power would actually be much greater since there is a long-term tendency for commodity prices to fall in real (especially golden) terms

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Wtf you talking about? 100 years ago a gold ounce = 20$. 20$ was a good weekly salary. Today that 20$ barely buys you lunch for two at Taco Bell but that gold ounce exchanged for fiat gives you $1,200...... which is still a good weekly salary.

You lost nothing

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He means that a century ago, a Taco Bell lunch took much more labor to produce. Now we have all the automatisation, advanced supply logistics and agricultural modification.

If a golden ounce 100 yrs ago gave you a month of resto food, the same as now, you have still lost money.
The amount of work you purchased 100 yrs ago should be equivalent to 4 months of food at restos, but you still can afford only one

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Your just describing the effects of automation. He’s saying that if your weekly pay held good in Golden terms you would be making good money.

Even if you were transported back to 1913 or whatever $20 a week would still be a good salary. It might not buy you Taco Bell because that didn’t exist back then but it would still buy you a great lunch with money to spare on rent+luxuries

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But a good weekly salary was 20$ back then. Which equaled an ounce of gold and that gold ounce still gives you the same purchasing power today.

So you are saying people has to work harder for that 20$ back then?

I don't know what that has to do with your value being stored?

Sure we have automation and shit now... but that's now.

My value was stored for 100 years.

That 20$ got absolutely destroyed over 100 years but the gold ounce didn't ok comparison.

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And the dollar? How did that fare?

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>Sh-Should we stockpile ammo and canned goods?
Unironically yes, gold is useless. Ammo will be currency.

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labor value of gold fell purchasing power of it fell, and even compared to real inflation the nominal value fell (outside of bubbles)
not to mention the alternative cost of holding gold all this time... stocks have outperformed it insanely in purchasing power growth.

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The purchasing power of that $20 was about 510 dollars. So there has been a major fall in the real cost of commodities

>1200 (gold value 2018)>>510 (1913)

if your great-grandfatherwere paid in an ounce of gold weekly and hypothetically you inherited a labor contract in 2018 then you would be making more then double in real terms weekly.

Of course inflation calculators can’t calculate the fact that certain commodities we have in 2018 didn’t exist back then but that is not the point of one.

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the dollar did not fare so good obviously but gold is barely better if you can count losing money as better.

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It didn’t lose money. It just held its value, it’s money not an income-generating asset.

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>>11950376Physical Gold that you can trade BTC with on

Heres a song to explain it all.

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Say, we go further in time. Like, 11th century.
You have just enough gold to buy a mail, armor, a horse with all the acessories and a sword.
Fast forward to now.
If the same amount of gold still gets you all this, it has actually lost a freat deal of purchasing power.
Back in 11th century, if you had a horse and weapons, you were a king. You could pillage villages, face dozens of farmers in a fight and win, then impose tax nd get passive income for life.
Nowadays, cold weapons and a horse are hardly useful.

> if your weekly pay held good in Golden terms you would be making good money
True, steady gold salary would be better. But gold would still lose purchasing power. Slower than fiat, but it would

> So you are saying people has to work harder for that 20$ back then?
Yep. You didnt have that many easy money opportunities as now. I could probably flip some shit for extra $1200 every other day. Back then you'd be lucky to land yourself one of those production line jobs and not be worried about where to go once your job contract for canal digging expires.

> My value was stored for 100 years.
It wasnt.
If you measure gold's value in products it can buy, you need to account for the economic output of global economy.
What part of global economy your gold ounce was in 1900? What is it now?

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>Or a meteor hits your you
>Or your gold gets sucked into an alternate universe
>Or aliens abduct it

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>not investing in the digital gold
>100k per unit in the future

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no actually you generally lose money holding gold in the sense of purchasing power not nominally but sometimes nominally too. for example in the near future.

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The average hourly wage in the US was about .22 an hour in 1913. That .22 cents would only be five bucks today. But it’s value in gold terms would probably be much greater; for instance boomer minimum wages in the 60s would probably be about $35 an hour if held in constant gold-terms.

Not only is that higher than if the value of the minimum wage had held good but that is a great wage for a worker in 2018.

Gold would get you much less in the past because labor was more expensive because the commodities necessary to sustain labor was also much, much more expensive.

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you're a retard, where were you in 2008? Sucking your mom's dick?

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BTC is the new dirt

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Still believes in santa and bigfoot. Starwars is real bro.

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Can someone pls extend this graph to 2018 and add a line for all crypto or just btc?

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