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>browsing through my old messages
>found an old text from 2014
>telling my friend about bitcoin at $170, right after the mtgox crash and how it will rebound soon to at least $300 back
>told him "I'm going to buy a shit ton tomorrow
>never did
>forgot about it for 3 years, just to be late to the party and get JUSTed

>remember installing miners on my school computers back in 2011-2012 and mining from home on my gpu
>didn't take that seriously so I abandoned that idea quickly
>knew about ethereum pre-alpha
>didn't buy any
>tried mining ethereum on gpu once it came out
>lost the wallet

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You can make up for it by buying LINK now. The universe is giving you a second chance.

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we all have stories like this to be honest

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Keep the goodd job anon, son you will be an honourable member of biz.

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nah link is shit

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I remember trying to mine litecoin in 2013 but was too stupid to set it up

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Fuck off we’re full.

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That's why you're on /biz/. We're all here because we're newfags full of regret that we didn't follow through on *generic was going to but didn't story* back in the year *two thousand and wistful memory* and instead chose to FOMO in several years too late. Don't worry though anon. You're an early adopter and you will make it

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We all missed the train. I remember trading 100 of bitcoins to buy drugs on the original Silk Road.

I even remember looking at Litecoin back in the day and thinking what a fucking shitcoin who even buys that fucking shit and was pretty much sure nobody would even buy crypto after they busted the original Silk Road

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>too autistic to speak my mind
>always come up with good ideas but freeze up when speaking to Managers
>tell my co-workers/friends my ideas instead
>they tell the Manager and get credit and raises/promotions for it

Been my life so far. Does you gain more confidence with age/experience or will I forever be like this?

I'm only 25 and work in a blue collar field. I could easily automate 90% of my Manager's job and know what he's going to say before he even says it and can think of a hundred ways to do things better. But I'm too much of a sperg to talk to humans and don't feel confident enough to be somebody's boss.

Was invited to speak with my old boss about taking over a contract I worked for awhile back before quitting. I knew everybody and developed a good relationship with the people we worked for, and know what needs to be done for the contract to succeed. But now I'm getting cold feet and don't want to go speak to him.

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>got in crypto may 2017
>was going to buy eos at $0.50
>was going to buy raiblocks at $11 mill mcap
>was going to buy IOTA at $0.40
>had 300 ETH
>sold at lowest btc/eth ratio point for btc
>was going to buy ripple on its pump when it was at $0.3

ended up buying fucking skycoin and only doing a 10x. Could has easily done a 5000x if i had more balls. especially with Raiblocks. Only reason i didnt buy was because i had funds on cryptopia and was too lazy to move them to Bitgrail or Mercatox.

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you sound just like me to be honest. I can check all those boxes too.
>mined for a minute in 2009
>seriously considered buying 2013-2014 but was too poor
>watched ETH, Ripple, and XLM from the earliest days
>got $14k settlement in may 2017 and tried to spend half on ETH but had issues with coinbase
>finally got around to buying crypto in Jan....

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Never going to make it

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/Biz/ told me to buy xrp at .2 literally a single day before it started to moon because of the Japanese Bank group
Transferred my eth to an exchange and got it back because something went wrong. I would've sold at 1.5 but that's still 7x, but it fucking refused my exchangs

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Damn Op thats shit if you're not a LARP. I knew i should buy BTC before mtgox and after and never bought any. Ignored until ethereum came out, told myself I should buy a ton of these while theyre just cents, never did. Could've bought litecoin at cents, never did. >Born in '93, too young to remember and enjoy the best decade of all time for kids.

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No, I know I'm going to make it. I'm smarter than most of you fags, and slowly but surely have been growing my stack throughout the bear.
I'm new to the market, but I've been watching crypto since the beginning. I see how it has evolved and I know where it's going.

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not a larp. I also found /biz/ in 2016, and there were constant threads shilling 7-10$ ethereum. I had no money back when, so I didn't buy anything again. I only got in in early 2017. Made a killing that year, then lost most of it bagholding alts after the crash. I remember some anon said how he was making $100 a day trading crypto, that's what seriously got me into crypto

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Don’t be a bitch

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like poetry

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My friend told me about how people started using Monero on the darkweb when it was $6.00. I said lets buy $50k worth and then he went away to school so we never did. He is now about 500k+ in school debt and I’m 60k in the hole buying Eth at 300 and 1000.


I would’ve had 3MM at Monero’s peak...probably wouldn’t have sold anyway

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Was at the first cryptocurrency meeting in my city years ago. Knew this will change the world after a lot of research. Wanted to invest 30k at 1k in 2016 but had to work very hard, just finished college. Did a fast research for transferring money. Never did the transfer cause I tought with hard work in my new position I get also rich withot high risk. Justed.

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Ya'll have another chance to get into the next btc(but better because it actually does something) but here you are making regret threads LMAO chainlink 1000 eoy

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You need to continue to push yourself. You will never grow or gain the confidence you obviously seek by becoming complacent. This sounds like an obvious move. You have a good relationship with everyone involved? How can you possibly pass on that and truly believe you'll ever take another opportunity? You won't, kick the self pity and as the other Anon said, stop being a bitch. You got this and everyone knows it, even you.

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I did the same thing anon.

>bought a new pc
>looked up how to make money while I wage cuck a shit job
>mines dogecoin for the lols
>made a little
>crypto market crashed
>thought fuck it don’t care about doge meme coins it’s not even worth the hassle of cashing out
>reformat hardrive at some point in 2015 forgetting about wallet
>early 2018 hear at work about crypto mooning
>look at price of doge coin
>realize my wallet would be worth around $10k now
>do everything in my power to retrieve wallet from said hardrive
>got nothing, absolutely fuck all

Well, now I have $2k in crypto. Will not miss the next boat. Moral of the story, save passwords and wallets no matter what.

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Also, I remember not buying bitcoin because I thought it was too expensive. Damn, if only I knew what I know now.

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Druggies that somehow made tons of money are the fucking worst.

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fuck, now I remembered how I also mined doge then put it all in an online wallet that exit scammed later or just went offline for some reason. I had like 700k or so, maybe 70k. There was another shitcoin that I mined by that fag from RT news. It was called maxcoin or something, also got nothing from that.
The first decent money I made was from mining zcash at the start. I bought a bunch of free VPS servers. Mircosoft and google gave out accs with almost $500 of computational power for free. I signed up a bunch of accounts each on a different credit card. That was before there was a gpu miner. Made a few thousand bux that way by scamming microsoft azure and google cloud. Those were the fun times

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>has LINK shilled to him for over a fucking year
>literally a witness of the organic memes developing
>anons literally give tl;dr about chainlink to explain the tech better so its easy to understand what it is about
>anons are digging up breadcrumbs and possible partnerships for over a year
>forbes, the MIT literally shilling chainlink to millions of people as THE oracle solution
>he didn't buy any and will miss out like he did with BTC and ETH, antshares etc.

I mean I'm just joking here but for some guy out there its gonna be reality, he will miss this moonmission that everyone spotted from miles away.
I'm glad I'm not gonna be that guy

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lol i'll buy your pajeet whore mother for 20 linkies

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Imagine being a fucking bullied nerd knowing about bitcoin in 2009/2010 and not making it cause you bought drugs on deep web, j while a stupid drug dealer went millionaire in 2017

You must be all so stupid, but in your defence it must be said: no one would have never imaged bitcoin to 20k...

Now anyway the bubble is popped... those are kind of rare things that happens one or twice in the existence...

But 3 is a magic number, maybe we are waiting for another real moon mission.

The tryinity

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wtf based

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there's always second chances anon, but this maybe your last chance in Crypto, I called EOS, OMG, AntShares, and invested early in ETH and BTC
Here's an ICO that's 60% off in a bear market, their coins are like .50c each right now, this is an easy DASH priced coin.
DCX is the future www.decentrax.io

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>late adopters still think chainlink is going to make them rich
fucking cringe

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You know what the biggest joke is? In 5 years you will be making another thread like this where you will cry about missing the boat when BTC was 3k a piece

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lol maybe you're just retarded and jealous

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I won't, because I'm still bagholding since january

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Holy fuck anon are you me? Legit the EXACT same thing happened to me, glad to know it wasnt only me getting JUSTed.

Pic related. Sent this to my friend telling him i was finally going to buy.

Side story:
I was 'that guy' who knew about bitcoin in school. One day this asian kid i knew came up to me asking about bitcoin and if it was illegal to buy, long story short i showed him the basics of how to buy (kid was into forex) and after i gave up on trying to run a node on my shitty computer(2013 mt gox bubble) this kid kept at it and bought THE FUCKING ETHEREUM IPO. He even came up to me asking if he could use my bank to launder his proceeds since own got shutdown.

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Whats your entry price?

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>mine BTC from super rig cos lol why not
>need rig for simulations for phd
>forget about BTC

fml, only remembered btc when I heard it was 10k. Could not fucking believe that shit. Even tried to find that HD but I must have binned it ages ago.

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>had 2-10 btc left on a laptop used to test btc back in 2011
>both laptop drives that had the wallet died
>bought every kit on amazon to try and recover it
>cant get any files from it at all

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similar boat. I spent hundreds of Bitcoins on Silk Road. I also left like 20 BTC on various darknet market wallets that disappeared when they got shut down.

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you both sound massively retarded

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>mfw I was someone who bought Bitcoin asap when I first discovered it around $80.

At least I did one thing right in my life lol.

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Was gonna buy in at 0.24 but credit card got blocked. Finally got my fiat over to binance where I bought at 0.38. I'ts 0.34 now few hours later. Thanks bank

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>be dumb highschool fag
>buy bitcoin for online drugs
>buy atleast 2 coins worth in small transactions here and there
>probably only spent around $160-$200
>fast forward 1 year
> no longer doing drugs
>in college
>bitcoin prices soar and 1 coin is now worth like 20K
>feel instant regret and shame
One day...one day it’ll be as high as that right guys...hehe right...yea I bet it’ll be even more...we’re going to make it...r-right guys?

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>saying your ideas about whatever to your friends

friends are just for small talk, NEVER give your ideas to friends

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Yes, on 4channelodeon.

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Looks better without the whore makeup

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relocating back to my home state

I forgot how much I fucking hate this place.

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You would have sold once you doubled your money anyway.

Don't talk about what didn't happen.

I could have fucked that 10/10 I'm highschool.

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this is cool

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I first heard about bitcoin when 4chan passes rolled out and moot was accepting them as payment. Just thought it was some paypal type shit, didn't look into too much. Heard it being shilled on /pol/ during the 2013 bubble, looked at charts and learned a little bit about how it worked, talked to my gf about buying some, the bubble came and went before we actually took the plunge. Laughed to myself at this faggots that got burned. I'd check the price periodically and remember some reddit post about this guy talking about holding until 1 million, thought they were delusional. Finally decide to look into during the 2017 bubble, realize how important it is and that it's something that I would have been really interested in from a ideological perspective had I bothered to actually research it. Decide to wait until the market crashes to buy in, make my first buy @ $6k on february 4th, but put all my money in dumb altcoins and got completely fucking justed even though I timed my buy in perfectly.

Luckily I got LINK so I'm just waiting at this point and trying to not to sell to early, but also not trying to hold during a 90% downturn either.

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I've known about bitcoin since 2011. Wanted to mine in 2013. I bought in August of 2018.

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>was gonna buy my first crypto right when Eth first went up for sale
>was ready to sink $1000 into it
>gave up because the process for buying was too hard for my lazy brainlet mind
I coulda made it.