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How to short American females?

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long abortions

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Invest in cat food companies

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How many rupees you want to lose pajeet

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Your pic is making me long, OP.

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unironically learn to be an independent, self sufficient man who can practice self control.

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This chick isn't attractive but i still have a strong urge to penetrate her.

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This. It's a long term play but it's almost guaranteed to win big

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get an asian girl. white girls HATE when white men get with asian girls.

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It was a nude run and girl in OP win. You'll never beleive what the price was.

Also here you go faggots, I know you want this https://imgur.com/a/aMpQF4m

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>you on the left

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that girl is Swedish you idiot

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why are they all members of the itty bitty titty committee?

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She looks pretty stupid to me.

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It's because she has an ugly face but a nice tight looking pussy.

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No she's some college thot from Kentucky.


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Very fit girls often have smallish breasts...